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november 2010

Time To Give Thanks!

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Recent Birthdays

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Southcrest MOPS

• november 2010

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By: Kat from Inspired to Action The great irony of Motherhood is that the moments we don’t “want” often hold the treasures we’ll cling to for the rest of our lives…

Treasured Moments

Soapy Hands My task oriented self doesn’t WANT to leave a sink full of partially washed dishes to traipse all the way across the house to “COME LOOK!!!!!”. Can’t it wait for later? When my task is done? When my hands are dry? But then, I see her creation, her words, her eyes. She points to her creation, slips her sweet hand in mine and smiles with pride. In Magic Marker and 6 shades of pink, “I luv my Mommy.” My heart melts. It’s a work of art.

In the Middle of the Night I don’t WANT to get out of my warm cozy bed in the middle of the night. But then, I hold my little boy, wipe his “cryings” from his eyes, as he snuggles his chubby little face into my shoulder. He wraps his sweet arms around my neck, his breathing matches mine and there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be.

Treasures There are priceless treasures hidden in every moment of our day. Are we looking for them right now? Or do we live in the lie the they always wait one step ahead, just out of reach? After the kids go to bed. When they get older. After I get a good night’s sleep. The most beautiful, valuable diamonds are hidden in lumps of coal that an undiscerning eye would simply toss aside in pursuit of small, worthless stones. So let us remember that the goal of our days isn’t to achieve comfort, ease or a completed to do list. The goal is to exercise our ability to find the glorious in the mundane. Because it’s there. It’s always there. And the reward? Priceless.

november 2010 •


Anticipated Arrivals • Krista Fitzwater is due on November 28th with a little girl.

Newest MOPPETS • Piper Jo Kite was born on October 18 at 12:17 p.m. to Toby and Bobbie Kite. She weighed 8 lbs and 12 oz and was 21 inches long. Karson is the proud big sister.

Playdates Since we don’t want to interfere with family time during Thanksgiving and Christmas, there will be no MOPS playdates for November and December. Use this time to reconnect and celebrate with your loved ones.


Southcrest MOPS

• november 2010

Book Nook


e all know that we are to be teaching the truths of God’s Word to our children, but the question is often “How?” Telling Bible stories is wonderful and memorizing scripture verses is essential, but is there more? The authors of Bible Stories for Preschoolers Family Nights Tool Chest answer with a resounding “YES!” There is an Old Testament and a New Testament version, and both are incredible. Knowing that children learn best with repetition, these family night ideas were designed with a combination of teaching tools. The family nights contain ideas for

by • • • •

Christi Brooks

family prayer review of the last lesson memorization of a rhyming life slogan Bible reading (or storytelling depending on the age of your children) • discusson of the Bible truth • fun activities to reinforce the teachings Included with each lesson is a list of the supplies you will need to complete the activity. There is also a choice of activities with each lesson so you can tailor the activity to fit the age and temperament of your children. The authors have also included a personal notes section where you can jot down any notes or memories from the activity to save and reflect upon and pray about later. What I love about these resources is that when we do these family night devotions, the kids are fully involved, learning and having fun. And we are spending quality

time together as a family. What could be better?.

Speaker Information Author Biography: I graduated from John Brown University with a spiffy degree in English Education and a passion for life. I’ve served as a missionary in Indonesia, worked as a market research analyst in a large advertising firm and even performed as an energetic Chuck E. Cheese for children (way back in high school. And yes, the costume’s as hot and stanky as you imagine). I’ve been a Stay-at-home Dad since 2002 when our first son, Kyler, was born, and have been blessed with two more clones: Kaleb (3 years) and Kara (1 year). While they may act like insane monkeys sometimes, my children have taught me how to slow down, have patience and just laugh at life more often. Kim and I have been married for 17 years and are actively involved at Experience Life, our home church in Lubbock, where we lead a marriage enrichment class called “My Marriage Rocks!”

driving purpose of Mills Creative Minds is to raise money for missionaries overseas. (Visit “The Vision” section on the website for more information.) In fact, 70% of the funds the company generates will be given away - 50% to missions, charities & churches and the other 20% set aside for spontaneous acts of kindness. (Baby Codes, I should note, is considered a Mills Creative Minds project. Thus, a minimum of 70% of the proceeds of this book will be given away.)

In addition to my Dad duties I have also established Mills Creative Minds, where I take the endless product ideas that God pumps into my head and license them to companies and developers. The november 2010 •


Experiment of the Month: Taste Testing Without Smell


e all know that some foods taste better than others, but what gives us the ability to experience all these unique flavours? This simple experiment shows that there’s a lot more to taste than you might have thought. What you’ll need: A small piece of peeled potato A small piece of peeled apple (same shape as the potato so you can’t tell the difference) Instructions: Close your eyes and mix up the piece of potato and the piece of apple so you don’t know which is which. Hold your nose and eat each piece. Can you tell the difference? Have your child try. What’s happening? Holding your nose while tasting the potato and apple makes it hard to tell the difference between the two. Your nose and mouth are connected through the same airway which means that you taste and smell foods at the same time. Your sense of taste can recognize salty, sweet, bitter and sour, but when you combine this with your sense of smell you can recognize many other individual ‘tastes’. Take away your smell (and sight) and you limit your brain’s ability to tell the difference between certain foods.

Meet Your Steering Team What is your husband’s name? Andy Penney

What is one thing people might not know about you? I was in the “Goin’ Band from Raiderland” playing trumpet

What are your kids names and ages? Drew 4 years, Cooper 8 months

What do you do to relax? Read, surf the web and shop

What did you do before you were a mom? I taught 3rd grade

What is your favorite snack? Chex mix with M&Ms

What is the best piece of advice you could give to a new mom? Don’t blink-you might miss something! Seriously, don’t get so wrapped up in all the things that “have” toget done that you miss out on the little moments in your child’s life.


Southcrest MOPS

• november 2010

What your MOPPETS are learning this month This month’s MOPPETS lesson is sure to be a favorite with moms! The theme is self control. Kiddos will be learning about the life of Joseph from Genesis 37 to 47. They will be making fruit loop necklaces, coloring, and playing on the playground. Even game time will reinforce the lesson theme because they will be playing a self-control freeze game. Their memory verse is from 2 Timothy 1: 7 “His Spirit fills us with power, love and selfcontrol.” Let’s pray this lesson sticks!

november 2010 •


Christmas Party Everyone is invited to our MOPS Christmas Party! We will be meeting at Regina Penney’s house on Tuesday, December 14th at 8:30 p.m. We will have food and will exchange accessories. Pick up a scarf, or crazy socks, or jewelry, or hair clips, anything that would pass for an accessory is fair game. Wrap up your gift and bring it to exchange that night. Please note that there is a $5 limit on these gifts! Regina’s address is 406 Pittman in Wolfforth. Go west on 82nd street until you reach 179 (Frenship High School). Turn right on 179 then turn right on 5th (Frenship Estates). 5th Street turns into Pittman so just stay on it.

ur o Y k Mar dars!! n e l a C Sponsor Spotlight

Here are some upcoming happenings at Southcrest Baptist Church you won’t want to miss!

• Women’s Holiday Celebration: Saturday, November 13. Come shop the craft show from 12:00pm - 3:00pm to get some great gifts. • Collection for Operation Christmas Child boxes in the Sunday night service on November 21st. • Worship Services: 9:15 a.m., 10:50 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Childcare is available during all services) • There are two new life groups starting up for young couples. One is during the 9:15 hour

Peek at Next Month Family get-togethers are just around the corner. While this is a great time to spend with family, sometimes the time spent with in-laws can be a little (or a lot) stressful. Laura Wilson will be with us in December to give us some encouragement on how to navigate the tricky waters of in-law relations and how to do so with love. 8

Southcrest MOPS

• november 2010

and one is at 10:50. Ask Tiffanie Robertson, Kristi Hart, or Christi Brooks for more information on those. • Women’s Bible Study will be starting again in January. More details to follow. • AWANAs: Wednesdays from 5:45—7:15. Contact Tiffanie at for more information!

We are thankful for our... Childcare workers


MOPS friends


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Gifts from the Heart


love homemade gifts! I love to get them for Christmas or birthdays and I love to give them. I started making them in the early years of our marriage when we had no money to spare on gifts, but we still wanted to show our family we loved them. Now I still like to make gifts because I think it tells the recipient that I was thinking about them the entire time I planned for and made the gift. It is also a great opportunity to get the kiddos involved in making keepsakes that grandparents will treasure. Here are some of my favorite homemade gifts and websites with great gift-making ideas. Refrigerator magnet pictures:

magnet-crafts.html Picture frames: Plaster of paris handprints: Bookmarks: html Aprons: Craft.htm Decorated flower pots: Themed clocks: Jewelry holder: Jewelry_Holder/ Themed basket: html Coupon books: Bath salts: Cookies-in-a-jar: htm

Calendars: Photo collage:

Check out these Mompreneur Businesses Erin West-Mary Kay Consultant 806-781-7453 FREE facials and makeovers… no obligation & no strings attached! Great gifts with FREE gift wrapping and fun stuff for you too!

Christi Brooks Information and resources for engaged and newly married couples 618-917-7274

Whitney’s Music Studio Music Munchkins-Music Exploration for Early Childhood; Sunshine GenerationChildren’s Performing Group; Piano, Guitar and Harp Lessons 806-832-0531

Tiffanie Robertson Personalized pacifier clips 544-8143

Regina Penney Professional Photography 806-577-2779

If you have a business, give lessons, or share information and you would like others to know about it, please send Christi an e-mail to: and she will get it in the next newsletter!

Rachel Riddle Custom designs for mom and baby 790-0605

Sara Simmons Mary Kay Cosmetics 806-252-3814

Crystal Willett Personalized bibs and nap mats 773-8267


Southcrest MOPS

• november 2010

Delightful Donations Southcrest MOPS would like to thank the following businesses who have donated products, coupons, and services for our program. Be sure to patronize these businesses and let them know you appreciate their willingness to be a part of growing healthy families.

november 2010 •



Bunco Buddies--Don’t forget, Bunco will be Tuesday, November 16th at 7:00pm at 10403 Durham. Save the date for next month... December 14th.

Speaker Notes

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever! 1 Chronicles 16 : 34 12

Southcrest MOPS

• november 2010

MOPS November Newsletter  
MOPS November Newsletter  

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