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12 FEBRUARY 2013

UPCOMING EVENTS Feb 13 Emergency Evacuation Drill Feb 21-27 EQUIP visit to Tansen Feb 28-March 5 Midterm Break March 5 Staff Development Day March 11 TCK Parent Meeting with Michele Phoenix March 11 Staff Meeting March 13 Secondary Options Evening March 15 Staff Social March 22 Primary Picnic March 27 Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews March 28 End of Term 3


cg'u|x For it is by free grace (God’s unmerited favor) that you are saved (delivered from judgement and made partakers of Christ’s salvation) through [your] faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [of your own doing, it came not through your own striving], but it is the gift of God; Not because of works [not the fulfillment of the Law’s demands], lest any man should boast. [It is not the result of what anyone can possibly do, so no one can pride himself in it or take glory to himself.] Amplified Bible

GRACE. Do I really believe that God does not keep accounts of my wrong doings? That He has lavished grace on me because of the sacrifice of Jesus? GRACE. Where would I be without God’s gift of grace? Grace is given freely, at no cost. There is nothing I can do or give to earn or buy it. But, I must receive it. By choosing to receive this precious grace I am then able to offer it to others. You cannot offer something you yourself have not received. Do you KNOW in your heart (not just in your head) just how much God loves you and that salvation is free? Do you allow yourself to make mistakes? Do you live in fear of punishment if you mess up or do something wrong? I used to. I used to think I had to be perfect. I used to think God wanted me to follow a list of rules and then He’d be happy with me. But you know what? He loves us just the way we are. He offers grace upon grace because He knows we will mess up. We will make mistakes. Do you know this grace deep down? Do you want to? Please talk to myself, our prayer coordinator, Bethany Arneson (barneson@kisc., or any KLT member. We are always ready to share this precious gift, this gift of grace. Marcy Knoble SMC Chairperson

Scholarship Forms are due in by March 2013. New applications for scholarships must be received by 15 March 2013. Those on scholarships are reminded to email Judith Ellis at if your financial circumstances have not changed and you would like to apply to continue your scholarship. If your financial circumstances have changed, then please complete a new form. Forms are available from Reception and under Admissions on the KISC website.


Why couldn’t we speak with animals?

MSA VISIT 2013 Middle States Association (MSA) is our accreditation organization in the United States. We are preparing for an accreditation visit in November. We have an accreditation visit every 7 years. A BIG THANK YOU to all parents who took the time to complete the online MSA survey. We had 78 completed surveys from parents. What a great response! Between the parents staff and students over 350 surveys. Results of the surveys will be published in due course. STANDARDS COMMITTEE Yesterday, Monday 11, staff, along with some parent and student volunteers, got together to assess the results of the standards and identify our strengths and areas for improvement in each of the 12 standards areas. The first meetings were a great success and there is still time to volunteer to contribute to one of these committees. Please email if you would be interested in helping in one area. The time commitment is from 3:30 – 5pm on Monday 25th February. MSA PLANNING TEAM The MSA planning team has now met 3 times as it seeks to drive the school through the process of accreditation. The team members are listed below for your information. Key people to be aware of are Mr Suraj Dahal (parent representative) and the student representatives; Ruth Butterworth, Abby Knoble (both Year 11) and Himanshu Tripathi (Year 10). Please do contact them if you have any questions or suggestions for the team.


QUALITY STANDARDS • • • • • • • • • • • •

Daniel Parnell Internal Coordinator Judith Ellis Head of School Gretchen Schlie Academic Director Kelsi McGilivray Teacher Phillipa Munday Teacher Suraj Dahal Parent Sally Bolis EQUIP Representative Ruth Butterworth Student Abigail Knoble Student Himanshu Tripathi Student Angus Douglas SMC Representative Abraham Chun Korean Representative Ramila Karmacharya Admin Staff Rep/

Philosophy/Mission Governance & Leadership School Improvement Planning Finances Facilities School Climate & Organization Health & Safety Educational Program Assessment & Evidence of Student Learning Student Services Student Life & Student Activities Information Resources & Technology

Team Administrator

STAFF & STUDENT FAREWELLS •The Zetterburg Family has returned to Sweden. Parents, Per and Anna (Yr K TA) and children: Olivia (Yr 4), Viktor (Yr 3), Elsa (Yr 1). •Sarah Frueh (Yr 3 Teacher) is in the US for her father’s funeral. She will return for T4. •Libby Hayes (Secondary Principal) and daughter, Ruth (Yr. 9) will be going on furlough from 15 February until the end of this school year. Daniel Parnell will be acting Secondary Principal during her absence. Page 2

Why am I writing this poem?

Why is the time going?

SESSIONS FOR THIRD CULTURE KIDS AND PARENTS Michele Phoenix, a missionaries’ kids advocate and an international author, will be coming to KISC from 5-16 March. See the schedule below on how you can make the most of her visit. You can check out her resources at Wed 6 March @ 6:30-8pm Tues 12 March @ 6pm Wed 13 March, 9:30-11am

KISC Parents’ Meeting (KISC Hall) Community Parents’ Meeting (The British School) Korean Parents’ Meeting (Korean Church)

She will be leading several assemblies, meeting with each secondary class and doing several training sessions with KISC staff. She will also be available for some individual appointments during the day. See Reception to make an appointment. Would you like to invite her over for an evening meal with your family? See Reception for which evenings she is available.

STUDENT WELCOMES • Joah Bryant (Yr K). His parents are Corban and Katrina (US). • Rohan Ghimire (Yr K). His parents are Sujan and Sarah Ghimire (US). • Ashish (Yr 6) & Sarah (Yr 3) Jung Paudel: have returned from 8 months of home leave. • Philip Chun (Yr 1),parents are Abraham Chun and Eun Jun Choi (Korea). • Dale Visser (Year 7), parents are Piet Visser (Netherlands) Beky Kaliro (Uganda).

STAFF WELCOMES • Tabatha Raiees-Dana (US) - Yr 2 teacher. • Lizzy Neiger (US) is a Student Teacher. She will be in the Year 3 classroom for Term 3 and working with Student Support for Term 4. • Nancy Fraley (US) is a long-term substitute in Year 3 classroom in the mornings. • Lexy White (UK) is a gap-year student. She is a morning teaching assistant in Yr K and teaches English Enrichment classes in the afternoons. • Alex Halliday (UK) is a gap year student. She is a primary music teaching assistant and secondary teaching assistant. • Ellie Swarbrick (UK), also a gap year student, is a secondary teaching assistant. • Gudrun Mel-Kjolvik & Ella Slaathaug (Norway), doing an international student teaching placement through their university. They are working with primary students in a variety of areas. • Sarah Ghimire (UK) is teaching Yr 8 English and primary ESL. • Phillipa Munday (UK) is the Head of K-13 Student Support. • Denise Mitchell (UK) is the acting Head of the Science and English faculties. • Ian Mitchell (UK) is the new Finance Director. • Valerie Lockwood (UK) - Yr. 10 English. • Becky Parnell returns to the teaching staff again. She is teaching Year 7 and AS level Geography. • Christine Stone also returns to teaching again. She is teaching Year 11 History and AS English Language.

Why do we have feelings?

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! KISC would like to congratulate HDCS Executive Director, Tirtha Thapa, Ph.D., on the completion of his doctorate in January. May God bless him as he contines to lead and serve through HDCS.

Why did someone invent school?


PTA NOTES At KISC we encourage parent support in all aspects of the school. We are looking for parents to supervise primary students in the school play ground every morning from 8 8:10. If you are you willing to help KISC this way, please speak to Mr. Binod Gaire or Mrs. Leslie Smith soon.

The PTA is regularly praying for the school and those connected to it. Do you have a specific need you’d like prayed for? Please send us an email at

• Let us remember to uphold Miss Frueh (Yr3 teacher) who has had to go back to the States due to a family emergency. Pray that God would uphold her & her family during this time. • We thank God for the work that KISC EQUIP is involved in. Pray for the EQUIP staff that they would be drawn deeper into relationship with God, that God would provide not only for their personal needs, but those of EQUIP as a whole. Pray for unity & good communication between them. May their impact go beyond providing educational assistance & the transformation that can bring. • Pray for our School Management Committee & the KISC Leadership Team. We thank God for godly men & women who seek the best not just for KISC & its future but for the transformation it can help bring about within Nepal. Ask God to continue to renew & refresh them, give them guidance & vision. We pray that any obstacles that may prevent them from doing what God desires would be removed. Give each of them discernment & wisdom. • We thank God for His protection over the years. Please pray for continued protection & safety over our site, the travels of our staff & students. We ask for good health for our staff, students & families. Page 4

Why do we have hair? Why do we have pain?

! ! ! E T A D E H T SAVE Sunday, April 21st @ 2pm Tri-School Music Festival at Lincoln School

Why do we get upset?

Why are there different countries?

EQUIP UPDATE THANK YOU! to Samaritan’s Purse Canada for funding the next 5 years of training in Tansen and Dadeldhura. This year, in these two districts alone, EQUIP plans to train approximately 180 teachers and provide parent seminars to 550 parents in our 18 partner schools there. “TODAY I LEARNED THE WAYS TO SHOW LOVE TO OUR CHILDREN, THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEANLINESS AND SENDING CHILDREN TO SCHOOL ON TIME AND THE BAD AFFECTS OF BEATING CHILDREN.” - Dal Bahadur Damai, Dadeldhura parent

TOP, Dil Chhetri, talks with Dal B. Damai. FAR LEFT, teachers at the Dadeldhura training gather for a photo.

Angus Douglas, the KISC Project Development Manager, recently visited Dadeldhura to look at the feasability of setting up a KISC Transformational Education College campus there.

LEFT, a Parents’ Seminar being held at Bhagwati School, Dadeldhura.

TBS will be holding their third annual Eco Festival. It will be a chance to explore eco initiatives that are going on in Nepal, as well as having the opportunity to purchase a variety of Eco Friendly produce and crafts. If any parents are interested in running a stall, please send an email

Year 6 has been working on poems of “Why?” Here are a few exerpts. There are quotes from some of the poems throughout the newsletter. Check out the board outside the Year 6 classroom to read these great poems!

Why do people die? Why do bees fly? Why is the sun red? Why do we go to bed?

• Warum? • Porque?

KISC T-shirts for sale! Year 12 will start selling KISC House t-shirts soon! Be on the lookout for more information in the next couple of weeks.

Dhaulagiri • Annapurna • Makalu Page 5

Pour quoi? • Porque?

2:30 - 4:00pm

• ¿Por qué? • Per ché?

• lsg< • WHY? • 왜? • Waarom? •

The British School Eco Festival Friday, 22nd February

2013 NISSA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Saturday, February 23rd @ Lincoln 10:00 am: #1 seed vs. #4 seed 11:30 am: #2 seed vs #3 seed 1:30 pm: 5th seed vs. 6th seed (Exhibition game) 3:00 pm: (Outdoors) 3rd place game 3:00 pm: Final



*For a full schedule, please contact Reception or email

Parents are requested to kindly notify the KISC Reception at 553 8720 if your child is going to miss school. Please call before 9 a.m. For a planned, extended absence please fill out the appropriate form in Reception.

Parents and students are encouraged to make use of college related resources in the KISC library. It is never too early to start planning for college. Questions? Please contact

Ted Mecklenburg at 9808699169 or by email @

LUNCH ORDERS KISC students and staff are encouraged to order lunch in advance if possible. Advance lunch orders can be made for a month or the whole term. Please stop by KISC Reception to order your lunches.

LOST AND FOUND All lost and found property will be displayed in the KISC Courtyard every other Friday. Please make sure to check the space if you are missing anything. Any uncollected items will be donated to Anandaban Charity after a month.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Human Development & Community Services (HDCS, Nepali Christian NGO that owns KISC) is looking for volunteers willing to help out with organization promotional work and day to day office operations. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Dibyashree Khadka at 501 5062 or


Last weekend the British Council organised a college fair at The Everest Hotel, Baneshwor. If you missed this event, but would like more information please email Mr Mecklenberg


Saturday, 16 February 2013 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm At Soaltee Crowne Plaza Contact USEF - Nepal, Gyaneswor Tel: 977 1 441 4598 Email: or go to: or: for more information







PO Box 2714

Dhobighat Kathmandu Nepal

+977 (1) 553 8720 PROJECT OF HDCS


Why do we have pain?

LEAGUE PLAY Saturday, January 26th @ Lincoln KISC beat Lincoln School Saturday, February 2nd @ Lincoln KISC beat TBS Saturday, February 9th @ Lincoln KISC beat Modern Indian School Saturday, February 16th @ Lincoln 1:00 pm: (Outdoors) KISC vs Wilson Tuesday, February 19th @ Lincoln 4:00 pm: (Outdoors) KISC vs Rato Bangula


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