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Here is the feedback for my concepts in the concept crit on the 8th November. I asked some questions for people to answer when they gave me feedback. (Chocolot brief) 1/ Does the logo work? 2/ Does the pattern on the orange packaging work? Or is there too much going on? 3/ Can you suggest a good way to display nutrition information on the packaging? (VW brief) 1/ Do you think the style of drawing is appropriate? (Puffin brief) 1/ Please put a star next to the ones that you think work best.

Notes of the feedback: -

Like minimal packaging, we like that the chocolate is on view, do it on the orange and laser cut it. Typeface, cant read. Change the weight or typeface completely, maybe a serif to contrast main text. Pattern, get rid, not consistent with other packaging, do not cut out VW drawings work, try on a grid/ print on graph paper, black on graph Look into VW typefaces or European typeface, European number plates Look into German design Embossing like number plates Puffin, child friendly illustrations Colour considerations, could be minimal colours, could be a colour in story book Animals without clothes looks better, could have cut out clothes that children could put on the animals themselves I think the chocolot logo in terms of typography works, gives the image you would expect for chocolate However chocolot as a name not entirely sure I think the pattern does work if you keep everything consistent Make the box a lot smaller only include certain aspects, ie calories etc Initially I thought the logo was chocolat the French translation, might be worth exploring the readability of the logo, slightly less condensed The script style works very effectively and is friendly whilst still appearing high end and luxurious Orange packaging perhaps follow suite of the mint packaging The die cut works really effectively and could be a more consistent feature of your packaging range Orange segment could be cut out as with the chilli packaging VW brief, I think the style of drawing works well, diagrammatic/ infographic Perhaps consider increasing the stroke weight by about 1pt just to ensure no details are lost when printing the design reversed out Puffin brief, I really like the simplicity and charm of these line drawings


Would appeal well to children and very distinctive of your own personal illustrative style which will reflect well in your design portfolio Only the orange packaging has a pattern, may not be consistent Nice to see mock ups VW acetate nice idea Strong recognisable image so good to use. Iconic Puffin brief, characters need shadow VW using acetate sounds interesting Will the moving image work the same as the acetate layering sections on top or will it be moving? VW layering idea will demonstrate the changes and adaptations of the VW in a subtle and creative way Good quality of chocolot brief Great actual mock ups Not enough work on other briefs Wind in the willows, not much done since last time VW good traced drawings, for what purpose? Chocolot packaging needs a gloss finish Puffin brief could have more of a range Need to do more work Make sure you are working/ scaling the nets around the chocolate bar The back of the mint bar needs to be more exciting What is the reason for the typeface choice on the back of the mint bar, why have you changed it? Think about the inner chocolate packaging, chocolate always has two layers of packaging, green foil Think about print processes Cant read the type on the back of the orange packaging Think about the design of the chilli chocolate label, stitches, wrap around, make sure you explore and exploit all label options

Feedback 24th October  

Here is the feedback from a peer crit on 24th October.

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