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Centara Hotels & Resorts BI/PM Project Project Kick Off Meeting

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July 2010

Session is interactive so please get involved/question as we go!

Business Case / Requirements  Scope, Constraints, Goals and Objectives  Visualization of Performance – how it works  Project Team, Roles and Timelines  Implementation  Working Style  Phases and Deliverables

 

Critical Success Factors Discussion on goals sessions may include brain storming style for the discussion

Today we are pleased to be formally Kicking off the Business Intelligence & Performance Management Reporting Project For this the Sherwood Team join Centara IT team to configure integrate CHR data to the Infor PM software so CHR end user business operations can benefit. The aim of this first project with Sherwood is to transfer knowledge and a baseline reporting platform to then allow CHR self manage ongoing improvement to the system as it changes & grows .

First phase will move reporting data to Infor PM platform. That includes training setting up forms and administration processes a reporting framework & key reports and adding a performance layer with planning and budgeting capability for ongoing needs.

Initial backend time will be spent integrating core data This will provide baseline for defined reports and learning how to use them before it goes to the next stage.

Setup one reporting & performance control environment. This will provide an end user reporting workflow & framework

Create this as a baseline over the next 3 months . This includes and ensuring in house learning by setting and have working 7 key operational reports as a minimum

User Touch

to enable collaborative performance improvement

Access to performance informati0n  Update information including potential for forecasting and planning  Able to set and get alerts on out of scope performance 

Empower Business

to allow users to make reports and decisions

To do analysis  Make own reports  trustworthy reliable data  control over updates 

Change Environment to allow confidence and growth and change Able to be managed without constraints to rely on IT  ongoing knowledge and internal centre of expertise in IT as consultants 

Sales and Marketing Chris Bailey V.P. Sales & marketing

Operations David Good V.P. Operations

Food and Beverage Winfred Hancke Group Operations Manager


Dr. Ronnachit Mahattanapreut Sr VP Finance & Admin Kris Tossanoot Group Financial Controller

Information Services

Chairach Hanwiriyapunt CIS Manager Pattarome Thammasiri Assistant IT Manager


Kitipan Kitbamroong Director Consulting & Gordon Wood Executive Consultant

 Business Leaders are Finance ,Operations F&B, and

Sales & Marketing

 Software vendor is INFOR  Implementation Consultant is Sherwood Group

Consulting (we also support)

 IT manage the Infrastructure & the project deliverables - Is any one missing, commitment issues or

communication issues

Working Style The first phase of the project is basically a training project for CHR to learn how to configure maintain and use their new BI PM system and how to setup and exploit ongoing value from the rich capability of the Infor PM software .

Baseline Staged Approach The first phase will see a good baseline with all business examples of core functions and some key reports fully working so CHR can then enhance ongoing as it learns more and as the business changes naturally.

Constraints    

In stage 1 data quality management limited to reporting data not fixing it . Project changes limited or delayed until core scope is done Customization limited to already proven and approved items if any Changes to first stage only baseline completed and after proven and approved

Operations – want to provide measures help them understand and better plan their business dynamics and growth profitability Finance – want improve the quality of their reporting to for both strategic and operational planning and control for the business to grow and prosper F&B want to manage to measure the business process to improve the standard operating procedures and profitability of their operations Overall get users happy with a BI/PM process to use it well to manage & see results of plans & business initiatives.

Improve Business Performance by configuring:  Performance Alerts & Performance Tracking  Excel Linked Input & Reporting  Analysis and Drill Capability  Flexibility Structure Updating for Change  Effective Workflow & Approval Process  Easy Non IT based Administration  Planning and Budgeting Platform  Processes Knowledge Base On online collaborative knowledge tool

 Plan and understand and see performance from a single data

source with an interface with transaction data

 Integrated data repository that provides transparency to build

quality accuracy information in a single views of business

 Time Saving consistent and user-friendly functions & tools

support drill down analysis from performance control level

 The business can focus its workflow and efforts in value-added

analysis and operations, with less in processing and formatting data

(Lets take quick look at some example)

Core sonsulting time allowes for these repoerts however the project is not limited to just these which address major components All reporting and future potential is ultimately being considered in the design

Issues 1.Limited technology 2.No performance management 3.Vendor Support constraints 4.IT intensive for change

Planning & Budgeting structures will be designed such that operations process reports and control can be set up and configured in later .stages

Review Group Level Business reporting requirements  Agreed common reporting that drives the business. E.g.

frequency, external dimensions, scenario & mission critical mitigation responsiveness

Align Management value chain analysis.  This align the business requirements to the overall business

process using activity model methodology. The first step is to confirm the organizations functional component and reporting e.g..

Stream (Each Business Team - sessions) Work with each function on a team by team basis for half a day each identify requirements and the flow of reporting activity plus any dependences for. 1. Sales and Marketing 2. Operations 3. Food and Beverage 4. Finance 5. Information Services

Findings (Implementation Team - session) ▪ Prepare summary of implementation recommendations based on feedback for all session for BI / PM

Group Review (1 hour session)  Review align and identify any issues and endorse first line value

approach recommendations of the project team.

  

Focus and stick to objective and scope Business requirement driven Strong internal project team accountability :  Committed to roles and responsibilities  Adhere Project schedule and time frame  Deliver Quality and completeness

  

Encourage co-ordination among functions Avoid member reassignment during project Stakeholder involvement & support is vital

User satisfaction the goal (Your users)

Examples ▪ See the following slides

Infor PM Product Demo ▪ Let’s take a look now or check web later

Functional Discussion(s) ▪ We will start that now after we close this session

Dashboards information

End User Data Entry and tools

End User Controlled Reporting (Financial and Non financial)

Managing Approvals & Sign offs

Email Alerting

Collaborative working style.  CHR subject matter experts provide information to

Sherwood are solution experts

CHR team will work to understand how to use the software well so self supporting on going.  In a nutshell get it done for immediate operational value to allow changes to improve the business value.  Operational functions (beneficiaries being all business operations and cost centers) of CHR understand and are committed to work. 


Let’s have fun and get it done!!

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