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Time management sheet for Final Major Project

Week One/ Commencing 28 th January -

Research for Lego YCN Brief Research for UK Greetings Cards Brief Geek Table initial ideas


Initial ideas for YCN Briefs

Week Two/ Commencing 4 th February -

Dev elopment of Lego Brief Dev elopment of Greetings Card Brief Continue with research for both YCN Briefs

Week Three/ Commencing 11 th February -

Dev elop and finalise YCN Briefs Research Swatch Brief


Initial ideas for Swatch Brief

Week Four/ Commencing 18 th February -

Dev elop Swatch Brief Finalise YCN Briefs Prepare YCN Briefs for submission

Week Five/ Commencing 25 th February -

Dev elop Swatch Brief Research Swatch Brief Research Breakfast Brief Initial ideas for Breakfast Brief

Week Six/ Commencing 4 th March -

Dev elop Swatch Brief Dev elop Breakfast Brief

Week Seven/ Commencing 11 th March -

Finalise Swatch Brief

Week Eight/ Commencing 18 th March -

Finalise Breakfast Brief

Week Nine/ Commencing 25 th March -

Research Children’s Range Brief


Initial ideas for Children’s Range Brief

Week Ten/ Commencing 1 st April -

Dev elop Children’s Range Brief Research Paper crafting Brief Initial ideas for Paper crafting Brief

Week Eleven/ Commencing 8 th April -

Dev elop Children’s Range Brief

Week Twelve/ Commencing 15 th April -

Finalise Children’s Range Brief


Dev elop Paper crafting Brief

Week Thirteen/ Commencing 22 nd April -

Dev elop Paper crafting Brief

Week Fourteen/ Commencing 29 th April -

Dev elop Paper crafting Brief


Finalise Paper crafting Brief

Remaining Weeks -

Revise blog


Finalise and address any outstanding issues

The Geek Table Brief will be ongoing throughout the module until we reach our own set deadline and prepare for our exhibition. The Design Context brief will also be ongoing as I collect information. There will also be the chance that I will be doing a Year Book, this brief will be ongoing also, meaning time will be made within the given weeks to complete this brief before the given deadline.

Time Management for FMP  

Here is my time management sheet for my Final Major Project.

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