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Over 50 designs January 2020

Dear Retailer We are delighted to present our Dew SS2020 Supplement, introducing new additions to KH Limited’s entry sterling silver range. Designed to work in conjunction with the full 2019/2020 catalogue, the supplement combines new and fresh with seasonal bestselling profiles in easy to peruse collection stories. The Springtime range includes everything you need to make the most of your seasonal sales, and you will find inspiration for your Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, as well as spring displays. Please note small changes to delivery charges and a small increase in the cost of presentation boxes. Don’t forget we offer a boxing service — contact our friendly customer service team for details. If you would like a presentation of Dew’s latest designs and collection stories, please call us on 01271 329123 or contact your dedicated Field Sales Representative to arrange a visit at your convenience. When you’re ready for more, call or visit our user-friendly B2B website for easy replenishment orders — Best wishes from Katie Nickell Co-Founder and Creative Director KH Ltd


Use in conjunction with your 2019/2020 catalogue

Introducing... Especially for

The new Dew Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Hearts p4-5 Nature p6-9 Circles & Spectrum p10-11 NEW Designs Quick p12-13 Reference Guide


Featuring new and bestselling profiles, perfect for the new season, hearts for Valentine's Day, flowers for Mother's Day and on trend fashion fixes.




Chain Information p14

Point of Sale p16-17 Supplier of the Year

How to Order / T&C's p18-19

Circles & Spectrum

Packaging p15




Perfect for Paua Shell

Valentine's Day

90632PA pendant 03025 3062PA studs 04095


Cubic Zirconia

Green Mother of Pearl

90632GMP pendant 03025 3062GMP studs 04095

Cubic Zirconia & Rose Gold Plate


9318RGCZ pendant 05075 9090CZ pendant 06075 3090CZ studs 07050

90C3HP © pendant 07095

3318RGCZ studs 07050

DEWTC4 Love Hearts & You Are A Star! 70mm x 90mm (double sided) FOC on request. 41002 hoops 05050

7006 bracelet 18025

Enhance your display with tent cards. Available free of charge on request. Sterling Silver Jewellery


98988TE locket pendant 09050

Turquoise Enamel


Forget Me Not



3706CZ studs 05095

Cubic Zirconia

9072CZ 18" necklet 08050

98987 locket pendant 09000

Shown at actual size.

01271 329123

Lilac Mother of Pearl

90632BMP pendant 03025 3062BMP studs 04095

90632LMP pendant 03025 3062LMP studs 04095

White Mother of Pearl

90632MOP pendant 03025 3062MOP studs 04095

Pink Mother of Pearl


Blue Mother of Pearl

90632PMP pendant 03025 3062PMP studs 04095

91002 18" necklace 13000

9313 pendant 05050 4313 studs 06050

9318 pendant 04025 4318 studs 04075 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Bestsellers Rose Gold Plate


for Valentine's Day 9868 pendant 08025 4868 studs 06050

98982 locket pendant 07025

98981 locket pendant 09050

Removable love letter enclosed 98083 pendant 07025

Red Enamel

98989RE locket pendant 09025

Shown at actual size.

Pendants sold exclusive of chain. Kit Heath copyright Š.





Forget Me Not Bouquet

NEW Gold & Rose Gold Plate

Flower Cluster 40808HP studs 06095 90808HP pendant 08095

90806RGD pendant 16025 40806RGD studs 17050



4491HP © Studs 04050

Gold & Rose Gold Plate

Gold Plate

4491GD © Studs 05025

Lily of the Valley

Tudor Rose

9319RGD © pendant 11075

4491RG © Studs 05025

Gold Plate

90807GD pendant 09095 40807GD studs 11050


NEW Lucky Four Leaf Clover


98076GD © pendant 06075 | 68076GD © drops 08075


9470HP pendant 04025 4470HP studs 05025


Gold Plate

Scatter Flower

90810HP © pendant 07095 40810HP © studs 09095



Floral Tear Drops

60809GD drops 11050 | 90809GD pendant 06095 Shown at actual size.

01271 329123

DEWTC3 Rose Gold Plate

Tudor Rose



9320GRG © pendant 10075 4320GRG © studs 10075

4631 studs 07000 4631RG studs 10050

9084RG pendant 09050 4084RG studs 16095

Gold and Rose Gold Plate


Flowers and Tree of Life 70mm x 90mm (double sided) FOC on request.

Rose Gold Plate

Gold Plate Sterling Silver Jewellery

Bestsellers Tiger Lillies


90804GD pendant 11050 40804GD studs 09075

9083RG pendant 08095 4083RG studs 09095

Perfect for Mother's Day

Gold Plate 4082GDG © studs 07050 Rose Gold Plate

Daisys 90CAGD © pendant 12095 90CBGD © pendant 07075

Gold Plate


9230GD pendant 09050 4230GD studs 12005


90805RG pendant 11000 40805RG studs 10025

Carnations White Mother of Pearl

Gold Plate

Pink Mother of Pearl with Rose Gold Plate

90801MP pendant 05050 30801MP studs 07050

90802MPR pendant 06075 30802MPR studs 09025


9085GD pendant 10025 4085GD studs 10095

Shown at actual size.

Pendants sold exclusive of chain. Kit Heath copyright ©.




Busy Bees

Multi Enamel



Dinky Bees Gold Plate

9559ME pendant 03095

5559ME drops 07075


Cubic Zirconia

4465GD Š studs 07025

9465GD Š pendant 05050


4467HP studs 04025

Gold Plate 3563CZ studs 08025

Sparkly Bees


9563CZ pendant 06025

6492GD drops 11025 | 9492GD pendant 06075

Gold Plate Oxidised

Tree of Life

98991 locket pendant 10025

98992OX locket pendant 11025

Rose Gold Plate

68017GD drops 13075 | 98017GD pendant 11075

Springtime Inspiration

Tree of Life

9614RG pendant 12050



Shown at actual size.

01271 329123


Multi Enamel

Gold Plate

Busy Bees

Bee Hive

3558ME studs 05025 | 5558ME drops 08095 9558ME pendant 04025

9467GD © pendant 10025

Honey Pot

9468GD © pendant 09050

Enhance your display with tent cards. Available free of charge on request.

DEWTC1 Bees & Sealife 70mm x 90mm (double sided) FOC on request. 4865 studs 02095

Gold Plate

Honey bee Yourself

4466 © studs 03095 | 4466GD © studs 04050 9466GD © pendant 05050

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Bestsellers Moveable Wings


98082 pendant 06095


98081 pendant 06095

Humming Birds

40345 © studs 05050 | 60345 © drops 06095 90345 © pendant 05050

Sandblast Rose Gold Plate

Afternoon Tea

98346 pendant 02025 48346 studs 03025

9476RG © pendant 07050 4476RG © studs 06025

DEWTC2 Animal Magic and Birds & Butterflies 70mm x 90mm (double sided) FOC on request.

Shown at actual size.

Pendants sold exclusive of chain. Kit Heath copyright ©.

Penguin and Baby 9753SB pendant 10050



Circles & Spectrum


Colours of the Rainbow

On trend fashion fixes

Rainbow Cubic Zirconia

3882MCZ studs 06095

9883MCZ pendant 04050


Cubic Zirconia

NEW Rainbow Cubic Zirconia

6878CZ drops 07050 | 9878CZ pendant 05050



17.5" necklet 11095

pendant 08095


NEW Blue Topaz

3882BLZ studs 06095 Blue Cubic Zirconia

9882BLZ 17.5" necklet 11095

5427BLZ hoops 10025

9312BT pendant 07025

| 3312BT studs 10025


NEW Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

3707BT studs 09025 9706BT pendant 05075

9707BT pendant 06050 5706BT drops 08095


Circles & Spectrum

Shown at actual size.

01271 329123

NEW Cubic Zirconia

98428CZ 18" necklet 11025

Circles & Spectrum


Cubic Zirconia

98427CZ pendant 06050 38427CZ studs 09025

9883CZ pendant 03050

3547CZ studs 03075 Cubic Zirconia

1882CZ adjustable ring 04050 (Average size N)

Cubic Zirconia

9882CZ 18" necklet 10075 3882CZ studs 05095

3523CZ stud hoops 06025 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Bestsellers Simple, classic ... Cubic Zirconia

9397CZ 18"necklace 07075 | 3397CZ studs 05050

yet modern

Cubic Zirconia

3820CZ studs 08025

9819CZ 18" necklet 10025

Cubic Zirconia

9720CZ 18" necklet 11075

Cubic Zirconia

5427CZ hoops 06075 9820CZ pendant 14095

Shown at actual size.

Pendants sold exclusive of chain. Kit Heath copyright Š.

Circles & Spectrum





Green Mother of Pearl Heart Stud Earrings 04095 Page 4

Open Circle Multi CZ Stud Earrings 06095 Page 10

Dinky 3D Flower Stud Earrings 04050 Page 6


40806RGD Flower Cluster Gold & Rose Gold Plate Stud Earrings 17050 Page 6


Paua Shell Heart Stud Earrings 04095 Page 4




Heart CZ in Star Stud Earrings 07050 Page 4

Lily of the Valley Gold Plate Stud Earrings 11050 Page 6

Huggie Blue CZ Stud Earrings 10025 Page 10




Silver Swirl Blue Topaz Stud Earrings 10025 Page 10

Forget Me Not Bouquet Stud Earrings 06095 Page 6

Dinky Bee Enamel Drop Earrings 07075 Page 8

3318RGCZ Heart Infinity Rose Gold Plate CZ Stud Earrings 07050 Page 4




Teardrop Blue Topaz Bobble Surround Stud Earrings 09025 Page 10

Scattered Round CZ Stud Earrings 09025 Page 11

Dinky Dragonfly Stud Earrings 04025 Page 8

4470HP Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings 05025 Page 6


Open Circle Blue CZ Stud Earrings 06095 Page 10

Dinky 3D Flower Gold Plate Stud Earrings 05025 Page 6

Shown at actual size unless otherwise stated

12 12

01271 329123

Shown at 80%


Shown at 80%



Shown at 80%



Dinky Bee Gold Plate Stud Earrings 07025 Page 8

Shown at 80%

Bee Stud CZ Earrings 08025 Page 8


Scatter Flower Stud Earrings 09095 Page 6

Dinky 3D Flower Rose Gold Plate Stud Earrings 05025 Page 6

Shown at 80%



Studs and Drops

5706BT Open Marquise Blue Topaz Drop Earrings 08095 Page 10

60809GD Flower Teardrop Gold Plate Drop Earrings 11050 Page 6

6492GD Dragonfly Gold Plate Drop Earrings 11025 Page 8



Double Butterfly Gold Plate Drop Earrings 08075 Page 6

6878CZ Open Oval CZ Drop Earrings 07050 Page 10


Neckwear 90632GMP Dinky Green Mother of Pearl Heart Pendant 03025 Page 4



Silver Swirl Blue Topaz Pendant 07025 Page 10

Double Butterfly Gold Plate Pendant 06075 Page 6


9318RGCZ Heart Infinity Rose Gold Plate CZ Pendant 05075 Page 4


90806RGD Flower Cluster Gold & Rose Gold Plate Pendant 16025 Page 6





Lily of the Valley Gold Plate Pendant 09095 Page 6

Four Leaf Clover Pendant 04025 Page 6




Forget Me Not Bouquet Pendant 08095 Page 6

Dragonfly Gold Plate Pendant 06075 Page 8

Round Tree of Life Multi CZ Pendant 08095 Page 10



Flower Teardrop Gold Plate Pendant 06095 Page 6

Dinky Bee Enamel Pendant 03095 Page 8

9882BLZ Open Circle Blue CZ 17.5" Necklet 11095 Page 10


Scattered Round CZ Pendant 06050 Page 11


Open Circle Round CZ 18" Necklet 11025 Page 11

Dinky Bee Gold Plate Pendant 05050 Page 8

Shown at 80%

9878CZ Open Oval CZ Pendant 05050 Page 10



Scatter Flower Pendant 07095 Page 6

Bee CZ Pendant 06025 Page 8

Open Circle Multi CZ 17.5" Necklet 11095 Page 10




Heart CZ in Star Pendant 06075 Page 4

Open Marquise Blue Topaz Pendant 05075 Page 10

Dinky Open Circle CZ Pendant 03050 Page 11





Large Open Heart Pendant 07095 Page 4

Teardrop Blue Topaz Bobble Surround Pendant 06050 Page 10


Dinky Paua Shell Heart Pendant 03025 Page 4


9883MCZ Dinky Open Circle Multi CZ Pendant 04050 Page 10

Shown at actual size unless otherwise stated.

Pendants sold exclusive of chain. Kit Heath copyright ©.


Sterling Silver Chains For pendants which are sold exclusive of chain.

Chain Length Guide 14" 16" 18" 20" 24"


C020 14” 16” 18” 20” 24” 28” 32”

01055 01095 02015 02045 02075 02095 03040 Light Curb Chain



16” 02040 18” 02055

16” 02040 18” 02055

Gold Plate & Rose Gold Plate Light Curb Chain




16” 18” 20” 28”

16” 02075 18” 03010 20” 03045

18” 06000 20” 06050

03015 03075 04025 05025

Medium Curb Chain

Light D/C Belcher Chain




14” 03095 16” 04020 18” 04045

14” 01055 16” 01070 18” 01085

16” 03025

C04018RP Rhodium Plate 18” 02015 Box Chain

Heavy D/C Belcher Chain

Also available in Rhodium Plate

Light Snake Chain

Fine Trace Chain

C050 16” 02000 18” 02025

C03118 Chain 16” with 2” extender 02080 Fine Box Chain

14 14

Chain Guide 01271 329123

Gift Packaging Boxes available to order separately. Ask about our boxing service.

1 3




1. Stud/Ring LBDBSTU £1.15 (pack of 12 - £13.80) 45mm(w) x 53mm(h) x 31mm(d) 2. Drop LBDBDRO £1.35 (pack of 12 - £16.20) 55mm x 85mm x 35mm


3. Bracelet LBDBSET £1.60 (pack of 12 - £19.20) 90mm x 90mm x 40mm 4. Large Neckwear LBDBLN £1.90 (pack of 6 - £11.40) 110mm x 160mm x 35m 5. Purple satin pouch DEWSP £0.40


6. Purple pillow pouch DEWPP £1.00 (pack of 10)

Dinky Dew Gift Packaging


Optional extras especially for Dinky Dew – available on request. 4 2

1. Dinky Dew stickers DEWDST available on request FOC 2. Dinky Dew care guide DINKYCG available on request FOC


3. Dinky Dew stud card DINKYSC £2.50 pack of 50 4. Purple pillow pouch DEWPP £1.00 (pack of 10)

Kit Heath copyright ©.

Gift Packaging

15 15

Point of Sale POS1 free of charge with orders over £500 otherwise unit charged at £45 or £45 worth of components. POS2 graphic display print 200mm(w) x 250mm (h) (double sided)

Additional Point of Sale Available on request.

1. Tall set stand POS7 £8.00 (pack of 3) 45mm(w) x 125mm(h) x 50mm(d) 2. Multi x6 stud stand POS10 £6.00 (pack of 3) 40mm x 150mm x 45mm 3. Multi necklace POS3 £12.00 (pack of 3) 70mm x 170mm x 45mm 4. Drop earring stand POS5 £4.50 (pack of 3) 40mm x 65mm x 30mm 5. Necklace stand POS4 £6.00 (pack of 3) 45mm x 65mm x 30mm

3 2



6 7 5

Base display 300mm(w) x 200mm(d). Can also be displayed longways.


6. Multi x3 stud stand POS6 £4.50 (pack of 3) 45mm x 65mm x 30mm 7. Single earring tree POS8 £4.00 (pack of 3) 45mm x 65mm x 30mm 8. Double earring tree POS9 £5.50 (pack of 3) 75mm x 100mm x 40mm Component only pack POS12 £16.50 Items 1-8 (one of each)

Stud Stands 1. Stud display stand DEWPACK1 includes (pack of 10 studs - £35.00) As shown 55mm(w) x 170mm(h) x 60mm(d) As shown left. 1 2

16 16

2. Stud display stand POS13 £4.30 55mm(w) x 170mm(h) x 60mm(d)

Presentation 01271 329123

Backboards Ideal for cabinets and window display. Available free of charge on request. Acrylic holder supplied. Bespoke graphics can be requested.



DEWA4 297mm x 210mm (double sided) DEWA3 420mm x 297mm (double sided)


Acrylic Display Ideal for cabinets and window display. Available free of charge on request.

U6 A6 Acrylic graphic holder DEWDKA6 Dew A6 graphic print (Dinky Dew graphic on reverse)

Kit Heath copyright Š.



How To Order Field Sales For a presentation of our latest designs please contact us for a Field Sales Representative to visit at your convenience.

Website Order 24/7 on our B2B trade website.

Delivery Mainland UK Free standard delivery on orders over £200 ex VAT. Standard delivery 3-5 working days. We aim to despatch all product orders received before 2pm the same day. £3.50 will be charged on orders less than £200 ex VAT.

Direct Sales Our Sales Office is open Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Telephone 01271 329123


Fax 01271 323342

UK Free Sales Fax 0800 074 0044

Post Kit Heath Ltd, Millennium House, Roundswell, North Devon, EX31 3TD United Kingdom

Payment Credit/Debit Cards and Paypal

Cheques Cheques to be made payable to Kit Heath Ltd.

Express delivery charge on any order (inc orders over £200 ex VAT). £4.50 First Class 1-3 working days. £8.50 Next day Mon-Fri. Contact us for charges for Saturday deliveries. Next day delivery may not be guaranteed during busy periods. Scottish Highlands/Islands, IOW and IOM Charges as per mainland UK on packages up to 2kg. Packages over 2kg and express/Saturday deliveries will incur additional charges. Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and Europe £5 charge for orders under £200 ex VAT. £10 charge for orders over £200 ex VAT. Standard delivery 3 working days. ROW Shipping and duties where applicable are charged at cost. Direct Ship We can ship direct to your customers. Contact us for details.

Website Support Accounts - New Customers Initial orders are on a proforma basis. To open an account please call for an account application form. Initial minimum order value £100 ex VAT, thereafter there is no minimum order. All orders are subject to Kit Heath Ltd Terms and Conditions which can be found on the Kit Heath website

Asset Store Dew stockists with an approved website can be supplied with logo, design images and banners available on our brand asset store on the B2B website. Alternatively, images are available on CD or We Transfer download link, on request. For website terms please visit:

Codes/Prices Explained For example: 3062GMP


Code - The design reference code is the first 4/5 digits, ie 3062. Stone/finish - The last 2/3 letters show the stone and or finish. ie GMP = Green Mother of Pearl. Prices - The trade price is disguised in a five digit code. This is done by replacing the decimal point with the number 0, ie. 04095 = £4.95. All prices are ex VAT. © Copyright Kit Heath Ltd.


E Alerts Be the first to see new designs, offers and updates, simply provide us with your email details to keep up to date.

Terms & Conditions The placing of an order will be deemed as acceptance by the customer of these terms and conditions.

New Accounts

The customer may apply for a credit account by completing a Kit Heath Ltd account application form. Upon receipt of satisfactory credit references, an account with a credit limit will be opened. Please note that a credit referencing agency may be used in evaluating suitability.


Initial orders are on a proforma basis. The initial minimum order value is £100 ex VAT, thereafter there is no minimum order.


Kit Heath Ltd is the owner of design rights and registered designs including jewellery designs, marketing and packaging materials.

Restrictions on the Sale of Goods

Dew may only be sold under the collection name of Dew or unbranded as a white label collection. Dew may not be sold and displayed under the brand name Kit Heath.


The customer is not authorised to sell Dew products under company names, trademarks or domain names that contain words identical or similar to the Kit Heath trade mark. The customer in respect of Dew must have no affiliation to Ebay or Amazon websites.

All invoices will be subject to our payment terms of 30 days net, if a credit account has been applied. No payment will be deemed to have been received until Kit Heath Ltd has received cleared funds.


Sterling/Euro cheques and bank drafts should be made payable to Kit Heath Ltd. We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Overdue Accounts

Kit Heath Ltd reserves the right to suspend or cancel future deliveries, charge interest (2.5% over Lloyds bank base rate) and any legal costs incurred if payment is not received by the agreed due date.

Retention of Title

• Items delivered damaged, faulty or supplied incorrectly should be reported to Kit Heath Ltd in writing/email within 7 days of the invoice date. • Items for return should be packaged in individual sealed bags, coded and sufficiently protected with outer packaging. • We recommend that returns are sent recorded delivery and that you retain your proof of purchase. • Please provide your account number and clearly state the reason for return.

Goods remain the property of Kit Heath Ltd until such time as all sums due by the customer have been paid in full to Kit Heath Ltd. The customer shall be entitled to deal with or sell the goods at full market value in the normal course of its business, provided that the customer shall be liable to account to Kit Heath Ltd for the proceeds of such sale.

• Goods that require additional handling may incur a handling fee.


• The issuing of replacements will be at the discretion of Kit Heath Ltd.

Prices are ex VAT. Prices are correct at the time of going to press. We reserve the right to alter prices without notice. Goods will be invoiced at the current price at the time of despatch.

• Faulty items will be replaced provided that the damage has occurred prior to delivery to the customer or if it is clear that there is a manufacturing fault. • Items that Kit Heath Ltd considers to have been mistreated or damaged through wear and tear cannot be replaced or credited. • Due to their personalised nature, engraved items are non-refundable unless faulty.


We will aim to despatch all orders received before 2pm the same day. If you require guaranteed next day delivery please ask your sales contact and we will inform you of the additional costs. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee next day delivery during busy periods. See 'How To Order' for details of current delivery charges (we reserve the right to alter prices without notice).

Caring for your Dew Jewellery To help keep your Dew sterling silver looking beautiful, we recommend you care for it in the following ways: • Polish your sterling silver jewellery using a high quality silver cloth. • We do not recommend the use of silver dips. • Remove jewellery when bathing and swimming. • To bring back the sparkle to faceted gemstones use warm soapy water and a soft brush, and rinse with clean water. • Items with gold plating detail are recommended for occasional wear only. • When not wearing your sterling silver jewellery, store in a closed grip seal bag.

Care guide included in each gift box.

Useful Info Chains All pendants are priced and sold exclusive of chains, remember to add chains to your order to suit your selection. Gift Packaging Dew is sold exclusive of packaging to enable you to selfbrand or with optional packaging available separately at the point of order. Remember to state clearly if boxes are required and we can select appropriate box sizes to suit your jewellery order and despatch together with your jewellery. Boxing Service We offer a boxing, chaining and labeling service. Please contact our sales team for further information. Point of Sale (POS) Displays and Graphics Point of Sale is provided free of charge with an initial order of £500. Additional components are available. Graphics Attractive window graphics for display to enhance your back board displays and individual collection story telling are available. We can also supply web banners with the Dew logo or your own brand/store name upon request. Engraving Our engraving service is available free of charge for Dew orders with jewellery suitable for engraving. Engravable pieces are denoted as such in the quick reference guide. For font selection please see page 86 in our main catalogue. For more engraving advice please contact our sales team. All jewellery is shown at actual size unless otherwise stated.



& Bestsellers SS2020

Sterling Silver Jewellery Tel +44(0)1271 329123 Email Free Fax 0800 0740044

Kit Heath Ltd Millennium House Roundswell North Devon EX313TD United Kingdom Our Sales Office is open Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.

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