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Jacqueline Kirwan Student No. 637846

Semester 2/2013

Group 11

Elevation (scale 1:1)

Filter drawings and measurements Plan (scale 1:1) In order to draw my object, I traced around it with a pencil while it was flat, which gave me an outline with the exact measurements. I then adjusted any uneven lines, and then went over it with a fine liner pen. I then used a scale ruler to measure from the lines I had already drawn.

While reading ‘300 Years of Industrial Design’, I began to think a lot more about the complexity of measuring hollow objects. Though because my object is so simple in terms of measurement and drawing, I didn’t need to apply the methods that were illustrated.

You can visibly see on the drawing where the panels joint the two sides of the filter together in order to produce a cohesively functioning object.

In order to draw an elevation of the filter, I folded it in two different parts in order to open it up. This was a little more difficult to measure; as there was no exact positioning that the filter was held open at. This folding created a completely different shape to the filter.

Section (scale 1:1) In order to create a section, I cut the filter down one of the folded points, and drew what I could see looking towards where I made the cut.

Personal Space Design

Front View

Back View

From the front, I want my personal space design to half wrap around the person, enough to keep it securely in place. At the same time it would ensure a shoulder and the waste is protected from any personal space invations.

From the back, my design would be covering a large proportion of area of the person’s back, in order to minimise the chance of somebody sneaking up from behind and invading personal space in that way.

Full View

I have chosen to use spikes in my design because I believe this would be more successful in preventing another person from using physical contact, as it would be intimidating as well as uncomfortable to come close to.

This design features the use of a panel and fold system, because in order to assemble the piece, the spikes as well as the body would require to be folded into place and glued to ensure security.

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