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November 22, 2010

The Student-Run Newspaper of Kishwaukee College, Malta, IL 60150

Vol 41 No 6

Criminal Justice Program: Public service at its finest By Valentina Andrianopoulos Staff Writer The criminal justice program is not only a class you can attend here at Kish, but a club as well. Joe Rangel, teacher of the course and advisor of the club explains, “this program allows you to transfer to a four year college by taking the appropriate courses here at Kish. It prepares the students and offers either the general degree or the forensic technology degree, depending on what area they wish to go into.” The group recently took a field trip to the Statesville prison in Joliet. “This exposes them to corrections and allows them to observe what a correctional facility is like,” Joe describes. “The students also take two trips to the Illinois state police forensic crime lab.The

Criminal Justice course will be educated in all fields including Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections.” The Criminal Justice Club is also very active. They do many fund raisers along with their “adopt a family” charity for the Christmas season. They will be helping a family in need by providing them with clothing and food. “The students get to know one another and it’s a very educational club as well,” Joe states. “For example, on December 3 we will be bringing in people from the canine handler field to demonstrate drug and cadaver searches. The club is also a very social, kind one. They will be wrapping presents for the Rockford Sexual Assault Council (RSAC).” “My favorite part of teaching is the final product; to get to see students go through class and then get hired later on by Criminal Justice agencies.” Joe

Criminal Justice holds a K9 demo. Photo courtesy of Joe Rangel.

goes on to explain, “Some students graduated and are making a career out of what I taught them.” But it is not only teaching that Rangel advises, it is the club as well. “My favorite part of the club is the formation of students and how they develop to be a resource for each other. They all have

the same root, coming from Kish, but are in different fields. It builds them and helps them grow through public service.” “The Criminal Justice Program at Kish has many benefits as well. Our instructors know how to leave the students with the knowledge and understanding that they need to succeed.

I believe that the largest benefit of Kishwaukee’s program over others is that all of our instructors have been or are in the field. We all have the experience and have been at the crime scene, so we can share it with our class. Students walk away with a true perspective of the reality in the field.”

Kish student organizes benefit for sister By Scott Conro Staff Writer Jenn Schauer, a student here at Kishwaukee College, is trying to raise awareness for an event early this December that will benefit her sister.

September 6th, 2010 was a scary day for the family and friends of Amanda Schauer. At the young age of 24 it is no wonder those close to her were worried when she experienced sudden paralysis on the left side of her body and

was unable to speak. She immediately collapsed due to the paralysis and was rushed to the emergency room at Edward Hospital in Naperville. Amanda’s team of doctors later confirmed she suffered from a stroke due to a large, calcified blood clot that moved through her artery and into her brain. F o r t u n a t e l y, Amanda was at the Chicago hospital the specialized in stokes. New technology was used to remove the clot before serious brain damage could ensue. Amanda was hospitalized for three days while the specialists at Edward worked to find the cause of the stroke. They found she had a small aneurysm in her heart and also a

heart defect called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), which is an incomplete closure of the atrial septum originating at birth. Although one in five adults has PFO, it is often never diagnosed and often never a serious problem for those who have it. According to doctors, the PFO was not the cause of the stroke, but instead Amanda’s savior. The PFO stopped the clot from moving to her lungs and let it pass to her brain, giving doctors the ability to remove it with a tiny titanium wire. Amanda has been given a second chance, but that second opportunity comes with the weight of medical expenses. Amanda was planning to buy a house with her fiancé and was also in the middle of planning her wedding for the upcoming summer when the incident occurred. Obviously this incident has been an immediate setback. Therefore, her sister Jenn has been trying to spread the word about a benefit she has set up to help alleviate the burden of overbearing medical payments from

the incident and for future doctors visits. The Stroke Benefit will be at the House Café in DeKalb on on December 4th. The doors will open at 3:00 pm. Dinner and live music will carry everyone through the night. Dinner will be served at 4 and the music will start at 7. There will also be a silent auction. The general public is invited to come support the cause and enjoy a fun afternoon and evening. The House Café is located at 263 E. Lincoln Hwy. DeKalb, IL. The meal ticket (includes entrance and dinner) is $15 and the cost at the door (not including meal ticket) is $5. Meal tickets are strongly encouraged through pre-sale to get an estimated head count. You can go to “Stroke Benefit for Amanda Schauer” on Facebook to RSVP or contact the Host regarding donations and other information. We hope to see you on December 4th! Photo via REMEDY


2 Kaleidoscope

The Haish Handbook

november 22, 2010

Letter from Lexi

....on life


By Jessi Haish Editor-in-Chief Last time I had a problem with certain adjunct instructors. This time, I’m out for you, Kougars. I’ve got a beef and I can’t let it go. You’re making yourselves miserable. You come in almost every day to class. You slide into your desk minutes before the class starts. You leave before class is over. If you even come at all. You leave Kishwaukee, and go on with your lives like you were never even here. But you complain. You say that Kish is a terrible school and that you’re getting nothing out of your “discounted” education. Why are you here, you ask? I don’t know. I’d prefer it you weren’t plaguing up my halls with your negativity. Yet just like me, you’re here. But if you’re miserable, more likely than not, it’s your own fault. Stop putting the blame on Kishwaukee College. It’s not their fault that you choose to come to school and don’t try to get involved. If you want results, you’ve got to put some effort in. I know for a fact that there are plenty of chances for you to find something to do. There are 30 clubs and organizations here at Kish, and a newspaper that can take all the input

it could get. Out of those 30, chances are you’ll find something you’re interested in. There are multiple talented sports teams here at Kish that deserve some support. As a result of the recently passed Referendum, a College renovation project is set to begin this spring, which means a more ‘social’ college. But until then, you’ve got to find something that makes you happy. ‘Cause quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing your complaints. You’ve got opportunities, you’re going to Kishwaukee College: Real Opportunity. Stay close, go far....if you get off your ass and try.

We want to hear from you! Email us:

By Lexi Baisden Managing Editor Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? We can sit and map out where we want it to go as much as we want, but it’s never going to turn out that way. You can figure out when you’re going to finish college, who you’re going to meet, the places that you’ll go… but life can have other plans. One day, you’re dancing down the sidewalk and then the next morning, on that same sidewalk, you trip and fall flat on your face. Wait a minute, you’ll think to yourself. This is not what I had planned. How did my world change so suddenly? There’s a problem with us as people. We’re walking around here on earth, going through the

daily motions of our lives, but half of us are not actually living. We decide to live our lives with hairline cracks in it. We don’t actually take the time to drink it all in. Recently, life did a complete 360 on me. I’m still wondering how people are walking around as if the world didn’t just tip on its axis. That’s the issue, in a nutshell. Life is constantly changing. There are going to be times when it throws its curveballs at you, but you can’t strike out. Don’t be so fast to give up. Fight for that homerun. Life isn’t going to wait until you’re ready for the next pitch. It’s going to keep throwing you surprises and challenges, but it may also toss you some very pleasant opportunities. If you get those opportunities, what are you going to do with them? Choose carefully. Even though your life is always going to be unexpected, it’s made up by your choices. This is your one life. Take a moment to step back and see what you’re doing with it. Do you like what you see? Bottle it up; drink it in because you only have one shot. It could all be gone tomorrow.

Faith? That is the question.


“...this is why I feel that everyone should openly have faith. Whether you have faith in God, or Buddha, or the magical bunny that lives under your bed, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you have faith in something. Because of faith, the world has been shaped and changed into something truly amazing. Faith has brought people together as well as torn people apart, it has built incredible cities and destroyed marvelous metropolises, it has caused birth as well as death. You could argue all day about the horrible things that faith, or religion, has caused but there is another side to this as well.“


-Alicia Dailey Staff Writer

“...having faith is stupid. Not only is it stupid it’s also bad for humanity as a whole. Gods of any sort have lost their purpose in the modern day now that we have the greatest gold calf…science. Modern religion has allowed crazed groups of Muslim extremists drunk on faith, to commit suicide. It gives people the illusion that they are superior to those around them because they believe in a specific big juju and their big juju is better than another big juju. “ -Jimmy Clark Staff Writer

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Kaleidoscope Staff and Editorial Policy Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peacably assemble and to petition the Government for redress of grievances. --First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

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november 22, 2010

Kaleidoscope 3

Student Government Association: Activity Crazy By Valentina Andrianopoulos Staff Writer Who would have known that a few students run all of the organizations that go on at this school? I bet that most Kishwaukee students don’t even know the name of this “head of the house” organization. Well, it is called the Student Government Association. According to Allison Von Ende, advisor of the program, the SGA brings many programs onto campus. They do many surveys (such as more lockers, better food, etc.) and establish leadership development. They help to develop the community with student organizations on campus. There are currently around ten students, including non-voting and voting SGA members.

“On October 16 we volunteered to hand out food and water for a Diabetes walk in Geneva,” Ende explains. Then on October 20 we had the fall festival, which included games, free pizza, and water. “We then attended the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival and walked as representatives of Kish. We also sponsored the hypnotist, Fredrick Winters, that came in on November 2. Also, just this past weekend (November 12-13), we had a conference at the ICCSAA which is a yearly leadership conference we attend.” The SGA is currently hosting a food drive that will be continuing until the 24 of November. “We will be dropping the food off at Hope Haven, which is a shelter for those in need,” Ende continues, “Our food drive is going okay. We haven’t had as much of a turnout as I’d like. The

boxes aren’t full, but I’m hoping to get more in.” Some of the upcoming events include the stress relief week which will be held December 7-9 in the back half of the cafeteria. There will be music playing and time for quiet relaxation. There will also be stress packs handed out to students. Obviously the SGA has been, and will continue to be, busy with their planned events. If you like putting together activities, the SGA is for you. It bonds and builds character for the students. “The SGA gets students involved in organizations. It develops the community and allows students to meet new friends. It shows that there is so much opportunity connected to the campus. There are just so many benefits to this association.”

November marks Epilepsy Awareness Month By Lexi Baisden Managing Editor This November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. It’s going on right now, all over the United States. Epilepsy affects approximately 2 million people in the America, and it affects people of all different ages and races. It is catergorized by “recurrent, unproved seizures.” It is the result of abnormal electric signals in the brain. Brain cells communicate and send out electric signals in an orderly pattern. In the case of epilepsy, these signals are abnormal and that’s what causes the person to have a seizure. The Epilepsy Foundation is hoping that everyone will participate to show their awareness for epilepsy by being well informed about seizure first aid, recogintion and types. If someone has a grand maul seizure, then you should know what to do. The first thing

to remember is to remain calm. By panicking, you are only going to make the situation worse. Make the person as comfortable as possible - if their head next to something then try to move the person or the object. Put something under their head to cushion them, like a pillow or a coat. Next turn that person on their side. If they are flat on their back then there is a chance that the person could choke on their tongue. Never, ever, try to put anything in the person’s mouth. You will not be able to open their mouth and it will just cause you more stress. Make sure you are holding the person down and pay attention to the length of the seizure. If it lasts for more than five minutes, then call 911. There are other kinds of seizures, known as “absent seizures” or “complex partial seizure”. When this happens the person is unresponsive and looks almost like they are “spacing out”. This does not require

any specific first-aid measures. Seizures can be triggered by strobe lights, trauma, sleep-deprivation, withdraw, low blood sodium or drug and alcohol abuse. These may provoke a seizure for someone who has epilepsy or it may cause a nonepileptic to have one as well. The color for epilepsy awareness is purple. If you want to show that you are aware of epilepsy and make others aware of it as well, then you can buy a purple ribbon for your car or even dye a streak of your hair.

Will’s Tech Korner By Will Ireland Web Editor

Are YOU protected when you access Facebook at Kish? Chances are, you’re not. Recently, a new Firefox Add-on called “Firesheep” was released. Firesheep makes it DEAD easy for anyone who knows how to install Firefox Add-ons to hack into your Facebook account. Firesheep can “sniff” out your connection to Facebook if you are using a wireless laptop in a public place, including Kish, coffee shops, bookstores, and any other places with public wifi. Once Firesheep “captures” your session, the user has full access to your account, except changing your password. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from being hacked by Firesheep: 1. You may think this is a no-brainer, but ask yourself, “do you really NEED to be on Facebook right this instant? Can it wait until you get home? 2. If you absolutely need to check Facebook, make sure you log out as soon as you’re done, don’t leave yourself logged in. A Firesheep user can only make changes to your account when you are logged in. 3. Use a secure web connection - using a secure web connection will encrypt all web traffic making you invisible to firesheep. Just install “HTTPS Everywhere” into firefox from www.eff. org/https-everywhere/ The only problem with this is that you have to put in your password for every new page you visit on Facebook, which can get a bit annoying. 4. Install the “Blacksheep” firefox add-on. Blacksheep allows you to see if anyone is using Firesheep on the same network as you. (Note that tips 3 and 4 require Firefox) Firesheep can also hack many other sites as well, including Twitter, Windows Live, and other popular sites.


Mail your tech questions to:

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Thanksgiving Recipes... brought to you by the Kaleidoscope Staff 4 Kaleidoscope

november 22, 2010

Green Bean Casserole Ingredients:

Pumpkin Pie

1 (10 3/4 oz.) can CAMPBELL’S® Cream of Mushroom Soup 3/4 cup milk 1/8 tsp. black pepper 2 (9 oz. each) pkgs. frozen cut green beans, thawed* 1 1/3 cups FRENCH’S® Original or Cheddar French Fried Onions Directions: MIX soup, milk and pepper in a 1 1/2 -qt. baking dish. Stir in beans and 2/3 cup French Fried Onions. BAKE at 350°F for 30 min. or until hot. STIR. Top with remaining 2/3 cup onions. Bake 5 min. until onions are golden. Serve and Enjoy!!

1 package (15 oz.) Pillsbury All Ready Pie crusts 1 teaspoon flour 1 can (16 oz.) LIbby’s Solid Pack Pumpkin 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon cloves 1 can (12 fl. oz.) carnation evaporated milk. Heat oven to 425º F. Prepare pie crust according to package directions for filled one-crust pie. Flute edge to stand 1/2 inches above rim. Mix filling ingredients in order given. Pour into pie crust-lined pan. Bake at 425º F for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350º F; continue baking 35-45 minutes or until knife inserted near center of pie comes out clean. Cool completely. Garnish, if desired, with whipped topping. -Valentina Andrianopoulos

-Audrey Latimer

Marshmallow Krispie Bars (Makes about 2 dozen bars)

1 (21-ounce) package Duncan Hines FamilyStyle Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix 1 package (10 1/2 ounces) miniature marshmallows 1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 cup creamy peanut butter 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 1 1/2 cups crisp rice cereal 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease bottom of 13x9 inch pan 2. Prepare and bake brownies following package directions for cake-like recipe. Remove from oven. Sprinkle marshmallows on hot brownies. Return to oven. Bake for 3 minutes longer. 3. Place chocolate chips, peanute butter and butter in medium saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until chips are melted. Add rice cereal; mix well. Spread mixture over marshmallow layer. Refrigerate until chilled. Cut into bars. -Hannah Paul

Even area farmers are getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. Photo by Audrey Latimer.

Fruit Pizza Press one package Pullsbury sugar cookie dough onto a 10 inch pizza pan. Bake at 350 degrees 15-20 minutes until lightly brown. Cool. Cream together: 4 oz. Cool Whip, 8 oz. cream cheese, and 2 tbsp. powdered sugar. Cream until smooth and spread on pizza crust. Place a mixture of your favorite fruit, cut up, on top of the Cool Whip mixture. I like to include grapes, strawberries, and kiwi. -Scott Conro

Deviled Eggs

Ingredients: 6 eggs 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon vinegar 1 teaspoon mustard ½ teaspoon salt paprika Directions: . 1. Place eggs in pan. Cover with water. Heat until water is boiling. Cover pan and turn off stove. Let sit for 7 minutes. . 2. Cool eggs in cold water. Peel under running water. . 3. Cut eggs in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and put them in a small bowl. Put the whites aside. . 4. Mask yolks. Stir in mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, and salt until smooth. . 5. Spoon yolk mixture into whites. Sprinkle with paprika. -Alicia Dailey

november 22, 2010

Spotlight: Nursing Program

Kaleidoscope 5

Instructor Spotlight: Pat Mitchell By Valentina Andrianopolous Staff Writer Pat Mitchell is one of the teachers that are part of Kishwaukee College’s claim to fame, its nursing program. She teaches Community Mental Health Nursing for the Kishwaukee nursing department. Her course focuses on “psychiatric nursing including mental health and illness, the nursing process, and diagnosis and treatment of DSM-IV-TR psychiatric disorders with a strong emphasis on psychotropic medications.” Her course also covers how mental health affects the community, vulnerable populations, and other community health issues. Mitchell’s class is very demanding; it is a six-credit course that is taught over the span of eight weeks. Every week she teaches seven hours of lecture for her class. Her students also have ten hours of clinical each week for this class. Mitchell’s students cannot miss more than eleven hours of class and clinical if they want to pass her class. They also cannot receive less than an eighty percent in the class if they want credit for it. “Given the intensity of the course, I spend lots of time with my students and have the opportunity to know them well,” said Mitchell. “I value the relationships I have developed with my students and enjoy the many chances to interact with them in the varied health care settings after they graduate,” she continued. She says that getting to know her students is one of her favorite things about teaching, as well as the increased flexibility apposed to “twelve hour night shifts in the hospital.” Mitchell explained that, “After years of working twelve hour night shifts in the hospital, I also enjoy being off on Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays; summers off are nice too!” Mitchell worked in long-term care, oncology, intensive care, and inpatient and outpatient psychiatry before she came to teach at Kish. She graduated from a Maryland nursing program, which she says is “similar to Kishwaukee.” Since then Mitchell has furthered her knowledge of nursing through a baccalaureate as well as a master’s program. She is now enrolled in a nursing doctoral program; this is her second year in the program. Because of this, her favorite part of nursing is the opportunity for growth. When asked about her students Mitchell said, “My students are a dedicated group of individuals. The academic and time demands of the program are daunting.  Many are juggling significant  responsibilities of family and employment while working tirelessly to achieve their dreams of becoming a registered nurse.   I  continue to be humbled by the sacrifices they make in order to realize their goals.”

Nursing students work in the lab. Photos by Hannah Paul

Student Spotlight: Justin Northrup By Valentina Andrianopolous Staff Writer Justin Northrup is currently enrolled in the nursing program. He was recently awarded outstanding nursing graduate and is representative of the nursing advisory committee. He is also representing his December 2010 graduating class. Why nursing? “A mixture of the economy and the need for nurses, especially because I’m male and there aren’t many male nurses. Kish’s program is really good on top of it. I also just like the opportunity to take care of people.” What does nursing involve? “First and foremost, having compassion for your fellow human beings. It also involves a desire to constantly be willing to learn, because it is a lifelong learning process. You should never be content with pursuing your education. You have to hone your skills and stay on top of technology. It also entails being able to empathize with others and their situation and being able to look at all of their needs. You have to look at the situation holistically, not just as treating a condition.” What makes Kishwaukee’s program better than others? “I chose Kish for three main reasons. 1. They have a really good reputation, especially in the surrounding communities as well as local care providers. 2. I live in district cost and am a short distance from home. 3. My ability to get into the program. Other places had waiting lists, even though I didn’t really bother looking at others. After I spoke with the director in nursing I knew that I wanted to be here.” Do you have any experience in nursing? “None prior to starting the program. The closest I had was working three months as a unit secretary in a hospital. Since I’ve been in the program I’ve also been in an internship program at Rockford memorial hospital. In the last year and a half I’ve been a student nurse intern and it’s gained me some very valuable experience.” What field of nursing do you want to go into? “I’m still kind of undecided. But I’m on track to a critical care path.” What do you think you did differently that helped you exceed so much in this field? “I was active, or even pro-active. I made a point to involve myself in student nursing organizations. This being my second time around in college, I’m more focused and have gotten better grades. This got me noticed and that’s how I became a tutor. Involvement is what instructors look for.” Is there anything else you’d like to say as the nursing representative of your class? “I guess just that it’s been a pleasure to get to know and interact with all of my classmates over the last two years. I recognize all of the student’s sacrifices with their families and the commitment with what the program demands of you. I want to give a general thanks of feeling that I was deserving of this reward.”

6 Kaleidoscope

Mystery Writers visit Kish By Hannah Paul Staff Writer The Kishwaukee College Library hosted the North Central Illinois Mystery Writers’ Collective on November 15. Four authors were present for a discussion panel and book signing including Karen Gallahue, Diane Morlan, Patricia Rockwell and John Desjarlais. Desjarlais is currently teaching journalism and English at Kishwaukee College. His first book was The Throne of Tara, which is a historical novel and was also a Christianity Today Readers’ Choice Award nominee. His second novel was also a historical

Arts & Entertainment

book entitled Relics. His current works are the murder mysteries Bleeder and Viper (which is due out around New Years 2011). Desjarlais is working on the third installment of the series and says he anticipates being done with his first draft by the end of summer 2011. “We aren’t just writers, we’re publishers,� Rockwell had said early in the discussion panel. Patricia Rockwell, author of Sounds of Murder, and Diane Morlan, author of Too Dead To Dance, came together to create their own publishing company called Cozy Cat Press. The two had met in the middle of writing their novels. Currently,

neither of the two have found a publishing company like theirs. “I liked her idea of starting a publishing company, so we did,� Morlan stated during the panel. So far the two have only published their two novels, but they have been receiving manuscripts from other writers to their surprise and are working on their next books as well. They now

november 22, 2010

have the task of writing up contracts to publish some of the manuscripts they have read through. Morlan was also once a student of Desjarlais. During the discussion panel she told him “my short story from that class started this book.� Gallahue, author of Murder with a French Twist, mentioned she is apart of the Sisters in Crime group.

Sisters in Crime promotes women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry. She has loved mystery novels for awhile and advised “when you write something, you should write what you like to read.� Check out the Kaleidoscope’s blog at for an exclusive interview with Desjarlais. Photo by Hannah Paul

The magical world of Harry Potter.....part one By Marissa Skonie Staff Writer It’s once again time to jump into the wonderful world of Harry Potter. The seventh installment of the series came out on November 19th. The movie is only the first to be based off of the last book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The second movie, based on the

second half of the book, is due to come out (tentatively) on July 15th, 2011 in eyepopping 3D. Alan F. Horn, an executive at Warner Bros. says the split film will allow “an extra hour and a half to celebrate what this franchise has been and do justice to all the words and ideas in the amazing story.� Movie viewers and book readers alike have been promised that the film will be closer to the book than previous films

due to the two parts. Kish student Megan Volkmann shared her opinion on this issue by stating, “In relation to the books, the Harry Potter movies have been really bad. I hope this one is better since it’s going to be spit into two movies, but I don’t expect much.� As for the storyline of this movie, it’s time to take a little twist. This is the first movie in which the majority of the film does not take

$/"TBOE/634&4 $/"T4JHOPO#POVT

place in Hogwarts. Instead, Harry, Hermione, and Ron are on an epic adventure in search of Voldemort’s horcruxes. However, there’s one small problem. The dynamic-trio have no idea as to what the horcruxes look like, their location, or how they’re going to destroy them. Take all that and add in the fact that they are now considered outlaws since the Death Eaters have taken over the Ministry of Magic

and you’ve got a crazy, action packed film. Viewers can look forward to amazing special effects (especially on a 250 million dollar budget), plot twists, and amazing acting as always. There will be great triumphs, heartbreaking deaths, and an unending struggle for survival. This is definitely a must-see on any movie lovers list.

Art gallery features a cricket and sparrow


By Lexi Baisden


The art gallery has put the spotlight on artists, Erin K. Nolan and Alfred Stark. These are two artists who were able to pay Kish to show their artwork, just in time for International Week. International Week is an opportunity for students to get involved with their community and to get aquainted with other students. Some of their artworks include “Tree Sparrow� by Stark and “Cricket in the Grass� by Nolan. Alongside Nolan and Stark’s artworks, the gallery is helping to shoot off International Week by showing some videos where students and staff can attend. Nate Gordon, who is in charge of the event, said that after the movies everyone will have a chance to discuss them. They showed the film “La Jetee� November 15 and the “The Triplets of Belleville� November 16th.


Managing Editor


november 22, 2010

Kaleidoscope 7

Fabulous Fall Fashion Preview By Audrey Latimer Staff Writer Winter. That one word makes most people shudder with thoughts of snow, freezing cold, and horrible driving conditions. People stay inside all the time and throw on whatever they can find to keep them warm and toasty until they can crawl back under the blanket and snuggle up to their best friend: The Heating Pad. Yes winter is definitely unpleasant but, this doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to go from Summer Fab to Winter Drab. In fact, this is the time of year that you should be looking your best for the Holidays and the parties and social gatherings that go along with them. This is your time to show everyone that 2010 treated you well and 2011 will be even better. The key to your Fall/Winter closet however, is not just to get you through the festive Holiday season but, to last you the next six months

until Spring arrives. With the trends this season that will be no problem, they will have you looking Bold, Eyecatching, and colorful in the bleak and dreary months we have a head of us. So come on winter, bring it on! Clothes Trends - Faux Fur was literally everywhere you looked on the Fall runways this year. Everything from coats to boots to vests to bags was covered with the furry stuff. Add some luxury to your personal fall/winter collection by pairing a black faux fur vest over a cocktail dress or by pairing a pair of fur trimmed boots with skinny jeans. This trend is always chic and will no doubt keep you warm too! - The military look is still going strong from previous seasons, but with a more polished look and no camouflage in sight. You can choose from either an Army or Aviator take on this look. Army green is the key to achieve the army look, think a cropped jacket or cargo

pants. For an aviator look go for sleek, slim looks, focus especially on dark leather jackets. - Prints, Prints, Prints! This is what is really going to take your look to the next level. Polka Dots, Plaids, and Leopard prints are extremely hot right now, the bolder the better. Feel free to mix and match different ones together, Marc Jacobs would approve. - The Tuxedo Jacket is an extremely versatile piece that will give you tons of different outfits this fall and winter. The Boyfriend Blazer had its moment this summer but, now it’s time for this more sophisticated jacket just in time for the Holidays. Pair it with a cute cocktail dress and heels for that Holiday party or wear it with skinny jeans, t-shirt and knee-high boots for a day out with you’re friends. Either way it’s a definite must. - Nothing else says that winter is here than a big cozy sweater, and lucky for you Chunky Knits hit the runways

this season in the form of coats, boyfriend cardigans, and cozy pullovers. Pair any of these with a pair of leggings and you will be sitting pretty while also keeping toasty. Accessories - Simple, messy hair and pretty accessories is also a big trend this season. To achieve the fall hair looks just remember less is more. A simple bow is the perfect way to dress up a high pony tail, colorful clips will add a flash of color to almost any hair style, an elaborate head band will make any messy up do chic for a party, and exposed bobby pins holding back your bangs add a sweet touch to your everyday do. - Gemstones are the jewelry of choice this season. Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Oh my! These bright colorful gemstones are a great way to take any look up a notch and get you the attention you deserve. Think drop earrings, bold chokers,

or a stunningly large cocktail ring. -Scarves can give your look that sophisticated look while making you look effortlessly cool and will add some depth and texture to any outfit you wear. Pair it with a t-shirt and skinny jeans or over a sweater and blazer. Makeup - Plum is a color that looks good on all skin tones. It is not too dark or harsh yet it has the right amount of drama. Apply it on eyes, lips, and nails. There’s no doubt plum is the finishing touch to any outfit.

Beat Mid-Semester Slump By Audrey Latimer Staff Writer The weeks between Halloween and Christmas are brutal. What do you have to look forward to? The up coming Chemistry test? The research papers due in every class? Finals? Sounds like fun. It’s no mystery that almost everyone gets hit with what I like to call the “MidSemester Slump.” Christmas break is weeks away and teachers think that now is the best time to assign everything that they haven’t had time to yet. On top if that you’re stress level is through the roof, the snooze button is more and more tempting, and the number of empty seats in your classes are getting bigger and bigger, not to mention more parking in the parking lot (which I have really been enjoying!) The temptation to skip class is everywhere you turn. Don’t worry I’m there too, some days I just want to quit school for the week and stay at home watching the addicting Law and Order SVU marathons they have on all day. But, even if we stop going to class that doesn’t mean that class stops for you. Before you know it you’re even more behind and more stressed out than you were before

you took your little vacation from class. It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? Hang in there; we’ve almost made it through. The end really is in sight…you just have to get through all the homework, tests, and papers. The definition of stress is “A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.” When that external influence is a combination of school, grades, and homework then it becomes academic stress and is a big reason for the “Mid-Semester Slump.” If you can get your stress levels back to a somewhat normal level, chances are you’ll make it through the rest of the semester without a problem. In an article written by Shankeresh Banerjee she gives some tips on how to relieve the stresses of being a student. -Identify the source of the stress. What is it that is causing you to freak out the most? Is it a certain class? An upcoming paper? Or just your overall future? If it is a certain class or assignment try spending a little more

time on it, talk with a teacher, or visit the library. If it’s your future, well then you’re not alone. Talk to someone about your concerns chances are they will help you feel more confident about it. -Get yourself organized. Have a set plan on when you want to study and what you want to study. It may sound corny but make a schedule and set goals for yourself, such as what assignments and reading you want to get done that day. You will soon find that homework gets done faster and you may even have some free time afterwards. -Exercising is an amazing way to relieve stress. Going for a run, walk, yoga, or just taking a trip to the gym will have you feeling reenergized and ready for whatever life throws at you. -Sleep is a precious and rare thing for a college student. When you do get a chance to take a catnap take advantage of it. The thought that sleeping less ensures more time to study can be deceiving. 8-9 hours

of sleep helps restore your mind and body. Without it, you’re just running on fumes or Red Bull and probably not even taking in any of the information you are studying. -A healthy snack now and then is a good way to refuel and refresh your mind and body when you need to keep working on that research paper. -No matter how busy and stressed you are you need to reward yourself. While reading a chapter from your

science book, writing a couple paragraphs of that big paper, or studying for a test promise yourself that when you’ve finished you can watch some T.V., go on Facebook, call a friend, or go out to dinner. Treat yourself, because we are after all in a tough part of the semester. Good Luck!


8 Kaleidoscope

november 22, 2010

KOUGAR KORNER Basketball season underway By Scott Conro Staff Writer Basketball made its way home to Malta November 13th as the two teams took on College of Lake County. The Women’s basketball team started the season with an 85-40 win over Daley College on Monday, November 1st. Devin Mack led the team, scoring 28 points on opening night. Mack had another good performance, earning a

double-double, in the 59-71 loss to Kirkwood November 6th. The team won the next day against John Wood, but headed into the weekend with a 2-2 record after losing to Rock Valley by ten. The November 13th game against College of Lake County came to decisive 85-28 victory. Point Guards Raven Gary and Kia Rhodes brought the ball down the court, through the lane, and to the basket on numerous occasions. Gary ended the game with 22

points and 9 assists. Some assists came from passing to Forward Kierra Valentine. Valentine made the most of her chances, finishing the game with 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 8 steals. The team played big again the following Tuesday beating College of Dupage 73-41. The team played another defensively focused game but once again managed to put up big numbers. The scoring was shared amongst the team but saw Emily Murphy end with 22 points and Raven Gary with 20 points. The team went to McHenry last Thursday with a record of 4-2 and will start Region play Tuesday, November 16 against Elgin at 5:30. The Men’s basketball team started slow but has been picking it up. The team lost their first game against Morton on November 2nd and lost that Friday to Milwaukee Area Tech. The team went on to lose an overtime heartbreaker November 9th to Rock Valley, but came back strong days later to

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break their hearts 6248. The game at home against College of Lake County was a good one. Back and forth the g a m e went until the last three minutes when Kish finally pulled ahead. Led by a stellar 24 points and 20 rebounds by Forward Brice Powell, the team was able to put a 78-69 win in the record books. The game against College of Dupage ended differently for the Kougars that Tuesday. With the team’s second highest scorer out of action, the team had a tough time coming back late in the game. The team will look to improve their 2-4 record go-

ing into the game against Harper on Saturday. Come out to the home game next Tuesday as Men’s team takes on Elgin after the Women’s game! Stats: Brice Powell looks to be a mainstay at the top of the scorer’s sheet with 91 points and four double-doubles in the first six games. For full team stats go to kishwaukeecollege. edu/athletics or www.njcaa. org. Photos by Scott Conro

KC baseball players take their skills to Texas By Scott Conro Staff Writer Two Kishwaukee College baseball sophomores signed National Letters of Intents last Tuesday to play for Division 1 teams in Texas. At 1:00 Central Standard Time, Carlos Rossel and Jacob Lueneburg each signed a National Letter of Intent for Texas Southern and University of Houston, respectively. Both players will be returning this spring to finish their Kishwaukee career. 6’1” Left-Handed Pitcher Rossel played for Coral Park in high school and moved from Miami, Florida to play for Kishwaukee in the fall of 2009 and spring 2010. Rossel was able to hone his skill here, earning All-Conference and All- Region honors. He looks forward to playing in the SWAC Conference at Texas Southern. 6’1” First Baseman Lueneburg is a graduate from Shoreland Luthren in Wisconsin. Leuneburg is excited to transfer from a great program here at Kishwaukee to a great program at the University of Houston in the Conference USA. Luenburg earned All-Conference, All-Region, All Region Tournament Team, and All-American honors last season. Head Coach Josh Pethoud is glad to have helped these two athletes move on to a bigger stage. Pethoud has worked hard starting the previous year to get recruiters on site to see the players showcase their talents. His hard work has payed off for the two athletes, the first two early signers in Athletic Director Karen Wiley’s years here at Kish. “It’s really a testament to their skill,” said Wiley on signing day. “The best of the best sign early. It’s really exciting.” The baseball team is in their offseason now after recently wrapping up their inter-squad season this fall. With 11 returning sophomores, the team looks to seize the Arrowhead Conference Trophy this spring after a 2nd place finish and the Region IV Championship title. Photo courtesy of Laura Chiavini

Issue 6 11/22/10  

Issue 6 of the Kaleidoscope newspaper of Kishwaukee College in Malta, IL

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