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2009 Fishing Tournament





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2009 BASF Executive Committee Ashley Bosch, Esq. Blok Urban Development, LLC, President

Miami-Dade County Procurement

10 Broward Legislative Update 10 Cobblestone Sponsor: RC Home Showcase 11 Miami-Dade Legislative Update 11 New Business At Homestead Air Force Base 12 BenTrust Financial Hosts Mix-N-Mingle 13 Neighborhood Stabilization Plan

Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr. SunTrust Bank, First Vice President Fernando Martinez Caribe Homes, President-Elect Marianna E. Perez City National Bank of Florida, Second Vice President Alberto Milo, Jr. The Urban Development Group, LLC, Secretary-Treasurer

Ray Castellanos, Authentic Construction, LLC, Assistant Secretary Robert Duffy Foundation Insurance Group, Immediate Past Vice President Rey Melendi, Lennar Homes, Inc., Immediate Past President

Lani Kahn Drody Lowell Homes, Inc.


Harold Eisenacher Carr Residential, LLC

Orlando Diaz Real Estate Diaz Investment Group, Inc.,

Julian David Gonzalez, C.P.S. Security John McQueston Centurion Capital Fund, LLC

Luis F. Quiñones, Jr. BenTrust Financial EX OFFICIO

Lenny Miller Pasadena Homes, Inc., Life Executive Committee Member PRESIDENTIAL BUILDER APPOINTEES

Luis Rabell, LPR Builders, Inc.

Miriam RodriguezAlvarez Bonded Builders Risk Management

Toni Pacelli-Hinkley, Builders Association of South Florida, Executive Vice President

J.C. Calleiro CEMEX

Oscar Barbara Quantum

14 March Mix-N-Mingle at Opustone 15 Comcast Cares Day

Richard M. Horton The Green Companies

2009 BASF Board of Directors

18 2009 SEBC & Green Building Show July 29 20 Coming Up: Golf & Havana Nights

Fred Abbo Prime Homebuilders Hugo V. Alvarez Alvarez, Almazan & Barbara, LLP

22 New Members And Renewals

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Alex Galvez Cogent Consulting Engineering Construction LLC

Alex Lastra Atlantic & Pacific Development

Jeff Daley Avatar Communities / Brookman Fels

Luis Garcia Adonel Concrete

Tony Barrios Matrix Employee Leasing, Inc.

Frank De Varona MarineMax

Fernando X. Gomez BankUnited, FSB

Ernie Bascuas The Sherwin-Williams Company

William J. Delgado The Builder’s Consultant Group

Richard Gomez TGSV Enterprises


Carlos Castellanos C Squared Construction, Inc.

Cesar Llano Century Homebuilders

Patricia M. Lubian Regions Bank

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Ruben Bertran Vitran Homes,Corp.

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Esq. Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.

Noah Breakstone BTI Developers Layla Caballero The Miami Herald

Shahin Etessam CD Group, LLC, Greatstone Development, Inc.

Edwin Carrion E&D Development, Inc.

Barbara Ferrer, Esq. Akerman Senterfitt

Alex Castellanos Advance Capital Services, Inc.

Jose Gonzalez Flagler Development Group

Tom C. Murphy Coastal Construction Group

Carolina Herrera Lennar Homes, Inc.

Stanley B. Price, Esq. Bilzin, Sumberg, Baena, Price & Axelrod LLP

Eduardo Hornero First Bank Florida

Oscar Rodriguez The Related Group

Diana Ibarria Standard Pacific Homes

John Storm Comcast

John Kiskinis Kiskinis Communications, Inc.

James B. Werle Werle Associates, PL

Note: All BASF Life Directors, Past Presidents and Past First Vice Presidents are also members of the Board of Directors.

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Carlos Lopez DeWalt Power Tools

BASF Staff Toni Pacelli-Hinkley Executive Vice President Odalys Galiano Saenz Director of Events & Sponsorship

Janina Goenaga Executive & Legislative Assistant

Brandon Biederman Government Affairs Director for Broward County

Truly Burton Government Affairs Director for Miami-Dade County

Lilia Morales Junior Accountant/ Bookkeeper


GROWTH MANAGEMENT BILL SIGNED BY CRIST The 2009 Florida Legislative Session was no less controversial than in previous years, but it delivered some legislation very important for Florida’s home building industry. Senate bill 360 worked its way through both chambers and was signed by Governor Crist on June 1. It enacted some sweeping changes to the state’s growth management laws. For example, it extends the deadline for local governments to submit financially feasible “capital improvement elements” to December 1, 2011. Governor Crist credited the new legislation as a response to Florida’s economy and housing situation. He expects it to stimulate the economy and generate jobs. That’s not only good for the BASF. It’s good for everybody. The new bill eliminates a penalty in p rior legislation from 2005 (also labeled SB 360) for failing to adopt an element for public schools. To ease the impact of today’s real estate market, the bill extends the expiration date of many permits, including Development of

Regional Impact (DRI) orders, for another two years. That helps keep some important projects in the pipeline. The bill helps dense areas that faced the impact of the DRI statute. Now, new developments located in dense urban land areas are exempt from the DRI statute. The legislature will gather data on population, density and land annually and, beginning July 1, will submit to planners a list of areas that qualify. The bill also calls for a study of a mobility fee system that could replace the proportionate share payments paid by developers for the impact of transportation. Legislators agreed that Florida’s urban centers can’t continue to manage transportation issues just by building more roads. State planners have until December 1 this year to report on how best to institute a mobility fee. Although only two months in the spring are set aside for legislators to hammer out issues that impact our jobs and our lives, this year’s legislation was important for Florida’s building industry and the immense hurdles it

faces. Along with passing SM 360, several changes were made to 2009 BASF President affordable housing Ashley Bosch programs that clarify procedures for the preparation and conveyance of property and empower the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to give preference to developers with experience in affordable housing, thereby ensuring the availability of such homes. BASF has been advocating for our members since 1944 and will continue that tradition. Keeping you in business is our business.

July 14

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an Invitation To Bid, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

July 21

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an RFP/RFQ Proposal, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

July 28

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an Architectural & Engineering Proposal, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

July 30 – Aug 1 South East Building Conference and Green Building Show, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Aug 8

Havana Night, 7 p.m. – midnight at The Havana Club (200 Biscayne Blvd., 55th Floor)

Aug 11

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an Invitation To Bid, Miami- Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

Aug 18

Executive Committee Meeting, 9:30 AM at BASF

Aug 18

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an RFP/RFQ Proposal, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor



Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. – noon 4 BASFNews



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BE PREPARED! Ah, Summertime! Time to kick back and plan for vacations or “staycations” and also time to plan for hurricanes! We’ve dodged a bullet the last couple of years, but according to weather experts, South Florida is still the #1 target for hurricanes that strike the United States. That’s a good reason to remind builders and developers of tips for securing job sites if a storm heads our way. Although we hope you don’t have to use these tips, we encourage you to share these with staffers and adapt them to fit your situation. Two to three days before landfall plan on canceling delivery of building materials to all job sites except the materials you need to secure your site against storm damage. One to two days before landfall, stop all construction activity but use your subcontractors to help secure the building site. At this stage, local building departments usually stop field inspections except for those related to pouring columns, tie beams, wet decks, floors and similar structural projects. Pay attention to job sites in populated areas and clean up construction debris. Tie together loose lumber, secure other building

Most of us depend on cell phones and other wireless devices, so make sure you have lots of fresh batteries. Fill up Executive Vice President Toni Pacelli-Hinkley gas tanks in all vehicles you may need at home and at work. Take photos of any valuable items at home and those that must remain at job sites. Remember the helpful Disaster Contractors Network link at It shares information and resources among contractors, sub and vendors, government agencies and business owners after disasters. If we’ve left out something, ask for help now from local emergency officials. Here are current phone numbers – Miami-Dade: 305-468-5400. Broward: 1-954-831-3900. Monroe: 1-305-289-6018. Palm Beach: 1-561-712-6400. We hope you won’t need these tips, but “be prepared” is more than just a Boy Scout motto.

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an Architectural & Engineering Proposal, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

Aug 27

Board of Directors Meeting,

Sept 8

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an Invitation To Bid, Miami- Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

Sept 9

Executive Committee Meeting, 9:30 AM at BASF

Sept 15

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an RFP/RFQ Proposal, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

Sept 17

BASF Annual Golf Tournament, Shula’s Hotel & Golf Club

Sept 22

Free Vendor Workshops- How To Prepare an Architectural & Engineering Proposal, Miami-Dade DOPM, 18th Floor Room 18-3, 10:00 a.m. - noon

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Aug 25

materials, and remove your permit board and other signs. If portable potties on site won’t be picked up by the rental company, move them to a wind protected area and weigh them down with blocks or sand to prevent tipping. Locate and turn off electricity, water and gas at the site and advise your subcontractors to leave the area, making sure you have their contact numbers to reach them when it’s safe to return. One day before landfall, go home and take care of your family. Hopefully, by now you would have reviewed tips from local media and pamphlets from home centers and grocers.





FATHER’S DAY AND FISHING... AN EXCUSE TO ESCAPE TO FIVE YEARS AGO THE BASF FISHING TOURNAMENT WAS STARTED. TODAY IT IS BETTER KNOWN AS THE BASF FATHER’S DAY BASH. NOT BECAUSE IT IS A CATCHY NAME, (ALTHOUGH IT IS) BUT BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A FISHING TOURNAMENT. THE BASH IS FOUR DAYS OF FUN–FILLED EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. THERE IS TRULY SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE TO DO EVERY DAY. The festivities started stateside As everyone enjoyed the great in May with the captain’s party food, the Fashion Show took the at Monty’s in Coconut Grove. main stage. The “models” were all Graciously sponsored by Costa Oil, selected from the attendees which this party had the drinks flowing made it even more fun. The crowd and the stone crabs cracking. cheered for their favorite outfit and The teams gathered to review the model. It was an incredible way event schedule and rules… and to end the evening. also to have some great drinks There had been a lot of talk and food. It was an incredible on the docks about the Scavenger way to get everyone geared up Hunt. The hunt more closely for the bash. resembled the Amazing Race Wednesday was the first official with clues leading teams from one day of events in Bimini. The teams location to another all over Bimini. and families all arrived at their Teams collected seven clues and own pace and got ready for the then tried to solve the final clue island-side kickoff party sponsored Top Team “Dottie’s Delight” with 45-pound black grouper and kingfish. “Put all the clues together and do Left to Right: Randy Robertson, Martin Wigderson, Mike Hefferon, Ken by Custom Protection Services. like E.T.” The clue made reference Haddix, Sean Pacitti and John Storm Once again the food and drinks to the hit movie phrase “E.T. flowed – it seems to be a pattern for Bash events. The kickoff party phone home.” But what exactly did the teams have to do? What took place poolside at Bimini Bay’s infinity pool which was the perthe teams didn’t realize was that there was a single number on the fect backdrop for the evening. The weather was a perfect foreback of each clue. When the clues were put in order, the numbers shadow of the climate for the entire week. on the back were: 3 4 7 1 3 8 3. That is the Bahamas phone For the teams who were already on the island, there was a number for Tony Albelo, the tournament director. The first team VIP Fishing Tournament on Thursday. The teams awoke to the to call him won the hunt and that was the team on “Damian I.” ever popular MarineMax Hangover Clinic skillfully managed by Later Bimini Bay hosted a pool party where all the teams and Betty DeVarona of MarineMax. She laid out a spread of breads, families enjoyed BBQ delights. Live music filled the air along with muffins, and other breakfast delights along with fresh coffee. It plenty of excitement and anticipation. You see, it was also time was a perfect start for the day. As the afternoon rolled around, for the Kids Dock Tournament. the teams started to come in slowly. The fishing reports were not Each year more and more families come to the Bash. Part of the sounding all that hot. Teams brought in plenty of dolphin and other reason is because of activities like the Kids Dock Tournament. This species, but none that were of any significant size – all except for year APCO Homebuilders and The Firm Real Estate provided the rods “A Wendy Day.” JC Alvarez’s crew weighed in a beautiful 28-pound and Gary Robinson Attorney At Law provided the back packs. The grouper to win the one-day VIP Tournament. The crowd quickly dock was crowded with kids and their parents getting ready for the broke up as everyone headed to the showers to get ready for the contest to start. Over 30 children participated and even more adults! Fish Fry and Fashion Show. Once the fishing started, it was non-stop action. Since this was an Later that evening, the crowd favorite Fish Fry and Hook & Tackle all-release format, the kids kept yelling out every time they caught a Fashion Show took place. All the teams donated fish for the Fish fish. They had to in order for the catch to be counted. “I got one over Fry and Bimini Bay’s chef prepared it several ways. here!” “There are two over there!” Parents even got into the action 6 BASFNews



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All the kids and their trophies

Julian David Gonzalez and his wife Zaida (CPS Securities)

Fernando Martinez, Julian David Gonzalez and Ashley Bosch

Maria Martinez, Fernando Martinez, Frank DeVarona, Yalennie Vinas and Betty DeVarona

Nancy Enriquez

helping scream out the catches and releases. “It was sort of a mix between a little league game and a fishing tournament” commented a bystander. There is no official winner of this event since every participant is considered a winner. Each child got to keep their rod and reel, a back packs, and also a participation trophy. Friday’s action-packed schedule ended with the Poker Tournament. Twenty players anted up to see who would take the title. After several hours of playing, bluffing, and “all-in’s,” Jorge Gonzalez took home first place. The main fishing tournament took place on Saturday as the teams battled for beautiful trophies, Calcutta money and 100 gallons of fuel offered up by Costa Oil. The conditions seemed better for fishing and it showed at the weigh-ins. Every team weighed fish including some decent yellowfin tuna from “Sea Curity,” big kingfish and dolphin from “Damian I,” and a huge black grouper from “Dottie’s Delight.” And that’s the way it ended up: “Sea Curity” in third, “Damian I” in second, and “Dottie’s Delight” took home the title, the money, the free fuel, and the trophy. The exclamation point of this incredible weekend was the awards dinner on Saturday night. Every participant came ready to enjoy the food and company. Each winner in each event was recognized as well as all the junior anglers. Awards were handed out and everyone shared stories of the weekend. It could not have been a better ending. The BASF Father’s Day Bash continues to be well attended even in the current climate. This is a testament to the hard work of the committee and BASF staff. It is also due to the incredible amount of diverse activities hosted during the week. We invite everyone to participate next year and be part of the committee and/or join in as participants. It is a week you and your families will not forget.

Hunt winners “Damian I”

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Fishing Committee: JC Enriquez, Fernando Martinez, Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr., Lazaro Vilarchao, Betty DeVarona, Frank DeVarona, John Storm, Ashley Bosch, Julian David Gonzalez

Zaida Gonzalez, Nancy Enriquez and Marilyn Marrero

The crew from second place Damian II at the weigh in station

JC Enriques (The Paint Shop) and Family

Fish Fry Buffet BASFNews




Tony Albelo and Lili Enriquez (JC’s daughter)

Javier Cruz from Y&T Presenting 2nd place to Damian I

JC Alvarez (Universal Concrete) with Frank DeVarona (MarineMax)

The Fishing Females Juani Valdes (Open Wide), Maria Alvarez (Wendy Day), Nancy Enriquez winner female angler (Seacurity), Marilyn Marrero (Seacurity), Zaida Gonzalez (Seacurity)

Top VIP Team “A Wendy Day”

Fashion Show Models


Scott Moore (MarineMax) with Teri Terzo

Ashley and Tony Bosch (Blok Urban Development)

Ace Garcia (American Fasteners} and Carlos Lopez of (DeWALT)

John Ryziw and Anthony Jabara (Miami Marlins) with Fernando Martinez of Caribe Homes (center)

Ralph Rurell (APCO Home Builders), Leonor Garrido and Zandra Mederos (The Firm Real Estate) and Lazaro Vilarchao (APCO Homebuilders)

Commodore Julian David Gonzalez (C.P.S. Security), his wife Zaida and JC Enriquez (The Paint Spot)

8 BASFNews



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Esther and Carlos Gonzalez with their beautiful daughters

Frank Terzo from Gray/Robinson Modeling

Betty and Sebastian DeVarona

Justin, Jolene and Ashley Bosch

Teri and Frank Terzo

Julian David (CPS Securities) protecting things


WORKSHOP DRAWS FULL HOUSE BASF’s third Business Opportunities Forum was hosted at the recently renovated BASF Conference room. BASF hosted Director of Miami-Dade County Procurement Miriam Singer and her two senior contracting officers, for a morning-long session. Ms. Singer strongly encouraged all BASF members to submit their applications to become vendors with Miami-Dade County. She explained all the details, provided the links to obtain applications and the “Do’s and Don’ts” of working with the County. Further, she directed all participants to key websites which provide schedules for future County contracts and encouraged their enrollment, so that members can be ready to submit their qualifications for the millions of dollars in upcoming work.

Jose Diaz (Akerman Senterfitt) and Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr. (SunTrust)

Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial) and Truly Burton (BASF) with Miriam Singer (center)

BASF members expanding business opportunities at BASF office

Tiffany Leal and Jeanette McKinney (Nova Engineering and Environmental) with James Vose

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HISTORIC MEETING FOR ALTERNATIVE WATER Broward and Palm Beach Water Task Forces Meet – The Broward and Palm Beach Water Resources Task Forces held a joint meeting to discuss opportunities for collaboration for the development of a regional alternative water supply project. This project is referred to as the C-51 Reservoir, an alternative water supply concept that has been supported by water providers in both counties. The project is estimated to have the lowest per gallon cost of any of the alternative water supply options available. This historic meeting will be the

meetings as a key issue will be how to pay for these proposed improvements. BASF Represented on the City of Hollywood’s Green Advisory Team – Jay Huebner, P.E., LEED AP from HSQ Group, Inc. will be representing BASF on this important committee. This committee will be meeting monthly to discuss ideas on how the city can work toward becoming more green “friendly.” These meetings will take place at the Hollywood City Hall on the fourth Thursday of each month from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Broward County Creates website on Economic Stimulus Projects – Broward County has created a Web site providing real time, detailed information on local projects that are part of the federal ecnomic stimulus program. The site tracks dollars received and spent, jobs created, and subcontractors and sub-grantees involved, and contains information and other resources of interest for businesses. Visit for more information.

first time that officials from Broward County, Palm Beach County and the South Florida Water Management District convene to discuss the project proposal, considerations and next steps. BASF is monitoring these

Broward League of Cities Installs their 2009 – 2010 Officers – The new President of the Broward League of Cities is Commissioner Gary Resnick of Wilton Manors, the First Vice-President is Commissioner Roy Gold of Coral Springs,

the Second Vice-President is Commissioner Dan Stermer from Weston, the Secretary is Mayor Beth Talabisco from Tamarac and the Treasure is Rae Carole Armstrong from Plantation. BASF congratulates the newly elected executive board and looks forward to continuing to working with the League. Broward Political Dominos Continue to Fall – With the statewide offices of Governor, Attorney General, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) being vacated and now deemed “open seats” the Broward political landscape has begun to change. With State Senator Jeff Atwater declaring his candidacy for CFO, State Representative Kelly Skidmore has declared her candidacy for Senator Atwater’s Senate seat, as has Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff. Thus, we will have a minimum of two open house seats in Broward, and possibly even more before the filing deadlines in 2010. Broward County Housing Council Continues to Meet – The Broward County Housing Council will hold four more hearings through the end of 2009. This group was created to facilitate coordination between the County, municipalities and the business community to address housing issues. For a complete listing of the future meeting dates, please contact Brandon Biederman at BASF.


NEW COBBLESTONE SPONSOR: RC HOME SHOWCASE BASF is proud to welcome its newest Cobblestone Sponsor, RC Home Showcase. They have been providing design, engineering, supply and installation of exterior glazing products on high rise buildings since 1990. RC has installed more than 18 million square feet of exterior glazing products. They design, manufacture and install superior fenestration products to satisfy the most 10 BASFNews



demanding architectural specification in a variety of unique shapes, sizes and colors. Their manufacturing and testing facility in Miami uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce superior windows, sliding glass doors, glass railings and curtain wall. For more information on BASF’s newest Cobblestone Sponsor, RC Home Showcase, visit

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GROWTH MANAGEMENT BILL SIGNED School Interlocal Agreement adopted by Commission and School Board – DCA approval likely – Growth Management bill includes charter schools as another mitigation option. At their April 21 and 22 meetings respectively, the Miami-Dade County Commission and School Board adopted the final version of the School Interlocal Agreement. The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is likely to approve the agreement by mid-summer, after which time school concurrency will become mandatory for all residential developments in the County. BASF’s main concern was about the use of charter schools as a mitigation option. While a provision was included in the agreement, it lacked specificity. However, the Growth Management bill, recently signed into law by Governor Crist, includes a provision which specifically enumerates the use of charter schools for mitigation. This now establishes that charter schools are one of several acceptable mitigation options if the School Board has insufficient capacity for a future development. BASF leaders continue work with County staff re: extensions to entitlements approvals– Growth Management bill impact being assessed – On June 2, 2009, Governor Crist signed into law the Community Renewal Act, SB 360. The bill includes numerous favorable provisions for

the home-building industry. In addition to the charter school provision mentioned above, the new law extends all building permits, some environmental permits and a variety of other development approvals and entitlements for two years. The County Attorney’s Office is now evaluating the bill, to determine its impact on the efforts BASF members were pursuing earlier in the year with the County, relating to development approvals and entitlements extensions. BASF will be evaluating the bill’s impact as well and advising its members, too. Update on Miami 21 – BASF’s working group, led this year by attorney Vicky Garcia-Toledo, continues to monitor Miami 21 and potential public hearing dates. While rumors continue to circulate about when the hearings will be held, nothing is certain at this time. If a date is finally confirmed with the City Commissioners’ offices, we will communicate that to all interested members. Some highlight issues that remain unresolved in the draft code re-write are: inadequate legal provisions for nonconforming uses and structures, effective down-zoning of many parcels, and the draft code’s sudden increase from 200 to 400 pages without sufficient public input. BASF will continue working with allied groups to oppose the adoption of this document in its current form.

WASD process improvements meetings on-going - Rules and Regulations document pending adoption – with a very dedicated working group led by Jose Gonzalez and Andrew Adams, PE, BASF continues to meet with Water and Sewer Department staff to improve all aspects of the Water and Sewer Department’s plan review procedures. A special panel discussion was held at the Miami-Dade Legislative Committee’s May meeting. Senior WASD staff spoke about the Department’s future capital improvements to support future development needs and how the Department is meeting the South Florida Water Management District’s water conservation and other permit requirements. BASF Excels in Hosting Business Development Forums – while we continue working hard at local Government Affairs activities, BASF staff has also organized five Business Opportunity Forums since January of this year. These events, some of which are highlighted throughout this issue, are tailored exclusively to help you learn about and obtain government contracts from the County, Regional and Federal Procurement programs. Take full advantage of your BASF membership: attend the next Business Development Forum!


BASF HOSTS LOCAL MILITARY VETS BASF hosted a group of Military Veterans who are interested in working cooperatively with our members and other organizations to help rebuild certain key services at the Homestead Air Force Base. After an overview of the issues, BASF and representatives of several retired military organizations developed a plan for future steps. This includes how to obtain Federal and Military contracts. BASF supports the local Veterans’ efforts to obtain specific military improvements at the base. More joint meetings are scheduled in the future. BASF would like to thank The Home Depot for sponsoring this meeting. For more photos, visit visit for up to date industry information

Left: Ruben Bertran (Vitran Homes), Rick Morrow, Star Manso (Flagler Development) , Paul Kruger (American Legion) and Alex Gonzalez (Flagler Development) Right: Henry Laureiro (Standard Pacific Homes), Diana Gonzalez (Military Affairs Committee), Ruben Bertran (Vitran Homes), Paul Kruger (American Legion) and Truly Burton (BASF) BASFNews




MIX-N-MINGLE AT BENTRUST FINANCIALGREAT SUCCESS Nearly 120 members and prospective members attended the April 23rd Mix-NMingle at BenTrust’s Miami headquarters. The evening included Cuban inspired hors d’oeuvres, lively conversation and a raffle featuring BASF backpacks, Chivas Regal Scotch, a Florida Marlins jersey and much more. BASF would like to thank Luis Quiñones and BenTrust Financial for their generous sponsorship of this outstanding Mix-n-Mingle. For more photos, visit

Vince Castro (BenTrust Financial), Eduardo Hornero (FirstBank Florida) and Manny Fernandez (BenTrust Financial)

Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial) with Marlins memoribilia winner Ninozzka Rodriguez (ValleyCrest) and John Ryziw of the Florida Marlins franchise

Ashley Bosch (Blok Urban Development) and Alex Lastra (Atlantic & Pacific Development)

Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial), J.C.Calleiro (CEMEX), and Ace Garcia (American Fastener Corp.)

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (Becker & Poliakoff) and Lisa Maxwell (Aberdeen Global Investments)

Truly Burton (BASF) and Maira Alonso (Florida Silica Sand Company)

Ernie Bascuas (Sherwin-Williams), Alex Lastra (Atlantic & Pacific Development), Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial) and Janett Anglero (Ven*Us International)

Eduardo Hornero (First Bank Florida), Ruben Bertran (Vitran Homes) and Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes)

Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial) waits as John Ryziw of the Florida Marlins franchise picks a winner

12 BASFNews



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Ron Mann (BenTrust Financial) and Joseph Hernandez, Esq. (Hogan & Hartson)

Ashley Bosch (Blok Urban Development), Luis Quiñones ((BenTrust Financial) and Carlos Gonzalez (SunTrust)

Eduardo Hornero (First Bank Florida) and Ashley Bosch (Blok Urban Development) Note Rob Duffy on the screen behind them!

Javier Mas (RED I Mortgage) and Denise Mas, with Ace Garcia from American Fastener Corp

J.C. Callerio (CEMEX) and Jay Arnold (The Arnold Creative Group)

Luis Quiñones host of the evening’s Mix-N-Mingle

NEIGHBORHOOD STABILIZATION PLAN WORKSHOP GENERATES OVER 200 RFPS BASF’s conference room was at “standing room only” for this special Pre-RFP Seminar specifically organized for members to learn about the Federal Government’s Neighborhood Stabilization Plan (NSP). Under this program, MiamiDade County received approximately $90 million in Federal funds to repair and rehab foreclosed properties. The purpose of the workshop was to inform members about how to prepare and submit winning proposals for this work. BASF invited County senior staff who will be supervising this program, thus introducing our members to key decision-makers on this important new source of work. By mid-June, a large group of qualified builders will have been chosen by the County to conduct this work, with rehab work expected to start by summer.

Miami-Dade's Bill Pupo and DeWayne Little with BASF's Incoming President Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes)

Patrick Lee (Shorecrest Construction), Barry Lynn (New Homes Sys, LLC) and DeWayne Little (Miami-Dade County)

Luis Villar and Ruben Bertran (Vitran Homes) with DeWayne Little and Bill Pupo (Miami-Dade County)

Bill Pupo (Miami-Dade County) , Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes), Luis Villar (Vitran Homes) , Truly Burton (BASF) and DeWayne Little (Miami-Dade County)

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OPUSTONE HOSTS MARCH MIX-N-MINGLE BASF’s March Mix-n-Mingle drew more than 100 members to Opustone’s Granite & Marble Showroom. Samplings of Opustone’s gorgeous pieces were evident in their conference room table and on display throughout their showroom. Those who attended were treated to a tour of the facility while sipping cocktails and enjoying a delicious sampling of foods. BASF would like to thank Eric Schigiel, Ivette Dominguez and Luis Vivas of Opustone for being such gracious hosts. For more photos, visit

John Storm (Comcast) and Alex Lastra (Atlantic & Pacific Development)

Janina Goenaga (BASF), Eric Schigiel (Opustone) and Odalys G. Saenz (BASF)

Brandon Biederman (BASF), Ninozzka Rodriguez (ValleyCrest Companies) and Luis Quinones (BenTrust Financial)

John Ebenger (center) of Berkowitz Dick Pollack and Brant with Leo and Lisa Schigiel (Opustone)

Robert Duffy (Foundation Insurance) and Shahin Etessam (CD Group LLC)

Jim Werle (Werle Associates), Ashley Bosch, (BASF President) and Truly Burton (BASF)

Jim Werle (Werle Associates), Eric Schigiel (Opustone), Ashley Bosch (Blok Urban Development) and Alex Castellanos (SunTrust Mortgage)

Alex Lastra (Atlantic & Pacific Development) and Truly Burton (BASF)

Eric Schigiel (Opustone), Richard Gomez (TGSV Enterprises) and Alex Castellanos (SunTrust Mortgage)

14 BASFNews



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COMCAST & BASF SPRUCE UP OLETA RIVER STATE PARK On April 25, BASF members joined more than 600 local Comcast employees and their families and friends to improve Oleta River State Park in North Miami as part of Comcast’s eighth annual Comcast Cares Day. This year, Comcast also partnered with City Year, Hands On Miami and LABA members for the event. Volunteers kept busy by working on several projects throughout the park. The landscaping of the grounds was part of the day’s green initiative, and native plants were used to maintain the park’s eco-balance. Energy efficient light bulbs were also installed in the cabins, offices and concession stands. “We are extremely proud to once again join forces with Comcast,” said Ashley Bosch, BASF president. “BASF is constantly exploring new ways to help our community and we look forward to future projects that have a positive impact on South Florida’s residents. Community involvement remains one of our organization’s main missions.”

Renovations were made in compliance with the ADA (American Disability Act) to ensure access for handicap visitors. The campgrounds used by the Boy and Girl Scouts including log cabins and picnic tables all received a fresh coat of paint. BASF members John McQueston (Centurion Capital Funds), Luis Quiñones (BenTrust), Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes), Rob Duffy (Foundation Insurance Group), John Storm (Comcast), Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr. (SunTrust), Cristina Rodriguez (Kiskinis Communications) and BASF President Ashley Bosch helped construct a series of exercise stations including pull-up bars and a balance beam. Toni Pacelli-Hinkley, BASF executive vice president, was also on hand lending her support. BASF would like to recognize J.C. Calleiro (CEMEX) and Juan Carlos Enriquez (The Paint Spot) for their generous contributions to Comcast Cares

Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr. (SunTrust Bank), Ashley Bosch (Blok Urban Development) and Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes)

John Storm (COMCAST) and Ashley Bosch (Blok Urban Development)

Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr. (SunTrust Bank) and Oleta River State Park Ranger check to be sure that the balance beam is level

Robert Duffy (Foundation Insurance), John McQueston (Centurion Capital Fund), Carlos E. Gonzalez Jr. (SunTrust Bank) and Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes) assemble balance beam

Robert Duffy(Foundation Insurance), Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial), Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes), Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr. (SunTrust), Toni Pacelli-Hinkley (BASF) & Jeanie Hernandez (COMCAST)

Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes) and Robert Duffy (Foundation Insurance) bring to mind the catch phrase from "Tool Time"

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John McQueston (Centurion Capital Fund) and Fernando Martinez (Caribe Homes)

Day and its members for dedicating their time and talent to this wonderful cause. “We are grateful for the generosity our partners have shared with their time and their resources,” said Jeanie Hernandez (Comcast). “Comcast Cares Day is a day we are so proud of and this day represents the importance of our community coming together as a collective force to make a true difference in Miami-Dade County.” For more photos, visit





MAY… MEMBERSHIP MONTH During the month of May, the BASF membership committee, chaired by Rob Duffy (Foundation Insurance Group) was hard at work recruiting new members to our dedicated association. Among the activities was a BBQ hosted by FirstBank Florida at the BASF office. Rob fired up the grill to welcome a host of new and prospective members. Once again the BASF conference room was a buzz with conversations regarding membership benefits and discounts. A team comprised of Brandon Biederman (BASF), John McQueston (HOST Interiors), Jonathan Bennett (XO Communications) and Toni Pacelli-Hinkley (BASF) represented the BASF at the grand opening of the new SherwinWilliams store in Fort Lauderdale. The group used this opportunity to identify Brandon Biederman prospective members. (BASF) with BASF “It is always great to see Membership Banner our members get together to strengthen our association,” said Rob Duffy. “Membership is the heart of this organization. It’s about ‘members doing business with members.’” For more Jonathan Bennett (XO Communications) photos, visit www.basfonpromoting BASF's Father's Day Bash and Fishing Tournament

Teresa Baluja (Lennar) and Toni Pacelli Hinkley (BASF)

Jonathan Bennett (XO Communications), Joel Hernandez (Audio Video Source) and Luis Quiñones (BenTrust Financial)

16 BASFNews



"Chef" Robert Duffy (Foundation Insurance)

Carolina Herrera and Teresa Baluja (Lennar)

Janina Goenaga (BASF) and Janett Anglero (Ven*Us International)

Rob Duffy (Foundation Insurance) and Carolina Herrera (Lennar)

Orlando Diaz (RED I Mortgage) Carolina Herrera (Lennar), Ernie Bascuas (Sherwin-Williams), Anthony Jabara (Marlins) and Teresa Baluja (Lennar)

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NEW ‘SALES SUMMIT’ HIGHLIGHTS SMC EDUCATION AT 2009 SEBC Sales and marketing professionals seeking the keys to success in a challenging market will find them through the worldclass education offered at the 31st Annual Southeast Building Conference (SEBC)/Green Building Show on July 30-August 1, 2009 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Complete details and online registration is available at Alan Thompson of Stewart Title will keynote the all-new Sales Summit with a presentation entitled “Master Any Market” on Friday, July 31, 2009. He’ll outline a winning strategy that includes Planning, the Science of Staying Positive, the Key to Attracting the Market You Desire, and Providing Unsurpassable Service Levels. Additional Sales Summit topics include Selling a Home Today (a panel of successful

home sales professionals) and Connecting the Past with the Future, which focuses on new, technology-based methods to drive traffic and sales. The Sales Summit offers a special segment for non-real estate sales professionals entitled “Successful Sales for Associates.” In addition to the Sales Summit, educational opportunities for sales and marketing professionals include networking, seminars and Meet-the-Experts sessions. Seminar topics include: Marketing Tool Chest for Builders; Knockout Punches for Your Marketing Success; Relationship Selling; The Court of Selling; Low-Cost Traffic Generation; The Five Greatest Web Marketing Mistakes; Marrying Your Online and Onsite Sales Process; and Sales Management (in-house and outsourced).

Meet-theExperts sessions cover a wide range of subjects, including Using Realtors as Strategic Partners, Unleashing the Power of the Internet, Reinventing Your Advertising Program, Maintaining Control of Your Presentation, and Taking Responsibility for Your Success. A complete list is available on the SEBC web site. SEBC/Green Building Show delegates can also share the excitement of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Excel Awards for sales and marketing excellence during a luncheon in the SMC hospitality suite on Friday, July 31, 2009 at noon at the Convention Center.

SEBC/GREEN BUILDING SHOW OFFERS 13 DESIGNATION COURSES If you want to gain credibility and customers through attainment of a professional designation, the 31st annual Southeast Building Conference (SEBC)/Green Building Show has just what you need. Scheduled for July 29-August 2 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, the SEBC/Green Building Show offers 13 intensive courses leading to such business-building designations as Certified Green Professional (CGP), Certified-Agingin-Place Specialist (CAPS), Certified Graduate Builder (CGB), and Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR), among others. Complete details of all the courses, and a convenient online registration process, are available online at Industry members do not need to register 18 BASFNews



for the entire conference to take one or more of the intensive courses. The course lineup, presented in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing, includes Green Rob Duffy, Truly Burton, Rick Horton, Toni Pacelli-Hinkley and Luis Rabell at last year’s SEBC Building for Building Professionals (a two-day course), Marketing and two advanced courses in the Residential Communications Strategies for Aging in Construction Superintendent (RCS) program, Place (CAPS I), Customer Service, Divers sponsored by Home Builders Institute, ification: Capitalizing on New Business the workforce training arm of NAHB. The Opportunities, Profitable Business Through courses are Collaborating with Challenging Quality Practices, Design/Build Solutions Customers and Best Practices in Running for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS II), Train a Successful Job. the Trainer, Financial Management, The Florida Home Builders Association Business Management for Building (FHBA) is also presenting its popular Professionals, and Negotiating Skills. Spokesperson Training program. For the time ever, SEBC is presenting membership benefits available at


TEE OFF DRAWS NEAR It’s time for BASF members to grab their golf clubs and hit the driving range. The annual Golf Tournament is set for September 17th at Shula’s Hotel and Golf Club’s Senator Course. Originally designed by Bill Watts and recently updated by nationally recognized Golf Course Architect, Kipp Schulties, Shula’s remains one of South Florida’s most challenging and favorite courses. “As usual we are all looking forward to some friendly competition,” said Rob Duffy (Foundation Insurance Group) tournament chairman. “Shula’s offers a great layout complete with numerous treacherous bunkers and water hazards,” said Duffy. “What better way

to network with industry leaders than in the casual setting of a golf course. My best golfing advice for this tournament is to plan on purchasing your fair share of mulligans.” Reserve your spot early and receive a special discounted registration fee of $600 per foursome, available through August 28. After the 28, registration for a foursome is $800, so register early! Registration includes refreshments, golf cart and green fees, lunch, the awards dinner and a “goodie bag.” Various sponsorship opportunities are available including Title, Ace, Eagle, Umbrella, Towel, Beverage Station, Driving Range, Scorecard and many more.

For information on other sponsorship opportunities that are available, call Odalys at 305-556-6300 x 204. For those who don’t golf but still want to attend, tickets for the awards dinner are $65.

HAVANA NIGHT RETURNS One of the association’s most anticipated events is back for its third year. “If you thought BASF brought Havana to the party last year, wait till we do it again this year!” says Ashley Bosch, president of BASF. The BASF’s third annual Havana Night is set to take place on Saturday, August 8 at the premier Havana Club in downtown Miami. The event offers more than just a taste of Cuba. It stays true to the authenticity of real Havana, modeling itself after Cuban social gatherings of old. Havana Nights will be sure its guests experience an amazing night, as it will include fine Cuban cuisine, an open bar, and live music by the renowned Cubanborn band Frank Diaz and Havana Soul. Reminiscent of a real Havana Night, dress attire will be guayabera chic. Traditional Cuban pastimes

20 BASFNews



such as dominoes and cigar rolling will be part of the entertainment. As an added treat, the Havana Club’s own in-house cigar roller will be on hand, and guests are invited to reserve domino tables in advance as space is limited. Because of the popularity and success of the event, members have already been purchasing tickets. Prices are $100 for members and $150 for non-members. To RSVP, call Odalys Saenz at (305) 556-6300. No walk-ins will be allowed on the day of the event. Sponsors for this year’s Havana Nights are Credilis, SunTrust, Atlantic & Pacific Development,, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co., BenTrust Financial, and Matrix Employer Services. There are still several sponsorship packages available including Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Cigar Roller, Associate, Presenting, and Title sponsors. For more sponsorship information, contact Odalys Saenz.

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MEMBERS DOING BUSINESS WITH MEMBERS NEW MEMBERS Action Supply Company Stuart Berke (954) 971-7782 Sponsored by: Ashley Bosch Blok Urban Development Alerico Construction Company Manuel Blanco (305) 740-3080 Sponsored by: Fernando Martinez Caribe Homes

Stag Enterprises, Inc.

BenTrust Financial

Hart Homes


Ultra Structures, Inc.

Richard McCann

Luis Qui単ones

Garrick Hart

Oscar Barbara

Sam Khoury

(305) 245-5799

(305) 444-8350

(954) 564-9434

(305) 666-4900

(954) 523-2685

Sponsored by: Jon Remes

Sponsored by: Carlos E.

Sponsored by: Richard Horton

Sponsored by Miriam

Sponsored by: Stanley Price

Roemer Insurance Company

Gonzalez, Jr.

The Green Companies


Bilzin, Sumberg, Baena,

Bonded Builders

Price & Axelrod Verzura International

SunTrust Bank Ana Silveira-Sierra

BOC Builders, Inc. d/b/a/ C + E

Victor Lohman

Richard & Rice Construction

(954) 370-1368

Construction Company

(954) 921-4318

Company, Inc.

Construction, Inc.

Sponsored by: Ashley Bosch

Charles E. Schafstall

Sponsored by: Stanley Price

Murray C. Rice

Roberto Verzura

Blok Urban Development

(305) 852-5100

Bilzin, Sumberg, Baena, Price &

(954) 418-9831

(305) 932-1888

Sponsored by: Lani Khan Drody


Sponsored by: Diana Ibarria

Sponsored by: Ernesto Castillo

Standard Pacific Homes


SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.

Lowell Homes, Inc. JM Engineering

Alex Castellanos

Audio Video Source Joel Hernandez (305) 671-3798 Sponsored by: Luis Qui単ones BenTrust Financial

(305) 412-6240

Construction One, Inc.

Contractors, Corp.

Roemer Insurance Agency

WAHAB Contracting, Company

Sponsored by: Carlos E.

Manuel Ibanez

Juan Carlos Machado

Bill Dowd

Walid Wahab

Gonzalez, Jr.

(305) 828-2222

(305) 222-8264

(800) 466-9461

(305) 854-8480

SunTrust Bank

Sponsored by: Jean Frandsen

Sponsored by: Ruben Bertran

Sponsored by: Jessica Gonzalez

Sponsored by: Richard Horton

Gulfstream Insurance Agency, Inc.

Vitran Homes

Century Homebuilders, LLC

The Green Companies

Zandra Mederos

Contemporary Builders

Kellogg Builders

Shannon Construction &

(305) 222-9292

Eugenio Cosculluela

Michael Kellogg

Development, Inc.

Sponsored by: Odalys Saenz

(305) 662-6840

(305) 745-3145

Emiliano Saumell

Builders Association of

Sponsored by: Lani Khan Drody

Sponsored by: Harry Sonenblum

(305) 439-9810

South Florida

Lowell Homes, Inc.

Roemer Insurance Group, Inc.

Sponsored by: Silvio Cardoso

C.P.S. Security

Ludovici & Orange

Julian David Gonzalez

Consulting Engineers

Siegfried Rivera Lerner De la

(305) 597-4047

John Hall

Torre & Sobel, PA

(305) 448-1600

Michael Clark

Sponsored by: James Stoker

(305) 442-3334

The Firm Real Estate

Easy Green, LLC Raul A. Martinez (305) 234-5800 Sponsored by: Fernando Martinez Caribe Homes

United Homes International, Inc.

EcoSmart US, LLC


Silvio A. Cardoso (305) 623-7900 Everglades Lumber George M. Lopez (305) 261-1155 Sponsored by: Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr.

ABC Development Group Inc.

Della Porta, Ward & Associates

Ignacio Abascal

Philip J. Ward

(305) 498-5035

(305) 284-9300


Sponsored by: Rey Melendi

Sponsored by: Frank Scimeca, Jr.

Betty De Varona

Lennar Homes


(305) 856-5830

Arazoza Brothers Corp.

Dewalt Power Tools

Miller Legg & Associates, Inc.

(954) 473-5272

Alberto Arazoza

Carlos Lopez

Bill Lynch

Sponsored by: John Arbib

(305) 246-3223

(305) 273-8876

(954) 436-7000

Sponsored by: Lani Khan Drody

Sponsored by: Juan Enriquez

Lowell Homes, Inc.

The Paint Spot

Sponsored by: Rey Melendi Lennar Homes Siravo & Guerrieri, Inc. Daniel Guerrier

SunTrust Bank JABCO LLC Osvaldo Carcache (786) 344-1422 Sponsored by: Ashley Bosch Blok Urban Development Jami Reyes & Company Jami Reyes (305) 444-6008 Sponsored by: Luis Qui単ones BenTrust Financial

Carolina Ferreiro (305) 644-6100 Sponsored by: David Carache-Guzman Compassion Foundation/ UNA-USA

Diana Ibarria

Alex Hernandez

(305) 595-3281

Dimond Development. Inc.

(305) 559-1250

Robert Atlass

Jason Dimond

Sponsored by: Fernando Martinez

(954) 316-6160

(305) 447-0951

Caribe Homes

Sponsored by: Richard Horton

Sponsored by: Silvio Cardoso

The Green Companies

United Homes International, Inc.

Thales Builders Corporation Pedro Sanchez (305) 828-7884

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

Sponsored by: Jessica Gonzalez

Vickie Bartholomew

Century Homebuilders, LLC

Frank Adrian Construct Corp.

(561) 394-8609

Marc Dunn

Frank Adrian

Sponsored by: Silvio Cardoso

The BetaJones Group, Inc.

(800) 748-8371

(305) 796-6090

United Homes International, Inc.

Luis A. Betalleluz

Sponsored by: Milton Bloom

Sponsored by: Oscar Barbara

Southern General Builders, Inc.

Quantum Homes

(786) 284-8828 Pride Homes Holdings, LLC

Sponsored by: Silvio Cardoso

Martha Fernandez

United Homes International, Inc.

(305) 969-2000

Beecher Carlson

F & L Developers, Inc.

Denise P. Morris

Francisco Perez

Sponsored by: Bernie Offenberg

The Porter Allen Co., Inc.

(954) 385-9980

(786) 268-4334

Amicon Development Group

Elizabeth Freeman

Sponsored by: Carlos E.

Sponsored by: Patricia Mendoza

(305) 294-2542

Gonzalez, Jr.

Head-Beckham AmerInsurance

Sponsored by: Oscar Barbara

SunTrust Bank


Standard Pacific Homes Moen Inc.

Atlass Hardware Corporation

Atrium Windows and Doors


22 BASFNews

Innovative Designs

Siltek Group, Inc.


Quantum Homes

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Red Spike (100-149 Credits)

Milton Bloom


Spike (6-24 Credits)

Carey Keyes


Bernando Kopel


(500 Credits & Above

Eduardo Camet

Andrew Witkin


Keith Hurand


Guelcys Perez


Alberto Milo



Bill Dowd


Irv Adler


Carlos E. Gonzalez, Jr.


Fernando Martinez


Joe Avetrani


Kimberly Prat


Jon Fels


Robert Duffy


Charles E. Rogers


Ashley Bosch


Manny Fernandez


Miguel A. Ruiz


Marc Dunn


Frank Palen


Elizabeth Freeman


Daniel Follese


Kirk Yourmans


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Noah Breakstone


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Joe Crider


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Steve Solomon


Luis Garcia


Perla Lichi


Luis Rabell


Jon Remes


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Fred Sanchez


Carolina Herrera


Harris Millman


Rick Horton


Rey Melendi


Dennis Kleinman


Julian David Gonzalez


Frank Mackle


Alex Naboles


Lew Lautin


John McQueston


Blas E. Garcia


Alberto Miranda


Stanley Price


Bernie Offenberg


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Bob Legg


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Robert Green


John Kiskinis


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Jim Carr


Thomas Williams


Ray Castellanos


Hiram Rodriguez


Royal Spike (150-249 Credits)

Barry Pollock


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Lenny Miller


Miriam R. Alvarez


Harry Sonenblum


Orlando Diaz


Carlos Castella単os


John Arbib


Larry Kahn


Hank Green


Diana Ibarria


Betty De Varona


George Berlin


Todd Stephens


Guillermina Ojeda


Stanley Price


Juan C. Enriquez


Ron Schwartz


Thomas P. Murphy, Jr.


Jim Shafer


Armando Goenaga


Javier Estrada


Adolph Berger


Stan Krieger


Robert Dady


Alex Fernandez


David Adler


Robert Bonnet


Jose Fernandez


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Shahin Etessam

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Marcia Friedman



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