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741 Hanover Pl., Carmel H

Bath Junkie CUSTOM PRODUCTS, CUSTOM EXPERIENCE. Creating an at-home spa experience is never a bad idea. With stores like Bath Junkie, it’s also never been easier or more fun. Bath Junkie specializes in custom-blend, handmade bath products. Here’s how it works: you pick the products, design a scent you love and owner Melissa Farmer will mix it up for you to take home that same day. Whether you’re into sea salt scrubs, body oils or bath balls, Bath Junkie has something for everyone — and everyone on your holiday shopping list. If that’s not enough, Farmer has lived in Carmel for 20 years and loves to support the community through Bath Junkie. “It’s really fulfilling,” Farmer says. “Whether it’s seeing your business’s name on the back of Little League uniforms or selling products at a silent auction event, being involved in local community is great.”

Melissa Farmer, shop owner and self-proclaimed "bath junkie," believes that custom makes scents.


19 E. Main St., Carmel H


“My whole life, I would look at magazines of home décor stores and wonder, why can’t I achieve that look?” co-owner of R4 Galleria Rita Meeks says. “I realized, it’s because I was missing a statement piece — something that draws you into a room.” That’s why R4 Galleria, Meeks’ third store within the R4 Shoppes family, is full of one-of-a-kind pieces you can design a room around. Her daughter, Jessica Meeks, runs the show at R4 Galleria in the Carmel Arts & Design District and knows the uniqueness of their brand is what keeps customers coming back again and again. “We don’t want to carry items you could easily find in Home Goods or Target,” Jessica Meeks says. “What you find at R4 Galleria needs to be special — something you would be proud to showcase in your home.” Store manager Pam Heisler will help you find that one-of-a-kind conversation starter — they're R4 Galleria's specialty.


Kit Magazine | November + December 2017  
Kit Magazine | November + December 2017  

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