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“3 Day Trial” Alan Kitching International Global Expansion Team

“3 Day Trial - Why & How” • •

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It was conceived by someone who struggled to make any sales, now she converts 9 out of 10 trials! Everyone can afford £5 to do the trial. Allows potential clients to “try before you buy”. 1. They like the taste of the shake. 2. They have not been hungry. 3. They have more energy. Everyone gets results in 3 days & they don’t want to stop. Overcomes price objection once they have felt the difference. Enables Referral Marketing like nothing before.


“3 Day Trial - Why &How” Use ALL methods of advertising to offer the “3 Day Trial” • If they are local book your appointments to suit you 30 minutes at a time. • Use the tracking sheet on the Training Site. (

• Carry out a short Wellness Evaluation gathering their details. • Make them a WOW shake and a thermo (they must enjoy both) • Book their return appointment for 3 days time . • Take payment, issue covering letter and trial pack (details on training site) • Stick to the 30 minutes and bring in your next appointment. 3


Under “Tools for the Job” Training Site


What isin TheTrial Packs • We are charging £5 to cover some of your costs not all, anything we have every done in the past that is “Free” had no perceived value and little or no results. (We charge £6.50 if it is to be posted to a client) • Bags — for the shakes we use 4”x5.5” and for the tablets and the tea we use 2.25” x 3” to order yours visit the training site—Tools for the Job/Sample Bags Button. Around £4 for 100 of each size including delivery. • Content of the Trial Packs: • 6 x Bags of shake (2 level scoops per bag) - we are only offering Vanilla. Chocolate or Strawberry. • 9 x Formula 2 Tablets • 1 1/2 Teaspoons of Original Thermojetic tea (1/4 teaspoon per cup give 6 servings) • 6

Day 1 – FOLLOW UP! • You must follow up with each client on a trial just as you would a normal customer. – How did you make your shake this morning? – How did you sleep last night? – How is your energy levels? – Have you been feeling hungry? You know what the answer will be to these questions, but they might not be aware of how they feel until you bring it to their attention. Ask them “any questions”? “No, then just to remind you your appointment with me is ---”--- date and time, look forward to seeing you then”. 7

End of “3 Day Trial” Appointment • Ask them how they have been feeling , energy levels etc. • Re-asses them, weight , body fat , measurements. • Discuss their amazing results, which flavour shake did they like best? • Show the programmes sheet which would they like Fast, Faster or Fastest? • Take payment and issue programme.


Talk About Referrals! “as you have had such a great result I would like to offer you some vouchers that you can offer to 5 of your serious friends that might want to take the 3 day trial. If they then go on to order a programme from me you will receive a discount voucher of your next products and so will they. If all 5 go on to buy a programme of £75 or over you would receive a voucher for £50 off your next order”! 9

How to Build Supervisor Clusters


Because this is an exciting concept for people they are happy to give referrals, so here you have 25 clients (100vp +2,500vp) from one customer that you started with. If you asked the Big circles how would you like your products for free, how many would say yes? How many of these would like to make an extra ÂŁ1500 in their spare time doing just this? 10

Postersand Flyers 11

Rapid Business Growth • It takes a new person around 30 days to build up 20 new customers this way. • 2 Months to Supervisor! £1500/ month profit! Number in your team 4 = Active World Team ( £2k/month) 8 = Global Expansion Team (£3k+/month) 32 = Millionaire Team (£10k+/month) 80 = Presidents Team (£20K+/month)


This is a DMO • The 3 day trial is simply a Daily Method of Operation (D.M.O.) • This fits into Room A and C of the House Plan. • Still Work the House Plan. • Fill out Your House Tracker Every month and Teach Your Team to do the same!


Next Meeting Building Your BusinessDay Gaydon, Warwickshire 14 July NOT TO BE MISSED! 14

3 Day trial  

All about Herbalife's 3 day trials to help people get a reuslt in just 3 days

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