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Identifying a gap in the market

Inflata Nation Manchester, Trafford Amazonia is an adventure play area with a crazy golf course. The Halloween events - with magic shows and a ghost train - are taking place on Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30 from 6pm to 8pm and tickets cost £5. Pros: Family fun, Cheap, Social Hours Cons: In town centre so parking may be difficult and costly, only for 2 days so people may miss out, poor pram access may mean a parents missing out

Inflata Nation has been transformed into a spooktacular setting for some hair-raising half term fun. The inflatable theme park has been kitted out in full ghosts and ghouls garb. One-hour bounce sessions cost £5.95 for under-fours and £9.95 for everyone else. Pros: Variety of activities for kids including face painting, free parking, in a good accessible location Cons: Not wheelchair friendly, no extra activities for adults/ children who don’t want to take part in the inflatable challenges, quite expensive for such a short amount of time

Haunted Halloween, Tatton Park

Screamania, Reddish Vale Park

Amazonia, Bolton Market Place

Eerie tour of this secluded medieval building. Join in ghoulish activities in the ancient grounds, and hear spine-tingling tales of haunted happenings. Tickets are £7 Adult, £5 Child, £7 per vehicle. Pros: Similar building and area to Ordsall Hall, Multiple activities throughout the day, large garden area. Cons: Parking is very expensive, much further away from the city centre and probably more difficult to get to.

Ordsall Hall, Ordsall. Things to consider: small doorways means equipment and props will have to be small in width, avoid back flow areas where people have to use stairs Pros: Close proximity to city centre without being affected by traffic, great access from motorway, historical building with an already ghostly reputation, indoor activities to avoid weather disruption, activities for all ages to get involved, accessibility is good throughout. Cons: Not as much space as other venues, Flow of people may be difficult in certain areas so will have to be somewhat restricted in numbers.

The family friendly immersive Halloween event will feature live actors, a spooky maze, 'a mazing special effects' and lots more.After the Halloween activities, there'll be plenty more for kids to enjoy, including electric go karts, body zorbs and disc golf. Tickets cost £6 for adults and £15 for children, plus booking fees. On the door prices are £7 and £17.50 respectively Pros: Lots of great ideas for kids, close to Manchester, reasonably priced, free parking Cons: Not much for adults to get involved, outdoors so weather may affect events, Event didn’t go as planned, accessibility issues.

Flow of People This set up would allow for separate events for different ages ranging from none-scary activities to extremely scary zones. Upon drawing the Entrance and exit routes it became increasingly more difficult to accommodate. There would be a lot of traffic on the East wing staircase and exiting the adult zone would mean guests doubling back on themselves, ruining the atmosphere. Whilst the flow of people is successful in the teen area, it requires exit of the scary teen area into the ‘kiddie play area’ which may be distressing for children. It is also worth noting that this layout could potentially damage the delicate oak furniture and fittings if mishandled and therefore should be avoided

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Having learnt from the previous findings, I found it more appropriate to hold the ‘scare zone’ in the west wing. Not only does this prevent damages to the fragile eastern wing, it also leaves the area open to the public during daytime operating hours. The west wing also provides an easily transformable space considering it’s currently being used as a temporary exhibition. I decided to conjoin the adult scare space and teen scare space to create one experience that can be enjoyed together. Moving the ‘kiddie area’ into the great hall provides easier access for youngsters in prams and is close to the waiting area for families to have refreshments during their activities.

Zone Key Teen Scare Area

Waiting/ Refreshment Area

Adult Scare Area

Kiddie Play Area

Entry Route

Exit Route

Potential Issues & Solutions Issues


Sunset in October is 20:00, this could mean late event times for the haunted house section

The haunted house section can be open at around 18:30 to accommodate for guests who may be younger so it’s not as scary. Could offer a discounted price?

The flow of people on the staircases could be too high and cause crowding

By creating a single direction flow across the 2 floors this can be overcome. If not able to, time slots could be given to stop too many people being on the stairs

Parts of the Hall will have Halloween props in, effecting the look of the building during daytime operating

The event will only take place for 1-2 weeks of the year, if the theme is medieval they could be used for extra daytime activities. There are also numerous stockrooms available to use if needed

Parents with very small children will require to have a pram, is there enough space?

By keeping the younger sections on the ground floor there wont be problems with pram access, an area where prams can be left should be accommodated into the layout

Children’s Activities & Food

Pa p er

i ng t n i a p e Fa c

Act iv it


Make Your O wn Scar y Bal loon

Witches Hat Toss

Ha llowes,eGnhostFCooookides, Pumpkin Cheeseburger, Wor ms in lood’ Juice Hot D og Fi nger Sa nd w iches & ‘B ne to bs m To , rt Mud D es se


9. 8.

4. 3.


The Kitchen 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Chains to be placed about the ceiling

Rustic style table

Bowl holding eyeballs

Decorative Skull


Pot of green goo, lit

Plate with fake brain on


Servants dress, blood spattered




4. 1. 3.


The Exhibition Room 1. 2. 3. 4.

Red curtains to cover windows

Selection of knights armour, some move


Selection of scary portraits

1. 4.




The Jester Room 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

UV light

Chequered backdrop

Selection of Jester paintings

Juggling clubs

Performers with Jester outfits and scary face paint

Jester Room 2 performers with a circus-like theme. Green lit with fog machine for atmosphere

West Wing Stairway Lit with both orange and purple lights from ground level shining up

The Great Hall

Waiting Room/ Cafe

Killer Kitchen

Lit with both green and purple filters on current lights. Skeleton on sofa for photo op. Decorations of ghosts, jars and skeletons. Halloween themed food & drinks

Lit with both orange and purple lights. Hosts a range of children’s activities from ages 1-10. Space has been kept to the west wall for prams. The current large table in the hall can be utilised for craft activities. Face painting and halloween themed games have been kept to the north wall and the current stage has been left clear for storage or perhaps a show

A servant with a table full of limbs, eyeballs and equipment. Green lit fire & pot on table to give off an eery glow. Don’t forget to check whats for dinner!

Haunts-all House The haunted house section of the event, themed to be appropriate for around ages 10+. This section has been medieval themed to match the building and hosts different types of entertainment from scaring to juggling. Most of the theme set up utilises props already within the hall making it cost effective!

Haunts-all Hall Floor Plan Ground Floor

The Dungeon Small area, barred with faux metal framework. Contains a skeleton chained to the wall and an actor conveying a crazy prisoner

West Wing Stairway Guests will travel up the stairs or via the lift onto the first floor to continue the haunted house

Exit space/ Photo Op This current exhibition space would require a large amount of space to house if moved. Instead, another photo op of a jail cell will be available for people of all ages to use. The temporary wall panels will display the message #ISurvivedHauntsall

The Eerie Exhibition This section contains items from medieval past times such as weapons, plaque doctor uniforms and knights armour (Some of which will move and make noises to scare). There will also be scary painted portraits/ lenticular portraits that change from regular to scary. An unsettling green light will glow from beneath the mannequins in the room with contrasting purple lights elsewhere. Red drapes will keep the outdoors from being seen. The wooden pillory that is currently in the great hall will be moved here for a photo op at the end.

Haunts-all Hall Floor Plan First Floor

Haunts-all House Halloween Event Design Decision Ordsall hall is a friendly historic museum that tells the story of the Hall itself and those who occupied it. Since the hall was restored in 2011, it has hosted multiple events and exhibitions; most of which have been a social hub for the surrounding community. It is this, along with the staffs passion toward medieval times that was the foundation of which I built my own event design, Haunts-all Hall.

Living Dead Lawn- LED lit skeleton frames to draw further attention to the hall

Bringing the outside, in. Ordsall Halls main mission since restoration has been to draw more people into the hall to see the current exhibitions and sights. This not only creates greater awareness of the hall, but also creates income in donations to help keep the hall from falling into disrepair again. I feel this event will bring a great number of people, not only those from Manchester, but across the north west to see the attraction, further helping the cause. By creating not only a thrilling theme inside, but also outdoors, many people will gain awareness of the event by simply driving past. By using lots of colours, fun & slightly scary themes the outdoor areas will appeal to all, not to mention providing a great photo op. for social media!

Ghost Garden- Cute ghostly entities made by covering existing trees

What to expect Fun, fun, and more fun! Haunts-all hall is an experience for all ages. It hosts multiple events throughout the hall from scary and spooky to fun and creative. The entire west wing will host the haunted house section of my design. Created for ages around 10+ the ‘Haunts-all House’ tells the story of what life was like in medieval times, all be it with a terrifying twist. Guests will come face to face with the ‘Jarring Jesters’, escape the ‘Killer Kitchen’, interact with a crazy convict and if they’re lucky, survive the ‘Eerie Exhibition’. Whilst the older members of the family visit Haunts-all House, the youngsters (Along with mum or dad) are invited to play in the Great Hall. With many activities such as witch hat toss, balloon crafts and face painting in addition to pram storage space along the west wall, everyone can be part of the fun!

Costing As this is an event that uses most of the equipment/ costumes already available within the hall, the price to decorate the hall may be minimal. The cost for performers/ actors involved will be dependant on the current staffs input. Alongside ticket prices, there is also an option to purchase themed food within the hall, providing more opportunities for profit. Based on the surrounding event pricing I feel an appropriate ticketed price would be £10 per adult & £5 per child .Based on a small average of 250 people visiting per night over a 2 week period and 50/50 child to adult ratio, tickets alone would yield £26,250 before deductions. More profit will also be made from car parking fees and food purchases. The hall could potentially save more money by hiring theatre students from the university to perform due to its close proximity to the grounds


Social Media & Marketing At the end of the tour, guest will have the opportunity to take photographs in specially created photo op spaces, perfect for social media posts or to simply remember the day. Flyers can also be distributed in the hall prior to the event and through postboxes of the local community to spread further awareness

Haunts-all House Visual - The Kitchen

Haunts-all House Visual - The Great Hall

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Hauntsall Hall Design Concept  

Ordsall Hall is a grade 1 listed building in Salford. One of our Interior Design projects was to reimagine a space in the building for an ev...

Hauntsall Hall Design Concept  

Ordsall Hall is a grade 1 listed building in Salford. One of our Interior Design projects was to reimagine a space in the building for an ev...