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Brighton as a city is known for it's green attitude, not only is it very much on top of it's recycling, it is also very well known for being cyclist friendly Throughout the city you will notice that almost every road has a cycle lane and it was recently announced that plans are to be implemented to make things even easier for those that choose to cycle. Brighton and Hove city council are currently putting into action these plans to put bus stops on 'islands' to ensure that cyclists have an easier time throughout their journey, this plan has the sole aim of avoiding accidents as currently cycle lanes and bus stops being so close together are something of a problem. Cycle safety is another major concern, with police and fire rescue doing their part to aid the safety of cyclists by holding mini events offering cyclists high-visibility sashes, bag covers or vests to ensure that they are visible to drivers during the night. To aid the concern about safety and the environment, there is a shop in Hove that offers bikes for hire should you wish to cycle but are not in possession of a bike. For those that wish to buy a bike there are many options, depending on what you want there is a choice of second hand (check gumtree, friday ads, freecycle) or brand-spanking-new (from the likes of Argos and Halfords). When purchasing a bike it is important to stick to a budget while making sure you get the bike that is right for you. It should also be acknowledged that the university has a scheme called C-Change that aims to reduce carbon emmissions by 50% within five years and are therefore very much in support of students using public transport or bikes in order to attend classes as well as switching off lights and computers.

SHOPPING Many of these shops offer shopping for delivery, the likes of Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose offer a delivery service through which you can order it online so do not even have to leave your house, although some do impose minimum spend restrictions before they will deliver. Iceland offers a delivery service too, but only if you go in store and choose the food yourself and only if you spend more than ÂŁ25. Before doing any shopping either online or in store, it would be a sensible idea to create a shopping list and stick to it and to avoid shopping when hungry as you may otherwise end up purchasing more than you had intended.

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