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Dear Sawano Hiroyuki-san, Firstly, on behalf of Kisetsu no Uta and all your overseas fans, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! To show our appreciation for your music and as a birthday gift from your fans, this year we decided to present you with a fan made album. This album has been created with various vocalists and musicians from around the world who have been inspired by your music. I hope you will take the time and enjoying listening to these tracks prepared for you. We wish you all the very best for the future and we will continue to support you as we have for many years! We all look forward to hearing more from you in future and hope to see you have global success! Lots of love, Kisetsu no Uta team and your fans

Introduction Kajitha[Musica_KP] London, England Project Lead - Kisetsu no Uta Sawano-san, wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope your birthday live events go very well and are as successful as the first two lives. I hope one day to be able to visit Japan and experience your music live! I hope you will also have a chance to perform in London and overseas someday! As you already know I am the founder of Kisetsu no Uta, the first international fan site setup to show appreciation to you and your music. Along with my team we hope to expose your music to many people across the world in the hope that they will enjoy your music as much as we do. I have been your fan since 2009 and building up your fan site has been one of my proudest achievements. Thanks to your music I have formed friendships with many people around the global who I would have never know if it wasn’t for your music. For that and much more I thank you very much! I will continue to support you as much as I can and I am looking forward to hearing many more wonderful melodies from you and your vocalists.


Dan Smith [HoM] USA Project Support - Kisetsu no Uta The youngest member of the Kisetsu no Uta staff, 19-year-old Dan been a die-hard fan of Hiroyuki Sawano's work ever since he discovered "eXORCiST" from the Blue Exorcist soundtrack. From that point on, he has found a fascination with scores for film, television, and video games in general, stemming from his discovery of the music of Sawano. Outside of his activities relating to the fansite, he creates mashups with various songs in Sawano's discography and pursues a career in voice acting

Benham Ireland Vocalist The music that Sawano and all of the amazing musicians that work with him create has become such a massive part of my life. Your music deeply connects with me unlike anything else. Upon hearing about KnU setting up this tribute album I immediately felt passionate to partake in it. I did what I could in the little time I had to make this tribute cover along with the help of two great musicians Shaunicate and Nathaniel and help with the lyrics from NicAoidh. I hope you enjoy it! I wish Sawano and co. all the very best!

Marco Caddeo (InfelMaru) Venice, Italy Vocalist I'm glad I was given the opportunity to send you my greetings and my best wishes for your birthday! I discovered your music thanks to your work on Attack on Titan, and I was totally blown away by your majestic and powerful compositions. I always liked that orchestral-vibes typical of your works, and I'm glad you always keep up the good work. I'm also very grateful you can listen to a bit of my vocal work, which inspired me so much I had to write my own personal and italian lyrics. I hope you like them as much as I liked giving all of my efforts for those words and meanings. It's very difficult for me to sing in my own language, but although I'm studying Japanese at University, I had the feeling that singing it with all of my emotions was the right thing to do. In the end I want to thank you again for your beautiful music, and I give you all of my best wishes for your future life and career


Karina Gazizova Ufa, Russia Vocalist My name is Karina and I am from Russia! I am a student and I am 18 years old. I have many hobbies, I like to sing, watch anime and spend a lot of time with your friends! My dream is to someday visit Japan :) Sawano-san, all your work is very so beautiful! And with every song, I feel different sensations :) Please continue to work wonders! :) I wish you success in your future work!

T.H.Sunset Yekaterinburg, Russia Pianist I've graduated frome a music school as a pianist in 2009. Now I work as a chorister in a church and study at university. This September my third year started. When I was on the first year, I got ill. I couldn't do anything useful, so I decided to watch anime. Shingeki no kyojin, just all my friends wanted me to watch it. To be honest, I wanted to drop it after fifth episode. But when I heard more clearly some soundtracks... Hmm, I thought, I definitely heard this beautiful harmony style before! I'm a sinaesthetic, and colors of your music everytime make me see something absolutely miraculous, not only hear. So, your OST was the strongest reason to see SnK right to the end. I translated all songs to Russian and made fundabs. And this songs were an inspiration for me to right up my own variant of SnK's end (as a fanfiction, yes). I thought up a couple of original characters - minstrels to show my readers translations of your songs^^ Since that time I think - if emotions are a blood of soul, then music is some kind of blood. And for me your music is just like a blood of right type. Though of course your music is more like a wind, like a fresh air. In heavy moments these melodies help me to breath. Thank you so much!

FSS( Fidelia Shasamuelita Siahaan), Medan, Indonesia Vocalist 澤野さん、こんばんは!フィでリアです! あ、その前に、お誕生日おめでとうございます! I'm currently still studying at school. It's my last year of school though, so I will be graduating next year! (Which also means that I'm 17 years old!) I have been a big fan of yours since last year! I know you from an upperclassmen of mine, which had graduated and currently studying in Osaka, Japan. One day, she showed me the anime "Shingeki no Kyojin". At first, I thought that I would never watch that anime because it is a little bit scary. (But I watched it anyway~) She said that she watched that anime is because the one who compose the soundtrack is her favourite composer, you! That was the very first time I heard your name. I have this habit where I listen to the music while watching something. So, after I watched the whole series, I fell in love with your works because it is just so amazing! So, I get both of the soundtrack albums from my upperclassmen and listened to it. My first impression to your works is,"I have never heard of anything like this!". Your works are so unique in many ways! After that, I began to get more of your works and fell in love with it more! My current top 2 favourite tracks are &Z and theDOGS. I really like the melody, the arrangement, and as always, the drums! 澤野さん, please make more amazing music and keep surprising us! どうもありがとうございまし た!


Vocal: Alessio Falso Original lyrics & music: Hiroyuki Sawano

Vocals: Benham Gaelic Lyrics: NicAoidh Instruments & Mix: Shaunicate Drums: Nathaniel Original Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Original Lyrics: Hajime

Gaelic Lyrics: Gach uile ní fúit a stóir Tógadh le thu, Tharla rud eicint Insigh dom Ní feidir liom stopadh Ná imigh fós Béigh mé anseo dúit

Vocal & Piano: FSS Original Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Original Lyrics: Hajime

Vocal & Piano: Karina Original Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Original Lyrics: mpi & Benjamin Anderson

Vocal: Alessio Falso Original Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Original Lyrics: mpi

Vocal: FSS Original Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Original Lyrics: mpi & Benjamin Anderson

Vocal: InfelMaru Italian lyrics: InfelMaru Original lyrics & music: Hiroyuki Sawano Please hear me I want to tell you Please sing to me I wanna hear your voice Col tempo che continuava a scorrere nell'anima, ho chiuso quelle parole nude dentro al cuore, ma questo sangue macchia già il ricordo che ho di te, nella realtà che ho davanti a me. Ti stringo, non cerco niente, voglio solamente te. La mano è tesa, ma non riesco più a raggiungerti. Come un bimbo che sa già dove andrà, ti mostri forte e fiero, ma guarda più in là, non saprai più chi sei.

Se dessi la voce a un canto che dà pace all'animo, nel cuore io stringerei quel che oramai è passata età. Come un uomo col coraggio a metà racconto la mia verità. Guardo più in là, non saprò più chi sei... Non mi servono parole che un amore vuoto non riuscirà ad esprimere. Le preghiere sono spente oramai. Il domani insieme a te non arriva mai... Io ti raggiungerò e ti racconterò tutto quello che non so più dire, con un orgoglio fragile. Lo dimenticherò, quel bacio dolce che tu mi desti con malinconia e la voce che cantava lacrime. Freezing cold shatters my sorrow and scorching sand puts it together again

La tua voce rotta mi sfiora già. Questo vento sa che insieme a lei si spegnerà. Superi le stelle e voli più in là, la tua mano scivola e poi se ne va...

Se questa verità potrà sparire aldilà, preferirei sbagliare sempre e solo insieme a te. Se queste voci sono avvolte in triste complicità, solo con te, le stringerò per sempre così...

Se ti dicessi di restare sempre qui non potrei comunque più sentire la voce dolce intorno a me. Quell'eco triste sa che presto pioverà. Il mio corpo resta fermo qua sotto un cielo che continua a piangere.

Il mondo stringerò, la luce svelerò, anche se nel cuore giace ormai un monocromo stabile. Non dimenticherò il paesaggio che quella luce poi riscalderà. Dentro ai passi miei continua a vivere...

Piano composition: TH Sunset Original music: Hiroyuki Sawano

Chambers of the heart  

Booklet for tribute album 'Chambers of the Heart: An Ode to Sawano Hiroyuki'

Chambers of the heart  

Booklet for tribute album 'Chambers of the Heart: An Ode to Sawano Hiroyuki'