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The Official Kitchen G ddess Magazine Summer 2013 | issue 05

“My earliest food memory is of new potatoes.....” Rosemary Shrager

House Envy with Nicola Wilkes

Outdoor Dining

with Kitchen Goddess Introducing

A taste of the British Isles

Sensationally Seasonal Strawberry Recipes The Pure Talent, Jenny Irvine




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Letter from Editor Welcome to the sum

mer issue of kg, the Of

Cathryn Dresser


ficial Kitchen Goddess Magazine! The sun seems to be shining down on Britai n at the moment with from all quarters, a Bri good news coming tish Wimbledon Win, a British Tour de Franc importantly the birth e Win and most of a British Royal Baby Prince. Massive cong ratulations to all, in particular the new roy al mum and dad, Kate & Will. The sun definitely see ms to bring the best out in people and als food. Everything see o the best out in ms tastier, sweeter an d juicer in the sum have focused on som mer sunshine. We e red seasonal fruits this month succulen beetroot and sweet ch t strawberries, juicy erries. White Chocola te and Cherry Cheesec ake and our cover Strawberry Tart recipe s are summer must ba kes! We have also interv iewed 3 fabulous an d inspirational wome Irvine, Nicola Wilkes n this month, Jenny and the one and only Rosemary Shrager. We to highlight the work feel very privledged of some truly amazing and determined female It is so difficult to suc entrepreneurs. ceed in running your own business in the cu rre nt economy let alone do it as a woma n! Another fabulous kit chen goddess is our baking columnist Ca despite been immerse thryn Dresser who d in the writing of he r first cookery book create a wonderful sum took the time out to mer recipe, Black Fo rest Meringue Sandwi ches, oozing with cherryness! Enjoy your summer an

d your Kitchen Godd

ess fix....

Until next time..... Catriona x



A Taste of The British Isles... Isle of Thanet page 28



Jenny Irvine From humble beginnings within her own kitchen, Jennifer Irvine has successfully developed a unique concept into a multi million pound celebrity loved and endorsed business. At only 37, this mumpreneur has revolutionised dieting and has helped thousands of people to reach their personal health goals despite hectic lifestyles. Not only is Jennifer a successful businesswoman, she is also a busy mum to 3 little girls, an author and does a great deal of work with charities. Jennifer’s love of the environment is clear to be seen within her business, and her strong code of ethics has not been compromised for profits. The Pure Package really is ‘convenience with a conscience’ and founded by one very inspirational woman...... What experiences in your childhood inspired your career in the food industry? My love of food started from an early age, helped by growing up on a self-sufficient farm in West Cork, Ireland where my parents still make Milleens cheese. As a young, budding entrepreneur, I used to collect eggs from the hens on our farm and sell them to local restaurants and markets. As a child, the dinner table was the centre of our family life. It was the hub of good food and loud conversation! We always knew that our food was fresh and came from either our farm or the neighbouring farms. As I grew up, I learned to value the taste and goodness of locally produced food. Can you tell us how you started The Pure Package and what obstacles did you have to overcome? I love food! As a busy mum of three, I realise how challenging it is to balance a working life with a home life whilst still looking good! It’s hard to find tasty, convenient food that is also good for you. So, I started The Pure Package as a one woman band, in my very own kitchen! We are now the biggest players in the field, with a multi-million pound turn over. I pride myself on being the first company of its kind and a bench mark for others to follow. Initially, the biggest obstacle to overcome was swimming in new territory that nobody had explored before. But this made it all the more exciting! Do you have any advice or tips to other

“I started The Pure Package as a one woman band, in my very own kitchen! We are now the biggest players in the field.” women who would like to follow in your footsteps and set up their own business? It’s important to be original! You need to find your unique selling point and launch a product that you would want for yourself, whilst understanding your target audience. Obstacles come along in every business, so it is important that you do something you absolutely love! What motivated you to write the book The Pure Package: The Diet for Food Lovers? I just love cooking up new ideas and creating new recipes! I wanted to share some of my favourites with other people. I had people begging me to write the book for years! I couldn’t keep telling people that they weren’t allowed to know the secrets behind my chocolate mouse recipe, and so the cook book unveiled. 07

How do you balance motherhood with running a successful business? I am incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic, passionate and motivated team! But I also have the ability to survive on very little sleep! Can you tell us your most memorable moment in the running The Pure Package so far? I have many great moments to look back on, but two in particular spring to mind! Winning the Harpers Bazaar Entrepreneurial award was a completely unexpected but very proud moment! I was also asked to go to 10 Downing Street to advise government, which was surreal. Do you have a favourite meal you like to cook for your family? Nothing beats family time spent gathered around our kitchen table. I love spending Sundays cooking a roast, topped with all the trimmings. My girls can’t get enough of my famous roast chicken! What’s next on the menu for you? After spending the last 10 years running The Pure Package, we’ve recently launched our little sister company, Balance Box. Balance Box is the fresh way to lose weight, and we deliver nationwide! www.balancebox. com . We are super excited that more people will be able to enjoy our delicious food designed to make you feel healthier, achieve weight loss and save you time. chefs we love

Stewed Plum Yoghurt

Stewed Plum Yoghurt This Yoghurt is an amazing pink and with three young daughters, it is a huge hit in our house! Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian. Serves: makes 4 | preperation time: 5 minutes | cooking time: 15 minutes 500g plums, halved and stoned 2-3 tablespoons grape juice ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon 50ml water 50ml greek yoghurt 250ml low-fat live natural yoghurt

1. Place the plums in a small pan with the grape juice, cinnamon and water. Bring to the boil, cover and cook over a low heat for 10-15 minutes until soft. Drain and mash the plums. 2. Mix the greek yoghurt and natural yoghurt together and stir in the plums. To serve: Portion out individually according to the rule of palm.

Chefs Tip: Plums contain amino acid tryptophan which apparently the body uses to produce serotonin, a mood enhancer. (So not only does this yoghurt look great, it may also make you feel great!) Recipe taken from The Diet for Food Lovers by Jennifer Irvine Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Apple & Blackberry Porridge No longer shall porridge have a reputation of being like wallpaper paste! Jazzed up with blackberries it’s transformed into a lovely flavourful breakfast. The protein from the milk combined with the complex carbs in oats will make you feel fuller for longer. Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian. Serves: makes 6 | preperation time: 5 minutes | cooking time: 10 minutes 160g jumbo porridge oats 400ml whole milk 400ml water 3 large apples, cored and cut into bite size pieces ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 100g blackberries

1. Put the porridge oats, milk, water, apple and cinnamon in a non-stick pan over a medium heat. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 4-5 minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon, until the oats are tender and creamy. 2. Stir half of the blackberries through the porridge and remove from the heat. To serve: Spoon the porridge into warmed serving bowls and scatter over the remaining blackberries.


Chefs Tip: It’s worth investing in a good heavy based, non-stick pan if you’re going to be a regular porridge chef, as washing up anything other than non stick is tedious with porridge stuck to it! Recipe taken from The Diet for Food Lovers by Jennifer Irvine Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

chefs we love

Apple & Blackberry Porridge

Spiced Roasted Cherry Tomato & Coconut Prawns

Spiced Roasted Cherry Tomato & Coconut Prawns So simple & quick to make, the texture combination of wild rice, basmati rice, crunchy corn and the flavours in the sauce surprises the palate. Serve in big, pasta type bowls so all the saucey juice drips down into the rice. Delicious! Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian. Serves: 4 | preperation time: 15 minutes | cooking time: 35 minutes 1. Preheat oven to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas Mark 120g brown basmati rice 6. 60g wild rice (fast cook if possible) 2 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped 360g cherry tomatoes 320g baby corn 1 tablespoon groundnut oil 2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped 2.5cm piece root ginger, peeled and finely chopped 1 teaspoon cumin seeds ½ teaspoon ground turmeric ½ green chilli, de-seeded and finely chopped 240ml coconut milk 360g tiger prawns, shelled and defrosted 600g broccoli, cut into small florets

2. Cook the basmati and wild rice in separate pans of boiling water according to packet instructions (approximately 15 minutes) until tender. Drain and allow to cool slightly before stirring through the coriander. 3. While the rice is cooking, spread the cherry tomatoes and baby corn in a single layer in a non stick oven proof dish. Roast in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until the tomatoes are soft and bursting and the corn is brown but still crunchy. Remove from the oven and set aside. 4. Heat the groundnut oil in a medium pan or non stick wok, over a moderate heat. Add the garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric and chilli and sauté for 1–2 minutes, without colouring.

5. Add the coconut milk, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered for 7 minutes. Add the prawns, broccoli and roasted cherry tomatoes (reserving the roasted baby corn to serve) and simmer for 3-4 minutes until the prawns are just cooked and pink. The broccoli should still have bite! To serve: Serve family style on the table and dish out individually according to the rule of palm. Chefs Tip: This is a dish that’s adaptable to whatever you have in your fridge. Chicken or tofu instead of prawns is an easy variation.

Recipe taken from The Diet for Food Lovers by Jennifer Irvine Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Sesame Salmon and Rice Noodle Salad There is absolutely no denying this is simply one of the tastiest lunches around! It can either be eaten warm or alternatively it is delicious cold, when cooked in advance. And with salmon bursting with essential fats it is very good for you too. Serves: 6 | preperation time: 10mins | cooking time: 5mins 1. Preheat oven to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas 4 skinless salmon fillets Mark 6. (approximately 100g per person) 2 grapefruits 2 red peppers, deseeded 100g mange tout 20 leaves of fresh mint 20 leaves of fresh coriander 120g rice or angel noodles a handful of salad leaves, washed 2 teaspoons sesame oil 2 tablespoons black sesame seeds To Serve: 2 tablespoons tamari soy sauce 2 tablespoons mirin

chefs we love

2. Cover a baking tray with some baking parchment or use a non-stick tray. Place the salmon fillets onto the tray. Place on the middle shelf of the oven and cook for 10-12 minutes until just cooked. 3. While the salmon is cooking, peel the grapefruit and cut into segments. Thinly slice the red pepper and mange tout into strips. Wash the herbs; there is no need to chop these, simply just break off the leaves. Keep all these ingredients to one side.

6. Remove the salmon fillets from the oven and immediately sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Place the sesame salmon on top of the noodles and scatter the grapefruit segments, mint and coriander around the dish. To serve: Mix the soy sauce and mirin in a jug and pour on to taste.

4. Empty the rice noodles into a large heat proof bowl. Boil the kettle and pour enough hot water over the noodles to cover them. Stir and leave to stand for 6-8 minutes or as per pack instructions until just soft. When cooked strain through a colander. If you are making this in advance you can put the noodles straight into cold water to stop the cooking process and keep them fresh.

Chefs Tip: Grapefruit segments are delicious added to salads of all kinds. We find the best way to get clean segments is to cut a thin slice off the top and bottom of the grapefruit to create a flat surface. Then glide your knife down the sides of the grapefruit, following the contour to remove the peel and pith. Discard any peel or skin. Make a small cut with your knife following the inside membrane of a segment, cut down the other side until the slice meets in the middle and your perfectly prepared segment should pop out. Continue until you have prepared all segments of the grapefruit.

5. Arrange the salad leaves on serving plates. Mix the drained noodles with some sesame oil and place in the centre. Scatter over the mange tout and red pepper strips

Recipe taken from The Diet for Food Lovers by Jennifer Irvine Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson


Sesame Salmon and Rice Noodle Salad

chefs we


Rosemary Shrager Rosemary Shrager is a much loved celebrity chef, passionate cookery teacher and talented author. For over 10 years, she has been teaching at Swinton Park Cookery School and finally fulfilling a lifetime dream she has now also opened up her own school in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Rosemary has been no stranger to our screens with a host of shows already under her belt which have included the popular Ladette to Lady, Kitchen Showdown with Rosemary Shrager, and Rosemary Shrager’s School for cooks, where ten contestants competed for the opportunity to work in Michelin star restaurant. In 2012, Rosemary Shrager became the culinary saviour in I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here, where one of her highlights included turning Kangaroo tail into a delicious feast! With 5 cookery books already published and another on the way, Rosemary is certainly a kitchen goddess worth talking to....


chefs we love

Have you always loved cooking and what is your earliest food memory? Yes, I have always loved cooking. I would say my earliest food memory is of new potatoes. Taking them out of the earth ground gave me such a great feeling. New potatoes and butter are simply delicious. What is the most memorable moment of your cooking career thus? Opening my own cookery school has been a very big accomplishment. It has always been a personal goal and I have made my dream come true. The most memorable time for me was having the opportunity to learn to cook with some of the best chefs in the world. You are a much loved author as well as a celebrity chef and cookery teacher, what is your favourite role? I put in a lot of hard work and passion in to what I do. I love teaching, and when I learn something new, I want to then pass this on to someone who wants to learn too. The key ingredient as far as I’m concerned is passion... pardon the pun! Tell us about your new cookery school and why you have decided to set it up now? If the time is right, why wait? Grab every opportunity with open arms. It’s my

philosophy and has worked for me so far. I made sure that I had sufficient contacts within the industry. My background and experience gave me the confidence to start my own business and open my school. It has been a huge learning curve and I am enjoying every second of it.

“The key ingredient as far as I am concerned is passion... pardon the pun!” Did you enjoy cooking for everyone when you were a contestant on I’m a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here? I just kept ensuring that we had PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN! I could not stress that enough – it’s what kept us all going. I loved it; it was a great experience. However, at times I was terrified of other contestants’ control but I was always able to delegate. ‘A little knowledge is dangerous!’ What is the worst meal you have ever had? I can honestly say the worst meal I have ever eaten was on a train. Train food needs a lot of attention! If you could cook or bake for anyone,

who would it be and why? And what would you make. I would like to cook all the gorgeous food we ate in the jungle, combinations of eel and kangaroo in a fine dining way for my friends and family. What is your top 5 Baking tips? Always use non-stick baking parchment or greaseproof paper Always cook with a rubber spatula Preparation, (ingredients should all be weighed) Butter softened to room temperature Last of all – patience! Do you have a signature bake? Wheaten bread. Are your future plans revolved around your new cookery school or do you have more projects in the pipeline? Lots of exciting new things to come, all will be revealed soon. I have just finished my new cookery book which will be released later on this year. What to you makes someone a kitchen Goddess? Preparation is key, once that is out of the way, ladies and ‘gents’ you should be wearing your best frock! Be a wonderful host and love your people and food.

Salt Cod Fish Cakes

Salt Cod Fish Cakes This is another wonderful way of using salt cod, and a great twist on conventional fishcakes. Serves: makes 6 500g floury potatoes, peeled and cut into equal-sized chunks 450g Salt Cod 10g soft unsalted butter 2 tablespoons finely chopped chives 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley grated zest of 1 lemon a pinch of cayenne pepper 100g plain flour 3 eggs, lightly beaten 200g fresh fine white breadcrumbs sunflower oil for deep-frying white pepper lemon wedges, to serve

1. Cook the potatoes in a large saucepan of boiling water until tender. Drain well, return to the pan and mash. Transfer to a large bowl. 2. Put the salt cod and butter into a food processor and process until smooth. Add to the potato with the herbs, lemon zest and cayenne, season with white pepper and mix well. Shape the mixture into patties 5cm round and 2cm thick, cover and leave in the fridge for 4 hours.

4. Heat some sunflower oil to 170°C in a deep-fat fryer or a large, deep saucepan. Fry the fish cakes in batches for about 5 minutes until golden. Drain on kitchen paper and serve with lemon wedges. Recipe taken from Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family & Friends Published by Hamlyn Photography (c) Christian Barnett

3. Put the flour into a shallow bowl, the beaten eggs into a separate bowl and the breadcrumbs into another bowl. Turn each fish cake in the flour, then dip into the beaten eggs and finally roll in the breadcrumbs to coat.


chefs we love

Extra Large Ceramic Floor Jug Extra Large Ceramic Jug in Paprika Red from Rice DK - to be used for big and bold display and storage! ÂŁ61.50

Beetroot in


It is the season to eat Beetroot! Beetroots come in all shapes and sizes but the most common in Britain is round and deep red in colour. Other varieties are yellow, white, and even candy-striped (with red and white concentric circles). The humble beetroot is sweet, earthy and tender to eat and related to the turnip, swede and sugar beet. With high antioxidant content, beetroots can help reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks and strokes. They are also great for lowering cholesterol, stabilising blood sugar levels and recent studies have shown its high content of nitrates may also help fight the progression of dementia. For expectant mums, beetroot is a great source of iron and folic acid. All in all these ruby red beets are not only very tasty but can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Did You Know! Food Colouring The red pigment in beetroot is used to colour strawberry jam as well as to improve the colour of tomato paste, sauces and strawberry ice cream. From Beet Beginnings Sir Alan Sugar demonstrated early entrepreneurial flair when, while at school, he got a job boiling beetroots for the local greengrocer. Bad Prep The Elizabethans prepared beetroot by wiping it with fresh dung before cooking it.

Moroccan Beetroot & Herb Salad with Rachel’s Organic Natural Yogurt Dressing and Bart spices

Moroccan Beetroot & Herb Salad with Rachel’s Organic Natural Yogurt Dressing and Bart spices Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 10mins 750g cooked beetroot dipped in vinegar (not pickled), chopped into wedges 250g baby spinach leaves, washed & well drained Large bunch fresh mint, roughly chopped Large bunch coriander, roughly chopped

1. In a large serving bowl, toss together the beetroot, spinach, mint & coriander, reserving a few of the herbs to garnish the salad.

For the dressing: 250ml Rachel’s Organic Natural Yogurt (either low fat or full fat) 2 tsp Bart cumin seeds, roughly ground 1 clove garlic, crushed Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

3. Drizzle the dressing over the salad just before serving and garnish with the remaining herbs.

2. Make the dressing in a small bowl by mixing all the ingredients together. Season to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Recipe by Love Beetroot

Grilled Mackerel with Beetroot and Raspberry Couscous Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 25mins | Cooking Time: 10mins 4 mackerel, heads removed, cleaned, about 200 g (7 oz) each Little salt and freshly ground black pepper 200 g (7 oz) couscous 150 g (5 oz) chilled cooked beetroot in natural juices, drained, diced 400 ml (14 fl oz) boiling water Grated rind and juice of 1 lemon 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 small red onion, finely chopped 150 g (5 oz) fresh raspberries Small bunch fresh parsley or a mix of parsley and mint, roughly chopped Lemon wedges, crusty bread or toasted pitas to serve, optional

1. Rinse the fish inside and out with cold water, drain well then slash the flesh on each side two or three times with a knife. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and place on a grill rack. Cook under a preheated grill for 10 minutes, turning once until the skin is golden and the fish flakes easily when pressed with a knife. 2. Meanwhile, add the couscous and beetroot to a bowl with a little salt and pepper. Pour over the boiling water and cover the bowl with a plate and leave to soak for five minutes.


3. Add the lemon rind and juice and oil to the couscous and fluff up with a fork, sprinkle over the onion and raspberries and toss together lightly. Spoon on to plates and top with the mackerel and sprinkle with the chopped herbs. Serve with lemon wedges and warm crusty bread or toasted pitas, if liked. Recipe by Seasonal Berries


Grilled Mackerel with Beetroot and Raspberry Couscous

Vera Grey Tea Towel by GreenGate This classic style Vera Grey Tea Towel by GreenGate features a pretty floral rose design and is perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen.



taste of the



Buzzing with a new lease of life and an arty facelift, the Isle of Thanet has swiftly become the place to holiday. It will be of no surprise to its loyal advocates that this year Margate, one of the towns on the Isle, was ranked seventh must-visit destinations in the world by Rough Guides. It was the only location in Britain to appear in the list this year and therefore worthy of our attention. The recent addition of the internationally acclaimed Turner Contemporary Art Gallery has contributed greatly to the tourist influx. More subtly though, the Isle is also drawing a large foodie following due to a selection of award winning restaurants and food and drink producers. Broadstairs food festival now in its fifth year is one of the most successful and popular food events in Kent and attracted over 40,000 visitors last year.

Isle of Thanet The Isle boasts over 26 miles of golden sandy beaches which host some of the UK’s most enchanting bays, charming harbours and culture-rich marinas. The great British artist, JMW Turner commented that“…the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe” and how true this is with some of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises to be seen. Thanet also has benefits from its own microclimate which means it’s often sunnier drier and warmer than the rest of the country and thus generally a safer bet for sun worshippers. But where will you sleep and where will you dine and what will you do....

Photo Credit: Thanet Tourism Unit



Viking Bay

Photo Credit: Thanet Tourism Unit, Britain on View, Rod Edwards.



The our top dining spot...... The Ambrette

44 King Street, Margate Old Town You would be forgiven to be shocked to find a fine dining Indian restaurant tucked away on King Street in Margate. I am sure that many thought proprietor Dev Biswal was going mad when he opened up his first restaurant here but now looking back, pure genius. With the regeneration of the town and the influx of tourists it is the flagship of fine dining for the whole isle and extremely difficult to get a table. The restaurant itself is nothing special and quite frankly doesn’t need to be as the food is so good your focus is on your plate. You can expect the most personable impeccable service by the staff, and Dev himself is a regular on the restaurant floor greeting diners and talking through the menu to his avid admirers.

Dev Biswal Dev Biswal is originally from Calcutta and trained at the Dubai Sheraton, before moving to London, aged 26 where he worked for spells at Mangoes and Eriki. He fell in love with Kent on an accidental visit and now wouldn’t live anywhere else. He is a firm advocate of the Isle of Thanet and is well known in the community for promoting local seasonal produce. He is also Director of Birchington’s much loved Quex Park where he oversees their catering. Following the success of his restaurants Dev has also launched his own brand of marinades for diners to recreate his cooking style at home. A young man who has achieved so much in a previously deprived area of Britain deserves his new found fame. Signature Dish: Fillet of Freshwater Nile Perch, Pan-grilled with Peppers, Coriander, Fenugreek and Carom Seeds


chefs we love

Who would you most like to come and eat at one of your restaurants? Everyone is welcome. I don’t think fine dining should be the exclusive preserve of those who are well off. BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme came in recently to our Margate restaurant to interview the older customers who are members of our Seniors Privilege card scheme, entitling them to a 3-course gourmet lunch for just over £10. But we do get a lot famous faces in. Maurice Saatchi is a regular when he visits the nearby Turner Contemporary gallery. It was a bit disappointing that The Queen and Prince Philip didn’t call in when they were in town. However, having TV chef Marcus Wareing, who has two Michelin stars for his eponymous restaurant at The Berkeley, visit Rye was an honour. Especially as his sous chef came in a few weeks later on Marcus’s recommendation.

Did you always want to be a chef? I did from a being a teenager, driven by hunger and inspired by a love of good food from my mother, who is a fantastic cook and my main inspiration. My early beginnings in the kitchen were a bit auspicious though. I tried to make an omelet, but forgot the milk and burnt the pan. What made you choose Kent as the location for your restaurants? I was living and working in London after a spell in Dubai and was invited down by a former colleague. I fell in love with the sea, the countryside and the abundance of high quality culinary ingredients. With hindsight, I wouldn’t have chosen Margate as a location for a fine dining restaurant, and it was hard work getting the message out there. But the area has improved immensely in recent times, and we attract gastro tourists from far and wide. We are now virtually full for lunch and dinner, 6 days a week. We’re even thinking of opening Mondays to cope with demand.

The Ambrette in Margate and in Rye have both been very successful ventures for you, what makes them stand out from other Indian Restaurants in their localities? We don’t offer the typical fayre of high street curry houses, who offer near identical menus. You won’t find Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Korma at The Ambrette. And we begin with an Indian equivalent of an amuse bouche rather than poppadoms. You wouldn’t expect to begin a meal in a haut cuisine French restaurant and begin the meal with a bowl of crisps. Both restaurants have just been named jointly as the Best Indian Restaurants in the South East by the Cobra Good Curry Guide 2013, despite the fact we don’t serve curry. What inspires you when creating your menu? Curiosity and an open mind. We have some excellent local suppliers for game and seafood, but we also put on more exotic fare for special menus. Python, zebra, water buffalo, crocodile and lama have all found their way into our kitchens. I love experimenting with new textures and flavours then try out special tasting sessions on our regular customers for their feedback

Tell us about your range of marinades? Many of our customers asked how they could get these subtle flavours with their cooking at home. When we explained it’s all about marinating, these ask if they could buy them from us. So we made a batch for chicken, lamb and fish and took them to the many cookery demos we do at pop ups around town and at food fayres. We always sell out. They’re available at local farm shops and online at www.biswalfoods. com . I’m currently developing a “universal”

“I love experimenting with new textures and flavours then try out special tasting sessions on our regular customers for their feedback.” variety, which can be used as a cool-in sauce, marinade or dipping sauce Have you plans to expand and open more restaurants? Yes, I’m looking at several sites in Brighton at the moment and would also like to have locations in Canterbury, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Guildford and London. But it’s hard finding the right site.

As mentioned The Ambrette does not serve curry and cannot be confused with a typical British Indian restaurant. Unexpectedly you will find pork on the menu, something almost unheard off in the UK’s south Asian eateries. The dishes created here are works of culinary art, and each course is a subtle combination of British fayre and delicate Indian flavours. Menu highlights include Breast of Wood Pigeon with Marjoram (£5.95), Tender and Sweet Brochettes of Kentish Lamb (£6.95), Fresh Fish of the day served with locally grown Sea Beet in a Coconut Sauce (12.95) and Loin of Kentish Pork with locally grown Canola Shoots (£13.95) The Ambrette, named after the Indian flower known for its culinary and aphrodisiac properties, has put Margate firmly on the foodie radar and is already recommended in the Michelin Guide alongside other top restaurant guides. Recent awards include Restaurant of the Year at Produced in Kent’s Taste of Kent Awards 2013, Best Indian Restaurant in South East by Cobra Good Curry Guide despite not serving curry and voted by the public “Best Indian in Britain” by Morrison M Magazine. You simply cannot visit Margate and not dine at The Ambrette.... The Ambrette, 44 King Street, Margate Old Town 01843 231504


elsewhere on the isle....

Modern British Cuisine Age & Sons Charlotte Court, Ramsgate Set in a charming Victorian warehouse within a beautiful secluded courtyard a stones throw from the sea, the idyllic spot to enjoy fresh seasonal food and fine wine.

European Cuisine Mullins Brasserie 6 Market Place, Margate A unique and vibrant restaurant situated in the heart of Margate Old Town which serves outstanding modern European cuisine with a hint of the Caribbean.

Ice Cream Parlour Morellis Gelato 14 Victoria Parade, Broadstairs For a sumptuous sundae head over to the famous Morelli’s in Boradstairs and enjoy a renowned Banana Royale or Chocolate Nut Sundae. You can even take some home in insulated gift containers!

Afternoon Tea The Cupcake Cafe 4/5 Market Place, Margate Old Town For the best selection and tastiest cupcakes to be found on the Isle, take a stroll through Margate Old Town, and you will find The Cupcake Cafe in all its retro glamour. A favourite stop with children and adults alike.


Sands hote

the our top sleep spot....

Sands Hotel

16 Marine Drive, Margate, Kent

Margate may be the seventh must visit destination in the world, but is Number 1 on our list of places to stay on the Isle of Thanet. Overlo walking distance of the new Turner Contemporary Art Gallery and location is perfect.

The stunning Victorian building, which was most recently a sweet s by Nick Conington a former financier turned property developer. by Margate’s revival, and although originally had planned to co discovering that it had previously been a hotel in Victorian times to capture some of the building’s original splendour. With the help they have managed to do this, successfully balancing contempor features. The hotel opened its doors last month and wowed visitors w hues of ivory and silk, grand sparkling chandeliers and an inspired


the newly opened boutique Sands Hotel ooking the famous Margate sands within the chic cobbled Margate Old town, the

shop, was snapped up at auction in 2011 Nick and his wife Karen were inspired onvert the building into luxury flats, on decided to recreate a hotel and attempt p of Margate-born designer Dawn Pirie, rary comforts with the original Victorian with the sheer elegance of the hotel with d use of glass.

Set on the first floor, the hotel’s Bay Restaurant is beautifully desi bright, warm atmosphere, high ceilings and a stunning fireplace. Ful lead to an outdoor terrace, commanding breathtaking views of the golden bay. Nick, with business partner Conrad Bigham and Scottis Tasker, have devised a modern British menu that shows off the regi restaurant’s seaside location, with dishes inspired by the fresh, se the Garden of England. Ryan who been sous chef in some of Ken including Eastwell Manor, Abode and The Marquis at Alkham, and restaurant at Wallets Court Hotel & Spa, is set to put Bay on the culi

Menu highlights include South coast crab cannelloni, samphire, shell Smoked Duck with Chicory Burnt Honey and Orange Dressing (£6.0 Sea Bass with Roasted Red Pepper, Wilted Spinach, Saffron Potatoes (£18.25). Leave room to choose from their tempting dessert menu w Strawberry Shortbread Soufflé with Clotted Cream Ice Cream (£5.50 and Chocolate Fondant served with Brown Bread Ice Cream (£5.50

Enjoy an al fresco afternoon tea in the hotel’s large west facing b freshly made icecream in their vibrant icecream parlour. For an afte seaside you can try out the Bay Bar, another superbly styled space w

igned, with an airy, ll-length glass doors e sea and Margate’s sh Head Chef, Ryan ion and reflects the easonal produce of nt’s top restaurants, d head chef for the inary map.

lfish bisque (£6.50), 00) and Line Caught and Pesto Emulsion which includes Wild 0) and Peanut Butter 0).

bay terrace or some ernoon tipple by the within the hotel.

The Sands boast 20 elegant en-suite bedrooms some of which have their own balconies and stunning views over Margate Sands. Rooms are equipped with luxurious king-size or twin beds, free wifi, high definition TV, fully adjustable climate control and beautifully designed state of the art bathrooms. Once checked in you may very well be unable to prize yourself outside the doors of this magnificent hotel.... Rooms including breakfast from ÂŁ125 Sands Hotel, 16 Marine Drive, Margate, Kent 01843 228228

Love Boutique.... Love The Reading R

For an indulgent luxury stay in Margate, The Reading R boutique bed and breakfast is the place to stay. You will be interiors, stripped floorboards, original Georgian plaste radiators and stunning chandeliers. The large rooms wi encompass an entire floor of the 18th Century Georg windows overlooking the tranquil treelined Hawley S french beds with padded silk headboards adorn the el decorated rooms. Enjoy roll-top baths, walk in showers towels and complimentary luxury Ren toiletries in th deluxe bathrooms. And then there is breakfast, possibly Kent, served as room service, what more could a Kitchen Rooms with breakfast from ÂŁ150 a night. 01843 225166


Rooms, a 5 Star Gold e wowed by the stylish erwork, ornate iron ith ensuite bathrooms gian townhouse with Square. Hand carved legant Farrow & Ball s, piles of fluffy white he no-expense-spared y the best breakfast in n Goddess wish for!

Love History.... Love Bleak House One of the 100 things to do before you die is to stay in this wonderful historic house overlooking Viking Bay in the heart of Broadstairs. A family run luxury B&B which in our minds truly deserves a 5 star. The views, the beds and the warm hospitable service are to die for and makes for the most memorable stay on the Kent coast. The house is steeped in history but with all the modern comforts tastefully combined. A unique experience to be had is to sleep in a bed once slept in by Queen Victoria. Nancy’s Fancy afternoon tea served in the Charles Dickens Lounge Bar is even more delicious than it sounds and worth every single calorie! Bleak House in times gone by was a holiday home of Charles Dickens and the home he affectionately named “our little watering place’. Dickens completed his novel David Copperfield here, and it is where he was also inspired to write Bleak House. You can actually sit at his writing desk in his study overlooking the sea and pen your postcards or just soak up the surreal surroundings. Make time to wander below the house to The Smuggling Museum which is full of treasures rescued from an eighteenth century shipwreck in the early 1970’s. Rooms with breakfast from £135 a night. 01843 865338

Love Old World.... Love Walpole Bay Hotel Not for everyone but most certainly for those who want to escape back in time to a bygone era and experience a hotel stay reminiscent of the 1920’s. The hotel itself is a living museum and the walls and halls are decorated with old interesting memorabilia and vintage treasures. A ride in their 1927 Otis trellis gated lift is not for the fainthearted but a unique experience for the adventurous. A famous Walpole Cream Tea on the flower decked veranda overlooking the bowling green with views of the sea is a much loved local haunt, and you will be hard pressed to get a table for their popular Sunday lunch. The warm and engaging waiting staff are a real asset to this hotel and make the dining experience so much more personable and enjoyable. Rooms with breakfast from £85 a night. 01843 221703

Visit The Isle of Thanet For more information on Isle of Thanet visit Visitor Information Service 01843 577577 Travel by train from London Victoria with Southeastern Trains From overseas, local airport information visit


BBQs.... kitchen

goddess style

Griddled Courgette Carpaccio, Chickpea Salsa, Pistachio Dressing

Griddled Courgette Carpaccio, Chickpea Salsa, Pistachio Dressing Serves: 4 as a side dish, or 2 as a light lunch For the Salad: 4 large courgettes (a mix of green and yellow, if possible) olive oil, to brush 400g can chickpeas, drained well and rinsed 1½ tbsp lemon juice, or to taste 1 scant tbsp roasted ground cumin (see page 9) 1 small tomato, finely chopped 1/3–½ small red onion, finely chopped salt, to taste 30g coriander (leaves and roots), chopped 75–100g feta cheese For the Pistachio Dressing: ¾–1 tbsp red or white wine vinegar, or to taste 1 small garlic clove, peeled 15g pistachios (roasted is fine) 2½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil ¼ tsp coarsely ground black pepper, or to taste ¼ tsp caster sugar

1. Heat a griddle pan until quite hot. Slice the courgettes on the diagonal into thin slices, no more than ½cm thick. Oil the slices, place on the griddle in a single layer and cook, undisturbed, for three minutes, or until the base has well-charred lines. Turn and repeat on the other side. Repeat with the remaining courgettes. Transfer to a plate as you cook each batch.

4. To assemble, place the courgettes on plates or a platter, slightly overlapping at the edges. Drizzle with the dressing. Mix the coriander into the chickpeas, scatter them over with the feta cheese and serve. Recipe taken from ANJUM’S INDIAN VEGETARIAN FEAST by ANJUM ANAND Published by Quadrille (£19.99) Photos © EMMA LEE

2. As you stand over the griddle, stir together the chickpeas, lemon juice, roasted cumin, tomato and red onion and season to taste. 3. Blend together all the ingredients for the dressing with 2 tbsp water until smooth; I use a good stick blender, but a mortar and pestle will also work. Adjust the seasoning and vinegar to taste and keep aside.

Norwegian Salmon Burgers Burgers are always a summertime favourite and this is a great way to barbecue Norwegian salmon without it falling apart over the flames. Serve these with pitta pockets and a fresh salad for a healthy BBQ alternative. Serves: 6 800g Norwegian salmon, cut into bitesize chunks 500ml Greek yoghurt 1 tbsp of mustard 1 tbsp of horseradish sauce 2 anchovies Zest of 1 lemon 1 handful of breadcrumbs 2 tbsp of spring onion 1 tsp of capers 1 tsp chilli flakes or 1 small green chilli sliced Salt & pepper 1 bunch of dill, finely choppedç 1 bunch of mint, finely chopped ½ cucumber, deseeded and shredded Pita breadsç Salad to accompany

1. In a blender process ¼ of the Norwegian salmon along with the mustard, horseradish, anchovies and lemon zest until it’s a smooth paste.

6. Brush the oven or barbeque grill with a little oil to prevent the salmon burgers from sticking.

2. Add the rest of the Norwegian salmon, along with the breadcrumbs, spring onion, capers and chilli. Season to taste.

Chef’s tip: Remember, get the embers going and wait until they go ash grey before barbecuing – avoiding an open flame is vital in order to avoid the salmon oil spitting and creating excessive smoke.

3. Pulse together until the mixture is even, but be careful not to over blend the mixture – the salmon flakes should still be about ½ cm in size. 4. Shape the salmon into patties and chill for at least 30 minutes and no more than 3-4 hours.

Recipe by Signe Johansen for The Norwegian Seafood Council

5. If barbecuing the burgers it’s easiest to control the cooking time by placing them in a barbecue flip ‘n’ easy basket so they can be turned at the same time. Alternatively, they can be grilled. 61


Norwegian Salmon Burgers

Halloumi and Courgette Burgers

Halloumi and Courgette Burgers Serves: 6 | Preperation time: 20mins | Cooking Time: 20mins 600g courgettes, trimmed and coarsely grated 3 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion, peeled and chopped 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground coriander 410g can chickpeas, drained and rinsed 1 egg 150g wholemeal breadcrumbs 75g halloumi, diced 1 yellow pepper, halved and deseeded 1 small aubergine ciabatta slices, toasted

1. Using your hands, squeeze as much moisture as you can out of the courgettes. Heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a non-stick pan and add the courgettes. Fry over a medium heat for 8-10 minutes, until the moisture has evaporated. 2. Add the onion and cook for 3 minutes. Add the garlic and spices and cook for a further minute. Remove from the heat, transfer to a bowl and leave to cool.

4. Cut each pepper half into 3 pieces. Cut the aubergine lengthways into 8 slices. Brush the burgers and vegetables with the remaining oil. Barbecue the aubergines for 3 minutes on each side and the burgers and peppers for 5 minutes on each side until piping hot. Serve stacked on ciabatta slices. Recipe from Morrisons M Kitchen

3. Blend the chickpeas and egg in a food processor. Add to the courgettes along with the breadcrumbs and mix well. Fold in the halloumi and season to taste. Shape into 6 burgers. Cover and chill for at least 1 hour.

Grilled Turkey & Parma Ham Skewers with Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 15mins | Cooking Time: 15mins 2 British turkey breast fillets, cut into roughly 12 thin strips 6 slices Parma ham, cut into two lengthways, giving you 12 strips Salt & pepper for seasoning Dipping Sauce: 120g peanut butter, roughly Pinch chilli powder 8-10 tbsp water Juice 2 fresh lemons 2 tbsp finely chopped coriander, optional


1. Place the peanut butter, chilli powder, water and lime into a small saucepan and gently heat until you have a sauce consistency, adjust if needed when cool with a little water or oil. Add the coriander and cool 2. Thread the turkey onto skewers, then wrap the ham around the turkey 3. Light the barbecue and leave until you have a few black tips left on the charcoal 4. Lightly oil the turkey skewers and seasoning with salt and pepper


5. Cook on the barbecue or grill for 8-10 minutes on each side, depending on the heat and serve hot with the dipping sauce separately Recipe by Phil Vickery for British Turkey

Grilled Turkey & Parma Ham Skewers with Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

Wood Fired Oven by Jamie Oliver You can cook an amazing variety of food with Jamie Oliver’s Wood Fired Oven, from Sunday Roasts to Pizzas and Bread to a Full English Breakfast!


Mile-high Chickpea Burgers with Indian Purple Coleslaw

Mile-high Chickpea Burgers with Indian Purple Coleslaw These burgers are spicy and deeply satisfying. Put aside any preconceptions of bland, mass-produced bean burgers, these are so much more. The coleslaw really adds vivacity with its texture, freshness and tanginess. Makes: 4 large burgers, or 6 medium burgers

For the burgers: 4 tbsp vegetable oil 1½ tsp cumin seeds 1 small-ish onion, finely chopped 2 rounded tsp peeled, finely chopped root ginger 4 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped 2 tsp ground coriander 1½ tsp ground cumin 1½ tsp garam masala 1½ tsp dried pomegranate powder (optional but really delicious) 1½ tsp chilli powder salt, to taste 2 x 400g cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed 2 slices of wholemeal bread, crumbed For the purple coleslaw: 50g shredded red cabbage 20g finely sliced red onion 30g finely sliced carrots large handful of chopped coriander leaves 80g mayonnaise (light is fine) 30g Greek yogurt 2 tsp lemon juice freshly ground black pepper

1. For the burgers, heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a non-stick saucepan. Add the cumin seeds and cook for 10–20 seconds, or until they have darkened a little. Add the onion and cook until golden and the edges are beginning to brown. Add the ginger and garlic and cook gently for a minute or until the garlic no longer smells raw. Add the spices, salt and a splash of water and cook down until dry again. 2. Add the chickpeas and cook for three to four minutes, or until most of the moisture in the pan has dried off. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Pour just over three-quarters of the contents of the pan into a blender with the breadcrumbs, and blend until smooth. Lightly crush the remaining chickpeas in the saucepan, scrape the blended mixture back into the pan and mix well.

4. When you are ready to eat, heat the remaining oil in a non-stick frying pan. Make four to six burgers out of the chickpea mixture, making sure the edges are smooth. Place in the pan and cook over a gentle flame for six to eight minutes, turning once, until both sides are lightly browned. 5. Meanwhile, lightly toast your buns. Assemble the burgers as you prefer, with the coleslaw, lettuce and tomato. Balance the remaining bun half on it all and enjoy. Recipe taken from ANJUM’S INDIAN VEGETARIAN FEAST by ANJUM ANAND Published by Quadrille (£19.99) Photos © EMMA LEE

3. Mix together all the ingredients for the coleslaw and season to taste.

To serve: 4 large, or 6 small, burger buns (I like those with sesame seeds on top) a few crispy lettuce leaves 1 large vine tomato, sliced

Pea & Cranberry Salad Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 15mins | Cooking Time: 5mins 200g shelled peas (or frozen) 100g Ocean Spray Craisins® Dried Cranberries 2 grapefruits, peeled and segmented 4 tablespoons of cream cheese Small bunch of chives 100g salad leaves salt, pepper


1. Cook the peas in boiling salted water, allow to cool and refresh in cold water.

4. Finish with a few Craisins® Dried Cranberries and chives.

2. In a bowl, combine Craisins® Dried Cranberries, peas, grapefruit, cream cheese and chives. Season to taste.

Refrigerate before serving.

3. Divide the salad leaves into four and use to form a good layer at the bottom of each of the serving glasses. Then spoon the rest of the combined ingredients on top to fill each glass. 68

Recipe by Ocean Spray

Pea & Cranberry Salad





For a burg Mex blen bbq


www Smokey Mini Burgers For a change from the classic quarter pounders taste these tender mini beef burgers flavoured with smoked salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper for a smokin bbq this summer! £3.50

Garlic Mayonnaise with Chilli From the Isle of Wight comes this utterly delicious classic garlic mayo but with a bite of chilli. Perfect as a dipping sauce, with sausages or you could even try a chilli mayo coleslaw. £3.40



xicana Cheese Slices

a taste of Mexico spice in your ger baps this summer, try out these xicana Cheese Slices. With their spicy nd of peppers and jalapenos, your just got hotter!


Smoked Tomato Sauce Made with fresh tomato, garlic, red pepper, chilli and shallot, which is smoked over apple wood then blitzed to a spoonable smokey sauce, this is too good to be just for men!

Balsamic Vinegar From the South of France comes one of the most luxuriously presented bottles of Balsamic Vinegar. Not only does it look amazing but also tastes amazing. Perfect for salad dressings and marinades.



Corkers Crisps Letís face it, everyone likes a crispy snack at a British BBQ and Corkers Crisps will certainly get the party started! Our favourite has to be the tangy Sweet Thai Chilli! Price from: 70p Pink’s Red Chilli Jelly Our bbq staple this year has to be Pink’s Red Chilli Jelly. This spread thickly on a chicken burger encased in a bun with juicy tomatoes and lettuce is a summer sizzler! £4.00



bbq gadgets

we love....

kg ProCook Reversible Griddle For those watching the calories, use this versatile reversible griddle from ProCook and enjoy your meat without all the guilt. £22

Cuisipro Tong and KitchenGrips Chef’s Mitt Our favourite bbq tong and mitt set for 2013. The mitt is extra long, and water resistant and tongs have patented locking mechanism so you can open with one hand! £25.00

Nibble Coaster The greatest things in life are the simple things, and this Nibble Coaster is such a simple concept yet so useful. Your guests will really enjoy their personal nibbles £10

Oasis Copper Party Station Making for an ideal centrepiece at your bbq this drinks station will keep your guests cool and refreshed. Features a 6 bottle wine rack underneath. £124.99



Double Hamburger Press For a perfectly formed burger everytime get this smart burger press by Sagaform. £19.95

Fang the Bottle Opener Always a conversation opener as well as a bottle opener, this handy little gadget is a refreshing bbq gift. £16.00

Intelligent Wine Chiller No excuse for serving warm wine this summer with this Intelligent Wine Chiller. It even sounds an alarm when your wine is ready! £79.99

Quick Marinator & Food Saver

Beer Bucket Keep a handy supply of beer on ice for your guests with this frosty blue beer bucket from Poundland. And yes you guessed it, at only £1 you can afford a few!

Marinate your bbq meat in just ten minutes with this superb vacuum marinator and then vacuum seal with the innovative food saver which will keep your meat and veg fresher for up to five times longer than freezing. Quick Marinator - £19.99 Food Saver - £119.99




Cherries in


Summertime means Cherrytime! For thousands of years cherries have been used for medicinal purposes and for good reason. Cherries are a powerhouse of antioxidants in particular flavonoids which can help fight cancer and also anthocyanins which help lower the risk of heart disease and promote healthy skin and brain cells. Sour cherries can also help you sleep as they contain the antioxidant melatonin, which occurs naturally in the body to promote and regulate our sleeppatterns. Studies have also shown that cherry juice can help lower blood uric-acid levels and reduce gout pain. Packed with vitamins A, C and E, a bowl of cherries a day will really help keep the doctor away! Did You Know! The word ‘cherry’ comes from the French word ‘cerise,’ which in turn comes from the Latin words cerasum and Cerasus, the classical name of the modern city Giresun in Turkey. Cherry pie filling is the number one pie filling sold in the US. Once upon a time, to serve ice cream on a cherry pie in Kansas, US was prohibited A chemical reaction between cherries and alkalies such as baking powder causes a blue discoloration in a baked product. This can be prevented by using sour cream instead of milk in the recipe or by adding an acidic liquid.

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis French classic that’s ideal to serve after a Sunday lunch, made with a sweetened batter, not unlike Yorkshire pudding, it tastes great served with scoops of vanilla ice cream or a soft spoonful of crème fraiche . Serves: 6 | Preperation time: 20mins | STANDING time: 15-30mins | Cooking time: 35-40mins 100 g (4 oz) plain flour ¼ teaspoon salt 50 g (2 oz) caster sugar 2 medium eggs 2 egg yolks 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Grated rind of ½ orange 50 g (2 oz) butter, melted plus extra 15 g (½ oz) to grease the tin 300 ml (½ pint) semi skimmed milk 300 g (11 oz) British cherries, stalks and stones removed Icing sugar, sifted, to decorate

1. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl, add the sugar then the eggs, egg yolks, vanilla, orange rind and melted butter, whisk until smooth. Gradually whisk in the milk until smooth and frothy. Set aside for the batter to rest for 15-30 minutes. 2. Preheat the oven to 180ºC /350ºF/Gas Mark 4. Generously butter a 20 cm (8 inch) diameter by 4 cm (1½ inch) deep round cake tin with a fixed base, add the cherries and heat in the oven for 5 minutes until sizzling hot.

3. Quickly pour in the batter then return to the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes until the pudding puffs around the edges and the centre is just set and cooked like a custard tart. Take out of the oven, dust the top generously with sifted icing sugar and serve warm with spoonfuls of crème fraiche or vanilla ice cream. The dessert will sink as it cools so don’t be alarmed. Recipe by Seasonal Berries

Caramelised Cherries with Amaretti Semi Freddo Semi freddo is the Italian for semi frozen and this is quite literally how this easy ice cream is served, there are no fiddly beatings to do once it goes into the freezer, mix together, freeze and 3-4 hours later you have a fab summer pud that complements the hot caramel cherries perfectly. Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 30mins | FREEZING Time: 3-4hrs | Cooking Time: 3-7mins Amaretti semi freddo: 3 medium eggs, separated 75 g (3 oz) caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 400 ml (14 fl oz) double cream 150 g (5 oz) amaretti biscuits, finely chopped Caramelised cherries” 200 g (7 oz) granulated sugar 6 tablespoons cold water 6 tablespoons boiling water 400 g (14 oz) British cherries, stalks and stones removed

1. To make the semi freddo, add the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla to one large bowl, the egg whites to another and the cream to a third slightly smaller bowl. Whisk the egg whites with a handheld electric mixer until stiffly peaking. Using the still dirty whisk, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together for 4-5 minutes until thick and pale. Rinse the whisk beaters, dry and then softly whip the cream. 2. Fold the cream into the egg yolk mix then the crushed biscuits and finally the whisked egg whites. Spoon the mixture into a large metal loaf tin, cover the top loosely with clingfilm then freeze the mixture for 3-4 hours or until firm enough to scoop. 3. About 30 minutes before serving, add the granulated sugar and cold water to a frying pan for the caramelised cherries, heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, stirring very occasionally. Increase the heat and boil for 3-5 minutes, without stirring until the syrup is golden.

4. Take the pan off the heat, add 2 tablespoons boiling water and stand well back as the hot syrup will spit. When the bubbles have subsided slightly tilt the pan to mix the extra water into the syrup. Drizzle 6 tablespoons of the hot caramel over a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper. 5. Quickly add the 4 more tablespoons of boiling water to the syrup still in the pan then the cherries, heat together for 3-4 minutes until the syrup has remelted and the cherries have softened and coloured the syrup. Set aside until ready to serve. Transfer caramel on the paper to the fridge to harden. 6. Scoop the just set semi freddo into bowls, reheat the caramelised cherries, if needed, spoon over semi freddo and decorate with the chilled caramel, broken into shards. Serve immediately! Cook’s tip: Short of time? Serve the caramelised cherries over scoops of good quality readymade vanilla ice cream. Recipe by Seasonal Berries



Caramelised Cherries with Amaretti Semi Freddo

White Chocolate and Cherry Cheesecake

White Chocolate and Cherry Cheesecake A great pudding to take to a barbecue party. Make the day before as it improves with chilling. Serves: 10-12 | Preperation time: 35mins | Cooking Time: 40-45mins | CHILLING Time: Overnight or 6hrs Biscuit base: 50 g (2 oz) butter, plus a little extra for greasing 250 g (9 oz) digestive biscuits 2 tablespoons golden syrup Cheesecake: 200 g (7 oz) white chocolate, broken into pieces 675 g (1½ lb) Philadelphia full fat cream cheese 75 g (3 oz) caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 200 ml (7 fl oz) double cream 4 medium eggs 225 g (8 oz) British cherries, stalks and stones removed Topping: 250 ml (8 fl oz) carton full fat crème fraiche 175 g (6 oz) British cherries

1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4. Lightly butter a 23 cm (9 inch) springform tin. Put the biscuits into a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin or blitz in a food processor. Melt the measured butter in a saucepan with the golden syrup, stir in the biscuit crumbs, mix well then press over the base and two thirds of the way up the tin sides. 2. Bake the biscuit crust for 5 minutes then take out of the oven and lower the oven temperature to 150ºF/300ºC/Gas Mark 2. 3. Melt the chocolate in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water, making sure that the water does not touch the base of the bowl. Take off the heat, stir briefly and leave to cool for 5 minutes.

5. Scatter the stoned cherries over the biscuit lined tin then spoon the cheesecake mixture over the top. Bake for 35-45 minutes until the cheesecake is firm around the edge and just beginning to colour while still slightly soft in the centre. Turn off the oven, open the door slightly and leave to cool completely. Chill in the fridge overnight or for at least 6 hours. 6. When ready to serve, loosen the edge of the cheesecake Recipe by Seasonal Berries

4. Beat the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla together in a bowl with an electric whisk or in a food processor. Gradually beat in the cream until thick once more then beat in the eggs one at a time, beating until smooth before adding the next one. Stir in the melted chocolate.

Cherry Brandy and Chocolate Mousses Soak the cherries in a little brandy or cherry brandy the day before you plan to serve this dessert. Serves: 6 | Preperation time: 25mins | SOAKING Time: Overnight | Cooking Time: 10mins | CHILLING Time: 4hrs 400 g (14 oz) British cherries, reserve 6 on stalks for decoration, remove stalks and stones from the rest 3 tablespoons brandy or cherry brandy 200 g (7 oz) dark chocolate, broken into pieces 15 g (½ oz) butter 4 medium eggs, separated 2 tablespoons icing sugar 5 tablespoons double cream

1. Soak the stoned cherries in brandy in a small bowl tightly covered with clingfilm in the fridge overnight.

To decorate: 120 ml (4 fl oz) double cream 25 g (1 oz) dark chocolate, melted, optional Little dusting of cocoa

3. Stir the egg yolks one at a time into the warm chocolate then take the bowl off the heat and stir in the sugar and cream until smooth. Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until they form soft peaks. Fold a spoonful into the chocolate mix to loosen the mixture then gently fold in the remainder.


2. Next day, add the chocolate and butter to a large bowl and set this over a saucepan of very gently simmering water making sure that the base of the bowl is not touching the water then leave for 5 minutes or so until the chocolate has melted.


4. Drain off any excess brandy from the cherries into the chocolate mousse then divide the cherries between small champagne, wine or liqueur glasses. Pour the chocolate mousse into the assorted glasses then chill for 4 hours or until set. 5. To decorate, softly whip the cream then spoon over the glasses and dust lightly with a little sifted cocoa. Dip the reserved cherries on stalks into the melted chocolate if using and arrange on top of the cream. Chill until ready to serve. Recipe by Seasonal Berries

Cherry Brandy and Chocolate Mousses



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Hot Pot BBQ & Herb Garden This cleverly designed barbecue and herb garden in one by Black + Blum is perfect for those with limited outdoor space. Fresh herbs on hand whilst you cook, what more could a Kitchen Goddess ask for!



Cast Iron Log Burner An authentic cast iron outdoor log burner from Asda will keep everyone snug and the party going on even when the sun has gone down!

£49.00 83


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colour.... Savora Can Opener Sleek, stylish, brightly coloured and opens so smoothly. £20 John Lewis Stores

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recipe uses delicious, seasonal luxurious cherries.!I think these make the perfect dinner party dessert, especially since all the components can be made in advance and then be put together just before you want to serve them.! Plus they look stunning together on a pretty serving plate strewn with shiny fresh cherries.� Cathryn x

Black Forest Meringue Sandwiches Serves: 6 | Preperation time: 20mins | Cooking Time: 40-50 minutes For the meringues: 3 free range egg whites 150g caster sugar 3 tbsp cocoa powder 1/2 tsp cinnamon 50g dark choc chips, or finely chopped dark choc

1. Preheat the oven to 140C/275F/Gas Mark 1.

For the cream: 100g dark chocolate 75ml double cream

4. Whisk the sugar into the egg whites a tablespoonful at a time until you have stiff peaks.

For the compote: 300g pitted fresh cherries 1-2 tbsp kirsch (optional) 2 tbsp caster sugar Some extra fresh cherries to decorate and serve

2. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper. 3. In a clean metal or glass, dry bowl whisk egg whites until you have fluffy soft peaks.

5. Sift over the cocoa and cinnamon and fold gently into the meringue along with the choc chips. 6. Spoon generous tablespoons of the mixture onto the prepared trays put them straight in the oven. 7. Bake for 40-50 minutes.



8. While they bake, make the cream, gently melt the chocolate with the cream in a small heavy-bottomed saucepan. Pour into a bowl and allow to cool, when cool you can gently whisk this to thicken it. 9. Now make the compote by putting the cherries, sugar and kirsch into a pan and bring to the boil, simmer for 2mins then pour in a bowl to cool. 10. To serve, sandwich together two meringues with the chocolate cream and cherry compote. Serve on a large stand or plate scattered with fresh shiny beautiful fresh cherries

strawberries in


Sumptuous Strawberries An unusually named fruit with a legend that they were named in the nineteenth-century by English children, who picked the fruit, strung them on grass straws and sold them as “Straws of berries�. Another theory is the name was derived from the nineteenth-century practice of placing straw around the growing berry plants to protect the ripening fruit. Strawberries not only taste amazing but are packed to the brim with health benefits. Strawberries can help fight cancer, can help lower blood pressure and help to keep our eyes and bones healthy among many other things. Did You Know! Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside and average 200 per berry! Strawberries are indigenous to every continent except New Zealand, Australia, and Africa. Ever eaten a double strawberry? Legend holds that if you break it in half and share it with a member of the opposite sex; you will soon fall in love with each other. In provincial France, strawberries were regarded as an aphrodisiac of the highest quality. Newlyweds traditionally were served a soup of thinned sour cream, strawberries, borage (a European herb whose flavour is reminiscent of cucumber) and powdered sugar.

Mini Rainbow Jellies

Mini Rainbow Jellies These tiny jellies are just three bites big, so perfect for a children’s birthday party. Make them in plastic shot glasses that can be easily picked up in the supermarket and you won’t even have to wash them afterwards, simply throw them out.

Serves: 12 | Preperation time: 20mins | CHILLING time: 3 ½hrs 35g pineapple jelly tablet Little blue food colouring ½ x 35g lime jelly tablet 4 strawberries, sliced

1. Make up the pineapple jelly with water as the pack directs. Pour half into a jug and add a drop of blue food colouring to darken the jelly slightly. Allow the jelly to cool slightly. Pour the darker coloured jelly into the base of 12 plastic shot glasses then chill in the freezer for 15 minutes or until just set.

4. Press a slice of strawberry into each jelly then pour over the remaining uncoloured pineapple jelly to fill each glass. Chill in the fridge for about 3 hours or until set. Recipe by Seasonal Berries

2. Make up the lime jelly as the pack directs using half the amount of water. Leave to cool. 3. Pour the lime jelly over the set coloured pineapple layer, then put back in the freezer for 15 minutes or until set.

Raspberry and Strawberry Profiteroles Everyone loves profiteroles but why not try adding a little summery fruity freshness with sliced strawberries and crumbled raspberry cream then drizzle with warm chocolate sauce or a fresh berry sauce – see Cook’s Tip. Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 35mins | COOKING Time: 15-18mins Profiteroles: 150ml (¼ pint) water 50g (2oz) butter 65g (2½ oz) plain flour 2 medium eggs ½ tsp vanilla essence Sauce: 150g (5oz) dark chocolate, broken into pieces 150ml (¼ pint) semi skimmed milk 2 tbsp icing sugar ½ tsp vanilla essence Filling: 150ml (¼ pint) double cream 100g (4oz) 0% fat plain Greek yogurt ½ tsp vanilla essence 2 tbsp icing sugar, plus a little extra to decorate 150g (5oz) raspberries 225g (8oz) strawberries, hulled, sliced

1. Preheat the oven to 200oC (400oF), Gas Mark 6. Lightly grease a large baking sheet. 2. Pour the water into a saucepan, add the butter then heat gently until the butter has just melted. Bring to the boil then take off the heat and sift in the flour. Mix together then put the pan back on the heat and cook, stirring, until the mixture makes a smooth ball. Leave to cool for 15 minutes. 3. Beat the eggs with the vanilla then gradually beat into the cooled choux pastry in the pan, or transfer to a food processor if you’d rather. Beat until really smooth then spoon into a large piping bag fitted with a 1.5cm (3/4 inch) plain piping tube. Pipe about 20 balls on to the greased baking sheet, leaving space between them. 4. Bake for 15-18 minutes until well risen and golden. Make a slit in the side of each choux puff to let the steam escape then put back into the turned off oven for 3- 5 minutes until crisp then take out and leave to cool. 5. To make the sauce, add the chocolate, milk and sugar to a small saucepan and heat gently, stirring occasionally until the chocolate has melted and the sauce is smooth. Stir in the vanilla. Sprinkle surface 91

with a little caster sugar if not serving immediately so that a skin doesn’t form. 6. Whip the cream until it forms soft swirls then fold in the yogurt, vanilla and sugar. Crumble in the raspberries and briefly fold together. 7. Slit the choux puffs almost in half, arrange the sliced strawberries over the base of each one then top with a spoonful of raspberry cream. Press the lids back in place then arrange on serving plates. Dust lightly with sifted icing sugar and serve drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. Cook’s tip: The cooked choux puffs can be made the day before and kept in an airtight tin then fill and serve with sauce when you need them. For kids or adults who don’t like dark chocolate then use half dark and half milk chocolate for a lighter tasting sauce or why not drizzle with an easy berry sauce made by pureeing 225g (8oz) strawberries and 150g (5oz) raspberries pureed together then press through a sieve before serving. Recipe by Seasonal Berries


Raspberry and Strawberry Profiteroles

Summer Berry Swirls

Summer Berry Swirls Serves: 10 | Preperation time: 15mins | FREEZING Time: Overnight

75g (3oz) blackberries 150g (5oz) raspberries 4 tsps runny honey 300g (10oz) flavoured Greek yoghurt – vanilla, honey or coconut

1. Mash blackberries on a plate with 2 teaspoons of the honey using a fork. 2. Do the same with the raspberries and another 2 teaspoons of the honey on a second plate. 3. Layer alternate spoonfuls of mashed fruits with the yoghurt in plastic shot glasses.

4. Add lolly sticks and freeze overnight. To serve, dip moulds briefly in warm water, then lift out of the moulds and serve. Recipe by Seasonal Berries

Strawberry & Passion Fruit Brulées Serves: 6 | Preperation time: 10mins | Cooking Time: 15mins Strained juice of 2 passion fruit 6 tbsp Bonne Manan Strawberry Conserve 4 large egg yolks 1 tbsp golden caster sugar Grated zest of ½ orange ½ tsp finely grated fresh ginger 1 x 600 ml carton double cream Vegetable oil, for greasing 8 tbsp granulated sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 170°c (fan oven 150°c), gas mark 3. 2. Mix together the passion fruit juice and the conserve and divide between 6 x 7.5 cm (3 inch) round, 5 cm (2 inch) deep ramekin dishes or any other heatproof and freezer-proof dishes. Put the ramekins in the freezer for 1 hour or until the strawberry mixture has frozen. 3. With a wooden spoon, beat together the egg yolks, caster sugar, orange zest and ginger until well combined. 4. Put the cream in a saucepan and slowly bring to just below boiling. Immediately pour the hot cream onto the egg yolk mixture, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon. Leave to cool, then strain into a jug. 5. Sit the ramekins in a roasting tin. Pour the cooled custard onto the frozen sauce, then pour boiling water to come halfway up the sides of the dishes. 6. Cook on the preheated oven for about 25 minutes or until a skin has formed on top of the custard but it is wobbly in the middle. Chill the ramekins overnight in the fridge. 7. For the brulée topping, put a sheet of oiled foil on a baking sheet. Put the granulated sugar in a small saucepan and place over a gentle heat until the sugar begins to melt and turn golden brown.



8. Immediately pour the caramel onto the foil and leave until cold and set. Break into a food processor or blender and whizz to form a fine powder. Tip into a clean, dry jar and keep in a cool place. 9. About 2 hours before serving, heat the grill to its hottest setting. Sprinkle the powdered caramel evenly over the surface of the custards and put the under the grill about 5 cm (2 inches) away from the heat. Grill for 2-3 minutes until the caramel melts. Chill again until ready to serve. Cook’s Tips - The custard can be made up to 1 day ahead and kept in the fridge. The powdered caramel can be made up to 3 days ahead. - The strawberry sauce is frozen to prevent it from rising up into the custard mixture. - Making powdered caramel makes life easier. Its simpler and faster to get an even caramel topping on the custard. Recipe taken from Bonne Maman’s Seasonal Cookbook Published by Simon & Schuster

Strawberry & Passion Fruit BrulĂŠes

Frozen Berry Slice If you have friends coming over then make this easy dessert the day before then slice and decorate when you need it. Couldn’t be simpler and a great hit with adults and kids. Serves: 10 | PREPERATION time: 30mins | Cooking time: 15mins Sponge base: 100g (4oz) soft margarine 100g (4oz) caster sugar 100g (4oz) self-raising flour 2 eggs Grated rind of 1 lemon Mousse: 3 tablespoons water 2 teaspoons powdered gelatine 225g (8oz) strawberries, hulled 150g (5oz) raspberries 150ml (1/4 pint) double cream 400g (14oz) can full fat condensed milk Juice of 1 lemon 1. Preheat the oven to 180oC (350oF), Gas Mark 4. Line an 18 x 28 x 4cm (7 x 11 x 1½ inch) loose bottomed rectangular cake tin with non-stick baking paper, snipping diagonally into the corners of the paper and pressing into the tin so that the base and sides are lined. 2. Add all the sponge ingredients to a bowl or food processor and beat together until smooth. Spoon into the paper lined tin and smooth into a thin even layer. Bake for 15 minutes until golden and the sponge springs back when lightly pressed with a finger. Leave to cool in the tin. 3. Meanwhile, make the mousse by adding the water to a small heatproof bowl; sprinkle the gelatine over the top so that all the dry powder is absorbed. Leave to stand for 5 minutes then stand the bowl in a saucepan of hot water and simmer gently for about 5-10 minutes until the gelatine is a clear liquid. 4. Puree the strawberries and raspberries in a food processor or liquidiser then press through a sieve. Lightly whisk the cream in a bowl until it forms soft swirls then whisk in the condensed milk and lemon juice until thick and smooth. Whisk in the fruit puree then gradually fold in the gelatine, pouring it into the bowl in a thin steady stream.

Sauce: 225g (8oz) strawberries 150g (5oz) raspberries To serve: Few extra strawberries, hulled, sliced Few extra raspberries Few sugar confetti hearts, optional Few red hundreds and thousands, optional Little icing sugar, sifted

5. Pour the mousse over the sponge base. Freeze overnight, loosely wrapping in foil when set. To make the sauce, puree the berries then press through a sieve, pour into a plastic box and chill in the fridge overnight. 6. When ready to serve, remove the dessert from the freezer. Unwrap, remove from the tin and peel away the lining paper. Cut into 10 bars with a knife dipped in hot water. Transfer to serving plates. Arrange extra berries, sugar confetti and hundreds and thousands on top, dust with sifted icing sugar and serve with a separate jug of pureed berries. Recipe by Seasonal Berries

Strawberry Tart This tart is definitely dressed to impress, with a crumbly buttery tart case spread with melted chocolate then filled with homemade crème patissiere and the very best of British strawberries, glistening with strawberry jelly – what’s not to like? Serves: 6 | Preperation time: 1hr | CHILLING Time: 1hr 35mins | Cooking Time: 15mins Pastry: 100g (4oz) plain flour 2 tablespoons icing sugar 50g (2oz) butter, diced 2 egg yolks

1. To make the pastry, add the flour, sugar and butter to a bowl and rub in the butter with fingertips until fine crumbs. Add the egg yolks and mix to a smooth dough. Wrap in clingfilm and chill for 30 minutes.

Crème patissiere: 3 egg yolks 50g (2oz) caster sugar 1 tablespoon plain flour 2 tablespoons cornflour 250ml (8fl oz) semi skimmed milk 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface until large enough to line a buttered 20cm (8inch) plain tart ring set on a baking sheet or fluted loose bottomed flan tin. Press into the base and sides of the tin and trim the pastry a little above the tin to allow for shrinkage. Prick the base and chill for 15 minutes.

To finish: 100g (4oz) dark chocolate, broken into pieces ½ a 35g strawberry jelly tablet 1kg (2 ¼ lb) strawberries, hulled and halved

3. Preheat the oven to 190oC (375oF), Gas Mark 5, then line the tart case with non-stick baking paper and baking beans. Cook for 10 minutes. Carefully remove paper and beans and cook tart for 5-10 minutes more until just tinged golden brown around the top edges and the base is crisp. Leave to cool. 4. To make the crème patissiere, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together for 4 – 5 minutes until very thick and pale. Sift the flours over the surface then gently fold together. Pour the milk into a medium saucepan, bring just to the boil then gradually whisk into the egg mixture until smooth. Return milk mixture to the pan and cook over a medium heat, stirring until very thick. Take off the heat and stir in the vanilla. Cover the surface with a piece of crumpled and wetted non-stick baking paper to stop a skin from forming and leave to cool. 5. Take the tart case out of the tin and set on a plate or cake stand. Melt the dark chocolate in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water then spoon over the inside of the tart case. Leave for about 20 minutes or until set.



6. Make up the jelly as the pack directs using half the water. Cool then chill for about 20 minutes in the fridge until just beginning to coat a spoon thickly. 7. Spoon the crème patissiere into the tart case. Pile the strawberries into the tart case, carefully mounding up in the centre. Brush generously with the cooled jelly (you will have quite a lot left, so pour this into a small plastic container for the kids packed lunches) and chill for 30 minutes until the jelly has set. Sprinkle with chocolate curls, if liked. Serve cut into thick slices. Cook’s tip: To make chocolate curls, run a swivel bladed vegetable peeler over the underside of a block of white and dark chocolate, keeping the bottom edge of the peeler blade near the edge of the block of chocolate. If the curls are very tiny then warm the chocolate for 10 seconds in the microwave on full power and try again. Depending on the size of the chocolate bar, you may need to give it a second burst in the microwave. When you have enough curls to decorate, rewrap the bars of chocolate and store the remainder in the fridge. If you are celebrating, simply add some small party sparklers to the top of the tart and light just as you take the tart into the room. Recipe by Seasonal Berries

Strawberry Tart



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Cortardo Bistro Folding Table and Chairs Set ÂŁ79

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Nicola Wilkes

Nicola Wilkes is an interiors journalist and stylist who has successfully turned her passion into a business. One would wonder where she has the time to fit in her own business on top of lecturing on PR in the design and interiors industry, doing a PhD, supporting and working with new, independent designer makers, founder of online interiors magazine Wales at Home, and most importantly being a mum of 3! Nicola has created an interiors shop in the seaside town of Llantwit Major, into a Kitchen Goddess treasure throve and her online shop a browsing heaven. House Envy really is a house to envy, and Nicola a woman to be inspired by........ You have previously worked as a journalist and stylist for some of the top interior style magazines including Elle Decoration and Ideal Home, how has this inspired your current venture? Having spent the last ten years been lucky enough to have a sneaky peek inside some of the UK’s most stylish homes I’d got used to that instant envious feeling when you walk into a beautiful home and think ‘oh wow, I want to live here’, and if that’s just not possible you start making mental notes of all the amazing décor ideas that you simply have to rush home and copy! I was always calling in lovely props to style homes and as I bought more for my own home friends and family would ask where I’d bought everything from so it made sense that eventually we would combine years of interiors shopping and styling experience in the form of our own brand and lifestyle store. How long did you spend planning the opening of your store and did you have to overcome many obstacles? Not long at all! Although on the flip side you could say ten years as I see the shop as

a culmination of years of experience…but in reality I knew I wanted to make the move to an online shop when I became pregnant with my third baby almost two years ago. I felt it was time I wanted to focus on something I felt extremely passionate about as well as creating something long-lasting that my kids might also feel they can be a part of as they get older and the business grows. The shop became available when

“I’m also fascinated that our homes say so much about it as people and the lives we lead.” I was 35 weeks pregnant and we literally had to decide overnight whether to go for it or not…we were fighting people off for it! So we went for it and opened when my third baby was just 16 weeks old. It’s been a wonderful whirlwind since! What is the current top selling product at House Envy? The gorgeously eclectic crockery collection


from Danish brand, Bloomingville is the most admired range in the entire shop. We know our online customers also adore it and we’re packing up Bloomingville parcels to send out on a daily basis. I think it’s so popular because it’s incredibly easy to mix and match pieces without having to worry about colour co-ordinating – it just looks great all piled up together on a dining table for an effortlessly stylish look that’s fresh, modern and timeless at the same time. Our vintage style bread bin is also a great buy from Riverdale, a Dutch brand that is new to the UK – it looks fantastic on the kitchen worktop. What about styling a home gives you so much pleasure? Ever since I remember I’ve adored rearranging furniture and used to move my entire bedroom around for the fun of it on a Saturday afternoon! But I love the way that if a home is well organised it can change the look, feel and atmosphere of a space and create a more welcoming environment. I’m also fascinated that our homes say so much about it as people and the lives we lead.

profile- people

What are your 5 top tips for styling a dining room? 1) Consider where your dining area is and plan around it; a kitchen / dib b b ner might lend itself to a more fun and informal design scheme whereas a separate dining room might naturally take on a more sophisticated look. 2) Think about the purpose of the space – is it for grown up entertaining or family socialising? Kids might like a bench style seat against a long, wooden dining table compared to a more grown up round pedestal table that would look great as a centre-piece in a large dining room. 3) Decide on how many you will ideally need to seat at the very most as this might influence your choice of dining table, i.e. do you need an extendable dining table to seat plenty at or just a small bistro style dining set for easy lunches in the kitchen? 4) Sideboards have made a great comeback and they’re a stylish and practical way of adding interest to a dining space as well as providing lots of handy storage space for essentials such as cutlery, napkins, table cloths and cookery books. 5) Whether you like your dining table accessories to match or prefer the eclectic look, layering your accessories will add to

the dining experience. For example, lots of pretty, mis-matching serving dishes and colourful glassware will provide decoration in itself without the need for a table cloth as opposed to pretty patterned table linen that looks best teamed with all-white crockery. Adding lots of candles – either in the form of tea lights or a feature candlesticks will add essential atmosphere to the room. Do you have any advice for other women who would like to follow in your footsteps and set up their own interiors store? Having a real passion for interiors has driven me to do what I love and I believe that is key to success. You have to put in 110% into running your own business and be prepared to eat, live and breathe it. It’s a wonderful industry to work in and I always remind myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful products every day, as well as working with some fantastic brands and designers. If you don’t try you’ll never know…go for it! How do you manage to balance motherhood with running your own business? It’s not easy and it would be unfair to say it’s a doddle. But we deliberately chose a shop location very near to our home which means my children are often running around the shop and I’m never far from

home. Other than that it’s just one big juggling act and lots of long hours working when the kids are asleep…but essentially we see it as a lifestyle choice – and my two girls love the fact we have a shop whereas the baby just thinks he comes in and eats Welsh Cakes that I always have in the kitchen! Do you have any plans to expand your business? We’re just coming up to our first birthday and we’re already delighted with the success of both the bricks and mortar shop and website. We’d love to grow the House Envy brand with more shops and a larger online collection…watch this space. What to you makes someone a Kitchen Goddess? Someone that inspires me to cook! I have a few friends that are natural Kitchen Goddess’s and when we go to their homes for dinner or a Sunday lunch I am filled with inspiration: this can be from the way they lay the table to a recipe they’ve followed, or simply the welcoming atmosphere they’ve created to make us feel relaxed, whether it be candles burning, great music playing…a real kitchen goddess makes her guests feel completely at home.

drinks we


Jim Beam Honey If you are looking for the perfect tipple for the BBQ season look no further than Jim Beam Honey! Jim Beam’s inspired distillers took the classic Jim Beam White and infused it with real golden honey and liqueur to create a whiskey with complex notes of caramel, oak and vanilla, and a rich finish of sweet honey. Perfect on its own or to spice it up try this delicious cocktail!

Jim’s Honey Cooler Cocktail Ingredients 25ml Jim Beam Honey 12.5ml Triple Sec 1 wedge Fresh Lemon Sparkling Lemonade Preparation 1. Take a tall glass and fill with ice cubes. 2. Squeeze over fresh lemon wedge. 3. Add Jim Beam Honey, triple sec and top with lemonade. 4. Softly stir for 5 seconds. 5. Garnish with large orange zest.

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Piggy Bank Grenache Syrah Rosè This is a pale pink dry wine with bright, appealing aromas of strawberry and blackcurrant. In the mouth it is lively and refreshing with notes of soft red berries and mixed spices. The finish is long, well-rounded and perfectly poised between fruit and crisp acidity. Drink within a year of harvest. Perfect to enjoy by yourself after a long afternoon in the kitchen! Wine with a Conscience : For every delicious bottle of Piggy Bank wine sold, 50p is donated, by them, to charity! £7.99


La Châsse 2012 Chardonnay Viognier La Châsse 2012 Chardonnay Viognier is a gorgeous and versatile combination of the famous Chardonnay grape with aromatic Viognier. It is an unoaked dry white wine that displays ripe, exotic fruit and lemongrass aromas which are fresh and vivid. Harmonious and soft, it can be enjoyed on its own or with fish, seafood or white meat, such as chicken.

NC A R F drink






Château Du Gazin 2011 From the exceptional Château du Gazin vineyard comes this powerful yet elegant red, showing dark berry fruit, hints of mocha and smoky oak flavours. While approachable and ready to drink upon release, may also be cellared for five to ten years, giving a softer, more complex wine. Perfect for your wine and cheese party this summer pairs well with cheese, grilled red meat, roasts and game. £10.99

ITALY i heart Prosecco True to style bursting with classic acacia flower aromas and delicate apple and peach flavours, this is a light sparkling wine that is perfect for pre-dinner drinks and any celebration. We think you will love it as much as we do! Lovely with asparagus risotto or Italian cheeses and perfect to make a Peach Bellini or a Hugo Cocktail £5.99



Baked Citrus Cheesecakes

Baked Citrus Cheesecakes Serves: 6 40 g (1 ½ oz) butter, melted 6 digestive biscuits, crushed into crumbs Grated zest and juice of ½ lemon 250 g tub mascarpone cheese 100 g (3 ½ oz) full fat soft cheese 50 g (2 oz) golden caster sugar 2 medium eggs plus 1 egg yolk 75 ml (3 fl oz) double cream Few drops vanilla essence 300 g (10 oz) fresh raspberries 6 tbsp Bonne Maman Mandarin Marmalade 2 tbsp orange-flavoured liquor

1. Preheat the oven to 140°c (fan oven 120°c), gas mark 1. Pour the melted butter into the biscuit crumbs and stir until evenly combined. Set aside 2 tbsp of the crumbs and divide the remainder between 6 Bonne Maman jars and press down lightly over the base with the handle of a wooden spoon. Pop in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden. 2. Put the lemon zest, cheeses, sugar and eggs in a bowl and beat until smooth. Beat in the lemon juice then gradually add in the double cream and vanilla. Stir in half the raspberries and divide the mixture between the prepared jars. 3. Place the jars in a roasting tin with enough hot water to come about 2.5 cm (1inch) up the sides of the jars. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until very lightly set. Turn off the oven and leave the cheesecakes in there until cold.

5. Spoon the glazed raspberries on top of the baked cheesecakes and sprinkle with the extra biscuit crumbs. Cover with the lids and keep in the fridge until required. Serve at room temperature. Cooks Tips The cheesecakes can be prepared up to 2 days before needed. Allow at least 15 minutes at room temperature before serving. Most soft textured fruits can be used in this recipe. Try strawberries, blueberries or chopped fresh mango. The recipe can also be made in a deep 20 cm (8 inch) tin. Allow an extra 10-15 minutes cooking time. A Bonne Maman recipe. Recipe development and food styling by Moyra Fraser.

4. Meanwhile in a small saucepan, warm the marmalade with the liquor until melted and smooth. Cool for 1-2 minutes then, using a large metal spoon or rubber spatula, stir the marmalade into the remaining raspberries, taking care not to crush the fruit. Set aside.

Summer Fruits with Elderflower Sabayon Serves: 4 | Preperation time: 10mins | Cooking Time: 3-5mins 600g mixed trimmed summer fruits (hull the strawberries) 2 egg yolks 100ml champagne (or sparkling wine) 50 ml elderflower cordial 1 tbsp caster sugar

1. Make sure you have 4 nice glasses or bowls to serve the fruits and sabayon in. Then fill a saucepan half-full with water over medium heat and bring to a simmer. 2. Place all the sabayon ingredients in a medium stainless steel bowl and whisk until well combined. Place the bowl over the saucepan and continue to whisk until the sauce is thick and doubled in volume, 3 to 5 minutes. The sauce should be thick enough so that it will support a ribbon of sauce trailing off the end of the spoon when lifted.


3. Then pop the fruit into the glasses and spoon some of the sabayon over each one and serve. I love to glaze the top with a blow torch as well, but this is optional. Recipe by Sophie Michell for Bottlegreen


Summer Fruits with Elderflower Sabayon

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Profile for Kitchen Goddess

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