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KISC COMMUNITY SEEKS THE “PROMISED LAND” On Thursday December 6, we launched a 40 days of prayer and fasting relay for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in and through us, and the provision to buy land next to KISC lane. We believe that this empty plot of land is God’s “promised land” for us to provide a permanent base for our school, our teacher training program KISC EQUIP and the Transformational Education College (TEC).


UPCOMING EVENTS Dec 20 Dec 21 Jan 14 Jan 15 Jan 21-28

Christmas Service Primary Snow Day Secondary “Picnic” @ Haatiban End of Term 2 Staff Meeting 8 am Staff Parent Worship @ 12:15pm, followed by lunch All classes begin Year 10-13 Exam Week


The TEC will be the beginnings of the first Christian university in Nepal. It is our commitment to seeing education in Nepal positively transformed. We ask you to join us in prayer for: • Wisdom for KISC leadership. That they be granted revelation by the Lord in their decisions to move our community forward. DECEMBER 6th - JANUARY 14th • Recruitment of the right people for KISC, EQUIP/TEC. That the new recruits would share “Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; our vision to be living witnesses of Christ’s love after that, build your house.” ~Proverbs 24:27 through excellent education. • God to show us the way to raise funds needed for the purchase of and initial development of land on the KISC As a pledge of our commitment as lane, for funds to purchase and develop our current sites a united community to purchase and two other properties adjacent to KISC. the land and fulfill KISC’s plans of • God to move the hearts of the people who own the transforming education in Nepal, sites we would like to purchase. we will be taking an offering • Continued favor with the Ministry of Education. during the KISC Christmas service • Strengthened partnerships with Eastern University “Promises, Promises” on Thursday, and Calvin College in the USA, who are willing to 20 December. Please prayerfully assist us with TEC curriculum development. consider what you can give. • All preparations to be glorifying to God and to restore His goodness on earth. Please go to to sign up for the Prayer Relay. To learn more, please visit

Promises, Promises You are invited to the KISC Christmas service celebrating God’s promises to the world through Christ 6 p.m. Thursday, December 20 @ KISC

KISC HAPPENINGS KISC would like to thank Dr. Arthur and Hilary Jones for conducting a weeklong training on Worldviews and Christian perspective. Through topics like “Teaching in a Christian Way,” “Sharing the Good News” and many more, the couple from United Kingdom shared about restoring God’s goodness in the world through education. The trainings were attended by more than 150 individuals, including KISC staff and students as well as EQUIP partner schools and other Christian schools in the area. Please pray that we are able to put into practice what we learned last week.

FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT The KISC Interhouse Football Tournament on Thursday 6 December was a great day for all. Students, staff and parents enjoyed the competition as well as the camaraderie on the football pitch. Makalu House won the secondary bracket, Annapurna won the primary bracket, while the staff vs. parents game was a draw. Well done, everyone!

YEAR 4 BIOME TOUR After weeks of research, writing, practicing, construction, painting and modeling, Year 4 students presented their work to each primary class, giving tour of Nepal without even leaving campus. Using large paper mache models and clay animal models, they guided us to the mountains, middle hills and terai landscape and their animal inhabitants. Here are some student thoughts: • “It was fun making it.” - Caleb and Joel • “I liked doing the presentation.” - Amy • “I like how they did the actual landscape because it had a lot of texture.” - Miriam • ‘I liked that we learned about new animals.” - Chany • “I liked how they worked together in a group.” - Lucy Year 4 students present their work during the Biome Tour.

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PTA NOTES Thank you for a great Winter Fair on November 25. We raised close to NRs. 170,000. With some of the money raised, the PTA was able to buy another tent for KISC. The PTA would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to all students and staff who were involved in the fair. KISC Christmas Service is 6 p.m. December 20. At KISC, we have the tradition to conclude the service by having some snacks and hot chocolate/rosella together. The PTA needs help for this. Please bring a snack to the service to share with others. Bring the snack into the hall before the service. The PTA will take care of the distribution after the service. We are looking forward to a great variety of foods to share. Parent Staff Prayer and Worship is right after the winter break on January 14 at 12:15 p.m. Please note down this date in your diary. It is the time when we pray for Nepal, KISC, teachers and students. There will be a separate program for children up to Year 6 (about 11 years). We will conclude this meeting with a meal provided by school for all who attend. Lastly, if you are interested in buying the slighlty damaged purple slide, please see Leslie Smith soon. Merry Christmas, the Lord has come for you!

Prayer corner Let’s be thankful for the season that we are in, thankful for the promise of Christ coming to give us hope and a future.

Let us pray for the ongoing needs of teaching staff vacancies in school - simply that God would provide the right staff at the right time.

Pray that we, as a community would make full opportunity of this time to reach out to others with the message of hope and that blind eyes would be opened and hard hearts softened.

Pray that KISC Christmas Service next week would carry the annointing of the Holy Spirit, that every person on site would sense his presence and that all the practicalities in the arrangements would go well.

Pray that the holiday time would be a time of refreshment and renewal both in the physical and the spiritual. Let us strive to keep Christ central in all we do and how we celebrate Christmas and Christ.

Pray for those who are apart fom family and friends during this holiday, that they would not feel isolated or lonely, that there would be awareness and a reaching out to those in our community who need companionship during this time.

Pray that those who are battling with health problems would have the touch of our healing God upon them and that there would be stories of the miraculous Lord.

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kisc staff excels in adversity KISC means many things to people – a place to learn about and serve Christ or a place to get an international education. But for Secondary Teaching Assistant Prakash Bista, the school has been a blessed opportunity that is helping him pursue his calling – bringing positive changes in the education sector of his rural village. Born and raised in Kalikot, a remote village in mid-western Nepal, Prakash had always done well in school. So despite the family’s humble financial background, his father enrolled him in the only private English-medium school in the district. “Even though my father was an ordinary villager, he sent me there since he had an undying desire in his heart to provide his son a decent education,” he said. Because of his academic excellence, he was offered annual scholarships that helped ease the family’s financial burden. When his school in Kalikot closed due to Maoist insurgency, Prakash’s father enrolled him in a school in Kathmandu, where he was again offered a full scholarship. While in Kathmandu, the sky was the limit for Prakash as he started making plans to pursue higher studies in United States. “I thought I was about to grab the silver lining in the dark clouds,” he said. “I shared my plans with my father to try for full scholarships in the U.S. after my A levels and he was amazed with delight because he never thought a villager’s son would one day talk about such opportunities.” However, the untimely deaths of his father and mother changed everything. Because he spent eight months out of school taking care of his ailing parents, Prakash couldn’t maintain his top grades and passed A level with average grades. He also lost his confidence to apply to U.S. schools. Prakash returned to his district headquarter, where he started tutoring SLCappearing students. All 107 of his students passed the national exam, making him the most sought after tutor in the whole district. However, he expanded his vision to set up an English-medium school equipped with modern technology accessible to all in the district. As a pilot school, he established Modern Model Residential School ( in his home village, where one-third of students (dalits, marginalized, orphans and disabled) would study for free, and others would pay as little as NRs. 300 a month. With the help of locals, Prakash was able to build a three-room school. Encouraged by their efforts, more public support poured in to expand the school. He chartered a helicopter (there is no road connectivity in the village) and brought in advanced solar system, laptops, computers, internet equipment, projector, printers, Prakash Bista (left) announces top students at Model Modern Residential School in Kalikot. television, telephone and Dish Network. True to Prakash’s vision, the school provides quality education with modern technology to 150 students (nursery to grade five.) CONTD. ON PAGE 6

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equip update DISPLAYING GOD’S LOVE IN THE FAR WEST EQUIP seeks to provide transformational trainings based on Christ’s love for school

communities across Nepal. As part of its vision, the programme is also committed to empowering parents and teachers with knowledge and understanding of the holistic development of children. EQUIP seeks to achieve this by conducting seminars, where various develpment stages of children as well as importance of interactive and communicative teaching are discussed. An EQUIP parent seminar conducted at Lateshwor Lower Secondary School in Dadeldhura in September turned out to be more than a venue to discuss education. One of the seminar participants was Basu Devi Tamota, whose son had committed suicide eight years ago at the age of 12. Prompted by a discussion about the importance of loving emotional development among children, she shared a tragic story about how her son, frustrated for failing grade four twice, decided to take his life. The emotional mother also said that the community members blamed her for her son’s untimely death. Even after so many years of the tragic event, she was still mourning for her son. Her story gave rise to a very positive discussion about how important it is to listen to and communicate well with young children to ensure proper emotional development. The scenario was also a perfect example of how KISC EQUIP is demonstrating Christ’s love by helping bind up the broken-hearted and preaching good news to the poor. It seemed like this was the first time in 12 years that the bereaved mother had poured her heart out and grieved freely for her son. Later, the EQUIP team prayed for her Basu Devi Tamota shares about her son’s that she would find comfort and come out of mourning to suicide as ECEC teacher trainer Sony see God’s excellent plans for her and her family. Poudel Tamang (left) comforts her.

EQUIP PHOTO WINS CONGRATULATIONS to KISC EQUIP teacher trainer Amrit Poudel. His entry “Increasing literacy; a reader at a time” was named one of the top five photos selected by public in the Global Partnership for Education’s “2012 Reading Changed My Life Photo and Video” contest. THANK YOU to everyone who voted for EQUIP’s photo. Please visit to check out his entry.



Dolpa-based EQUIP teacher trainer Amanda Christie is running a two-day workshop on “Multi Language Education (MLE)” 12-13 December in Bouddha, Kathmandu. This training will look at effectively using Dolpali language to improve understanding and learning among young Dolpali students as well as improving effective transitions to other languages such as Nepali, Tibetan and English.

• Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom on Amanda as she prepares for a number of trainings in December and January. • Pray for God’s protection over the BMS World Mission Action Team working in partners schools, that they will be blessed by the Lord as they are blessing others. • Pray for a successful EQUIP Development Day on 18 December as we work on the legal status and curriculum for Transformational Education College(TEC).

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equip update CONTD. EQUIP recently completed 2012’s training and evaluation at National Bethel School in Trishuli. Training topics included: classroom management and effective use of white board. EQUIP teacher trainers were accompanied by Action Team from BMS World Mission, United Kingdom. The Team World Mission Action Team member Eunice Fifield does P.E. activities conducted imaginative BMS with Bethel students in Trishuli. art and Christmasthemed crafts classes as well as P.E. classes for grades 3 and 4. Bethel students had great fun with the Team. The Action team has also been a blessing to Kathmandu-based EQUIP partner schools Good Shepherd and KISTland, where a variety of creative activities have been achieved with primary students and teachers.

KISC STAFF CONTD. FROM PAGE 4 After working as head of school executive board and principal of school for three years, Prakash realized he needed to have further education on the dynamics of transformational and technologyModel Modern Residential School facilities in Kalikot. based education so that he can upgrade the school to bring model and outstanding service oriented education to the poor. In Kathmandu, Prakash found the teaching assistant job at KISC. “If I didn’t have a job at KISC, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Kathmandu and would have never had a chance to apply to the Opportunity Funding Program to study in the U.S.,” he said. “KISC has definitely opened a door for me that will hopefully take me to the next phase of my life.” Prakash also said that he has learned a lot from the KISC community and regularly shares about his experiences at KISC with his school in the village. “When I talk about KISC’s way of teaching and how we pray every day to be faithful to God to bring excellence and godliness in all students and staff, people in the village and my students get motivated and inspired,” he said.

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• The Parent Staff Prayer and Worship is 12:15 p.m. on Monday, 14 January 2013. All parents are welcome to attend. • Lunch is provided at 1 p.m. • There will be a separate program for children up to Year 6 (about 11 years).

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV) is a sexually transmitted disease. As per the new guidelines and recommendations from the US Centre for Disease Control on vaccination for adolescents ( pubs/pinkbook/hpv.html), Kopila Clinic is advising families in Nepal to have both male and female children vaccinated against HPV to prevent the cancers related to the virus occurring in later life. The UK recommends just girls receive the vaccination. The USA recommends that all children are vaccinated routinely between the ages of 11 and 12, though the vaccination series can be started as young as 9 years old at the discretion of the doctor. Catch-up vaccinations recommended are for females 13 through 26 years of age and males 22 through to 26 years may also be vaccinated. The HPV vaccination schedule is for the first dose to be followed by the second at 2 months and the third at 6 months. Please note that most HPV infections show no symptoms and because of the difficulties in testing for HPV, many young children are getting the disease early. There is no specific treatment for HPV infections. Further information is available from the Kopila Clinic (http://www.kopilaclinic. com) and Dr. Anu Amatya via email oninfo@ or by telephoning them on 5542767.

SEEKING COMMUNITY SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES We at KISC are very keen to give our students as many opportunities as possible to use their God-given gifts and time to serve those who are less fortunate. The Secondary Leadership Meeting (SLM) is looking into requiring students to complete a minimum number of hours of community service before graduation. If you are aware of places for up to 10 students (or fewer if necessary) to participate in community service on Friday afternoons during electives, please contact Secondary Principal Libby Hayes at Many of our parents are involved with ministries, so that could be a place where our students can help out. We look forward to working with you in helping our students learn the value of reaching out to others.

PIRATES PHOTO CDS FOR SALE The Pirates of Penzance photo CDs are for sale for NRs. 30. Please stop by Reception to order your copy. If you have already ordered one, the CDs are available to pick up at Reception upon payment.

All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” -- which means, “God with us.” Matthew 1:22-23





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Dhobighat Kathmandu Nepal

+977 (1) 553 8720

Centre Project of HDCS


Human Development & Community Services

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Term 2, Issue 3, December 2012

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