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Planning to Use Magento Go for your Online Business? Read On! The retail sector has expanded the world over, chiefly due to the increase in demand of goods and services globally. Today, millions of online shops have sprung up on the Internet and customers today have a wide choice when it comes to picking up a preferred product or service. Therefore, retail shop owners are faced with increased competition in the online retail sector, giving every ecommerce shop owner a run for their money.

Robust technology that has the capability to deal with the competition and increase the viability of the store in an aggressive state of affairs is the answer to this issue. The release of Magento ecommerce software has caught the ecommerce merchant community as it has the ability to craft effective as well as attractive web stores as an answer to most ecommerce needs. Now that Magento has established itself as a strong and dependable ecommerce platform for midscale to enterprise level companies, it has launched Magento Go for small scale companies and ecommerce entrepreneurs. Magento Go has been launched as a SaaS (Software as a Service) as a hosted platform. This arrangement offers more benefits for small merchants. Chiefly, it involves negligible costs and there is no need of maintaining a server at a physical location as the service is provided via a supporting cloud. Magento Go offers a range of benefits and features as below: 1. Since Magento Go is offered as a SaaS, it is offered as a rented ecommerce

service. Depending upon the plan chosen, Magento Go users have to pay between $ 15 to $ 125 per month, which actually depends upon the level of support that is required by the merchant. 2. Magento Go is highly flexible and highly customizable. It provides a dashboard

and a comprehensible user interface. Along with providing an intuitive navigation and a simplistic experience to individuals without much exposure to the Internet, Magento Go users are also able to use the administration panel in an easy and interactive manner.

3. Although Magento Go asks for more product information while adding products

compared to other SaaS ecommerce platforms, it also means that better data is being made available for coupon codes, shopping cart rules, cross selling, and onsite merchandising.

4. Magento Go also features a WYSIWYG editor so it is much easier for individuals

to use and format the description sections.


Since Magento Go offers payment processing integration with the help of PayPal, which is also owned by eBay just like Magento, it offers an easy way out when it comes to payment processing. Hence, if you already have a PayPal account or are planning to have one, then it gets all the more easier.

In a nutshell, Magento Go is just right for small merchants and ecommerce entrepreneurs who are looking to launch themselves into online retail. With Magento Go now available at reasonable costs and with its ease of use, you can take your business to the next higher level! Excellent Magento Go always plan too much and always think too little. This is a good starting point for small businesses.

Planning to Use Magento Go for your Online Business? Read On!  

We have built solid experience in achieving Magento go extension integration and Magento Go integration with other applications. With Magent...

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