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Урок з англійської мови у 8 класі A N D I LOVE HER

Тема. St. d e n t in e ’s Day

I give her all my... (love) That’s all I do. And if you saw my... (love) You’d love her too. She gives m e... (everything) And tenderly ...(the kiss) my love brings, She brings to me, and I love her. A love like... (ours) Could never... (die) As long as 1 have you near me. Bright are... (the stars) that shine, Dark is the... (sky). I know this love o f mine. Will never die, and I love her.

Objectives: practice oral speech based on familiar gram m ar and a new vocabulary; to practice speaking in dialogue and im­ prom ptu monologues; to develop pupils’ reading comprehension skills; to develop pupils’ creativity in writing skills; to form pupils’ habits o f comm unication accord­ ing to the given situation. Equipment: illustrations on Valentine’s Day, a take recorder and the tape “And I love h er” by “The Beatles” , valen­ tines. PR O C E D U R E



T. You know th at there are four seasons in a year, and each season has its holi­ days and celebrations. But, there is one season w hich is the richest in holidays. W hich season am I talking about? P. I t’s winter, I think. T. You are right. W inter is a season full o f fun, m erry-m aking and holidays. W hat holidays do you enjoy in winter?

1) 2)

W hat is the song about? D o we need loving people beside us in everything we do? 3) W hy do we need them ?


Group work T. C an you rem em ber and recite some poem s or verses about love and St Val­ entines Day? 1.

P. We enjoy St N icolas’s Day, New Year’s Day, C hristm as and St Valen­ tin e’s Day. T. N am e the dates o f these holidays, please. P. We celebrate St N icholas’s Day on D ecem ber 19, New Year’s Day — on February 14.




T. Today is February 14, and the m otto o f our today’s lesson will be this one.


“The one thing we can never get enough is love. A nd the one thing we never give I enough o f is love” w hich words do you I associate with this holidays? St Valenj tin e’s Day: love, friendship, presents, valentines, flowers, hearts...


T h e re ’s valentine, A nd this is w hat it’s for To say that every day You’re loved M ore and m ore and more! Every tim e we say goodbye I cry a little. But w hen we are together I t’s always sunny weather. W ho said love hurts? T hey are not wrong. Roses are red, violets are blue, I c a n ’t bear to spend my life w ithout you. D elightful, charm ing A nd beautiful too, These words express My love to you.

T. Com plete the sentences. 1. ...the strongest em otion you will ever feel. 2. ...all you need. 3. ...better than having money. T. You should make up six proverbs out o f the words. 1. Love is not found in market. 2. Love is blind. 3. One cannot love and be wise. 4. I t’s love that makes the world go round.

IV. Acting T. Now you’ll see a scene from the play “ Rom eo and Juliet” by W. Shakespeare. Be ready to write down the words, which belong to the topic “ Love” . JU L IE T A N D M OM Juliet is dressing for a date. She is doing her hair. M . Juliet! W here are you? Ah, there you are! W hat are you doing, darling? Are you going somewhere? J . Yes. M . A nd where are you going to? J . I ’m going to... I have, I have a... M . W hat? W hat do you have? J. I have a date, mommy. M . O h, sweetheart! A date! T h a t’s beautiful and how romantic! A date with future husband! H m ... My hus­ band never invited me on a date. And yours, he is a real Prince. J. H e is better than Prince. M . Well, maybe you are right. Such a nice daughter as you are, m ust have the best husband. A King! J . Oh, he is better than a King!

T. Try to give adjectives beginnings with the first letter o f your first nam e.

M . Maybe you’re right. Such a nice daughter as you are should marry a hero!

II. Listening

Vlad — valuable

Working w ith the song “And I love h e r” .

Esm ira — exem plary

J. But he is a hero! He is a hero o f my heart! And I know there have been many heroes in the family o f M ontague.

T. You know that love is a very strong em otion, and we would not be able to live w ithout it. This feeling gives us hope, strength, encouragem ent. “T h a t’s why I suggest that I love h e r” and is sung by “T he Beatles” .

N astya — noble, nice

Look at the words o f this song, some words are missing. Listen to the song and fill in the gaps.

D im a — dicey

M axim — m ajestic A lina — adorable M arta — m erry T. W hat does love mean?. P. Love makes people kinder, more beau­ tiful, love means respect for each other.

M . What! M ontague! T hat name! You will never m arry that Romeo! I order you to stop thinking about Rom eo and forget that family forever! T. Sometimes love makes people suffer. Read the words, which you have written. P. Darling, sweetheart, beautiful, rom antie, husband, a hero o f my heart, prince, a date...



№ 25 (179) вересень 2 0 0 7 p.

М ІЙ КОНСПЕКТ] Т. You know that the symbol o f St. Val­ en tin e’s Day is love cards w ith love messages. Try to write your love m es­ sage to a person you care about. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

R ound is the ring th at has no end. So my love for you, my friend. I w ant to be near you all the tim e, A nd never say goodbye. M y love for you is as big as an ele­ phant. I love you very m uch. Be healthy, wealthy and happy! Let me call you sweetheart. I am in love w ith you. I hope you love me too.

V. Reading M ake sure you now these words: a root — коріння; Cupid — Купідон; a feast — свято; to whip — підганяти; pagan — язи ч н и ц ьки й . St. V alentine’s D ay has roots in several different legends. O ne o f the earliest popular symbols o f the day is Cupid, the R om an G o d o f love, who is repre­ sented by the image o f a young boy with a bow and arrow. The Rom ans used to celebrate the return o f spring at the beginning o f Febrpary with the feast o f Zupercalia, in honour of the gods Pan and Juno. Boys used to draw lots for the names o f unm arried girls. They also used to run though the streets whipping any pretty girls that they passed. W hen the Rom ans settled in Britain, they bought these traditions with them . But the Christians always cleverly replaced pagan festivals with і Christian ones, and February 14 was nam ed as the saint’s day o f Valentine. Questions 1. 2. 3. | 4. | 5. 1 6. I 7.

W hat is one o f the earliest popular symbols o f St. Valentines Day? W hat did the R om ans use to cele­ brate on the 14 February? How did the R om ans god o f love represented? F or w hat did boys use to draw lots? W hat did boys use to do w ith pretty girls during this holiday? W hat did the Christians do with pagan festivals? W hat day was nam ed as the saint’s ofV alentine?

I T. To know why, the 14th o f February сіі a nam e we invite o u r special St \k le n tin e personally, to appear classroom. You can ask him any m s you like.


B o y (dressed as St. Valentine). Hello, everybody! Let me introduce myself. My nam e is St. Valentine. 1 lived long ago! At the tim e Rom e was ruled by an em peror nam ed Cladius. I did not like E m peror Cladius and m any people shared m y feelings. 54. May I ask you? Why d id n ’t people like the em peror? V. Cladius w anted to have a big army. H e expected m en to join it, but m any people did not want to fight in wars. This m ade Cladius furious. Cladius thought that if m en were not m arried, they would not m ind joining the army. So C ladius decided not to allow any m ore marriages. 55. D id you think this law was cruel? V. O f course, I did. I thought it was cra­ zy! 56. I know, Valentine, that you were throw n into prison and your punish­ m ent was death. How did it happen? V. D id I m ention that I was a priest? O ne o f my favorite activities was to m arry couples. I kept on perform ing m arriage cerem onies secretly. It was so exciting! However, one night the R o ­ m an soldiers caught me and threw into prison. 57. I imagine how dangerous it was! But how did you conduct yourself? V. I tried to stay cheerful. M any young people cam e to the prison to visit me. They threw flowers and notes into my window. They w anted me to know that they, too, believed in love. S8.1 heard that story about you and the blind daughter o f the prison guard. Was it a true story? D id you really fall in love w ith one another? V. To tell truth, one o f those young p eo­ ple was the daughter o f the prison guard. H er father allowed her to visit me in the cell. Som etim es we used to sit and talk for hours. She helped me to keep m y spirit up. O n the day I was to die, I left my friend a note thanking her for h er friendship and loyalty.

stand in the way o f love but he faired. \ Now people laugh at him because they j know that love c an ’t be beaten! D o you \ agree with me? V

Загадки. Riddles



. It is one o f the gods of mythology, I represented as a chubby, naked, winged boy with a bow and arrows. \ 2. It is the most popular flower in the \ world. It speaks of love and has \ been the choice of lovers in every | century. j 3. It is a shape o f red colors used as a j symbol o f love. 4. T hey are long, narrow strips o f m a- ] terial used to tie things together or j as a decoration. 5. It is a piece o f metal cut into special j shape to fit into a lock where it can j be turned to open the door. 6. It is a long thin stick, pointed at j one end that can be used in hunting \ and shot from a bow. 7. It is a food m ade from cocoa and \ sugar, usually brown and eaten as j sweets or used in cakes. 8. It is a round piece o f jewellery worn j on a finger as a symbol o f fidelity or f loyalty. 9. It is a soft toy representing a large,j strong anim al with thick fur. It I makes the m ost popular toy in the | world. 1 0 . It is som ething that is given w ithout j being asked for, to show friendship and love or to say “thank you” . 1

Keys: 1 a cupid; 2 a rose; 3 a heart; j 4 a ribbon 5 a key; 6 an arrow; 7 choco- ! late; 8 a golden ring; 9 a teddy bear; 1 0 a gift.

VI. Summing up T hank you so m uch for a w ell-done jo y !! In my opinion you know m any facts j about St. Valentine’s Day celebrations and love. All your answers were great. D uring our lesson those pupils whose answers were correct got small paper hearts o f red colour, so each o f you will j get such marks...

At the end o f our lesson, I would like I you to give the valentines with the poem s you have written to our teachers w ho do their best in teaching you Eng- ! V. I believe it did. I signed it “ Love from lish. your Valentine” . It was w ritten on the day I died, February 14, 269 A D . Now, Love makes the world go round. So let j every year on this day, people rem em ­ us love and be loved by others. G ood- I ber, but what is m ore im portant, they bye! think about member, but w hat is m ore 4 Камінська-Клецкова Я. Ю., \ im portant, they think about love and гімназія «Ерудит», м. Київ \ friendship. E m peror Cladius tried to S9. T h at note started the custom o f ex­ changing rom antic cards on V alentine’ Day, d id n ’t it?

Урок з англійської мови у 8 класі  
Урок з англійської мови у 8 класі