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Primary Activity Week

Monday, 5 November through Friday, 9 November (1/2 day)

UPCOMING EVENTS Nov 5-9 Nov 15 Nov 19-23 Nov 20-24 Nov 21 Nov 25 Nov 28

Activity Week No School - Tihar EQUIP Lamjung training ACSI Conference in ChangMai Parent/Teacher interviews PTA Winter Fair Secondary Activity Week Presentation Evening Whole School Football Tournament Secondary Student Social

Monday-Thursday afternoons, we’ll “travel” to Babylon, to study and experience where Daniel and his friends showed great courage in Nov 30 captivity. Nov 30 We will become part of ancient Bible history as we hear and touch what it was like to live in Babylon We’ll explore Marketplace shops, visit with Daniel, take part in games, dance to lively Bible songs, and discover more about Daniel’s adventures in Babylon and how God used him there. Plus, we will learn to look for evidence of God all around us through something called God Sightings. Thursday evening at 6-8:15 pm is “Family Fun Night” with games, snacks and a movie for the whole family, followed by a Grade 5-6 sleepover in the Hall. Friday morning will conclude our Babylon Activity Week with final activities, a program in the hall and 11:30 dismissal.

SECONDARY Activity Week

Parents of secondary students, please take a look at the following table to make note of the comings and goings of your children during the activity week taking place Nov. 5 - 9. Year


Departure Time from KISC

Arrival date and approximate time at KISC



Mon 5th Nov


Fri 9 Nov, 6pm

Bring packed lunch and snacks. Make sure waterproofs are in daypack.


Mon 5th Nov


Thurs 8 Nov, 3pm

Bring packed breakfast and snacks


Mon 5th Nov


Fri 9 Nov, 3:30 pm

Bring snacks


Mon 5th Nov


Thurs 8 Nov, 2 pm

Bring packed breakfast


Sun 4th Nov


Fri 9 Nov, 4pm

Bring packed breakfast and snacks

MUSICAL REFLECTIONS “PIRATES” BRING KISC COMMUNITY TOGETHER Our KISC pirates have abandoned ship and are now back at their desks with wonderful memories of a busy and exciting term production. Below are some student reflections of the show: “The staff room, buzzing with excitement and anticipation of the night ahead, smelled of sweat, makeup and abundant hairspray. The hall was packed tightly with strangers wondering what was in store. The piratical yet happy music from the orchestra set the scene in an imaginative way. The curtains opened revealing hours of artistic planning and work which involved almost the entire school. The music, witty lines, singing, dancing and vivid colour made everyone feel as if they had just walked into another world.”

“All that yelling out cause we forgot our cues, all the ‘I am so tired!”’ all the ‘can we have a break?’ ‘can we go home now?’ finally paid off. It was amazing the whole time but we only realized that when it was time to actually perform. Now we miss it. The experience, the connection each of us had with our characters and others as well. Now it sort of feels like ‘What are we going to do now?’ Our after schools feel empty. I miss it and thank you to everyone who made such a wonderful experience and opportunity possible.”

“The Pirates of Penzance was like a professional musical. It made the whole of KISC become more like a great big family.”

“Looking back, even the times that we got yelled at by the director were useful and kind of fun. I now know how much time and effort needs to be put into each production. I really appreciate how KISC gave us students the opportunity to experience working together as a team to produce such a wonderful musical! Can’t wait for the next production!”

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PTA NOTES KISC WINTER FAIR Sunday, 25 November 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. (or until sold out)

During the break we have had a thorough check of our stuff at home and designated those clothes and toys which are no longer ‘age appropriate’ for the KISC Winter Fair. One wonders where all the stuff came from. I suspect all of you have similar problems in that sense. What fills our closets might be a blessing to someone else though. That’s why we have fairs twice a year (and for many other reasons). You can start to bring your stuff to KISC from Monday 5 November till Thursday 22 November. Please ask directions from Reception on where to put it. Please make sure that what you donate to KISC is clean and complete. If you want to donate games, please check whether it is complete and tape the box closed so it stays complete. This saves us a lot of work and the new owner a disappointment. If you are interested in having a stall, please sign up with Astrid Smith at nasesmith@ If you don’t hear back from her within three days, please resend your message, it might have gotten lost in cyber space. If you want to volunteer at the fair, please sign up at the Reception.


The PTA would like to invite you to pray together each Monday morning from 8:10 till 9 in the prayer room and/or (for fathers) the first Friday of each month from 8 till 8:30.


Year 6 finished term 1 assuming the roles of Tudor Lords and Ladies. The festivities began with a tasty Tudor Banquet, enjoying lots of meat and the newly discovered potato. The students then dressed each other up in Tudor clothes fashioned out of newspaper and sticky tape. The catwalks of Milan would have been impressed with the large skirts, narrow waists and exciting armour. The day finished with Tudor games of jousting, bowls and badminton. No horses or children were injured during these games. It was an outstanding day!

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CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE 6 P.M. THURSDAY DEC. 20 It is with great excitement that we invite you to the KISC Christmas Carol Service 6 p.m. Thursday 20 December at KISC courtyard. The theme for this year’s service is “Christmas Around the World” and will feature various styles of music. Children will be decorating the Christmas tree in between music. The service will also include KISC community dance and bonfire. Snacks and refreshments will follow the service. See you there!


Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews

21st November 3:30 - 6:30 pm

Several KISC community members participated in the 6th Kathmandu Marathon conducted in October. Participants included: • Simon Hall - Marathon • Josh Galpin - 5K • Joseph Boehm - 5K • Esther Butterworth - 5K • Katie Smith - 5K • Emily Smith - 5K • Leslie Smith - 5K Thank you all for your participation.

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We are trialing some software to improve our management of Parent/ Teacher interviews. It will allow parents to manage their bookings online. More details will follow in an email to secondary parents soon.

November Primary Assemblies

2 Friday 13 Tuesday 16 Friday 20 Tuesday 23 Friday

Gretchen Schlie & Leslie Smith Daniel Parnell Tara Malycha Caroline Khatri Kelsi McGillivray

equip update EQUIP’s work in all project areas is going well. The second phase of training in Dadeldhura was successfully completed in September. Parent workshops were conducted in all 8 partner schools as well as a seminar for all the principals. In addition to this, there were six days of training for pre primary school teachers and early childhood development (ECD) facilitators. The training included fun and interactive hands-on activities, role plays, songs, ice breaker games, workshops, microteaching, audio visual content and many more. The District Education Office in Dadeldhura has been very positive and supportive of EQUIP. Likewise, the Lalitpur District Education Officer appreciates EQUIP’s trainings and requested that resource persons and school inspectors be included in future EQUIP trainings. EQUIP continues to build good relationships with the government agencies and school communities in the project areas. EQUIP would like to extend a huge thank you to Wilma Chinnock, a Teacher Trainer from Australia. She came again to Nepal for three weeks and trained 116 teachers in Kathmandu and Tansen. As well, she provided professional feedback to our EQUIP team. On our staffing front, our teacher trainer Dil Bahadur Chhetri attended a three week Advanced Christian Leadership Training with the Haggai Institute in the USA. We offer a warm welcome to Sue Gim Training participants gather for a group photo with Wilma from Korea who has just joined our Chinnock and EQUIP officials. team as an English Teacher Trainer. She and her family recently moved to Nepal from India and we pray for their smooth transition.

EQUIP NEEDS YOUR VOTE On behalf of EQUIP, teacher trainer Amrit Poudel is participating in Global Partnership for Education’s “2012 Reading Changed My Life Photo and Video” contest. Check out his entry “Increasing literacy; a reader at a time” at showentry/1344290.

Voting begins 7 November and ends 21 November.





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