Leadership Workshop Notes - September 2021 - Korea International School

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LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP An overview of the fall workshop for strategic planning

Purpose of this newsletter Share workshop focus and goals Outline strategic planning process Publish strategy notes Provide ideas for getting involved #StrategicKIS

Workshop Focus & Goals A group of 15 KIS leaders went away for two days in early September in order to learn together and focus on long-term planning. The theme was "Finding our Guiding Lights," and the goal was to consider what guides us as we work on strategic planning for continuous improvement.

Sessions included different focus areas: Strengths-based leadership Data literacy Community well-being Strategic goal-setting To read descriptions of the different sessions and presenter bios, you can check out the full workshop brochure here.

Elements of Strategic Planning

“The strategic planning process is a structured method of identifying and establishing a long-term vision for an organization to achieve its desired strategic goals. The process includes defining the organization’s vision and mission; developing strategic goals; crafting action steps to realize those goals; and developing plans for action, monitoring, and accountability.” Carol A. Poore, PH.D, Strategic Impact: A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for The Customized Vital Strategic Plan

#StrategicKIS 1. Define the mission & vision 2. Develop strategic goals 3. Craft action steps 4. Develop plans for monitoring & accountability

Times are Changing Notes on Systems-Level Evolution As part of the preparation for the leadership workshop, participants read the article, "How to do Strategic Planning like a Futurist" by Amy Webb for Harvard Business Review. Webb encourages strategists to think using a "time cone" model which starts beyond our time horizon and considers possible systems-level evolution that could disrupt or affect an industry or business.

A list of themes and trends identified when considering systems-level evolution.

Declining birthrate in Korea Effects of climate change Future of work Parental expectations Regulatory obstacles University admissions Value of advanced degrees Virtual recruitment The rising importance of:

Data literacy Data protection DEIJ work Environmental sustainability Innovation Intercultural competence Multilingualism Varied perspective Using the concepts from the article, small teams used the poster on the right to think about systems-level evolution, long-term vision, strategy, and tactics across a number

Virtual work & life Well-being

of focus areas.

Participants completed an assessment on leadership by Gallup, and considered how strengths can be used in a team setting

Thinking about the Future of Work? Check out this study from McKinsey.

The group used the domains from the Council of International Schools membership & accreditation process to break down different focus areas.

Defining the skills citizens will need in the future world of work

How Faculty & Staff Can Get Involved

The most effective long-term planning involves stakeholders from across an organization. The leadership retreat was meant as a kick-off, and now the next stage begins. Here are some ways that you can get involved.

Learn about Strategic Planning

Join a Committee Our committees are small and agile. Join to help with future action planning.

Participate in a Focus Group

Take part in an introductory workshop on Oct 6th at 3pm

Share your Teaching Practice Volunteer to have a 10-minute video of your class recorded for our CIS virtual visit

30-60 minutes during our December virtual visit

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