Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms - July 2008

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You'd be hard pressed to find anything glossier than this sleek Rational Neos design by Kitchensmiths, with its black glass doors and lacquer panelling enhanced by polished stainless steel plinths and recessed handles. Family-size appliances and a large island easily cope with a crowd, while a Blanco Maple stone breakfast bar provides contrast to the mix of Star Galaxy and Nero Assoluto granites that form the worktops and floor.

Kitchensmiths,4 Station Road, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9LQ. Tel: 01 223 236456. www. Expect to pay from 120,000. below ln order to maintain a streamlined look, the extractor hood has been housed between

right A large flat-screen TV ensures that whether cooking or dining, the family can catch up on the

two shallow, fold-up units inset with task spots.

latest news, favourite soaps or sports matches.


s an interior designer, Martin Smiths


of Kitchensmiths has dealt with manv an


unusual request overthe years. Howeve

even he admits that being asked to incorporate a specially-made dog bed into a kitchen plan was

a little out of the ordinary," l was rather sceptical a

first, but

it actually

turned out rather well," he laugl

Martin began by designing a large island as i""


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the central working space, with a roomy area

below for the owners' Labradors, Max and Millie to snoozein. Panelled in black to match the rest of the kitchen, it is padded with a rug-covered cushion and made extra cosy by the under-floor heating. "The dogs will really love it in there: they can relax in comfort while still being able to see everything that's going on," explains Martin.

With Max and Millie's needs sketched out on his pad, Martin turned his attention to the rest o1 the room. "My clients wanted a kitchen with thal

'wow' factor, " he says. So, they opted for the glass Neos cabinetry, which has a sleek finish, then united it with white walls and touches of ste



above The practical wet zone has a stainless steel dish drainer that works as an ideal spot to place fruit and vegetables post-rinsing.

below Two ovens effortlessly cate r f or various culinary requests; must-have items for every busy home that's frequently used for entertaining.

below left The kitchen leads through to a fitted utility room that can be used for organising and hiding away laundry and bulky cleaning products. : - :'-r a large room with that wonderful vaulted -; 3irrd has plenty of natural light, so it simply




rks dark," adds Martin. Along with the

-:'-: frorn the roof, windows and wall-to-wall =;

3oors that lead to the beautiful garden, also contains a mood lighting system.

- .:iren

-:"ent rnodes and

a run of small LED's set -= floor create extra sparkle in the evenings. .


:'-- n's clients, a sociable family with teenage -: ='- , r,vanted plenty of space for entertaining, .'

= as for preparing

meals. The island features

.=:; Blanco Maple composite stone breakfast


rne end, designed to contrast with the "lt's an ideal spot to grab -:,2 axy granite. .- :'coffee or to watch the televiston on the

- s :e wall," says Martin. The high drawer line , - :; the island adds another contemporary

- :'rcl even lower stainless steel plinths - :rking sections - neatly housing everyday



e. "lt

means that there's lots of nice-looking

- -;= sllace in this kitchen that functions as a ^,-.'J rrr ^nn' uaoV-to-use areafor all," he adds, - . -:. crr


In keeping with his clients' love of cooking for

To streamline the furniture, the extractor is built

a crowd, Martin included two single ovens, a

into a run of cabinets above the hob. "When closed,

steam oven, a lnicrowave, and a wide induction

it looks like a

hob in his plans. There's also a big fridge freezer, with an ice maker and cold water on tap, plus an integrated coffee machine and three warming drawers. Two handy, side-by-side dishwashers, built SOcm above floor level, are a super-practical

says Maftin. To match the walls, the cooking zone

addition. "More and more of my clients are asking

continuous line of sleek black glass,

is finished with a


white glass splashback, Marlin

then applied similar attention to detail for the

eating area, installing a wall cabinet and shelving. "lt has a slightly different feel to the rest of the

clean dishes, the other, dirly ones, so you can

room, but there's still a connection," he explains. Martin concludes, "lt's the most contemporary kitchen I've produced to date. And yes, I think

easily swap from one to the other," explains Martin.

the owners do like it as much as their doqsl"

above Max takes a break in his new, tailor-made bed. Set above the under-floor heating, it's a

above A plinth has been fully utilised for holding crockery. With clever, soft-close technology, the

cosy retreat in which to watch the world go by.

drawers prevent any slamming and breakages.

for two dishwashers, One can be used to store

above Easy access to the enchanting garden beyond makes summer soirees an extra pleasure

left Whether catching up over coffee, enjoying a relaxed brunch or watching the chef in action, all can be done in comfort at the breakfast bar.


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above The monochrome theme is taken right through to the accessories; essential finishing touches when aiming for a smart, designer look.

below Wooden decking and red brick walls frame the space and bring warmth to the super-sleek,

contemporary scheme within the extension.

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. -a- fridge

freezer,17000, at GaggenaLr lB70 125 4500.

-- -<ATSS ovens. 11 61 O each: DG2661 SS ^.r oven l1O3O. CVA2660SS coffee machine,


'iltu#,5. ffi:

Fixtures & fu rn ish inlgs KubLrs uncjer r-t'rourrttr^; :ci sinng;le bowl sink ancl drainer, 'ronr ar<our rundler1520. at Franke, Tel: 01 61 43( i 6280. WWWu.lf ran u k

. " :ie Tel: 01 235 554455.


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AT'1 1 39, Meciia nrixer tap, around e399, at Abode. Tel : 01 226 283434.

Star Galaxy granite and Blanco Maple cornposite stone worktops, around e5298; Carnee glass spf ashback, around t671; Nero Assoluto granite floortiles, 197 per sq. m.; Meyer Blueswinger chairs, e355 each; Meyer Blueswinger stools, [296 each; Meyer Wieland table, fronr 12428, at Kitchensmiths. See kitchen profile for details.

GLrirlancle chandelier, from ?420, at Leigh Lighting, Tel: 01 702 588283.

Candy task lamp, from around 170, at Johrr Lewis. Tel: 0845 604 9049.



L'/-+060 warming drawers, l3BB each. --= - -iLrctiorr hob, C1 750, G2570SCV| integrated ,', ashers il 000 eacl-r; MB1 61 microwave,