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TAKOON suits all styles. At Takoon, we develop kite surf equipment and we focus on innovation and technology, to provide each rider with a maximum of fun . Big waves days to freestyle sessions, all the styles are represented. 2006 saw the domination of the flat profile kites and our whole NOVA concept – safety and huge wind range – taking off in a big way and making a deep impact in the sport industry. In 2007, we propose this concept in 2 new ranges: the NOVA 2 for the most demanding and the ENOVA for riders who prefer simplicity. Expert freestylers will prefer the AIR XD. Equipped with the new XD bar, the AIR kite gets more turning ability and xtra depower on demand while you are riding . Our range of boards benefits from the latest technical evolutions: the KARMA and its innovating shape, the SUTRA for freestylers, the KICK for the versatility, the BURNING for surfers and the KOOL for beginners... Here again, each his one style! Takoon philosophy remains the same, to keep a unique feeling on each product and to offer you the best board or kite to suit your riding style. The TAKOON Team


NOVA2- The new generation, safety, simplicity and performance.

After having innovated and introduced the first flat profile kite on the market, Takoon is proud to present the NOVA2.

Based on the same concept which integrates both the control system and the kite, this approach is aimed at keeping the feel of the usual classical 4-line kite while at the same time enhancing the wind range, reinforcing security and making the gear simpler to use. The whole concept which we are at the root of has now taken over as THE one to follow.

REVOLUTIONARY SHAPE A NOVA2 range with greater performance, all the kites have been designed to increase turning ability. WWW.TAKOON.COM


HUGE WIND RANGE 3 sizes: 7, 9 and 12 m².This unique integration of kite + bar provides better POWER/DEPOWER control than any other hybrid or regular kite!



6 / 7.5 /9.5 7.5 / 9.5 /12

12 12 / 14 /16



The 12m² is really powerful in low end wind and replaces a 14m²!

Warning, these wind ranges are used according to an intermediate rider, weighing 75kg, riding a 128*38cm. Up to you to adjust according to the spot you ride in.


Ergo bar 3D

Adjustable stopper

Rope Cover


55cm bar delivered for 9 and 12m², 47cm bar for7m². Nova2 bar is specific to the Nova concept.




eNova , RIDE EASY. eNova belongs to the second BOW kite generation developed by Takoon. The original Nova concept which integrates both the control system and the kite, was aimed at keeping the feel of the classical 4-line kite while at the same time enhancing the wind range, reinforcing security and making the gear simpler to use. Takoon now develops this concept by proposing a kite that is easy to handle, without embellishment, for all riders who want to ride in simplicity with performance equipment. The eNova has a 5 struts shape, a smooth feeling in navigation and a simplified construction. While keeping a great level of performance, the eNova is a light, stable and easy to re-launch. Last but not least, it is the first kite in conformity with the new standards on safety. Less aggressive but more stable, the eNova kite is ideal for Wakestyle, Surfing, and Free-riding


The eNova range: - high performance thanks to a shape inspired by the Nova2. Same exclusive bridle system. - light and stable. 5 struts, less panels. Reinforcements positioned at the critical points. - easy relaunch. Ideal for school use. The feeling is very close to traditional “C “kites where the kite gets more bar pressure while remaining light. Ideal for beginners who have a better hold over the kite and more bar pressure. Wake style addicts will keep the contact with the kite during the jump and find their way.

HUGE WIND RANGE 4 sizes: 5, 7, 9 and 12 m². The unique integration of kite + bar provides more POWER/DEPOWER control than any other hybrid or regular kite!


The eNova makes it possible to ride in a full safety option. Just let go of the bar and the kite stops pulling immediately without anything to release.

Pull on a rear line. Easy re-launch without swimming by pulling simply on a back line.



eNova Bar 55cm bar delivered for 9 and 12m², 47cm bar for 7 and 5 m².

Cousin lines

Ajustable stopper.

Foam protection

Ergo bar 3D

An elastic string to prevent the trimming rope from rattling. Clam-cleat trimming system to adjust power

Large chicken loop with quick release.

eNova and


The Takoon Nova concept offers better performances thanks to a new kind of kite with a flat profile. These new profiles increased power delivery and immediately depower when you let go of the bar, without anything to release. This unique integration of kite + bar provides a wind range equivalent to 3 traditional C kites in full safety and for equivalent performances. Moreover, re-launching is done without swimming, just by pulling a rear line. Performance and safety characterize this kind of kite, but the eNova and the Nova2 differ on certain points: The eNova has less aspect ratio and a thicker profile, which provide steady power band. Nova2 has more lift; the eNova being more stable with the same turning ability. The eNova kite’s optimum wind range is slightly different than the Nova2. The eNova has a better low end and the Nova 2 has a better high end. The eNova has more bar pressure and a better depower rate, perfect for beginners. They both have the instant re-launch function, the eNova is more user friendly to re-launch.(less fabric in contact with water). Nova2 has Single Inflation. In short, the 2 kites are great freeriding and surfing kites. If ultimate performance and technology are most important for you, then the Nova2 is your kite. If you are looking for a light kite, stable and easy to handle, then eNova would be a perfect match.




Bow kite NTS Single Inflation



AIR XD , THE COMPETITION / FREESTYLE KITE More turning ability and Xtra depower on demand for the new AirXD! Ideal for competition & freestyle Sizes: 8-10-12-14-16m² Equipped with the new XDbar which increases the Air’s turning ability and offers more autonomy, this kite is going to be the ‘high-performance’ kite of the year. The new XDbar winder allows to transfer traction from the lines straight on the bar and to increase turning ability. The AIR kite features faster turning ! Also this new winder offers 2 bar sizes in 1: 47 or 55cm. Regarding the kite size you ride switch from 47 to 55cm easily. The new Xtra depower allows to depower the kite while you are riding, by pushing the bar into the ball. This simple and clean system activates the fifth line and returns naturally to its initial point. The bar feeling remains the same and the Air wind range becomes wider. Thanks to its innovative profile, the AIR equipped with the new XD bar is bringing solutions to modern freestyle. Kite loops, unhooked riding; the program is clear: all radical moves are now within your reach! Light in bar, stable and manoeuvrable, that is the new school kite. No worries, the hang-time addicted will still be happy with its power capabilities. Package : comes complete with -xd bar (25 m lines), -ergonomical kitebag ; -aluminium pump, -5th line system, -user guide, -handle pass leash. -Single inflation


��� ���




Takoon XDbar.

Xtra depower on demand and more turning ability for the Air ! 2 bar sizes in 1

Control system -Adjustment strap. Pull on the black strap to reduce the power of the kite and pull on the red strap for more power. The strap is easy to handle. -New Xtra depower system. Allows to activate the fifth line while riding to reduce the power of the kite. Returns naturally to its initial point. -Removable security pin. -Quick release, AFNOR certified. -Leash Connection point to the fifth line. -Foam protection. -Cousins’ Ultimate flying lines. Ready to use.


-3D Grip for more comfort and precision. -Colour coded grip. Red on left and grey on right. -Carbon centre hole to minimise friction and increase turning ability. The bar is light. -New bar winder. Allows to transfer traction from the lines on the bar and to increase the turning ability. 2 bar sizes in 1 : 47 or 55cm. Roll your lines easily. -Rubber band to block the lines once rolled. Supplied with a bar bag.


KOOL KITE Stability and performance for your first steps in kite surfing. Those kites are suitable to teaching, they have convertible 4/2 lines. More & more kite centers have adopted this kite. Stable and predictable, the KOOL will allow goodprogress in a safe environment. Small sizes (< 9.5) are reinforced for moredurability.

Available surfaces : 7.5 – 9.5 – 12m²

TRAINING KITE Kool Star, the training kite

Surface: 1.8 m² Delivered with a 2 lines bar (20 m lines)




KARMA. RIDE WITH STYLE The Karma design is totally different from the «traditional» boards! It excels in two programs: wave riding and freestyle. The round progressive rails and the specs are just perfect for the surf. On the other side, the hull shape and the flex offer great freestyle performances. The whole shape is in 3 D with volume zones, grab zones and good flex control. This Hervé Bouré board has lost a few mm in thickness for better edge and gains in flexibility for softer landings. From the first tack, the Karma surprises by its exceptional glide and its fast accelerations. It slices water, remains very stable and comfortable in mushy conditions and pushes you to hit the lip. Thanks to its round rails, manoeuvrability is really good. An efficient wave riding board!On the freestyle side, the new Karma offers more reactivity. Less rigid and lighter, it becamecatchy in freestyle and landings are easier. Construction is completely remodelled; the PVC core is reinforced under the heels and the back rail to guarantee the most extreme receptions. The ABS cap offers maximum pop for freestyle addicts.Intended for good riders, an intermediate will like the glide and will be able to progress in freestyle. Ideal for versatile riders who ride on spots where the waves are not always here. 2 sizes : 128*38. Surf tendency and strong wing for expert. (Weight :2kg320) 128*40. Wakestyle tendency and lighter wind.(Weight :2kg 430 ) Package: ergonomic pads, gold fish straps, 4 x G 10 fins and a grab handle. WWW.TAKOON.COM


SUTRA- Ride on the Edge.

The Sutra is a high performance board for riders who like to be at their limits. It is aimed at radical riders looking for an edgy board.

Its thin ABS and square rails makes it the perfect complement to Karma boards. Sutra’s gliding is excellent even in choppy condition. It starts early and gliding is exceptional. Always under control, it makes you feel confident from the very first rides. Fluid, balanced, its agressivness comes along with comfort…. Edging for jumps are precise, the board gives a really control feeling.Landings are soft and easy. Its scoop evolution gives the Sutra more fluidity . Technical emphasis has been put on the core construction to offer an excellent weight/solidity ratio.The 3D asymmetrical shape makes it possible to distribute an optimized flex control.Heel side is more rigid than toe side, changing flex depending on the board’s position. So better pop for tricks and maximum control during bottom turn! Note some reinforcements under heels to increase the resistance of the board.

Available in 4 sizes, you’ll find yours!

126x 38cm Weight:


// 129 X 38 cm // Weight: 2kg230

129 X40 cm Weight: 2kg320


132 x 40 cm

Weight: 2kg480

Board delivered complete with : - Anatomic pads, anatomic adjustable footstraps, grab handle , 4 x G10 fins.

Burning 5.1.

Only a surfer knows the feeling, ideal for European conditions. If you dream of a surfers ride, Takoon now offers you a new, truly surf oriented board to fill that dream. The target was to createa board that allows easy riding in all conditions. The Burning provides excellent glide while riding flat and its boxy rails give a soft feel through the turns while providing sufficient grip to hit them at full speed. Pulling long or fast reentries are no problem and always done under full control. Riding the waves now becomes easy with the Burning 5.1! Acceleration is there when needed meaning there is no problem getting out the back and pulling airs is easy when the time is right thanks to ample volume. Staying to windward is a cinch, just power up the tri-fins through your back legs and the board holds without issue, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting back up wind after a nice long, down the line wave ride. Its compact shape and carefully calculated volume distribution allow easy and stable jibes. Light and easy to handle, the Burning 5.1 reacts really quickly to foot pressure, keeping you in complete control through all the moves. This fast board will bring you back to the line up in a second and you’ll be ripping in the typically imperfect European conditions it’s designed to ride in. It’ll have you full of confidence and ready to ride in almost any wave conditions.

Rider category: intermediate to advanced Size: 156,6x42,5cm / Weigh: 3.5kg /Bottom Shape: progressive concave. Rails: inversed and flat at the back /Tail: Swallow tail. Fin Set-up: Tri-Fin with Fin-Loc detachable fin system.



KICK board- Ride for life!

The Kick is designed for kitesurfers who are looking for an efficient and low price board. It is an evolution of the Vegas with an ABS construction. With a bit more scoop and thinner rails, it becomes more comfortable in strong wind.The new Kick is an ultra versatile board with an excellent glide allowing you to play in all conditions. Whatever the conditions are, the board adapts to them keeping fast acceleration and control under the feet. Jumps are easier thanks to a great pop without overtax, the board edges well. This is the perfect board to give a good kick to your progression, without having to change the board after 6 months.Large enough, you’ll get planing quickly. The Kick is an easy board that suits beginners to expert riders. Its performances are great and the board covers a huge range of conditions. Available in 2 sizes : 128*38cm : for intermediate to expert kitesurfers.Weight fully equipped:3,1 kg 138*39cm : for beginners to intermediate riders, or heavy guys. Weight fully equipped:3,2kg

Board delivered complete with : - ergonomically adjustable straps, anatomic 3D pads, grab handle and G10 fins!


KOOL BOARD 151 This twin tip is ideal for easy riding and has very evolutionary equipment. The Kool 151 is accessible and forgiving but still high performance. Max your fun whatever the conditions! The glass/wood dynaflex construction allows a report price / quality very interesting. Standard package: staps, pads, grab handle, leash, and 4 fins. 151cm/37, 4cm/2,9Kg

KOOL CONVERTIBLE 185 The favourite board of kite-centers, the Kool 185 convertible is the ideal board to start kiteboarding.It has an incredible stability and will enable you to step up on a board in a few hours time.And you can use it both in a directional or twin tip set-up, all you need is to switch the foot strap and fin positions.The non-skid foam covering the whole deck gives remarkable ride comfort and is very forgiving. Strong construction, Duraclear hull, 3 straps, leash, 4 fins. 185cm/57cm. 4, 7 kg/29 liters.

FISH 5’10’’ The fish 5’10’’ is ideal for kite schools. Its width and volume gives it all the stability and buoyancy of a bigger board. Its ease of use allows the rider to forget about their board and completely focus on their kite, providing a great allround kiting experience right from the start. Length: 5’10’’Max. // Width :20’’1/2 Max. Thickness : 2’’5/8 // Construction: ACS

BOARD RACK Allows 8 boards.





New- THE PUMP. Comfort and maximum ergonomics. Protects your back. Takoon innovates with an inflatable harness. This is the result of our close technical partnership with top- riders. Niccolo Porcella broke his back on a huge kiteloop few years ago and did not find any suitable harness since then. Why go for a stiff thermoformed harness while everyone has a unique back shape? Our answer is an Air-pumped harness that fits perfectly the shape of your back, once pumped-up. No more pain, all shocks absorbed and better buoyancy! Why ask for more ?

The Waist Pump is available in sizes M and L.



WAIST HARNESS Our harness is now one of its bread in ergonomics. Many riders already adopted the «spreader tunnel bar» system. The bar is completely integrated into the harness and eliminates any risk of breath-holding in case of shock. The harness is designed in one single- piece, so nothing can cling into it (lines for ex). The 2007 model gets new reinforcements at critical areas, especially on the handle pass leash attachment point. New trashy style ! > Exclusive patented Takoon’s «Spreader bar tunnel». > Full neoprene on the skin side for better comfort. > 600D fabric on the outside. >Flat handle on back. > New exclusive shape for a perfect spread of load on back. > Belt with double elastic adjustment. > New reinforcements at the critical points. > Available sizes : S, M, L

LOW CUT HARNESS New look for the low back harness that gets a new shape and new points of reinforcements. > Exclusive patented Takoon’s «Spreader bar tunnel». > 600D fabric on the outside. > New exclusive shape for a perfect spread of load on back. >Flat handle in the back. > New reinforcements on sensitive points. > Available sizes : S, M, L

IMPACT VEST >Fits onto waist harnesses or low cut harnesses. >Prevents your ribs from being hurt. >Reflective webbing for night sessions. >3D mesh material super shock absorber. >Note: this is not a life vest jacket > Available sizes : M, L

HELMET >Wakeboard style >Ears are left uncovered to feel gusts coming in and keep good balance. >Adjustment straps. >High density quality. >European standard. > Available sizes : M, L

TRAVEL BAG AND TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 145 BOARDBAG with wheels [Ref: 31203] > High quality wheels set in a rigid hull. > 10mm closed cell foam, double layer at extremities. > Heavy duty outer material 600D. > Aluminium heat protector inside material. > Internal and external compression straps. > Corrosion resistant zippers. > Internal pocket for wallet and keys. > ‘’Fragile handle with care’’ logo on bag. > Internal padded dividers. > Padded shoulder strap. > Padded handles.

145 BOARDBAG SHOULDER STRAP [Ref: 31204] > 10mm closed cell foam, double layer at extremities. > Heavy duty outer material 600D. > Aluminium heat protector inside material. > Internal and external compression straps. > Corrosion resistant zippers. > Internal pocket for wallet and keys. > ‘’Fragile handle with care’’ logo on bag. > Internal padded dividers. > Padded shoulder strap. > Padded handles.

TRAVEL BAG [Ref:31174]


>30 Liters capacity. >Front and side zip pocket. >’’wet stuff’’ water proof pocket. >Abrasion resistant bottom. >Telescopic handle.

>High quality material. >Comes empty.


CD PACK [Ref:30792]

>Laptop pocket inside with over lap of pad. >Padding on bottom to protect your gear. >Side straps to flatten your bag when needed. >Bottle pocket on side & front pocket for pens and cards.

>High quality material. >20 CD pack.

TOOL KIT [Ref:31173]

CAR SEAT COVER [Ref:31051]

>Buckle to attach it anywhere. >Pockets for all fins and screw.

> High quality 600D material. > Water repellent material that protects your car seat... > Fits most front car seats. >Warning, do not use if you have lateral airbag.



SPARES DEPOWER LINE NOVA [Ref:31339] >Depower line and 2 black balls. Fit NTS, Nova2 and eNova.

DEPOWER KIT NOVA - NTS [Ref:31314] The NTS system : 100 % adjustable system for FULL de-power. -An adjustable stopper ball sliding along the de-power rope. to set upyour own de-power zone. -A new clam-cleat trimming system to adjust power. >fit only on nova 1.

SAFETY LEASH [Ref:31251] >Fit on waist harness and low back harness. >Quick release in case of danger. Fit the following kites: Nova1, Nova2, eNova, Air XDbar.

SECURITY PIN [Ref:31365] Fit on Nova2 chicken loop and NTS.

PUMP ALUMINIUM [Ref:31098] > Longer body so it doesn’t hurt the back. > Leash for the kite when inflating kite on one’s own. > 2 x 2000 cm3 volume.

TK ANATOMIC STRAPS «FUR» [Ref:31087] Fit on all twin tip boards.

BOARD LEASH [Ref:31254] >Length : 160-200cm. Fit on all boards.

REPAIR KIT [Ref:31250] > Autoadhesive patches for bladders. > Mark cloth. > Glue for bladders. > Piece of PU.


> ‘’TK’’ sticker to chill. > Set of connectors. >Sample of spi fabric. / heavy fabric / 1,5 m each color.

WATER WEAR LYCRA >High quality material UV protector. > 2colors: burgundy, royal blue. >available short sleeves / sizes :S/M >available long sleeves / sizes : S

HYDROTEX > High quality hydrotex cloth. > 2colors: burgundy, royal blue. >available sleeveless / sizes :S/M/L >available short sleeves / sizes : S/M >available long sleeves / sizes : S/M

MARKETING ITEMS FLEX FIT CAP [Ref:31310] > High quality cap. > Flex fit patented fits most heads. > Original design to chill out of the water. > Available black/white/yellow logo.

T-SHIRT > 190g tee shirt. > Available black with white logo. > Sizes:

2007 TK POSTER [Ref:92165] >Action picture for your room, 2007 Takoon products line on back.

2007 CATALOG [Ref:TBC] >28 pages catalog.

[Ref:92071] -L [Ref:91430] -XL [Ref:92070] -M

TK FLAG [Ref:92056] >Delivered with pole flag.

TK BANNER [Ref:92055] >Delivered with pole flag.


STICKERS TAKOON >50cm [Ref:92058] >15 cm [Ref:92059] > small [Ref:92060]


TAKOON – BIC sport development office 95 rue le Rajol ZC de Fréjorques Est 34 130 MAUGUIO Tél : + 33 (4) 67 99 01 84 Nicolas Caillou Product R&D Manager

Stanislas Bresson Marketing Manager Françoise Lelamer Export Sales Manager Tél : + 33 (2) 97 43 75 26 franç

Michel Quistinic Bic Sport Brand Manager Tél + 33 ( 2) 97 43 75 00





Catálogo Takoon 2007  

Catálogo 2007 de material de kitesurf de la marca Takoon Kite company