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2013 - 2018



_profile Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan +666.2461.9491 Bangkok, Thailand


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator

Thammasat University, Architecture and Planning Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture GPA 3.45 (Second class Honor)


Autodesk - Fusion360 “ Modeling and simulation with Fusion 360 ”


ARThouse - Revit for Architecture “ Expert in BIM and modeling for architectural ”


Digital Fabrication Designer, ChassisPlusInfill.Co.,Ltd


Junior Architect (Internship), Aesthetic Architect


Rhinoceros Grasshopper AutoCAD


Autodesk Maya C#,Phython

Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018


A passionate parametric design with 3.45 degree, specializing in Digital Fabrication. Possesses relevant professional experience gained during work in Bangkok leading digital creative hub. Acquiring valuable insight into developing and implementing in the architecture field. I have over 7 years of designing and industrial manufacturing experience with diverse CAM machine


Took charge of the design and excution of a creative office space, four installation and on demand digital fabrication with various of machines from laser cutting, CNC, 3D printer, 6 axis Industrial robot in Bangkok

Participated in the design of Metro Luxe Rama 4 low-rise condominium in Bangkok, Thailand








Thailand Architectural Design Center (TADC) Creative Economic District


Parasitic: MERISIS Urban Intervention

GRAFFITI BOT Technology application

BaanLaeSuan 2015 Entrance Gate Pavillion

KATHEDRA Robotic for milling

TADC is a new mixed-use center located in the Chatuchak district in central Bangkok, overlooking the Central park Chatuchak park, the lung of Bangkok, to be a creative hub for designer.

Thailand Architectural Design Center (TADC) junior year, semester 1, 2014 (Group project)

Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018


TADC was a part of Design studio 4 to design large building area more than 2,000 sq.m. Aiming for student to design and execute architecture along with environment impacts and urban design to enhance the quality of the city. The site located in between JJ market, the world biggest flea market, and public parking lots of 1,250 units. We chose to design architectural promotion center to be a new hearth of Bangkok. We worked in group of three people. I took charge of design executed and details drawingfor all architectural drawing and also model making for space study.

Sky train Station



Parking lots

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand

Motor Vehicle Pedestrian

CIRCULATION There are two major circulations in this area. The pedestrian circulation was disconnected by the cut of the motor vehicle road. Following this, there is only one way to cross the street by using Skytrain platform as CIRCULATION a bridge to cross between two sides. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam suscipit mi diam, sed vulputate leo porta sed. Consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam suscipit mi diam, sed

Chatuchak Park


Public Playground

CHATUCHAK PARK The biggest park in Bangkok with the bangkoker comes to visit more than three Lorem ipsum consectetur elit.types Nam of suscipit mi diam, thousand eachdolor day.sitInamet, addition, there adipiscing are various activities serving every sed vulputate portarunning, sed. Consectetur visitors such asleo biking, kayakingadipiscing and more.elit. Nam suscipit mi diam, sed BTS: GREEN LINE - MHOCHIT STATION



BTS Skytrain the most convenient way to get to this a result Mochit station Lorem ipsumisdolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.area. NamAs suscipit miof diam, issed thevulputate start andleo finish station for this line.adipiscing It has around one hundred thousands people porta sed. Consectetur elit. Nam suscipit mi diam, each sed day. Operate from 05.15 am to midnight. Public Parking Lots 1,250 Units

Civil Aviation Training Center

Chatuchak Market

Information Center Department of Transport

CHATUCHAK MARKET and Public Parking


Loremare ipsum doloraround sit amet,400,000 consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam suscipit mi diam,the market There visitors people every weekend. Furthermore, sed vulputate leo porta sed. Consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam suscipit diam, generated a profit of around 200 million baht every day with moremi than 8,000 shops sed separated into 27 different zones including fashions, arts, furniture, accessories, pets, decorations and more.

On the other hand, the public parking with 1250 available spots that open every day for BTS customers and Chatuchak clients.

SITE 18,000 SQ.M.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam suscipit mi diam, sed vulputate leo porta sed. Consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam suscipit mi diam, SITE 18,000 SQ.M. sed

Located in between Chatuchak Market and Public parking spot above the Chatuchak Park. From, the program of Creative center that will drive the economy of the district into the creative economy district.

We got inspiration from the minimal surface generated by Kangaroo in Grasshopper. This form gives us the possibility to weave the circulation of each person into a streamline. In addition, it creates an architecture that will bind the people that passing by to see and interact with the people in this architecture.


Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

This schematic was designed to be a design hub for architecture accommodate various functions to support architects and students. This will give a sense of awareness and connection for local people to link with the architect field even more. The pedestrian walkways from each point are weaved into one single bridge, namely grand promenade, connecting people straight into the market. Along the way, There are spaces for merchandise, exhibition, and activities areas. Furthermore, most of the functions such as auditorium, winter plaza were semi-outdoor to attract visitor. Various of event will be set and rotate annually.

Co-Working Space

Sunken Amphitheater

Grand Promenade

Solar Farm

Indoor Auditorium

Exhbition Catwalk

A six meters walkways from the exhibition catwalk that connected with local transportation send visitors to the center of the building. In the middle, there are sunken amphitheater where we designed it to be a conference and exhibition, and grand promenade that will be the main circulation where the visitors can see all the activities in this building from this point before walking to the Chatuchak market.


The interior space of the art and design library with a panoramic view of the Chatuchak Park where people can browse through the books peacefully.

Sunken amphitheater, this place was connected to the Chatuchak park to make this building seamless and blended to the existing .

Parasitic Urban Intervention: MERISIS senior year, semester 2, 2015 (Group project)

Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018


Our parasite architecture is hanging on the west side of the old post office building. This will give the building an add-on function to transform post office into Thailand Creative Design Center, and revitalization of this area from the old jewelry shop into a creative art and craft neighborhood.

This project was part of the vertical studio, Major project, for Digital fabrication studio lead by professor Samustpon Tarnapan (M.Arch). The studio is rotating around the computational design process and digital fabrication to demonstrate the construction method by using a CNC machine, Laser cutting machine, and the 3D printer. We worked in a group of two people to design an architecture placed on the roof and elevation of the national heritage that was conserved by The Fine Art Department of Thailand to conserve the facade of the building.

Community Mall ICON SIAM MALL

The site located at the central post office Bangrak. It was built in the 1940’s influenced by Neo-classic style. This place is under the competition to renovate into Thailand Creative Design Center (TCDC), which is the keystone for revitalization in this district to be the first creative district of Bangkok.

Predestrian Bridge


Thailand Creative Design Center

_02 Bangrak District, Bangkok, Thailand

surface divination

edge merge

void connection

To create form like gyroid, we need to merge series of edges and faces in an order. This will give us the algorithm based form finding and repetitivable process to develope our design.

We got inspired by the form of Gyroid. The potential of space and void that create a perfect shape where one tube will never meet with another. This creates the experience where inside and outside can be doubly.

Genetic Inherence 2

Genetic Inherence 1


We used this idea and apply on our architecture to divide the public and private area from each other. Following that, we research the way each surface edge bridge together. The systems of connection on each surface gave us the algorithm for modeling that can apply to many possible ways of design.

Generative design, This procedure give us the ability to inherence an advantage point from each schematic to another by setting evaluation criteria. In a time frame of 2 months, we got our final design that space and void flow along the designed planar surface that suitable for both digital fabrication and construction.

7 West Elevation render (model with Maya and render with 3ds max: V-ray)

Third Floor Plan

Forth Floor Plan

Roof Floor Plan

Single space model produces with CNC machine milling on foam.

Paper model unfold with Pepakura and produce with laser cutting machine.

The aim of this class was not only focusing on CAD but also cover to CAM. Where we produce the part with the CNC machine to demonstrate the construction phase where we can use a bigger machine to produce the works


We use the old building structure to support our work by each floor level of Merisis will be on the same level, and by intervening into the old building this gives us the opportunities to fuse the work seamlessly with the existing and create the continuous experience for users when inside the building.

THE CLIFF RATCHATHEWEE junior year, semester 1, 2013 (Individual)


Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018

The hidden pocket garden in the middle of the building was designed to be the main recreation area where all the resident can use to create the private environment. In constrast of the busy urban life of Bangkok.

This project was part of the design studio 4 to design a low-rise condominium. we do site analysis as a team of 10 people and design individually in 30 days time frame. The site located in the heart of Bankok. The diagram shows the main road, namely Petchaburi road the grand street with 6 lanes. This road is parallel with the main city road which made it be the second most traffic congestion in the Bankok. Even though this site is now empty due to the legal problem with the neighbor. However, it still shows many potential and possibility in itself.



Sky train Station

Ratchathewi District, Bangkok, Thailand


Petchaburi Road is one of the most traffic jam in Bangkok with above fifty thousand car passing per day

Ratchathewi Junction 1km


SKY Train Staion

High-rise Building



1 km

All site area can be visible from the sky train station because the height of station is around 9 meters above ground.

2 km

1 km

COCO WALK is the nightclubbing and restaurant area. There will be concert and such every night and create the sound pollutions


1 km

2 km

The Skytrain station is the major transportation system in our city. It adjacent stations are Siam and Phyathai. Siam is full of the luxury mall, MBK, Art gallery, University. Also, Phayathai is the area of tutors school with the largest high-rise building that residing more than 100 tutoring school inside. This made this site located in the middle of the most crowded area in Bangkok and suitable for university student and high scool students to rent in the summer.


Mass study for this site begins with. First, The architecture mass is cut and push according to the accessibility to make the overall look not too sudden or solid when approach. Second, By avoiding the outside visibility to create privacy characteristic of ridge and valley are apply into a mass to block the view from outside.

Room type A Area 30 sq.m. 3 Volume 150 m. Room type A Area 30 sq.m. 3 Volume 110 m.

To be able to sculpt the mass without disrupting the roo type. Changing room volume gave us the ability to sculpt the form of architecture because the room total area is the main factor they put in consideration when deciding to buy.







From front elevation, The front building was being shape and cut. Some rooms are double height this made these room types to be specail and in marketing can be sale in higher rate.


Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018

Room type organize is the most impact factor on this project, By arranging in many different schematics following the building code. The most feasibility is the one with a centralize circulation that is a long strip and distributes the resident into their room.

Front elevation (Rhinoceros for Modeling and Drawing)

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Sixth Floor Plan

There are three room types in this building. Type A is one bedroom style with a bicycle parking in front of the room. Type B is a studio types room suitable for a student who lived alone. Type C is in the front building, with two bedrooms and one living room. The open plan design gave the dweller freedom to rearrange the room to fit their lifestyle C










Room type A

Room type B

Room type C


Impact Arena Exhibition Hall

Impact Arena Exhibition Hall, Bangkok, Thailand

BaanLaeSuan EXPO 2016 Entrance Gate with FabCafe Bangkok, October 2016


This project was assign from BaanLaeSuan Co., home and garden decoration magazine in Thailand. Every year they organize a fair where they show the world trends of a housing. In 2016, the concept is a melting world where it is undefinable the relationship between floor, wall, ceiling, and furniture. This gave us the idea of the installation where all objects are liquefied together even the enclosure is not a hard material anymore.

Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018

This project, I was in charged of design and execution including digital fabrication and construction.

The front entrance to the events. We design it to be in a tube that like a melting ceiling that will perform with the movement of the visitors, and absorb the light that we shine on to give an ambient of melting

_00 GH

_01 Tube

_02 Surface

The draft rendering to present the phonomenon of light absorbing on the fabric when hit with PAR led light We create the tube and surface inside grasshopper to generate the form that will be trimmed out by the surface of the ground that was bent and reform into terrain. After that, The digital craft process was done with laser cutting on fabric and hand sewing by local sewer.

+4.30 +4.00




+0.00 Cross Section (Rhinoceros modeling and rendering)

On-site installed with the ambient light. The freezing ice look with the unequal length tube made this place to be more dynamic and excitement intro before visitors started their journey to the melting world.


with ABB Thailand and Delcam Thailand, April 2017 This project was a Cooperative between ABB Thailand, Delcam, ATM Spray, Rukkit and FabCafe Bangkok. The challenging of using industrial robot on site working is still a huge challenge for the engineer. We invite street graffiti to design and paint graffiti with a robot. The robot was programmed to move along the pattern of the graffiti and human artist will be the one who repaints the details that a robot cannot achieve. We want to integrate multidisciplinary field from science and art to become one and produce the work that uses expertise from each team to perish the project outcome beyond what we normally do I was in charged of tool path preparing for moving the robot with the mentor of expert from ABB team.

The wall will be at the front of the FabCafe Bangkok as an art attraction for the local and visitor. We hope this project will encourage more artist and designer to adopt the technology in their work process and expand the work in our country.

Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan 2018


The preparing process before painting. The base calibration for reorientation the tool path, and make the robot know the reference plane.

Human touch is still needed. Even though we have a robot to do most of the works. However, the sense of handcraft is an important factor for art to connect with people.


Digital Fabrication for mass customization in Furniture design competition, 2017 This project was an idea of how can we make the chair we sit evetday more customisation that will fit with owner body. There are serveral of brand for a chair with good weight distribution. However, none of that nerver truly collecting the data and creaate form that with suit only you. and your weight distribution.


To design this chair. First, we need to measure the weight distribution when sitting by using a pressure sensor connected to the Arduino to collect data and mapping on to the 3D surface area.

The possibility of the design driven by the user and their requirements. Every piece will be digital craft and will be different from other people to make the comfiest chair.

The robotics will make the mass customisable be possible without the need of factory. Instead only small robotic to create the micro factory that can produce and deisgn in a small amount in the fastest time.



Next, We use the data collected from the previous steps , and modeling with Autodesk Maya in corresponding with the data. The design can be customise to fit with the user life style and behavior.




By milling on the EPS foam, the same material as the surfboard, that is durable and lightweight at the same time.

Wood Milling Prototype DIGITAL FABRICATION

Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan l Architect + Parametric Design l 2018


Kitrawee Portfolio  

My personal Architecture portfolio from year 2013 to 2018.

Kitrawee Portfolio  

My personal Architecture portfolio from year 2013 to 2018.