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Your Simple Remedy for Back Pains A third of all adults over the age of 18 will have experienced some type of back pain. As aging continues, the vertebral column tends to become weaker and the bones more porous especially since calcium deficiency are considered as a common medical condition even in highly developed cities such as New York. If you are experiencing back pain, a back cushion is one of the first remedies that you should try. How does it work? The human spine is not formed as a perfect straight line. The spinal column curves to accommodate the various internal organs such as the digestive tract, lungs, and rib cage. In a healthy adult, the spinal column can usually support itself. Because of bad posture and other factors such as lack of exercise and calcium deficiency, however, the back can sag and lead to orthopedic problems such as crushed vertebrae, or a deformed spine and scoliosis. These cushions work by supporting the natural contours of the back and relieving the spine from excess pressure especially the body is locked in place - such as when driving or sitting. Adjustable There are plenty of cushions available for your back. One of the features that these cushions have is their adjustability. Almost all of the cushions are designed to fit most types of seats. These cushions also come with adjustable straps that will allow you to fit it either into the seats of your car, or in the office chair. Most cushions will even work perfectly in your couch. The cushion's capacity to adjust is not limited to the chair, however. More importantly, the cushion will mold itself into the contours of your back with just enough pressure and comfort to provide support while maintaining a healthier back. Springs right back to shape Cushions designed for your back work with special foams that will revert back to their original shape after you use them. This means that hours of prolonged seating and use will not deform the cushions. The Posture Perfect Massaging Back Support Cushion, for example, contains memory foam that can spring right back to shape in just a few seconds. The foam is not only elastic, but also highly resilient and comes pre-molded to fit your back. Orthopedic design When it comes to cushions for your back, another important element is the orthopedic design. Most back pains are the result of lumbar tension. The lumbar regions is located in the lower back, and is the part of the spinal column that is most prone to pressure and pain especially if you work the usual nine to five job in the office that requires you to sit in front of the computer all day long. The orthopedic design will push the lumbar column forward while providing support on the middle and upper back to relieve tension. Portable and washable For the best cushions for your back, make sure that your back cushions are lightweight and portable enough to be carried from your home desk to the office and car. Most of the cushions today come with pouches that will allow you to easily bring your cushion along anywhere, and have removable covers that are easy wash.

A visit to the back specialist, calcium rich diets and exercise will all help to alleviate back pain in the long run. But for your day to day struggle with lumbar tension and pain, a seat cushion is the best choice. For more info visit

Your Simple Remedy for Back Pains  
Your Simple Remedy for Back Pains  

Your Simple Remedy for Back Pains A visit to the back specialist, calcium rich diets and exercise will all help to alleviate back pain in th...