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10 Ways to LOVE What You See in the Mirror Kristi Hyllen, CNC CHHC AADP

10 Ways to LOVE What You See in the Mirror Drink Water I know you’ve heard it many times ~ Drink more water! But seriously, if you want to love what you see in the mirror and heal your digestion then you must drink more water. Water hydrates your cells keeping them plump and moist which means your skin stays plump and moist. Water helps aid in digestion, flushes toxins from your intestines, and can help relieve constipation. It won’t take long before you begin noticing a difference inside and outside.

Hot Towel Scrub What in the world is a hot towel scrub you ask? Well it is a luxurious way to give yourself a nice pampering. Get yourself a good washcloth, nothing from the dollar store sister, something plush and soft in your favorite color. Now get naked. Run that washcloth through hot water, as hot as you can stand it. Ring it out and then softly and slowly rub that washcloth over one part of your body; let’s start with your left arm. Love up that arm! Now run the washcloth through the hot water again, ring it out and begin again with the right arm! Continue loving up each part of your body until your whole body feels sparkly refreshed! The hot towel scrub is a fabulous way to develop a profound and loving relationship with your body.

Fish Oil Supplement We’ve all heard the noise around getting enough Omega’s in our diets and since most of us do not eat fish on a regular basis, taking a supplement has some major benefits to not only your health but to loving what you see in the mirror. The Omega 3’s are champions of glowing skin, strong nails and luxurious hair. And girl you DESERVE a good hair day! In addition to fabulous hair, fish oil has been known to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, which is good for those of us who suffer from pain and bloat! Two of my favorite brands are Barlean’s and Nordic Naturals.

Get Plenty of Sleep Oh boy, how’s your sleep? Are you getting enough? Sleep is a major factor in being able to feel good and look good. When we don’t have enough sleep, our bodies shift into carbohydrate craving mode. We suddenly find ourselves woofing down sugary foods and in-line at Starbucks for an Iced Caramel Macchiato. Being sleep deprived causes us to overeat, put on the pounds, and not love what we see in the mirror. And woofing down on sugary- carbs wreaks some serious havoc in our intestines. So get some sleep!

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10 Ways to LOVE What You See in the Mirror

Use a Luscious Lotion Your drinking water, loving yourself up with the washcloth and taking your supplement, so go the extra mile and give your skin a little lotion love. All lotions are most definitely not made the same, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay out the nose for an excellent lotion. Many lotions are made with chemicals that just dry you out, so choose one that is organic with ingredients you can pronounce! Two of my favorites are Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Lotion and Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey Lotion, both of which can be found at Target.

Watch a Johnny Depp Movie What in the world does Johnny Depp have to do with loving yourself in the mirror? Well don’t you always feel better when you watch a Johnny Depp movie? Enough said!

Get a Massage Monthly. Put it into your budget. Don’t let anything take away from your massage budget. I don’t care if the kids are starving and the PG&E has been shut off. Okay no seriously, pay your bills and feed your children, BUT when you commit to making time for you and it is sacred, the universe WILL guarantee you have the means to follow through. Massage is known to be very helpful in reliving the pain and discomfort of digestive problems, though before getting that massage, talk to your therapists as certain digestive disorders must be in remission.

Eat Avocado Chocolate Pudding #1 Avocado is a good fat that nourishes your body, skin, hair, and digestive tract. #2 Chocolate is a gift from the Goddess and releases those happy endorphins in your brain. Put the two together and I swear you’ll hear the angels sing! You can get my recipe for this delightful treat by visiting

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10 Ways to LOVE What You See in the Mirror

Have More Sex OMG! Did she just say the S-word! Yes I did ladies. Sex is directly connected to your creativity which lies in your sacral chakra, the home of your large intestines. When you’re being loved up, you exude a radiant glow that makes people need to put on their sunglasses just to look at you. And when they look at you they want what you have! And when you look in the mirror, you’ll be astonished! If you’re single that doesn’t mean your sexuality doesn’t exist ~ find ways to bring a little more pleasure into your life that is comfortable for you!

Drink a Green Smoothie Drink a green what? One of the best ways to take good care of you is to drink the now famous Green Smoothie. You may have heard your peeps on Facebook talking about this. Get your blender, 4 leaves of a leafy green (kale, collards, spinach are good choices) a banana, 12 strawberries, and 1 cup water. Place it all in the blender and blend away! The greens in the smoothie are a gentle detox for the body, helping your cells to release toxins which keep your skin clear and healthy. Want another recipe for a Green Smoothie created especially for digestion? Just click here

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10 Ways to LOVE What You See in the Mirror  

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