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Thanks for another wonderful year in MOPS. Make sure we have your updated e-mail information so we can let you know when we start back up. Enjoy your summer, and we hope to see you all back in September!

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May 17th at 7:00pm at Michele Smith’s house. Her address is 6801 5th Street. If you have any questions, her phone number is 7806343.

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Southcrest MOPS

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Birthdays Bobbie Kite - May 11 Christina Cimarusti - May 27 Nancy Trantham - July 10 Erin West - August 1 Kristi Hart - August 28 Juliana Wright - August 29

Summer Activity Guide Summer is here! The sun is bright, the weather is warm, and the kids are bored…. This section of the Playground is dedicated to fun and inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained and happy this summer season!

Sand Art

Create a work of art to remind you of sunny summer beach days! This is a simple craft that is appropriate for a wide range of ages. All you need is sand, food coloring, glue, and heavy card stock or construction paper. Put a small amount of sand in Ziplock plastic bags. Add a few drops of different colors of food coloring to each and shake and massage the bag until the sand is the desired color. Transfer the sand to a paper plate so that it can dry. Now use the glue and sand alternately to make a multi-colored picture or design. Allow to dry and hang! You can also create a sand greeting card by taking a 9"x12" piece of colored construction paper, folding it in half, writing your message in the inside fold, and then making your design on the front!

Ice Cream in 5 Minutes This is what you'll need: · 1 gallon-sized ziploc bag · 1 quart-sized ziploc bag · milk · sugar · vanilla · salt · ice

Here's what you do: · In the 1 quart-sized bag, put: 1 cup milk , 1 Tablespoon sugar and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla · In the gallon-sized bag, put: 1/3 cup salt, 3/4 of the bag filled with ice cubes · Place the smaller bag inside the larger bag (make sure the seal is tight!). · Shake vigorously for 5 minutes. ENJOY! (In case you're wondering....YES YES YES...this really works!)

Coin Hunt

Collect your loose change and prepare for a serious hunt! You can play this one indoors or outdoors. Simply “hide” your treasure throughout the predetermined hunting area, and let the kids find the goods! You can also have 2 teams that hide coins in different areas and then race to see who can find all the treasure first! (Note: this is not a good game for toddlers, as they may put the coins in their mouth- for the younger set, use a larger item, like wooden blocks)

Follow the Clues

This can be done indoors or outdoors as well, but requires a bit more preparation. You’ll need a “treasure” (you can use a treat like a bag of chocolate coins, or a colorful certificate), and a supply of post-it notes. Find a good place to hide the treasure, then write a clue that leads right to it. Hide the clue, then write and hide another clue that leads to that one, and so on. Try to hide each clue so that a small piece of the paper shows, and don’t hide clues too close together. Use as many clues as you want, numbering them in order. Leave one clue unhidden to start the hunt! Make the clues age appropriate- you can draw pictures for preschoolers who can’t yet read- or read the clues for them.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a fun outdoor treasure hunt that will keep the kids busy! Make a list of at least 20 small, naturally occurring things that might be found in your area. Some examples include: a pink flower petal, an acorn, a dandelion, a red leaf, a long pinecone, a white pebble, a feather, a leaf an insect has chewed on, etc.

Recommended Summer Reading

“How I Spent My Summer Vacation” by Mark Teague “Fluffy’s Silly Summer” by Kate McMullen “The Bag I’m Taking to Grandma’s” by Shirley Neitzel “Arthur’s Family Vacation” by Marc Brown “Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear” by Nancy White Carlstrom “Splash!” by Ann Jonas “Joe’s Pool” by Claire Henley “Andrew’s Bath” by David McPhail

Some quick sun activities:

* Have a water balloon toss * Play limbo in the backyard sprinklers * Have a picnic- eat watermelon and count the seeds! * Make a summer memory scrapbook * Get out of the heat and go see a movie! * Have a sponge tosstake soaked sponges and throw them at a designated target

Summer Grass Garden

You’ll need a foil or paper tray, some popsicle or craft sticks, soil, grass seed (or bird seed), and colored construction paper. Cut out flower shapes on different colors of construction paper. Glue them to the tops of the craft sticks and allow to dry. Fill the tray with soil and scatter the seeds on it. Push the flower sticks into the soil in the tray. Put the tray in a light place and water regularly, then wait for the grass to grow around the flowers.

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Summer Activity Guide: Continued Bug Garden:

Take a sheet of construction paper and some washable poster paints. Pour a little bit of each color of paint onto a paper plate. Dip your finger into the paint, and press onto the paper to make a fingerprint. Repeat with the different colors, until the paper has a number of different colorful fingerprint shapes. Now use markers or crayons to make bugs out of your fingerprint designs! You can add antennae, legs and other markings to make butterflies, ladybugs, snails, centipedes and more!

Scoop and Toss:

you’re ready to play scooper catch! You can use a whiffle ball or fill an old sock with sand and tie a knot! To play the game, toss the ball in the air to a friend who tries to catch it in his scoop. Continue tossing and catching! When you’re done, you can use it as a sand scoop!

Homemade Badminton

Create racquets using wire coat hangers, nylon stockings and string. Bend the wire hanger into an oval shape, so it looks like a racquet. Twist the ends together to make a handle. Pull the nylon over the top of the oval and wrap it tightly around the handle. Wrap the string around the handle to make it secure and easy to hold. Now hit a light, soft ball back and forth across a net or long string stretched between trees. From:

All you need for this game is a few large empty and clean plastic containers with side handles. They can be water bottles (the large 2.5 gallon containers work great!), or laundry detergent containers. First, remove the paper labels by running hot water over them. An adult should then cut off and discard one end of the container (if using large water bottle) or the base of the container (if using standard size plastic jug). Decorate with stickers or fabric paint from squeeze bottles. Make a second scoop and

Mompreneur Businesses Erin West-Mary Kay Consultant 806-781-7453 FREE facials and makeovers… no obligation & no strings attached! Great gifts with FREE gift wrapping and fun stuff for you too!

Christi Brooks Information and resources for engaged and newly married couples 806-781-8484

Whitney’s Music Studio Music Munchkins-Music Exploration for Early Childhood; Sunshine GenerationChildren’s Performing Group; Piano, Guitar and Harp Lessons 806-832-0531

Tiffanie Robertson Personalized pacifier clips 544-8143

Regina Penney Professional Photography 806-577-2779

Turning life’s memories and photos into Storybooks Leslie Gipon, Heritage Makers, Independent Consultant (256)225-9911

Rachel Riddle Custom designs for mom and baby 790-0605

Sara Simmons Mary Kay Cosmetics 806-252-3814

Crystal Willett Personalized bibs and nap mats 773-8267


Southcrest MOPS

•may 2011

MOPS 2011-2012 Registration If you have enjoyed MOPS this year, why not go ahead and register for MOPS for next year. We will begin again in September. If you pay your national MOPS registration today, then you can save a little money. Talk to Jennifer Babb about registering and paying your dues today.

Beth Moore is an oustanding Christian teacher, writer and speaker. Her studies are always chock full of Biblical truth and her delivery is funny but also touching. And she is coming to Lubbock! She will be at the United Spirit Arena at Texas Tech on Saturday, September 10, 2011. To get tickets, visit details/0,2223,O%3D2345,00.html or search Facebook for Beth Moore Event Lubbock.

Thanks for the Food! Southcrests MOPS would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for bringing food each month. We know it is difficult enough just to get you and your kids ready to come to MOPS, so the fact that you were willing to take your turn to bring food too is just amazing. Thank you, ladies!

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Anticipated Arrivals • Kristi Hart is due on June 1st. • Jayme Frasier is due June 9th. • Amanda McCaslin is due September 1st. • Rachel Riddle is due September 9th. • Lanisa Fitzgerald is due November 28th.

The Mother's Day Index 2011 Mom job Cooking Driving Help with homework Taking care of kids Nursing wounds Cleaning up Planning parties Summer activity planner Haircuts Shopping for family Family finances Yard work Fixing up the house Finding out what the kids are up to

BLS Occupation Hours Cooks Taxi drivers and chauffeurs Other teachers & instructors Child Care Worker Licensed vocational nurses Maids & housekeeping Meeting Planners Miscellaneous community & social service specialists Hairdressers & cosmetologists Personal and home care aides Accountants and auditors Grounds maintenance workers Interior Designers Private detectives & investigators

per week 14 9 10 40 2 10 1 40

Hourly wage $9.53 $13.43 $17.85 $9.95 $17.90 $9.40 $23.11 $18.18

Annual Mom cost $6,934.20 $6,292.90 $7,140.00 $20,696.00 $429.60 $4,888.00 $1,479.04 $8,724.00

0.5 3 0.5 1 0.50 0.50

$11.55 $10.13 $28.83 $10.83 $24.99 $19.78

$300.30 $1,579.50 $619.45 $562.90 $999.60 $791.00

Total annual Mom cost: $61,426 Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Read more:

Playdate Summer playdates are going to be low-key this year. Be on the lookout for evites to see where your friends are meeting. Also, if you are going somewhere and would like to invite the rest of the MOPS moms, just go to the Southcrest MOPS group on Facebook and post an invitation for all to see. 6

Southcrest MOPS

•may 2011

Experiments for the Summer Raisin Rising Pour clear carbonated soda water into a clear glass. Drop four or five raisins into the glass.Show children how the air bubbles make the raisins rise and fall. Mini Ocean Fill a clear plastic liter bottle 3/4 full with water. Add blue food coloring then add cooking oil. Leave about 1 inch at the top of the bottle. Show preschool children how the oil and water do not mix. Tilting the bottle back and forth causes a wave effect. Run Away Pepper A great science demonstration. Sprinkle pepper over the top of a cup of water. Put a dab of soap on your finger and touch the center of the pepper. Show children how the soap repels the pepper to the side of the glass. Dinosaur Bone Hunt Boil and clean chicken bones. Be sure there are no sharp edges. Bury them in a sand box for the children to find. Sun Painting Place various shaped flat objects on a dark piece of construction paper. You can cut out shapes and designs or use common objects like a ruler or key. Place paper in direct sunlight for a few hours. Show children how the sunlight faded the paper, leaving dark silhouettes.

Popcorn Dance Fill small a glass jar 3/4 full of water. Mix in 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix well. Add a drop or two of food coloring and 10 to 15 popcorn kernels. Then add a few drops of vinegar. The kernels will start to move in one or two minutes. Ice Magic Fill a glass with water and add one ice cube. Let a child lay a piece of string across the ice and try to pick up the ice with the string. Sprinkle a little salt over the ice cube, count to 10 and have child try again. Show child how the salt melted the ice just enough to bond around the string. Volcano! Place an empty baby food jar on a tray. Surround the jar with playdough. Form the dough to look like a mountain. Put a drop of red food coloring and a tablespoon of baking soda in the jar. Then add some vinegar to it to make it erupt. Invisible Ink Using a cotton swap or paint brush, let children write messages or paint designs on white typing paper with lemon juice. Let dry. The adult is to hold the paper close to a light bulb until the writing becomes visible by turning brown.

Meet Your Steering Team for 2011-2012 Welcome to the Southcrest MOPS Steering Team for next year... Coordinators: Creative Activities: Hospitality: Finance: Events: Discussion Group Team Leader MOPPETS: Publicity:

Krista Fitzwater & Amber Jowers Regina Penney Brittni Olguin Lanisa Fitzgerald Joni Andrews Crystal Willett Amanda McCaslin Christi Brooks

We are here to serve you, so if you have any suggestions for next year or things you would like to see, please let us know. If you would like to help out in any way, please let someone know that too. Help is ALWAYS welcomed! You can reach us by sending an e-mail to may 2011 •



Book Nook

Let Me Hold You Longer

by Karen Kingsbury We take pictures and make scrapbooks of our children’s firsts: first tooth, first haircut, first steps. But there are no pictures of their lasts: last time they get rocked to sleep or last time you have to assure them there are no monsters in the closet. These precious last times may be even more important than the firsts, yet there is no way to know if they are the last. This touching book by Karen Kingsbury is an awesome reminder that we need to cherish every moment with our children because we don’t know when it will be the last time for something. I have read this book to my children probably 20 times and I tear up each time. In fact, my son now calls it “That book that makes you cry.” It may always make me cry, but it reminds me to squeeze every bit of enjoyment I can out of the minutes and hours I spend with my children. I can be patient when I am cleaning up his spilled may be the last glass of milk he spills at my table. I will say yes when she wants me to put her hair up in rollers to make it may be the last time she asks me to do it. And yes, I can even joyfully clean off the handprint smudges on my may be the last time those little hands leave their mark. I suggest you all get a copy of this book. It is a great book to read with your children and even better to read late at night when you are exhausted from the day. You will be reminded that what we do as moms is totally worth every minute.

If you haven’t already, join Southcrest MOPS on Facebook so you can see what others in the group are up to this summer.

Are We Harming Our Babies? Are you ever concerned about what you are putting on your baby? Are there chemicals or ingredients in the shampoo or soap that might be harmful to your little ones? How would you ever know if there were? You might want to check out this website, This website allows you to type in a product you use and it gives a score of how harmful it might be according to various categories. They have everything from baby shampoo to the hair straightener you use. It is eyeopening to see the potential harmful effects of what we put on daily. Check out your favorite products to see how they rate.


Southcrest MOPS

•may 2011

Thank You from MOPS At every meeting we have super cool give-aways and prizes. These come from the generous donations of Lubbock businesses. Here is a list of the businesses who have donated products and coupons this year so you can enjoy your MOPS experience even more. Please let them know how much you appreciate their donations to Southcrest MOPS.


On the Border Shugart Studios Family Photography Sonic on 34th across from Coronado Bahama Bucks Bahama Bucks Bahama Bucks Trudi at Sophisticuts Salon Trudi at Sophisticuts Salon Stephanie at Rejuvinate day spa Marshall at Davidson-Taylor Bodyworks Penney Photography Keely at Lindsey’s Salon and Spa Bodyworks for Women Crossfit Training Ground Personal Training Kinsey at Sophisticuts salon Johnny Carino’s United Chick-fil-a


25 free queso cards 45 free portrait packages 50 $5 gift cards 24 free 12 oz shaved ice 8 free small coffee 40 $10 off Paradise Party Pack haircut and style salon product kit 30 minute massage Men’s haircut 64 flyers for a free trial membership $25 gift card Haircut and style 2 30-day memberships 2-1 month memberships 1 Part time boot camp membership 1 hour massage 50 Free kids meal certificates 50 reusable bags 50 free chicken sandwich coupons

Sponsor Spotlight Southcrest Baptist Church cordially invites you to... • Worship Services: 9:15 a.m., 10:50 a.m. and 6:00 • Tornado Donations being accepted through May to p.m. (Childcare is available during all services.) help churches affected by the tornados. • Sign up now for Children’s Camp on August 4th - • Christian Commediane Chonda Pierce live at South6th. For children who have completed grades Kcrest July 15th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $15 each 3rd. $110 and includes meals, transportation, and and will sell out, so get them as soon as you can. lodging. Ticket sales begin May 15th for Southcrest members • There are lots of fabulous life groups just waiting for and June 1st for the community. some new members to join, so get involved today. • Vacation Bible School, Big Apple Adventure, is June 6th-10th. They still need teachers, so call Pam Copeland at 776-0545 if you are willing to help. • Self Defense Class: May 21st at 6:00pm for $10 per person. Fight the Good Fight Opening Ceremony (free) May 21st at 7:00pm. may 2011 •


Rainbow Shaving Cream Bath Paint Ingredients:

foaming shaving cream - I got the stuff for sensitive skin • food coloring • container - I used a silicone muffin pan and it was beyond perfect • paint brushes

How to make it: 1. squirt some foaming shaving cream in each of the 6 compartments of your muffin tin 2. add food colouring to each one to make whatever colors you want - I did rainbow colors. Mix them up well. 3. give to your kiddo in the tub and let them have a blast!

God, It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter.

Psalm 74:17 10

Southcrest MOPS

•may 2011

Southcrest KDO Registration Open Would you like a few hours a week to get some things done or to let your little one socialize with friends his own age? If so, then Southcrest’s KDO program may be just the thing for you. Children attend this amazing program two days per week. They have lessons, attend music classes, enjoy playtime, make arts and crafts, eat snacks, and take naps. You will be amazed at how much they learn and how much fun they have learning it! KDO is now registering for Summer and Fall classes. Space is limited and filling up fast. Ages 6 weeks-5 years. Please contact Jerri Doggett at 776-0538 or for more information or to sign your child up.

KDO Substitutes Needed

Would you be interested in getting out of the house from time to time to hang out with some really nice ladies and some really sweet kids? Then subbing at KDO may be right up your alley. Many of the KDO teachers are moms themselves and have to be out from time to time for sick kids or doctors appointments. This means that KDO needs a long list of substitutes willing to come help out. When you are a sub, you get paid to work and your child/children get to come to KDO that day for free! It is a win/win! I was hesitant to sign up to be a sub last year when my friends tried to get me to. I felt like I could hardly handle my own child here at home, let alone a room full of children I didn’t know. After the first day, I was hooked (and so was my son who loved going to school there). It has been a great way for me to get to know ladies and families from our church and community. As a sub, you can choose the days you would like to work, so your schedule comes first. Each classroom has two teachers, so you don’t have to worry about being by yourself. It really has been a great experience for our family. If you might be interested in subbing, you can call Jerri Doggett at 776-0538 or send her an e-mail to

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MOPPETS In May our MOPPETS will be learning about the 10 commandments with the focus on how God gives us special rules to teach us how to live. They will be making a 10 commandment book and will listen to the super cute 10 Commandment Boogie by Go Fish.

May Speaker-Dewey Howard Dewey Howard is the Education Minister for the Green Lawn Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas. Dewey has focused his ministry efforts on helping men, women and children grow in their relationships with God our Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ, and helping people strengthen their bonds with one another. Dewey holds a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Ministry from Abilene Christian University, and earned a Masters in Religious Education, also from ACU, in 1989. Since leaving school he has worked with teaching ministries at churches of Christ in Texas, including the 4th and Elm church in Sweetwater, the Cactus Drive church in Levelland, and the West Erwin church in Tyler. Dewey began his work with the Green Lawn church in Lubbock in 1996. Along with his full-time work with this church, Dewey has been invited as a resource speaker across the country for several different types of training events, especially teacher training workshops and family enrichment seminars, and served as an adjunct on the Lubbock Christian University faculty. He is also very active with the Christian Education Association, a network of professionals and volunteers in the teaching ministries of the churches of Christ, serving as president of the association from 2003-2005. Dewey and his wife Angela have been married for 24 years. Angela is an exceptional wife and mother, and has worked as full-time homemaker, children’s ministry assistant, public school teacher, and always as a partner in ministry. Dewey and Angela are parents of two daughters, Kayla (age 20) and Lori (age 14), and one son, Matthew (age 17). Even though teaching and helping teachers teach is his passion for ministry, Dewey considers his family to be among his most cherished gifts from God and has devoted his life to being God’s man for these prized relationships. 12

Southcrest MOPS

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may 2011 •


Southcrest MOPS May 2011 Newsletter  

This is the May newsletter for Southcrest Baptist Church's MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program

Southcrest MOPS May 2011 Newsletter  

This is the May newsletter for Southcrest Baptist Church's MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program