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5 Things I wanted from 2nd Year

Have I achieved my 2nd year goals?

What hasn’t gone to plan this year? 1// My time management has been terrible, I have been leaving blogging till the last minute which has affected my module grades. 2// I haven’t always challenged myself which means I haven’t achieved all that was possible. 3// I have missed important sessions such as group crits towards the end of the year. 4// I have lacked the high motivation I had in First year which has affected my module grades. 5// I haven’t always tried my best, which just isn’t good enough.



What do I want from 3rd Year? 1// Good Grades 2// Self confidence and belief

3// A list of good contacts 4// A portfolio I am proud of 5// A high level of skill in areas of interest

How will I prepare myself for 3rd year? 1// Organise myself 2// Dissertation research 3// Studio visits

4// Start networking 5// Save money 6// Sell some work via Etsy 7// Make full use of uni resources

8// Free lance

My Behance

My Business Card

My Creative CV

My currently selected studios

Where do I see myself in two years time?

Thank you ď Š

PPD Presentation  

End of 2nd year PPD Presentation.

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