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if you would like to showcase your work go to:


...’play nice’ illustration // Hannah Fricker

the su brings you: Freshly Squeezed If you’re reading this then you’re probably one of the near 10,000 students starting a new course at UAL this year ... joining the largest creative student community in Europe. It’s not your average University, and we’re not your average students ... in other words and to borrow the title of our award winning magazine we are ‘less common!’ The Students’ Union is headed up by me and my Student Executive, but it’s a democracy, which means it is directed by you, the students! We act on ideas and feedback from you, it’s students that inform our campaigns, it’s students that submit issues to be debated and voted on, it’s students that stand in elections, and it’s students that vote for who they want to represent them. So if there is anything that you want to change remember it’s you, the students that have the power! I was a student at UAL for 4 years before being elected as President of the Students’ Union. We are independent from the University and work to represent the voice of students and serve students’ needs... whether that be social, recreational, political or rather more experimental. Above all we are here to make University life better for all students in everyway. We bring to you this lovely magazine as an intro to everything we do but your one stop shop for info is our website: Throughout your studies, we’re always here to help ... so pop in and say hi anytime. Big Arts Love!

Helen Gimber ... your Students’ Union President email me:


Meet Your Student Executive ... Sabbatical Officers and Vice Presidents make up the Students’ Union Executive Committee. They come together to represent all UAL students and fight for changes to make student life better! These positions are filled each year through an election that any student can stand in and all students can vote in. Find out more at:

... Sabbatical Officers //The Sabbatical Officers are students who have taken a year out during or after their studies to work full-time to represent all students at UAL.

President Studied: BA Surface Design, LCC & ABC Diploma in Art & Design Foundation, CSM

craziest thing you’ve ever seen?

5am-ish at Melt Festival 07 (in germany) … Deichkind playing as the sun rose. The quarry/ opera pit & cranes etc becoming visible … favourite thing(s)?

Shiny shoes, sweetcorn, Germans & sausages. Where are you in five years?


favorite item of clothing?

Purple leggings.

Campaigns & Communications Officer campaignscommunications@ Studied: BA Arts, Design & Environment: Artefact, CSM

favourite thing(s)? ever crawled through a window? Walnut whips and

Yep. Did it last Thursday to get on a roof.

my duvet.

things you hate?

favourite thing(s)?

Liars, arrogance, ignorance & racism.

favourite thing(s)?

Eel sushi, Japanese ceramics, martial arts and fire.

craziest thing you’ve ever seen?

Swarms of fireflies reflected over the swamps in Nepal. favourite place in London?

Hampstead Heath of a summer evening.

Running the country. Yup .. most recently my flatmate’s window to eat pizza on the roof in the sun!

things you hate?

People walking really slowly in central London.

Where are you in ever crawled through a window? five years?


Activities & Volunteering Officer activities-volunteering@ Studied: FdA Specialist Make Up Design for Studied: BA Digital Film and TV, & Diploma Media Production, LCC in Image Styling for Performance, LCF Culture & Diversity Officer culture-diversity@

My Guitar, my Football boots and my bike.

What items could If you were you not go without invisible what during the day? would you do?

Mascara and perfume

Has anyone ever called you perfect before?

Possibly although my bum is often called perfect! I don’t think anyone is perfect; it’s no fun that way.

What was the last book you read?

I’m reading Coleen Nolan’s autobiography.

Work out how to be seen by people! Was yesterday better than today?

Yes, it was a Sunday.

What items could you not go without during the day?

Keys, wouldn’t be able to get back into my house otherwise!

Vice President LCC: This position was vacant when we went to print... interested?

...Vice Presidents //the Vice Presidents volunteer their time alongside their courses to represent students at each college.

Vice President Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon (CCW) Studying: BA Graphic

Design, Camberwell

favourite colour?


best thing you’ve ever got for free?

My Hair.

last thing someone bought for you?

I traded my generous girlfriend a can of Heinz tomato soup for a padded bike seat cover. Night out or in?

Night in.

What were you doing 30 min ago?

Riding my bicycle around Scotland.

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?


Vice President Central Saint Martins

Vice President London COllege of fashion

Studying: BA Fine Art, Studying: BA Fashion



last thing you put in your mouth?

Where are you in five years?

favourite colour?

things you hate?

Sweets, sugar, lollies, Replacing Anna Wintour fizzy drinks all in big ball as Editor-in-chief for of fizzy sweet death. Vogue! haha. Blonde.

Disloyalty and disorganisation.

If you were invisible What’s you’re for a day what favourite place in would you do? Scare people by levitating London?

The Scooter Cafe in Waterloo and ooh sitting Was yesterday on the stairs of St. Paul’s better than today? Cathedral at 3 am!!! Today was more academic and yesterday What was the last book you read? was more frivolous. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Night out or in? Night in then followed by a I loved it! night out. Typical women we want everything. things around them.

The Students Executive are answerable to students; students vote them in, and students set their agenda. To keep the Executive in check, 8 students are elected to the Democracy Scrutiny Committee (DSC)each year with a remit to keep a check on what the officers are up to, making sure they are working on things that matter most to students. Find out more about the DSC and how you can keep tabs on the sabbs at:


creating change

To find out what is important to students at UAL, three times a year we have a referendum where a range of topics get put out to an all student vote- so that every student gets a chance to have their say on the issues that effect them. Referendum can be about anything like demanding the University does more about recycling, to employment rights for students on placements. If something gets passed at referenda then it means it becomes the policy of the SU and the Student Executive have to act on it. Any student can submit a topic to referendum, so why not give it a go? To see our current policy go to and to find out mote about referendum go to

Why should you care?

As a student at UAL you can vote in the SU’s elections and referenda, and it really matters that you use the opportunity to let us know what you think and what you want the SU to change. If you don’t tell us no one else will!



you …

...pencil illustration // Ciara Halpin

Representing students at all levels is the most important thing the su does, find out about representation work and how you can come forward at:

...on your Course

…on a national level

SUARTS affiliates to the National Union of Students (NUS). NUS represents the interests of more than seven million students, and work to promote, defend and extend the rights of those students. They fight against barriers to education, empower students to shape their learning experience and the world around them, and support influential, democratic and wellresourced Students’ Unions. Our affiliation means that your School & at your Site UAL students can get involved in the national student Each school or faculty and every site at the University movement and shape change nationally. has its own representative – they are elected by the relevant Course Reps, and perform a similar role just … as a Creative Student SUARTS is a founding member of the Arts Group on a wider scale. - the body which represents students of the Arts in your College & at the the UK. Student Representatives from Arts based University institutions come together from across the nation, to On a wider scale still, its’ the Student Executive that discuss the common issues we face and lobby NUS, the represent students to the Senior College & University Government and other bodies to advance the rights of Staff, see the previous pages for more info on who creative students and graduates. they are and what they do. At the beginning of each year, every course chooses who they want to be their Course Rep representing the views of student in their class to the Course Director, Dean and other University Staff. Your Course Rep should be a useful first port of call when it comes to raising issues, as many problems can be resolved informally through discussion and meetings.



culturediversity @

...schoolchildren illustration // Joe Baglow

Hello, I’m Carly Aslett, your Culture & Diversity Officer and guess what; I’m all about Culture & Diversity! … an important part of my role is making sure that the Union is as inclusive as possible and that every group of students are able to come together. It’s an exciting year this year as the Union will be doing a lot more work in this area and I’ll be supporting the development of our assemblies. See you at the meetings! Carly Aslett x


Assemblies bring together students with similar interests or backgrounds to make

sure these students’ voices are heard and we are all empowered to influence positive change within the Colleges and the University. There are two types of Assemblies...

1/ Union Assemblies … • Education • Welfare • Ethical & Environmental

2/ Student Assemblies …

• Disabled • Black and Asian • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) • Parents • Foundation & Further Education (FE) • International • Women’s • Mature • Part time • Post Grad


...word search // Tatiana Woolrych

Assemblies are a great way to meet people both socially & professionally. You can stand up for what you believe in, highlight certain issues to the

wider University community or nationally and create real change. Here’s an idea of some of the things assemblies will be getting up to...

• Raising awareness of disability • Campaigning for ‘Plain English’ communication • One World Festival • Campaigns around accessibility of sites • Silent Disco’s • Celebrating Black History month • Children’s parties • Attending national liberation events • Love Music, Hate Racism festival and events • Campaigning against racism and fascism • SHAG (Sexual Health, Advice & Guidance) week

• Gay Discos • Taking a stand against homophobic discrimination • Monthly Girls Night out • ‘Meet the parents’ social events • Campaigning to STOP the BNP • Celebrating LGBT History month • Campaign for equal pay for women • Campaigns around Language levels, support and fees • Chinese New Year Party • Pro-Choice campaigns


Hi, I’m Kit Friend your Campaigns and Communications Officer. Part of my role is making sure the SU is campaigning on the issues that students care about most. I’m keen to make sure we, the SU, do more to empower students to get involved in campaigning activity themselves, by providing advice and training. Together we have the power to create real, meaningful change. This could be at your college, at the university, in London or nationally. Anything from lobbying the government to ‘keep the cap’ on top up fees, or for UAL to get better facilities access for your college. There is lots we can achieve. I look forward to campaigning with you... Your friend, Kit friend

LCC Graphic Design student Alex Rose wanted an end to the barbaric behaviour on our streets so has taken things into his own hands. Alex has established STOP: solve this ongoing problem; Following the support 8 8 //

Course reps Rachel Irwin and Kate Burn from Design for Graphic Communication were so outraged after hearing about the truth behind the appalling way UK University’s are funded they decided to do something about it, and started a Facebook group called Broke and Broken UK - against £7,000 top up fees. Their aim was to raise awareness of the stark facts that the government may up the tuition fees for UK students from £3,000 to £7,000 or more. In a few months the group membership reached around 10,000 members mak-

ing it the widest reaching UAL Course Rep campaign ever. Kit Friend has strong views on the issue, “Students pay more for their education than ever before, with tuition fees rising, debt levels at graduation would rise to £41,000 for the average student. Degrees shouldn’t be about getting in to debt. It’s about studying what you’re interested in and having a fantastic experience.” He continues, “Fees rising would be a disaster particularly for Arts students with on average the lowest graduate salaries.” This year the SU will be working with

Student complaints about ‘green’ issues are really common at UAL so the SU ran its first ever Green Week in May 09. They lobbied the University to sign up to five Go Green objectives: better recycling, green

energy providers, green issues on to the curriculum, bike storage and a and commit to a sustainable IT development programme. Students were painted green from head to toe and invaded studios and lectures getting

from Gordon Brown, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Cherie Booth, Alex has seen the campaign go from strength to strength. He says “friends and family members have died because of gun and knife crime. Young peo-

ple should stop carrying weapons and think about what else is out there, apart from joining a gang. STOP is about inspiring others to do something positive’. See his campaign site: stopgun

other unions and NUS to demonstrate how unfair they feel the current system is. You can get involved in the SUARTS funding campaign at:

students involved and gaining support for the cause. The University has made some changes in response to our campaign, but the SU will still be going for green this year … get involved at:

On Wednesday 18th February 2009 at 4pm almost 100 students began an occupation of Byam Shaw School of Arts (a school of Central Saint Martins), to draw attention to their complaints about resources. Students donned t-shirts; banners were hung and posters plastered on the walls. Disillusioned students demanded answers about how the University spent students’ fees and issued a list of demands including a review of studio opening times and employing students at the college. Their plan was to occupy until their views were listened to and negotiations had started. Jon Rees a Byam Shaw student was involved in the planning of the occupation. He said: “The occupation itself was not overtly remarkable, a significant number of students refused to leave the college, the demands were issued and conversations and negotiations began almost immediately in an attempt to find a resolution.” The students were working together towards a shared goal. They divided into groups each focusing their attentions on either negotiations, food, or the media

and to document their actions. Jon Rees said: “There was a fantastically good-natured ethos to the occupation, we tried not to disrupt daily college life, only to add to it” The first few days of the occupation were dedicated to consensus meetings. Students sat in a circle and a system was devised using a series of hand signals to communicate agreement or disagreement in order to keep the meetings civilised and allow each person to have their views heard without disruption. The students quickly developed creative ways to relieve any tension by organising their own entertainment, from film screenings to mass energy aerobics class complete with lycra. Jon said: “Art works quickly started to be inspired by the occupation and an energy was generated which many said they hadn’t experienced before” “By the weekend we realised we could be in for the long-haul and a show started to take shape in the main passageway through the college. We were treated to a stunning musical performance by an ex-student, massages were received, spontaneous perfor-

mances with duvets were filmed and communal curries were cooked.” The longer the occupation continued, a greater sense of community developed. The protest sparked the idea that students could reclaim art for themselves, away from bureaucratic structures, but delivered by students for students. Jon said: “Being in college making work at 2am on a Sunday morning is a strange experience, it made me think about the possibilities of a live in art-community, a 24 hour art school where we taught each other through exchanging our skills, designing our own programme of events and talks according to our social and cultural interests. The occupation proved that we are the most powerful voice in the structure of art education. Jon believes that is why many of the demands were met; He said that management were very wary of where the peaceful and considerate protest would lead: and some realisation that we are paying money for what we could largely provide for ourselves.” 9 days and 6 minutes after the occupation had begun, negotiations ended and what came to be known as ‘the Byam Shaw

Charter’ was signed by the Students and UAL’s Rector, Nigel Carrington. Students had completed their mission, heading home to a hot bath and a comfortable bed they took with them a very real sense of achievement. They had created a community where their voices could be heard, and unexpected friends had been made They left with the knowledge that a united community is one that holds a certain amount of power and issued a stark reminder that students really are the heart and soul of any education institution. Jon Rees said: “One of the things that struck me most is how the level of trust around the place increased, laptops, cameras and piles of money were left lying around, there was an atmosphere of generosity and concern, there were blankets and pillows shared, and hugs exchanged.” The students involved in, the occupation of Byam Shaw achieved a lot, more than they had originally set out to achieve and successfully secured the Byam Shaw ethos for future generations of students: the opportunity to study in a small, broadbased art community where ideas flourish.”

// 9 9

Activities at UAL @ rden uk u b . j c. rts.a a . u s

Top Tips: FOR Sports & Socs Hello and welcome,

1.Surf the Net has My name’s James Burden (JB) all your sports and societies I am entrusted by UAL students information you need to know.

to continue to bring the sports and societies on offer into a new era! Being part of a Sport or Society is a hugely important part of university life, which gives you opportunities to get more from university than just your degree .

2.Visit the Students’ Union Based at The Hub on Davies Street. The central office has all the information about how to join up, start something new and who to contact.

My experience as president of the football society in 2007/08 and my first year in office at the SU in 08/09 has given me the foundations to make significant changes to the structure of Sports and Societies.

3.Give it a go Not sure what to expect, then try before you buy! All students have 3 weeks to try a sport or society, so make the most of this time and find out what is right for you before you join up officially.

With financial and staff support, you will be up and running in no time! Find out how at federation or pop into the office. 6. GO to the Ball Always an evening of fun and frolics, this ball is the pinnacle event for all those involved in clubs and societies, with awards presented and great entertainment. If you are involved in sports or societies, this is the event you cannot miss!

7.Varsity! Varisty is the big sporting event of the year, pitting UAL sports teams against Goldsmiths in the highly anticipated challenge for the Varisty Cup. UAL have If you are interested in starting 4.Don’t miss the Big Fayre won the title twice, however, All of the sports and societies something up then go to the website to find out how or look us will be there so you can find out surrendered the cup last year for the first time. Be sure, that UAL up in the guide or the Students more information Plus your will be doing all it can to bring the Union and come an speak to us. chance to get your hands on cup back to its rightful home, if some great freebies! you’re not playing then come and Big Arts Love support: 5.Set it up James Burden Can’t find what you want? Then set up a new sport or society. 10 /

Focus On Sports … *Sports Club of the Year 08/09*

Womens Football

Last year we had a storming season of played nine, won eight, winning the league by a clear 8 points. This will be the fourth year of Women’s Hockey at UAL and we’re going to make it a good one! We love to have fun and welcome all abilities.

Mens Rugby

Womens Hockey


For anyone who has an interest in basketball whether or not you have played before. With a Mens’ and Womens’ team in the league join us if you want to compete, or just get fit and have fun.


Set up during Freshers last year, we never looked back, with games against other Universities and regular socials. Whether you’re a bowling expert wanting to hone your technique or simply looking to chill out after class, come join us.


Do it, try something that you have always wanted to but never dreamed possible… be a Cheerleader. Represent UAL at national competitions, support UAL’s finest teams, make friends for life, keep fit and get flexible!

Mens Football

Arts FC is one of the oldest and biggest clubs at UAL, with three squads competing in the BUCS leagues, a tradition of good footballing teams, unity and a decent social presence within the University.


One of our oldest teams, UAL Netball boast 2 teams, competitive matches and a fantastic social side. Pro or a novis; get involved and make your time here amazing.

For girls keen to represent UAL on the football field; Arts Ladies FC is new this year, and will be going all out! Competing against other Unis and building a fantastic social presence. Set up three years ago, Arts’ Mens Rugby Club has since been BUCS League Champions twice. If you’re a keen player who wants to raise their game and get to know some top lads, don’t hesitate to get involved!

Mens Hockey

UAL Hockey will be competing in the BUCS league and challenging against other universities from across London. What ever standard you are, get involved, keep fit, socialise and make friends for life.


Live for the water or a complete beginner, it matters not with UAL Surf. Regular trips to the coast; a great opportunity to try your hand at this extreme sport.

Ski & Snowboard

Last year 144 students had the time of their lives in Val Thorens! Join us in making the 2009 UAL Ski Trip the best one yet! All levels are very welcome, lessons are available for those of you who have never been and want to give it a go.

Ultimate Frisbee

A mixed team sport, we hold chilled and fun training sessions twice a week. Beginners and experienced players are welcome. Join in sports socials and compete nationally.

...sports illustration // Joe Hughes

view all of our sports and societies online at:

/ 11

Focus On Societies ...

*Society of the Year 08/09 * The Breakin’ Society A great way to keep fit; learn Popin’, lockin’ and breakin’ and find out about the history. Find your own style and develop as a dancer .Taught by professional dancers from OneMotion Crew. Comfortable clothing and footwear is a must ! Ballet Society Weekly dance classes with professional dance teachers from London’s exciting, international dance community. We also go on trips to dance performances. Capoeira Society An Afro-Brazilian art form incorporating dance, fighting movements, music, poetry and theatre in a flowing, acrobatic game played between two people to the 12 /

Film Society Do you enjoy watching films? Do you enjoy discussing films? Are you are filmmaker? Features, shorts, documentaries, animation, if it Creative Writing moves, we screen it. Also organise: Society Creating a platform for UAL students guest speakers, group trips, and opportunities for students to show to share and discuss their prose, poetry, plays, scripts & literature in all their work. its forms. We aim to publish at least one magazine a year to showcase our Love Music Hate writing. Get your pens out! Racism (LMHR) LMHR was set up in response to rising levels of racism. It uses the Christian Union music scene to celebrate diversity Motivated by a love for God and and involve people in anti-racist and supported by local churches, we hope to encourage students to study anti-fascist activity. We organise events at UAL and elsewhere, if you God’s Word, explore theological want to perform, co-organise or just issues, and integrate art and faith. attend events, join us now. Expect artist talks, gallery visits, debates, worship, film nights, lectures, much fellowship & food! rhythm of the berimbau. Develop your fitness, flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and rhythm.

WE ALSO HAVE : Acoustic Soc / Afro - Caribbean Society / Another Education Is Possible /Burlesque Society / Chinese Society / Choir / Conservative Society / DJ Soc / Drama Soc / Events Soc / Jewish Society / Labour Society / Radio / Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Society / Liberal Society / Marxist Society / Palestine Solidarity Network / Rag - Raising And Giving / Rock Soc / Taiwanese Society / Theatre Goers Soc / Yoga

People & Planet Society Linked to the national organisation, UAL P&P is part of the largest student network in Britain campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment.

Jive Dance Society Learn to dance 40’s and 50’s style, it’s fun and easy to pick up with stepby-step training. You don’t need a partner to join. Additional outings, events and one-day workshops are planned, using every opportunity to go Jive dancing across the UK.

Photography Society A collective of people passionate about photography. Members have the chance to expand their skills and explore new aspects of photography and image manipulation. Exclusive access to a range of events and equipment. Come to the Dark Side... or at least the Dark Room.

Music Society Dedicated to spreading music throughout UAL, bringing together students We have a classical orchestra Pop/Rock group and are always open to new ways of expanding our club, and hope that we can start new bands/groups. If you’re a musician or just fond of music, feel free to join our club!

Islamic Society The Islamic Society otherwise known as ISOC is mainly based LCC. We aim to cater for all your religious needs as well as helping you find your way in your new surroundings. Fashion Society Established last year and already had great success with a charity catwalk, a popular monthly magazine club at fashion mecca RD Franks and the hottest socials at top London venues. Got a passion for fashion? - we want you! Manga, Anime & Games Society … or MAGS for short is all about precisely that! Our aim is to promote the enjoyment of anime, manga and videogames . Included screenings, gaming tournaments and general fun.

/ 13

Official UAL MERCHANDISE The one place to get kitted out for your time at UAL at:

i ❤❤ual t-shirt

Women’s Polo white

SU SHOP: £4.00

SU SHOP: £12.50

Men’s Black or Navy Polo

Women’s Polo Pink

Hoodie (Women’s Fit) Pink

SU SHOP: £12.50

SU SHOP: £12.50

SU SHOP: £22.50

Hoodie blue SU SHOP: £22.50

Hoodie Navy SU SHOP: £22.50

Hoodie Grey SU SHOP: £22.50

i ❤❤ual t-shirt SU SHOP: £4.00

Stylist/model // Luke Hippolyte Photographer/model // Megan Sharp

14 /

/ 15

Halls of Residence... Living in Halls is a once in a lifetime opportunity, never again will you have 30+ friends at a doors knock away from a party, dinner or movie night. It is really the best place to settle into a busy city like London and take the first steps to independence.

“My time in Halls was amazing. The first three weeks were just party after party, and that broke the ice to meeting so many people in my halls, before long, our flat was renowned for being the party flat.” James, Julian Markham House

“Ewan Henderson rocked, being down at New Cross scared me at first, but once I had moved in, I realised what a great student vibe there is down in South East London” Chloe, Ewan Henderson Court

ts. r a u w. s a l l s w w /h org

“Halls was fab, I felt safe and my room was great. Having an en suite bathroom made life easy and the communal kitchen/ lounge area allowed for great relaxing and socialising with my friends.” Rebecca, Manna Ash House

Top Tips: Find out who your Halls President is, they will have all the information about halls specific events and university wide parties, activities and events. Go door knocking and meet as many people in your halls as possible. It’s the best way to break the ice and settle into your new home.

“I studied at Camberwell so Bernard Myers was ideal. I really enjoyed living there and made some great friends that I know I will keep for life.” Sammy-Jo, Bernard

“Being in halls in London was a fantastic way to meet people in the city especially as we are not a campus uni. It gave me an opportunity to meet people from all six colleges.” Nasif, Don Gratton House

“Brooke was where I met my first bunch of friends, it was great fun. We made a chair out of beer cans, that’s what uni and halls is all about” Lester, Brooke Hall

/ 17


Will Marshall

Tim Devas

Less Common More Sense is our media wing … including our , awardwinning arts magazine, which is published three times a year and is co-ordinated, edited and designed by a team of student volunteers. Being part of the magazine team is a great experience, building your skills, contacts and portfolio as you go. Look online at: This year we’re also taking Less Common More Sense online, so will be on the look out for writers for the blog, budding DJ’s for podcasts and radio shows and some moving image geeks to create video content .. continually finding different platforms to showcase students’ work.

18 /

Stuart Ruel

Nadine Richards

Sign up- receive briefsubmit work-win the pitch- get paid* *creative’s whose work gets selected for use will get paid between £50-£200

Your Work! One of the main things that us creative types live for is getting our work our there for all to see, so the Students’ Union aim to provide a range of ways for students to showcase your work …

Lydia Hardwick

Tatiana Woolrych

Elizabeth Young

WINTER MARKET We Are Arts Each year, when the snow starts to settle, no wait we’re in England, well when it starts to rain … the Students’ Union organise the Winter Market, where students sell their arts & crafts! We invite the UAL community and public to come and buy – a great opportunity for students to make a bit of money and fulfilling the seasons need for presents. Perfection!

The Students’ Union has a number of gallery spaces and exhibition venues around UAL, which students can use for FREE to exhibit their work or stage one-off art events! Have a solo or group show, hold a short film festival or use the spaces for your latest performance piece. This year we’re also going to be breaking out of the UAL walls, looking for exciting exhibition spaces across London. Find out more at:

Hannah Fricker

Meiko Kikuta

Xhibit Xhibit is the biggest annual student-led exhibition. Organised by the Students’ Union, and held at the Arts Gallery in Davies Street it gives all students the opportunity to get their work seen by a wider audience. Look out for the call for submissions around xmas online at:

/ 19

budd ying@ uk

Once upon a semester, in a kingdom faraway The art wizards come together from September till May Possessing gifts of colour, movement and of sound They summon all art novices from the corners of the land Amongst these novices a fresher appears With creativity in his blood and youth in his years He bids goodbye to his loved ones and battles the underground Emerging lost and dishevelled and short of a few pounds But when stumbling through the campus, a voice shouts ‘Don’t despair!’ As Rugena and her Buddying chariot swoops from the air, The fresher jumps on and shouts ‘This is nang!’ The Buddy tuts and frowns ‘Mate please lose the slang.’ They ride through the campus and the secrets unfold, Cheap drinks, the laundrette and where vintage clothes are sold. The freshman looks on, with hopes, ideas and a grin, The Buddy shouts out ‘your future can now begin.’ A message to all new fresher’s –you’re not on your own, This Kingdom is your oyster so we’ll make it your home, And if ever you feel alone and at a loss of what to do, Remember that a buddy is there waiting for you. Poem by Nacima Khan

... mounted ceramic deer // Will Marshall

20 /

Dear Cyndi... The Students’ Union Advice Service offer free & confidential advice, either pop into a drop-in session or book an appointment. /

Dear Cyndi,

I need your help. I have been on a skiing holiday over Xmas and have broken my arm. I have an essay deadline in 2 weeks but can’t complete it. What can I do? Will my tutors give me an extension? Florence, 19 Dear Florence, I am sorry to hear about your accident. You should put in an extenuating circumstances form as soon as you can, and submit any work you have even if incomplete on the deadline. UAL doesn’t give extensions, but this form will notify the exam board of your situation and if accepted, they will allow you to hand it in at a new deadline without penalising you. Come and see the Advice Workers, Samantha or James, at the SU and they will help you fill in the form.

Dear Cyndi,

I’m a fresher from Devon and have been in London for less than a month. I have made no friends and feel lonely. Can you offer me any advice? Ben, 21 Dear Ben, The Students’ Union has a great buddying scheme that can help you with your problem. They will partner you up with a ‘buddy’ who is a current student, who will show you around University campus and London, and help you make friends. Drop an email to Rugena at buddying@su.arts. Leave your details and they will match you up!

Dear Cyndi,

I am really angry about the way I have been treated by my tutor, and feel my course is not meeting my expectations. What can I do? Hardeep, 36 Dear Hardeep, If you are comfortable talking to your course team, or Dean, you may want to discuss your grievance informally with them to start with, to see if the situation can be resolved. If you remain unsatisfied, you may want to put in a formal complaint. Please contact the Advice Workers, Samantha or James, at the Students’ Union, where they can assist you with the forms, and attend meetings with you for support.

/ 21

SU Bars The Students’ Union has 4 bars across UAL each with their own unique atmosphere. All of our bars are friendly, fun and cheaper than your average London venue! Located in Camberwell, Cheslea, LCC and Davies St. We offer safe environments for students to socialise and generally have a good time! What ‘s more, every penny you spend in the SU Bars goes back into funding sevices for students.

At the centre of the Student Hub and in the centre of the West End, the hub café is a smart and spacious venue. During the day the extensive menu of main meals, snacks and takeaways makes it the ideal spot to pop in for a long lunch or a quick bite to eat. The Bar is open every evening for food and there are always drinks promotions on offer! In the past the hub café has played host to a wide range of events, fashion shows, prestigious private views and artist talks as well student election results night parties.

Adjacent to the canteen, studio has a comfortable atmosphere and is an ideal place for working and socialising of an afternoon. studio doubles as a gallery space ‘The Rotating Gallery’ which see a rolling programme of student work, with new shows each month. Studio is a flexible evening venue, being able to expand into the canteen area so it’s played host to varied events; band nights, private views, drawing-offs, Kiss My.Arts, and DJ nights.

“I come to studio to enjoy cheap drinks and chill “The change in menu is good and it’s a great place out after lectures.” - Molly to meet friends after lectures. Its good value for “I will definitely try and come down for some money aswell” - Francesca of the events and hopefully show off my work in the gallery” - Chloe “The hub cafe is centrally located so once it closes there’s lots of good places to choose from to carry on the party at and they are all in walking distance... even in high heels! You can book part of the bar for private events which is what I did and had a very memorable night” - Manveer 22 /


Get a free tea, coffee or cold drink at any SU bar* Just fill in the details below: Email: Your course: An idea for an exciting event at one of our bars:


Set in the main building opposite the canteen, frame may be small but it’s a fantastic space at the heart of the College. With a laid back atmosphere during the day it turns into a vibrant, busy area during the evenings. The regular acoustic shows, experimental music nights; ‘Feel The Noise’, DJ sets, and pool competitions means there’s always something to do and the cocktail menu makes it just that little bit different!

darkroom at LCC is the largest of the SU Bars just off the Lower Street it offers an escape from the rest of the College. By day, the bar is chilledout, serving hot and cold food from 11am until 8pm meaning you can always grab a bite to eat with a refreshing beer or your chosen fizzy pop. darkroom comes alive at night thanks to the varied club nights including ‘Fuck Art, Lets Dance’, ‘Funky Fridayz’ and ‘Charity Shop Disco’

“It’s a great bar, I come here after my lessons and catch up with friends on different courses” - Melanie “I’ve recently been to a couple of really good events hosted by the third years to raise money for their end of year show. I had a really good time. Oh and the drinks are super cheap, which is always good.” - Benia “On a student budget this place is great, good music and it has a pool table.” - Ben

“It’s really good here, it’s open late and it drinks are cheap.” - Dean “I’m organizing an event here, it’s such a great space and I can do it for free.” - Rebecca “I’m here tonight to see my friends event, they have organised a dance off in the bar.” - Emma

... photography // Will Travers

/ 23


* Get a free tea (standard) or coffee (filter), soft drink (330ml cans) or water (Brecon Caregg) * Offer does not include speciality teas or coffees, Appletiser, Redbull or alcohol * This voucher cannot be redeemed for cash * Voucher only valid for above offer and cannot be part exchanged * Valid in SU Bars – studio, frame, darkroom & the hub café * Only One voucher per person * Offer closes Fri Dec 11th 2009 * This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer * All offers are subject to availability – N.B Chelsea and Camberwell bars do not serve hot drinks

...white paper sculptures // t

Want to run your Own Event? Our bars are available for students to use for free or hire out of hours. They are versatile spaces, great for gigs, club nights, fashion shows, live performances, comedy, quizzes, exhibitions and much more. SU staff will also help out as much as they can to ensure your event gets off the ground and is a success. The more diverse the better. Get in touch with your ideas just email: with any bookings or questions. Visit: . 24 /

Get a free tea, coffee or cold drink at any SU bar*

. suarts ts n e / g r o

Not interested in organising your own event?

Then come along to one of ours!

We run several events, parties & balls throughout the year. Here are just a few examples… Vintage Fayre

Elections Results Night

Pub Crawl

Big Thank You

THE place to pick up that vintage tea dress or designer jacket. The fayre is attended by a number of specialist sellers as well as all those would-be collectors. This is a great opportunity to pick up a truly unique bargain. Normally run in aid of RAG’s nominated charities, this pub crawl takes place at the beginning of the year and is one not to be missed. It’s seriously cheap, a great way to meet people, as well as a cheat’s guide to all the best student pubs in London!

Halloween Party

It’s horrific… but it’s meant to be! Come along to our Halloween special, wear your freakiest outfit, take a bullet to the head by our special effects make up artists, take advantage of slashed drinks prices and dance alongside zombies & witches!

The big one! The point when all those running for positions in the union find out their fate. This is a great night to find out a bit more about the union and who will be running it the following year, there is always high tension and hopefully a few laughs along the way! Our annual volunteer awards evening. Previous years have seen it held at the Hub Café, the Summer Fayre and most successfully at the Bloomsbury Bowl, where an evening of bowling, food and dancing ensued!

Graduation Ball

The final blow-out event of the year! Expect Artsstyle black tie, tuxedos and frocks, delicious food and outstanding entertainment, guests have included Dave Pearce and many more. A great end of year party as well as a farewell event for all those graduating.

/ 25

NUS Extra Discount card

Get amazing cheap deals and prices with our student discount card NUS Extra. Save money at many of the best high-street and online shops. Your NUS Extra card can be purchased online or from the Students Union Office at Davies St.



Are you interested in improving your CV, going to the top of the employers list and getting experience outside of your course? The Ideal Referral Service is an easy-to-use database featuring loads of new long and short term projects and opportunities to volunteer your time and skills. Search our referral service to find an opportunity that suits you.

Student Hub at UAL Course Enquiries * Information Desk * Student’s Union * Housing Services * Creative Careers Student Services * Counselling Services * Disability * Student Advisors * Arts Gallery Learning Zone * Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts * Alumni Association * Open Access IT International Office * Language Centre * CafÊ/Bar * Activities Studio 65 Davies Street, London W1K 5DA (nearest tube Bond Street)

College Shops

for all your course materials


our price £8.95 our price £4.95 our price £29.65

Spraymount 400ml sketchbook A4 Artcare folio A2


… sign and De

SHOP rt MILLBANK ge of A e ll o C a e Chels Islip Street, n 16 Joh SW1P 4JU London 67 514 77 5 7 0 2 0 @ 4 ☎☎ eashop 0.45-3. ✉✉ chels 10-5.15 Sat: 1 : jj M-F


CSM … BACK HILL SHOP s College of Central Saint Martin Hill, Art & Design, Back London EC1R 5EN ☎☎ 020 7514 6851 ✉✉ backhillshop@ar jj M-F: 10-5 ROW SHOP SOUTHAMPTON s College of Central Saint Martin pton Row, m Art & Design,Southa London WC1B 4AP ☎☎ 020 7514 7017 .uk ✉✉ southamptonrow

jj M-Th: 10-6 F: 10-5

ROAD SHOP CHARING CROSS s College of Central Saint Martin ing Cross ar Art & Design, 107 Ch 0DU H C2 W on nd Road, Lo ☎☎ 020 7514 7162 ✉✉ charingxshop@ar losed 2-3) (c jj M-Th: 10.30-5.30 45 2. 5 F: 10.1

ELEPHANT & CASTLE SHOP London College of Communication Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6SB ☎☎ 020 7514 6519 ✉✉ jj M-F: 9.30-6 / Sat: 9.30-3.30

high street price £10.95 high street price £5.95 high street price £49.95

LCF … LIME GROVE SHOP London College of Fashion Lime Grove, London W12 8ER ☎☎ 020 7514 7835 ✉✉ jj M-Th: 10-2 MARE STREET SHOP London College of Fashion 182 Mare Street, London E8 3RE ☎☎ 020 7514 8877 ✉✉ jj M-F: 9.30-4.30 CURTAIN ROAD SHOP London College of Fashion 100 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3JK ☎☎ 020 7514 7523 ✉✉ jj M-F: 11-2.30

CAMBERWELL… PECKHAM ROAD SHOP Camberwell College of Arts Peckham Road, London SE5 8UF ☎☎ 020 7514 6361 ✉✉ jj M-F: 10 -5

WIMBLEDON … WIMBLEDON SHOP Wimbledon College of Art Merton Hall Rd, London SW19 3QA ☎☎ 020 7514 9668 ✉✉ jj M, Tu, W & F: 10.30-2 Th:10.30-1

/ 27

Here ‘s a few pointers from our

before you begin...


Edmund Kevill-Davies LCC, BA (Hons) Photography, 2007 Photographer and recipient of the Jerwood Photography Prize 2007

Rosie Albaster CSM, BA Theatre Design for Performance (1998) Scenography Lecturer & Set Designer Steven Thomas Chelsea, DipAD Fine Art (1966) Designer, clients include Biba, The Rolling Stones & Pepsi Julia Lundsten LCF, BA (Hons) Womenswear (1999) Fashion Designer with own label, FINSK, & a range in Topshop

John Blaney Camberwell, MA Critical Studies (1998) Author of The Beatles: How Everything They Touched Turned to Gold.

Stephanie Wilkinson Wimbledon , BA (Hons) Fine Art (2007) Practicing Artist and part time Lecturer

Throughout the year alumni offer many talks for current students, through your course, in collaboration with ECCA and Creative Careers, and at University weeks such as Freshers’ Festival, Enterprise and Graduate Weeks. To find out more about the Alumni Association visit: 28 /

UAL Style

Freshly Squeezed favourite BA Hons Costume Design, Wimbledon College of Art

BA Hons Graphic Design We are loving…That you´re keeping it simple, Ellen- The short hair, loose striped shirt, the skinny black jeans & the ever-`white´ canvas shoes. Keeping it simple doesn’t stop you from making the statement with the brown tribal necklace. We love your style of keeping it minimal!

We are loving…Fringe Girl! Everyone´s doing it. From Rihanna to Lady Gaga who is rocking it with those extensions.The fringe is of perfect length. A little trouble to see maybe, but the `half covered, half visible´ eyes look sexy. The hat & the slightly open mouth pout complete the rock chic look !

Postgraduate diploma in photography. We are loving…The glasses, Zhen! The glasses made iconic by Yves Saint Laurent, himself. Not to mention, the big maroon bag. The big bag may not be the ultimate trend this season, but hell! It definitely makes a statement against the neutral shades you´re wearing, Zhen!

She is loving... “The guys at the SU really care and believe He is loving... “I sometimes go to the LCC bar, the nights in what they stand for” there are great”

FDA Knitwear (LCF) We are loving...Mercedes waistcoat. We like her style: wearing denim over a plain black dress & complimenting it with a chic scarf & black tote. She kept her make-up natural, perfect to sport on a hot summer day. The look is relaxed chic.

BA Tech Effects (LCF) We are loving …Sam’s rock glam look. Reminiscence of 80’s rock from the denim shorts, leggings and top. The highlight of her look is in the hair & make-up: accentuating the lips & cheeks in hot pink sweeping the hair off her face with a high tuft. This compliments her face, beautiful & ever-so dramatic!

She is loving...“I really like the activities run by the SU.  She is loving... “The SU She is loving...“The events Less Common, More Sense is facebook group is really during Freshers’ Festival were a great magazine too. I love the useful for keeping in touch really good fun” photography.” with everything”

...UAL Style by Maya Pinto & Shruti Mehta

/ 29

Interested in Music & Performance? This year we are looking for music and performance related groups to come forward. From live bands, poetry, drama to comedy, and musicals or radio. Would you like to apply for funding and support to help you launch something like this? ‌ email:

Every Wednesday Cheap drinks, Cheap entry, good times!

/ 31

1 eussi 01/9002


DEZEEUQ !stiB yciuJ dedda htiw


Freshly Squeezed  

The SUARTS Freshers Magazine 2009/2010

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