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Branding To be Successful or not to be?

What are the important features in an effective brand identity?

What does this question mean?

A ‘brand identity’ is the visible elements of a brand like colors, the design, logotype, name, symbol etc… They together identify and distinguish the brand. The question is asking us to identify the features in an effective brand identity. A popular logo is ‘Ford’. The color and shape isn't a mainstream combination so consumers will automatically recognize what company the logo belongs to without the name in the middle.

What are the important features in an effective brand identity? Discuss through at least four examples which in your opinion success or fail.

Consider how you could develop the area of study with further questions. Area of study one – how to make a successful identity for your brand. Question 1- what features are used in a successful brand identity? Question 2- what are the features of not a very successful brand? Question 3- what aspects need working on to make the identity of the brand more successful? Question 4 – Why are these features important for a good identity for your brand? Evidence


What makes a successful brand?   Good branding starts with people. People need reasons to buy or use, as humans we need to feel part of something bigger. Brands need strong guiding principles at the very heart of everything they do. Consumers are armed with knowledge, education, technology and we play a very active role on the course of these brands…   What makes a brand unsuccessful? One which consumers recognize and know as soon as they see it what the logo is represents.