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by Krishna Kumar R Founder, CEO QLG

#57, Jyothi Layout, Saraswathi Nagar, Talaghattapura Village, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore 560062, India Tel. (India) 90352 74764

Who we are? ◦ Professional Mentor and Coach focusing on the development of our clients' (Individuals and Companies) full potential to reach their goals.

What we do? ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Executive Mentorcoach for Corporates (Leadership Development) Transformational Mentorcoach for Individuals Business Coach for Start-ups and SMEs Facilitative Selling Skills Trainer

Our Clients? ◦ Individuals ◦ Start-ups, SMEs and Corporates

◦ Students, Educational institutions ◦ Young and experienced professionals focusing on sales & Bus. Dev. functions Spring board for a Quantum Leap in Business/Profession unleashing the Power Within!


What is Coaching? ◦ Coaching is a personalized helping relationship between a coach & a client within a productive and result-oriented context. ◦ Coaching is about reinventing oneself, creating new stories, new identities and new futures. ◦ Coaching is set in an organizational context. ◦ Coaching is specific, need based, time bound and measurable.

What do Coaches actually do? ◦ Coaches have powerful conversations ◦ Coaches listen, empathize, probe, discover the real stories, self-disclose, confront, challenge, encourage … ◦ Coaches uses tools to forward the coaching agenda. ◦ Coaches draw expertise from their own experience/exposure, certification and coaching practice. ◦ Coaches uphold strong ethical standards

unleashing the Power Within!


“Quantum Leap” means: When a client engages with us, the result shall be a “Quantum Leap” and not just a next step! “Guru” means: You have the intrinsic ability to reach the goals you desire. You are the Master of your Destiny!

QLG facilitates and helps the Guru in YOU to achieve quantum leap success in your endeavors.

“The brand signifies a high customer centric attitude, result orientation and enlivens the coaching practice in its true spirit”

unleashing the Power Within!


Vision QLG recognizes and believes that mentoring and coaching intervention will gain increasing significance and relevance in the future as a standard practice for individuals and organizations develop to their full potential and also act as a catalyst for quantum success. QLG strives to be a responsible and one of the leading service providers within the next 5 years in order to meet this developing need and the expectations of its clients.

Mission unleash the power within Individuals, teams and organizations: • help them discover their purpose, known/unknown potential • catalyze the development of their full potential, and • become a springboard for their QUANTUM LEAP success

unleashing the Power Within!


QLG is motivated and driven by: • Living the mission in each of its customer engagement • Completely focusing on its clients’ Quantum Leap Success • Practicing highest level of ethical standards with its clients, mentees, coachees and business partners in confidentiality, relationship and trust

• Win-Win-Win Approach: QLG works actively with its business partners to ensure desired results for its clients and in doing so, make sure the each involved party wins!

unleashing the Power Within!


Start-Up Cell • Business Coaching for Start-Up’s Sustainable Success • Business Coaching for developing and implementing Growth Strategies • Executive Coaching for Leadership, Team and Potential development

Power Within • Executive Coaching – Vision & Goal, Big Picture Thinking, Quantum Leap • Executive Coaching – Need based and Group coaching • Mentor Coaching for institutionalization of Coaching culture within an organization

Sell Well • Value Based Selling – Facilitative Training Program • Advanced Negotiation Skills

• Training the Sales Coach for Sales Managers and Heads

unleashing the Power Within!







no boundary…

self discovery…

self reflection…

Thought clarity…

crafting success…

details @ unleashing the Power Within!


“Now – Where – How” of Individual development

unleashing the Power Within!

Co-creation of the “Lasting Change” by knowing, believing and taking actions

Transformational Development Individual/Organizational


unleashing the Power Within!


Quantum Leap Guru  

Mentoring Coaching Startups Leadership Development