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17 AUGUST 2012

UPCOMING EVENTS Whole School 20 Aug - 1 Nov - Ms. Ellis in UK/USA 22 Aug - Whole School Parent Evening from 6:30-8:30pm 5 Sep - Emergency Evacuation 3:15 pm 13/14 Sep - Primary Parent/Teacher Interviews 14 Sep - New Secondary students progress reports 17-20 Sep - EQUIP Trishuli Training 24 Sep - 8 Oct - EQUIP Dadeldhura Training 4/5/6 Oct - Pirates of Penzanze 5 Oct - End of Term 1

KISC 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION KISC recently celebrated 25 years of God’s goodness in Nepal with a three-day celebration featuring thanksgiving to God, fellowship and reminiscing as well as envisioning August Primary Assemblies and praying for the 21 Tuesday Miss Moore future of KISC. 24 Friday Mrs Khatri On Thursday night 28 Tuesday Miss Frueh the celebrations KISC founder Alan McIlhenny 31 Friday Miss Schlie kicked off and the Birthday & assembly awards Holy Spirit was evident as the KISC community and friends sang the opening songs thanking and praising God for his faithfulness and goodness over the last 25 years. Then the KISC founder Alan McIlhenny shared stories about the school’s foundation and vision. Also during the programme, KISC CEO Judith Ellis shared the future vision for KISC. She encouraged all to ‘awaken spiritually’ to all that God has called us to and the ideas that KISC has to be at the forefront of education transformation in Nepal and around the world. Students, staff, parents and guests gathered Friday morning for a whole school assembly, which included a presentation of KISC’s Passion Statement on how God is making us into Oaks of Righteousness for the display of His Splendour. The assembly was followed by a formal programme, where several Nepali and foreign staff were honored for their dedication and service to the school. The 25th Anniversary Thanka painting portraying KISC’s 25 years of legacy in Nepal was also unveiled during the programme. A time of intercessory prayer occurred in the afternoon and the festivities for the day concluded with a fabulous Talent Show organised by Megan Titley. On Saturday, Aug. 11 the KISC community went to Godavari Village Resort and celebrated the legacy of KISC together through swimming and fun organized games, followed by a meal and then prayers for Nepal and songs of praise to God. Thank you to the 25th Anniversary Committee for their hard work and excellent programs and especially to Marcy Knoble for her leadership and dedication to make the site and event a very speAlan and Margaret McIlhenny unveil the 25th cial occasion for all. Anniversary Thanka painting



Long Service Awardees with Chief Guest Mr. Hridayesh Tripathi, Honorable Minister of Physical Planning, Works and Transport Management. From left, Ram Keshar Thapa, Christine Stone, Bidur Sapkota, Nara Prajapati, Laxman Dhamala, Mr. Tripathi, Sarita K.C., Sunil K.C., Man Bahadur Basnet, Judith Ellis, Amanda Christie and Libby Hayes.

THANK YOU FROM THE SMC CHAIRPERSON I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped out with the 25th KISC Anniversary this past weekend here at KISC. It was a wonderful time of worship, remembering God’s goodness in the past, looking to the future God is calling us to, fun and fellowship. Thanks especially to the McIlhennys and others who traveled long distances to be with us. Not only were we able to celebrate the 25th, but we had the special privilege of celebrating the approval of HDCS/KISC’s new agreement with the Ministry of Education. We received many more visa posts in preparation for the future expansion of KISC. Praise God!!! Many thanks to Tirtha Thapa, Upendra Neupane and Khim Kandel for their hard work on KISC’s agreement with the Ministry of Education. Special thanks to those at the ministry who helped the agreement go smoothly. KISC now has another 5 year agreement with the government of Nepal to continue to run KISC and KISC EQUIP. God is so good and as a community let us give HIM the praise He deserves for this. Please pray for Judith, Khim and I as we leave for the UK on Sunday to celebrate the 25th with those unable to come all the way to Nepal. Praise the Lord for His provision that two of our tickets and accommodation are provided for by others! Blessings, Marcy Knoble SMC Chairperson Page 2

PTA UPDATE Last week felt more like the last week of school than the first week of school. It was amazing to be part of such a wonderful celebration. Thank you all for bringing snacks from your home country or making them. I tried all sorts of interesting bits and pieces and it was great to be a community in this way as well. I am looking forward to the 50th anniversary already (slightly greyer and slightly, only slightly, more wrinkled ). Now as reality sets in of a new school year, the PTA would like to welcome all of you to school. Parents and teachers, we are here for you. The PTA consists of women and men who are ready to serve you, chat with you, get to know you, help you find other parents or teachers etc.We meet about six times in a year and organize a number of events. These events are a parent staff prayer meeting twice a year, fairs, class socials, an inter-school PTA meeting with Lincoln, The British School, and more. Besides these activities we want to be a listening ear for you and the teachers. Please find the list of class reps and a Nepali rep and Korean rep below and feel free to come and see us or give us a ring when needed. As you can see we are very low on men and we are still missing a rep for Year 2. Our Year 1 rep is going on maternity leave for Term 1. So, if you are a father who wants to contribute to the school in a fun way, please make yourself known (even if it is just for a term in the case of Year 1). Warm greetings for now and hope to speak to you soon. - Astrid Smith, Chair

PTA Class Representatives 2012-2013 Jaqueline Sebastian Bethany Arneson (Need A Rep) Nancy Fraley Hannah Kurian Helen Kempton Marilyn Lewis Kalyani Joshi Liz Galpin Sue Garrison Carol Smith Indira Subedi Shirley Souza Tammy DeBortoli Indira Subedi Young – Mee Kim Sandra Oh Gretchen Schlie Martin Butterworth Astrid Smith


Year K Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13 Nepali Korean Secondary KLT Treasurer Chair


KISC students pratice being a tree while learning about this year’s vision.

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PRAYER CORNER We give thanks for the 25th Anniversary celebrations as we see how faithful God has been and the exciting vision for the future. Pray for Judith, Khim and Marcy as they travel to the UK next week for the 25th anniversary celebrations in the UK. Pray that again there would be a sense of celebration and excitement as KISC forges ahead. Please continue to lift up those who are new to the KISC community, students, parents and staff. Pray they would feel established quickly and supported. Pray that good friendships and support networks would be formed, protection and safety, and for the renewing of energy and stamina at a time of so many demands upon them. Let us uphold the Christian community here in Nepal. We thank God for the growth in believers Nepal has seen over the years. Pray for protection and courage for our Nepali Christians at a time of threats and suffering.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Let us continue to pray as we did in the prayer meeting at the beginning of this term. May we become mighty oaks for His Glory.

Col 1:19

Pray that each of us may bear and reveal the fruits of righteouness and by this that Gods glory would be revealed and touch many

May we be thankful that God is love and creator of earth. That we will expeEph 3:17-21 rience this knowledge of Gods love for us and his vastness. Knowing that He IS capable of “immeasurably more than ALL was ask or imagine” That our faith in this would be evident & speak immeasurably to those around us.

2 Cor 3:18

Pray we would “spead the fragrance” of Christ. That through our lives and all that we are involved in here in Nepal there would be a new aroma that would sweep this nation as well the nations we all represent.

Prov 4:5

Pray that individually and as a community we would learn and grow together. That God would grant us knowledge and wisdom and that they would be our constant source of guidance & direction in ALL we do.

Eph 6:19

May we be constant ambassadors for Christ sharing His gospel to all, whether that be friends, family. colleagues, whoever. That the Spirit would give words in season to share “fearlessly” and unashamedly. That the Spirit would reveal separation people have from Christ and that we can be channels through which the Spirit can move in order for redemption to come.

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EQUIP UPDATE As this is the month of rejoicing and giving thanks for God’s wonder, EQUIP celebrates five years of contribution to Nepali communities through partnerships with 29 schools in 6 districts. The second phase of the Leadership Training, which was jointly organized by KISC EQUIP and ECEC, was successfully completed. The training was scheduled for three days from 10th -12th June 2012. There were 23 participants and we received encouraging feedback from each of them. Amanda Christie facilitated SABAL Active Teaching Judith Ellis at the second phase of the Leadership Training Learning Workshop led by KRIDAC and its co-operating organizations. The workshop was scheduled for five days from 20th – 24th of July and total of 26 people from various districts participated in the training. KISC provided the venue and other logistic support. Please pray for Amanda as she is returns back to Dolpa. Christine Stone and Krishna Bohora are facilitating English Training in Trishuli and Palpa on 24th and 30th of Amanda Christie facilitates SABAL Active Teaching Learning Workshop August respectively. Please pray for their safe journey.

Amrit’s Experience In South Korea I participated in the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12) in Seoul, South Korea on July 8-15, 2012. The congress was organized by International Commission on Mathematics Instruction. There were 3616 participants from 84 countries. I contributed in the Topic Study Group and Poster presentation on “Exploring Mathematics in Motherly Nature: An Auto Ethnographic Inquiry”. I did a presentation for a workshop on “Mathematics Education Research: transforming hearts, minds and souls of mathematics education”. The workshop was included as the National presentation for Nepal and it was well received. The program gave me food for thought and aspiration for practice in the field of mathematics education in Nepal. Being a teacher trainer, I examined my understanding of mathematics education research and practices in reference to the international perspectives. More specifically, it will be an opportunity for me to focus my journey toward transformative pedagogy of mathematWentworth and Amrit Poudel ics education for the teacher development programmes in Nepal. Wesley in South Korea

COLLEGE CORNER SAT Registration Deadline Sept. 07 2012 • Next SAT Exam Oct. 2012 All students who are registered for the PSAT will be receiving their guides at lunch time sessions during the coming week. On Monday August 20th at 9:15am a representative from Mt. Allison University in Canada will be giving a presentation in the meetings room. Questions? Please contact Ted Mecklenburg at 980.869.9169

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Whole Parent Information Evening is Wednesday 22 August 6.30-8.30pm. Please put this date in your diary, it is very important that at least one parent attends from each family at KISC. There will be a fun presentation of important information followed by an opportunity to meet your children’s teachers.

• KISC plastic cups are for sale in Reception. Nrs. 100 each or 6 for 500. • New KISC mugs on sale at Reception for Nrs. 350 each. • The “old” purple slide from the Primary Play Area is now for sale. We are accepting written, sealed bids for anyone interested. Bring a sealed envelope which includes name, contact information, and bid amount to Reception by 31 August. Original price was 97,000 rupees. The minimum bid is 22,000. Please note that this is the slide portion only, which has some damage, and does not include the stairway portion. This “old” slide is stored in the Smith’s garden. Arrangements can be made to inspect it by contacting Leslie at 985.110.3049

ADMISSIONS We are currently taking application forms of younger siblings of current students for 201314, especially Year K. You can pick up forms from the Reception Office or use the electronic version on our website at:

NEW LIBRARY HOURS The library is open Monday to Friday from 8am – 4pm.





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