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Камінська-Клецкова Я. Ю., гім н а зія «Ерудит», м. Київ


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Цілі: навчити розповідати про подорож; вести діалог-розповідь «Як дістатися...»; розширити знання учнів про вживання Present Perfect Tense.

10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19)

Х ід у р о к у I. П Р И В ІТ А Н Н Я II. О С Н О В Н А Ч А С Т И Н А У Р О К У

Т. Lets repeat patterns. а) A sailor went to sea To see what he could see W hat he could see Was the bottom o f the deep sea в) Betty Botter bought som e butter But she said the b utter is bitter But a bit o f better butter Will make my b u tter better T.




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за наш их часів — nowadays десь, де-небудь, кудись — som ewhere не зваж аю чи на те — nevertheless перевага — advantage пасаж ирський вагон — passenger саг спальний вагон — sleepers саг < вагон-ресторан — dining саг ділова поїздка — business trip відпочивати — pleasure trip піш ки — on foot

► ►Розповідь з історії подорожування

This is a bus, this is a train, This is a ship, this is a plane. I travel by bus, I travel by train, I travel by ship, I travel by plane. In far-off days w hen roads were stony, Man traveled round on a small pony. This was too slow and so, of course, O ne day he learned to use a horse. A nd then m an’s creative brains Invented steam and so the trains M otor cars were next on view, Electric trains and tube trains, too. And then to everyone’s surprise Airplanes w ent up to the skies. Such things were outdated soon, W hen rockets w ent up to the m oon. That brought the stars m uch nearer, A nd started a new and glorious era.

We go by bus The bus is full o f us The road is long We sing a song Ding don A nd now we’ll speak about travelling

► ►Повторення лексики з теми

1) Синоніми до слова “Travel” (trip, journey, voyage, tour — подорож , екскурсія) 2) подорож увати поїздом — by train 3) літаком, автобусом, маш иною — by plane, by car, by bus 4) пароплавом — by ship 5) залізниця — railway б) вокзал — railway station 7) аеропорт — airport, п орт — port 8) у нашій країні — in o u r country 9) за кордоном — abroad

► ►Exercises and songs. (Stand up)

1. This is the way you wash your face Wash your face, wash your face This is the way you wash your face All on a Saturday m orning.

■ The advantages of the ravelling by plane are speed and comfort № 35 (297) гр у д е н ь 20 10 p.

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■ Many people like to travel by car 03


М ІЙ К О Н С П Е К Т 2. This is All on 3. This is All on 4. This is All on 5. This is All on 6. This is All on 7. This is All on

the way you wash your hands (3 p.) a Saturday m orning. the way you brush your teeth (3 p.) a M onday m orning. the way you brush your hair (3 p.) a Tuesday m orning. the way you clean your shoes (3 p.) a W ednesday m orning. the way you eat your food (3 p.) a Thursday m orning. the way you d rin k your tea (3 p.) a Friday m orning.

► ►Song

SHE’LL BE COMING ROUND THE MOUNTAIN She’ll be coming round the m ountain when she comes, She’ll be coming round the m ountain when she comes, 1 can hear that engine panting, And the passenger a-chanting, She’ll be coming round the m ountain when she comes. She’ll be driving six white horses w hen she comes, She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes, W hen you hear that whistle tooting, You can gamble sure as shooting. She’ll be driving six white horses w hen she comes.

► ►Songs

“HICKORY, DICKORY D O C K ” The m ouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, The m ouse ran down, Hickory, dickory dock.

► ►Dialogues A railway station A. W hen is the train to Liverpool, please? B. 3.15 A. W hich platform ? B. Platform seven A. How m uch is the ticket? B. Single or return? A. R eturn, please. B. That will be 14 pounds. A. Here you are. B. T hank you. A. T hank you.

POP GOES TH E WEASEL H alf a p o u n d o f Indian rice H alf a p o u n d o f treacle, Mix it up and m ake it nice Pop goes the weasel! ► ►Розповіді про різні види подорожі, про переваги кож­ ної з них

Speak about travelling in general. / Travelling is very popular... Travelling by plane

The m ost convenient and the m ost expensive, the fastest way of travelling is by plane. W ith m odern air­ liner you can travel in one h o u r to a place which takes a day to travel by train. The seats are com fortable. You can sit and read, look out o f the w indow or sleep until you arrive at your airport. The main advantages are speed, comfort and safety.

► ►Читання тексту "Getting about town" ’ About the center of the city A. Excuse me, how do 1 get to the centre of the city? B. W hich part o f the centre do you want? A. Khreschatik street. B. Take a bus or the underground. It’s take you

long to walk there. A. Can you tell m e the shortest way to the u n ­ derground? B. Go straight ahead. You can’t miss it.

Travelling by train

Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it nevertheless has its advantages. You can see the country you are travelling through and not only the clouds as you are flying. There are sleepers and dining-cars in passenger trains w hich m ake even the longest journey enjoyable.


Travel by ship

Some people like to travel by ship. Ships are not so fast at trains or plains, but a sea voyage or river trip is a very pleasant way o f spending a holiday. Travelling by car

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Many people like to travel by car. The advantages are: you can make your own tim e-table you don’t have to buy a ticket you are not afraid to miss your train you can stop w henever you wish you can visit places you like

Видавнича група «Основа»


1. П овторити ф орм и дієслів. 2. Скласти діалог “A Voyage by sea”. 3. Перекласти речення. (Present Perfect) 1) Have you seen? Ти бачив? 2) 1 have seen. Я бачив. 3) I have already w ritten. Я вже написав. 4) She has already w ritten. Вона тільки що н а­ писала. 5) I haven’t understood yet. Я ще не зрозумів. 6) She has already explained the rule. Вона вже пояснила правильно. 7) I have thought. Я подумав.


№ 35 (297) гр у д е н ь 2010 р.

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