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In recent years, there has been a surge of automated products designed to make our busy lives easier. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no surprise that a whole range of gadgets and advances in home technology revolve around the things we enjoy most — cooking, eating and spending time with family and friends. One of the most popular innovations has been the boiling tap. With a supply of water simmering just under boiling point instantly available, making a hot drink is so simple. The use is not confined to hot drinks – sterilising babies’ bottles, filling saucepans, rinsing pasta, skinning tomatoes and topping up your flask just became easier with boiling water on tap. Another innovation is the entertainment tap, which can be set in a worktop or an island. Choose boiling, chilled, sparkling or ambient water at the push of a button. Both options save water and energy, as there is no need to run a hot tap or bring water to the boil – it’s efficiency with style!

I love the versatility of the 4 in 1 Pronteau tap from Abode, with its boiling and filtered drinking water

– Hélène, Kitchensmiths designer

Coffee machines look great built into a tall unit, while warming drawers can not only heat your cups, plates and bowls, but can also be used for keeping food warm and even for slow or low-temperature cooking. Waste disposal units are a convenient way to deal with your organic kitchen refuse. There are no more grim compost bins to clean out – and remember, the final product still ends up making fertiliser. For technology buffs, why not introduce a pull-up socket, even with USB ports? These work great on an island, just where you need more power sockets, as well as offering the ability to charge your tablet or laptop. When it comes to phone charging, a clever solution is offered by DuPont – a wireless phone charger seamlessly built into a Corian work surface. A resonant charge sends energy through the worktop surface, enabling the user simply to place their phone on the worktop ‘hotspot’ to power it up. That’s one advance in kitchen technology which is a great call.

We all love gadgets From boiling taps to wireless chargers built into work surfaces, there is a host of clever products designed to make life easier - and just a bit more fun.

Picture: Keith Heppell

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The one thing everyone wants from their kitchen is to make the most of the available space they have, be it large or small, so storage solutions in the furniture are so important. There’s a balance between using every inch of space and making it accessible – and the Le Mans corner unit seems to have made that awkward corner one of the most favoured units in any kitchen. With its wide door and pivoting supports, the Le Mans trays bring everything out of the cupboard. Pull-out larders, swing-out pantries and a tall series of internal deep drawers are great options for food storage, while the crockery pegboard is a must for any dinner service. Pull-out bins in a dedicated unit have got recycling just where we want it – hidden and contained. But in a Kitchensmiths’ kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

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Kitchensmiths - Celebrating 25 Years  

All the ingredients you need for a perfect kitchen!

Kitchensmiths - Celebrating 25 Years  

All the ingredients you need for a perfect kitchen!