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Northern BYRDS check out the regional webpage for an amazing video produced by eleanor rycroft (below) showing her journey and achievements over the past year.

Para Home InternatIonal

nortHern regIon claIm tHeIr 2nd tItle of 2012! The ‘Northern Bakers’ team had the recipe for success at the Para Home International at Vale View this weekend (2-3 June) as they scored 413.87. They just clinched first place by 0.82 from rivals ‘East is East’ with the Welsh team ‘Snowdonia’ in third on 408.778 The Northern Bakers team was made up of Gayle Bloomfield from Seahouses, Heather Bennett from Goole, Kathryn Gallagher from Nottingham and Natasha Adkinson from Bawtry, South Yorkshire. It was a great performance all-round as each rider scored over 66% on both days. Natasha did particularly well, recording the highest score in the team with 73% on her new horse Undercover 7. Kim Chapman, also from Northern Region was awarded the prize for most improved rider as her score rose by over 3% from Saturday to Sunday. Sarah Huntridge, Northern Region RDO said “The Para Home International was a great success and the event caters for a wide variety of riders, ranging from those who have made the transition from RDA Dressage to Para Dressage, along with those now aiming for International Para competitions.” Read the full report on the regional webpage along with RDA/Para Dressage rider Paul Kitchingman’s experience of being selected

tHe regIon wIll Be sendIng 5 teams to tHe Byrds Inter regIonal’s at tHe college ec, Keysoe, Bedford on tHe 30tH June & 1st July. will we get a hat trick and be crowned champions? Keep an eye on the regional webpage for reports. Keep up to date with all information on northern Byrds on the regional webpage. there are specific Byrds training dates in the regional diary section.

regIonal traInIng dates - July 3 Jul

Hannah & Becky moody

Test riding, video analysis & lesson Gunthwaite, S Yorks

4 Jul

Jane rutherford

7 Jul

gwyneth lewis

Test Riding or Lesson Northumberland College, Ponteland

12 Jul

gwyneth lewis

Novice Open - N.S R., Fry's, E Yorks

13 Jul

andrea smith

14 Jul

clive Halsall

14 Jul

Helen Bradley

16 Jul

cathy Burrell

21 Jul

steph croxford & equivisions

21 Jul

cathy Burrell

21 Jul

gwyneth lewis

25 Jul

Jane rutherford

BYRDS Lessons -Todburn EC, Morepeth

26 Jul 28 Jul

Becky moody Vikki Hayton

Lessons - Thornton House Farm, York Lessons - Pole work to improve flatwork, College Farm, Notts

28 Jul

steph croxford

BYRDS Lessons -Todburn EC, Morepeth

Elementary Open - N.S R., Fry's, E Yorks Medium Open - - N.S R., Fry's, E Yorks Advance Medium - - N.S R., Fry's, E Yorks Para Training/Pegasus Centre, Northumberland Dressage to Music Clinic - Brooksby College, Leic's Lesson - Tockwith, York Judge Practice Training, Novice, REC N Yorks

Lessons & Dressage To Music, Derby College, Broomfield Hall, Derby For further details and applications form for each specific date please visit your_regions/northern_region

NORTHERN REGION NEWSLETTER HaVe you read tHe latest artIcles on tHe nortHern regIon weBPage?

we are pleased to announce that the following judges have recently passed their judges testing and upgraded:

Yard visit to the Eilberg’s, Para Home International, Giorgio’s Diary, Pet Plan Area Festival and Dressage to Music.

regIonal traInIng dates - august

Sue Carson

List 1

Jayne Wilson

List 3

Alison Woulds

List 4

Louise Smales Danielle Steed

4 Aug

steph croxford & equivisions

Dressage to Music Clinic - Brooksby College, Leic's

4 Aug

Jane Peberdy

Lessons - Elms Farm Ltd, Leic's

5 Aug

Para training

Middleton Park, Leeds

List 4

5 Aug

felicity scott

Novice - Brooksby College, Leics

List 6

5 Aug

senior Home International Viewing day

Witham Villa, Leics

their contact details can be found on the British dressage website

11 Aug

senior Home International Viewing day

Northumberland College, Ponteland

12 Aug

sonia Baines

Squad Test Practice - Chesterfield, Derbys

18 Aug 20 Aug

Becky moody cathy Burrell

Lessons - Askham Bryan College, York Para Training - Pegasus Centre, Northumberland

HaVe you qualIfIed for 2012 dressage cHllenge?

22-23 Aug

clive Halsall

24-26 Aug

senior camp

26 Aug

senior Home International Viewing day

27 Aug

Jane Peberdy

Lessons - Titlington, Northumberland Willerby Willerby Hill, E Yorks

Test Riding or Lesson/ Witham Villa, Leics

Further Dates will be added. For further details and applications form for each specific date please visit

Dressage To Music It has been identified that there was a significant lack of music classes in the northern part of the region. additional classes including qualifiers have now been added to the following venues: Port royal, Bishop Burton, richmond ec, yorkshire dressage, Blackdyke farm along with arena uK, Vale View and Hargate ec click on the image for the rules. Venues hosting regional qualifiers can be found on the regional webpage.

details of these classes will appear on the British dressage website and will then be included in Issue 6 of the Bd magazine. Please note that you should refer to the Bd website for the correct details of schedules for all competitions. click on the notes to take you to the schedule listings.

cHecK out tHe sue carson weBsIte for tHe latest desIgn and tecHnology In saddle manufacturIng.

NORTHERN REGION NEWSLETTER 20 12 Senior & BYRDS Home International

needs y u!

the British dressage northern region needs you for the 2012 senior & Byrds Home International. riders who are regularly participating in Bd competitions are eligible along with those who have ridden at area festivals, regional’s and national championships. for full details of the competitions, selection policy, viewing days and regional training days please visit the regional website

do you HaVe a Keen Interest In deVeloPIng you coacHIng and traInIng sKIlls? why not attend one of the regions “technical workshops”. these days are aimed at specific topics and are very interactive. they are very useful for those working towards uKcc, BHs and Pony club exams along with riders alike. contact: dates and venues can be located on the regional diary.

tHe BrItIsH dressage nortHern forum saturday 8th september at askham Bryan college, york

Volunteer In tHe nortHern regIon

7pm - 9:30pm

Would you like to get more involved with Dressage in the Northern Region?

dressage to musIc with steph croxford & equivisions

Could you contribute towards the development of Dressage in the region?

ticket application form is available on the regional webpage. regions/northern_region

Do you have specific skills that would enhance the Northern Region?

tickets now on sale!



regIonal Judge traInIng oPen to rIders & unaffIlIated Judges The region is now able to offer a limited number of places to riders & unaffiliated judges. Anyone who is interested in participating in the training should contact the relevant organizer prior to applying as BD listed judges will have priority. there will be an additional £5 charge to the fee. for an up to date list of judge training in the region go to:

Keep up to date with what is happening in your region by becoming a member of the Official British Dressage Northern Facebook page or Follow British Dressage Northern on Twitter.@BDNorthern

British Dressage Northen Region Newsletter July  
British Dressage Northen Region Newsletter July  

Keep up to date with what is happening in your region by becoming a member of the Official BritishDressage Northern Facebook page or Follow...