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SCHOLARSHIP FORMS DUE KISC boys basketball team with head coach Joel Debortoli.

KISC community celebrated a milestone last week when the boys’ basketball team won the third Innovative Inter-school Basketball Championship. This was the first time in the school’s 25-year history that we have won a basketball tournament. Jordan Debortoli (Year 11) was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. The boys continued their victory journey by also winning the Nepal InterSchool Sports Association (NISSA) Basketball League. So far, they have won 15 games in a row. The boys also made it to the final of the Wilson Cup. They are playing Baba Boarding High School this afternoon at 3. Please pray for the boys as they try to secure their third title in less than two weeks.

Scholarship Forms are due in by March 2013. New applications for scholarships must be received by 15 March 2013. Those on scholarships are reminded to email Judith Ellis at if your financial circumstances have not changed and you would like to apply to continue your scholarship. If your financial circumstances have changed, then please complete a new form. Forms are available from Reception and under Admissions on the KISC website.

MK IDENTITY: GROWING UP BETWEEN WORLDS Missionary kids (MKs) grow up in a world of constant transition. As MK parents, it is important to identify our children’s strengths, struggles and needs. Michele Phoenix will lead sessions on MK identity and share important insight on how you can nurture your children so that they can grow up to be mighty oaks. Ms. Phoenix, an adult third culture kid (TCK) and former teacher, is an MK advocate and international author. To learn more about Ms. Phoenix, please visit WED 6 MARCH @ 6:30-8:15PM KISC PARENTS’ MEETING (KISC HALL) WED 13 MARCH, 9:30-11AM



KISC is the only international K-13 school in Nepal with both QUALITY the Middle States Association: STANDARDS Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA, • Philosophy/Mission American) and Cambridge • Governance & Leadership International Examinations • School Improvement Planning (British) accreditations. Our MSA • Finances accreditation is up for renewal in • Facilities 2014. A team of inspectors will visit • School Climate & Organization the school in November 2013 to • Health & Safety ensure we continue to meet the 12 • Educational Program standards for accreditation. To be • Assessment & Evidence of Student Learning prepared for the MSA visit, we have • Student Services • Student Life & Student Activities been carrying out a self-evaluation of • Information Resources & Technology the school with the help of our staff, students and parents. The process of completing the self evaluation is now well underway. Many students and quite a number of parents have been part of committees that have met in the last few weeks to look at 10 of the 12 standards. Reports are now being completed on these 10 standards. The staff are currently taking part in a review of the curriculum in every subject area for K-13. We will use these reviews to help with the reports for the final two standards, "The Education Program" and "Assessment and Reporting." The results of the surveys are now online. If you go to you can access the staff, parents and students surveys. These are just the results of the questions, not the comments that were made. Summaries of the comments, both from staff, parents and students will be reported in the next newsletter and through upcoming assemblies. After Easter break the school will be identifying the "Key Areas for Improvement", which will form the basis of our objectives and action plans for the next seven years. We will continue to keep you informed of this process.

SCHOOL PHOTOS AVAILABLE NOW The 2012-2013 school photos are now available for purchase at If you would like to order individual, class or school photos, please complete an order form and return it to the KISC Reception with the correct amount before FRIDAY, 8 MARCH. NOTE: To find out the photo name, place your mouse on the top left corner of the selected photo.

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PHOTO COSTS 5 x 7 6 x 8 8 x 12 Passport size

Nrs. 30 Nrs. 55 Nrs. 150 Nrs. 40 per set of 4


PTA Class Representatives 2012-2013 Jaqueline Sebastian Bethany Arneson Peter Lockwood Nancy Fraley Hannah Kurian Helen Kempton Marilyn Lewis Kalyani Joshi Liz Galpin Sue Garrison Carol Smith Indira Subedi Chirley Souza Tammy DeBortoli Indira Subedi Young – Mee Kim Melissa Smith Gretchen Schlie Martin Butterworth Astrid Smith

Year K Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13 Nepali Korean Secondary KLT Treasurer Chair

The PTA would like to draw your attention to the meeting planned with Michele Phoenix at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6 at KISC. This is a great opportunity to learn about the joys and struggles our children go through and how we can help them. If you need a baby sitter in order for you to be able to come to this insightful event, please see Nancy Frayley at primary line up. We would also like to thank all the parents and students who sat in on MSA meetings. Your participation makes our input count at KISC. One of the tasks of a PTA class representative is to organize a time for you to meet with parents of your child’s classmates. These meetings are fun and they also help you to find out more on your child’s class and teachers. Please don’t miss them when they happen. We also encourage you to contact your class representative at other times as well. The list of current PTA representatives, with their photos and roles, can also be found on the KISC Hall wall on your right just as you walk in.

PRAYER REQUESTS • We thank God for the many gifting and abilities he has given to each of us and the benefit and richness that brings to our community. • We thank God for the forthcoming visit of Michele Phoenix. We are thankful for the time and expertise she is willing to share with us. May this be a time of enriching for all of us. May we all learn much from what she has to share. May her time be fruitful for us but also for her. Please pray for her health and safety during her time here. • Please continue to pray for God’s healing hand and restoration on those who need a healing touch from Him during this season of illness. May this coming mid-term break be a time of strengthening and renewing. May we hear of miracles and healings so that glory may be given to Him. • As KISC is in the process of preparing for the MSA visit later this year, let us remember those who are involved in the preparations. May the process encourage them to see what is being done well and areas that need improvement. May this further strengthen the vision and passion of KISC. • Please pray for daily fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit upon individuals and the school. May there be a tangible atmosphere of Christ dwelling among us and throughout the school. May Christ be central to all that takes place. Pray for freshness in our relationship with Him. May we truly see as God sees and have a heart after what He desires. Let each of us continue to press in and keep running with perseverance.

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KISC STUDENTS VISIT A PARTNER SCHOOL KISC is always looking for ways to reach out into the community and having students involved in that outreach is always something to strive for. The Year 2 class had the privilege of delivering an EQUIP Tin Trunk Library to the Deen Mitra School last month. The nine students sang a song for the students of Deen Mitra before helping to pass out the new books. After the Tin Trunk presentation and a read aloud by Ms. Raiees Dana, the Deen Mitra students went to their individual classes and the KISC students took turns reading aloud to the classes. They were all quite nervous at first, but soon overcame their shyness and did not want to stop reading. Seong-Hyeon said, “I felt a little bit shy when I was reading, but it went away and I had a good time.”

KISC WELCOMES MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OFFICIALS KISC had the great pleasure of welcoming several Ministry of Education officials on February 8. The officials visiting KISC were the Joint Secretary Surya Prasad Gautam; Under Secretaries Kamal Prasad Karmacharya and Bir Singh Dhami; and Section Angus Douglas (left) shares the vision of KISC TEC with Ministry Officer Krishna Gopal of Education Joint Secretary Surya Prasad Gautam (right). Shrestha. EQUIP Director Khim Kandel and Primary Principal Leslie Smith gave them tours of KISC and KISC EQUIP. Mrs. Smith also briefed them about the school’s educational progamme. They were very impressed to learn about our school and teacher training programme. They were later introduced to the KISC Project Development Manager Angus Douglas, who shared the vision of KISC Transformational Education College (TEC) with them. Mr. Gautam and other officials gave some great inputs on the TEC. They have also committed to supporting KISC, EQUIP and TEC. Thank you to all of you for taking your time to meet up with the Ministry officials.

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EQUIP UPDATES ACADEMIC YEAR WRAPPED UP We are coming to an end of Nepali school academic year. EQUIP team has been very busy visiting projects, evaluating trainings provided during the academic year and planning for next year. The planning and evalution meetings in Dadeldhura, Lamjung and Tansen have been completed. 7 PARTNER SCHOOLS ADDED EQUIP will add 7 more schools (3 in Lamjung and 4 in Tansen) in the coming year. Beginning April 2013, EQUIP will be working with 37 Nepali schools.

Principal of Jana Deep Lower Secondary School, a new EQUIP partner school in Palpa, welcomes EQUIP team.

KISC TEC FEASIBILITY STUDY CONDUCTED The feasibility study of KISC TEC is going well. KISC Project Development Manager Angus Douglas and EQUIP Director Khim Kandel completed the feasibility study in Dadeldhura and Tansen. We are continuing to meet with other concerned stakeholders to get their inputs in order to establish KISC TEC, the first Christian college in Nepal. EQUIP TEAM VISITS TANSEN In our visit to Tansen last week, the vision of KISC TEC was shared with the principals and teachers of EQUIP partner schools. They are very excited and positive towards KISC TEC. EQUIP team also had a vision sharing and brainstorm meeting with the church leaders and Christian teachers in Tansen. They committed to praying for us and said they would encourage their youth to get into the teaching profession. They are also very happy to support EQUIP in anyway they can. The EQUIP team conducted its regular EQUIP training in partner schools. Parent seminars were conducted in two schools and were well attended. Classroom libraries were set up in 5 schools. EQUIP teacher trainers Sally Bolis and Amber Hohensee conducted a demo read aloud with grades 4 and 5. The students had a great time. They later trained teachers on how to read a story with the students. Their training was well received and teachers committed to applying training lessons with English teacher trainer Krishna Bohora interacts with a student during a parent seminar in Palpa. their students and children. THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS EQUIP would like to thank its funding partners Himal Partners, Norway; Samaritan’s Purse Canada; BMS World Mission, UK and many other individual donors. Your support has enabled us to provide excellent trainings to school communities across Nepal by being living witnesses of Christ’s Love.

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KISC HOUSE T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE The new KISC house (Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Makalu) t-shirts are now available for sale for Nrs. 700 each. Sizes available are: small, medium and large for children. For adults, extra large is also available. Order forms are available at KISC Reception.



Parents are requested to kindly notify the KISC Reception at 553 8720 if your child is going to miss school. Please call between 7:50 and 8:30 a.m. For a planned, extended absence please fill out the appropriate form in Reception.

Anandaban Leprosy Hospital conducts camps to provide medical care for people working in brick factories and needy rural areas. Everyone is encouraged to donate used, clean clothes to support the medical camps. They accept children’s clothes in any size as well as adults’ clothes in small size. Donations can be dropped off at KISC Reception before March 20. For more information, contact Sylvia Harniess at 5551455 or


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Michele Phoenix Gretchen Schlie Michala Mecklenburg Poetry Assembly Leslie Smith Easter Assembly Prep

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Human Development & Community Services (HDCS, Nepali Christian NGO that owns KISC) is looking for volunteers willing to help out with organization promotional work and day to day office operations. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Dibyashree Khadka at 501 5062 or

OPTIONS EVENING 2013 Year 9 and 11 students and parents are invited to an essential evening for all students intending to enter Year 10 and 12 in August. 6:30 - 8 p.m., March 13.





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