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Keep valuables out of sight, preferably locked away in the trunk.

Never leave your wallet or purse in the car.

Lock all doors and secure all windows ever if you are leaving your car for a few minutes.

Install and use anti-theft devices, such as an alarm or protective device like a club or collar. Be sure to activate the device each time you leave your vehicle.

Park only in well-lighted areas and near other vehicles.

At home, if possible, park in a locked garage or the driveway.

If you must leave keys with a parking attendant, leave only your vehicle’s ignition key.

Don’t hide a spare key in magnetic key box; thieves look for this.

If you have two cars and one of them is easy to break in to, then park it in your driveway so it’s blocked by the other car.

When you park your car, turn the front wheels to the left or right and engage the emergency brake. This locks the wheels, making it difficult for the thief to tow your car.

Call the police if you notice suspicious activity.



Don’t be an Easy Target Protect Your Vehicle

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Crime Prevention Unit

Crime Prevention Services HOME SECURITY ASSESSMENT: We will conduct a comprehensive security assessment of your home and point out weaknesses that could be exploited by a thief. Additionally, we will provide recommendations to address these problem areas.

The Kissimmee Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers a variety of crime prevention services. In addition to a list of services available we have also included safety tips on how to protect your property. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 407.518.2400. If you SEE it . . . SAY it!

OPERATION ID: We have engraving tools on loan, so you can engrave an identifying marking on your personal property as a deterrent to theft. This can also aid in the recovery of your item if it is stolen. We will show you how to mark your property, so police officers can quickly identify the owner of the stolen property. Forms to record a list of your property will be furnished to you when you pick up the engraver. SPEAKER’S BUREAU: We have speakers available to attend your meetings and speak on topics, such as burglary, car theft, vandalism, and many other personal safety and security issues. FREE LITERATURE: We have many pamphlets with tips on how you can protect your family and property. *NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: We can help you and your neighbors organize a Neighborhood Watch. This will make criminals think twice about targeting your neighborhood. *BUSINESS WATCH: We can help local businesses organize a Business Watch, making your businesses safer for you and your customers.

Report Suspicious Activity: 407.846.3333

*Programs form a partnership between citizens and the police to address burglaries and other crimes in neighborhoods or businesses.

Residential Burglary Prevention •

Invest in heavy-duty doors and quality locks on all doors and windows, including sliding glass doors.

Whenever you go outside, lock the door and take the key with you, even if you are going next door or mowing the yard.

Do not put valuables where they can be seen from windows, especially items that can be easily carried.

Be sure your garage door can be secured. Do not leave it open when you are away. An empty garage is a sign of your absence.

Do not keep large amounts of cash or valuable jewelry in the house.

If someone comes to your house asking to use the telephone, make the call yourself. Do not invite them in.

Do not hide a spare key under your door mat or a flower pot. Thieves know all the usual hiding places.

Do not leave ladders outside. Also, keep all tools safely locked away in a garage or shed, so they will not be used to break into your home.

Always double check doors at night and keep windows locked.

Crime Prevention is Everyone's Business  

Crime prevention tips. For more crime prevention tips, contact the Community Relations Unit at 407-518-2400.