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Розробка уроку для 5 класу по темі “США”

Вчитель гімназії “Ерудит” вчитель-методист, вчитель вищої категорії Котовська А.А.

Тема уроку:

США Цілі уроку: а) практична мета: навчати учнів вести діалог-розпит в ситуації б) освітня мета: розширити знання учнів про США в) розвивальна мета: розвивати культуру спілкування у учнів г) виховна мета: виховувати повагу до традицій народу США. Застосовано: підручник, картинки, роздатковий матеріал, мультимедійна система. Хід уроку: 1. Бесіда про погоду весною 2. Бесіда з класом по темі: 1) When did Christopher Columbus discover America? 2) What song do you know about this sailor? 3) Where did Christopher Columbus live? 4) When did he sail to India? 5) What does the word “America” mean? 3. Діалогічні мовлення учнів. A. Hello Tom! T. Hello Ann! A. How are you? T. Fine, thanks! And you? A. I’m rather good. I’ve just come back from the USA. T. It’s fine. What are your impressions? A. In my opinion it is a real fairy tale. I went there with my parents. We have seen a lot of interesting historical places. We have learnt a lot about holidays, traditions and customs of this country. T. It’s really exciting. By the way. What are the most famous holidays in the USA? A. One of the most lovely and famous holidays in the USA is Thanksgiving Day. They celebrate it in the last Thursday in November. People go to church and families come together for the days. They decorate their houses with the fruits and autumn flowers. T. It’s very interesting. Thank you for about information. If it is possible, I would like to visit this country with my parents. Now, good luck. A. Thank you. The same to you. 4. Робота з роздатковим матеріалом (учні отримують малюнки і слова за допомогою яких вони складають розповідь).

Початок: George Robinson lives on a small Island. His ship has been under the sea for 35 years. George thinks that some day another ship will come and take him home. Слова, які допомагають скласти розповідь: 1) to be; 2) to eat; 3) to have; 4) to drink; 5) to watch. 5. Монологічні висловлювання учнів по темі: “The USA” T1. You know, the USA is an unusual, beautiful and interesting country. We have learnt a lot about America. Now, what can you tell us about this country? P. I would like to tell some words about America. There are fifty states in the USA. The USA is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the west, by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico in the South. P2. The United States is a large country with many different wonders. Also, it has many kinds of land-rocky coasts, dry deserts, powerful rivers, wide plains, lakes, high mountains, great forests and sunny beaches. P3. There are many rivers in the United States. But the greatest is the Mississipi Native Americans called it the father of waters. There are other big rivers in the USA. They are the Colorado and the Missouri. P4. The Grand Canyon is one of American’s main tourist attractions. The Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon over millions of years. The south side is dry and desert country. The north side has tall forests. P5.The United States is a young coutry. It is sometimes called the “New World”, Americans built the first sky-scrapers and they put the first man on the Moon. They like to be modern. They like modern cities, new houses and new cars. Different people brought to this land different customs and traditions. The Germans brought Christmas trees. The Irish brought St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The Scots brought Halloween. 6. Фізкультхвилинка. Пісня “Teddy Bear” I. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn around Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Touch the ground Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Show your shoe Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear That will do. II. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Shut please the door, Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Count to four,

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Switch off the light Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Say good-night. 7. Гра “Що ти знаєш про Америку” (вчитель називає свято – учні повинні сказати дату, місяць і як його святкують) Наприклад: I. New Year’s Day. P1. The first of January. On this day families and friends meet to celebrate this holiday. II. St. Valentine’s Day P1. The fourteenth of February. People call St. Valentine the saint of love. Schoolchildren and older people give cards, presents and flowers to their friends, classmates, husbands and wives. 8. Підсумки уроку.

Розробка уроку для 5 класу по темі сша  
Розробка уроку для 5 класу по темі сша