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Champagne & Limousines Arial FA3B43

The Brief

The Concept

The Logo

To brand a new range of chocolate that would be sold as a luxury product. The brief includes creating a new and interesting concept for chocolate as well as designing a logo and identity for the brand and designing packaging for the range of products.

The concept behind the brand was to use the colour of the flavour of the chocolate as a tool to design a series of bold packaging that is not already existent in the competative chocolate market. The flavour of the chocolate determined the colour of the packaging, meaning that the brand would be bold and bright in a retail environment.

The logo was first designed using an existing typeface with added ligatures, but it did not communicate luxury. The second logo was hand drawn digitally and then edited using Illustrator. The third and final logo was developed from this to create a logo that had a luxury feel with a personal touch seen through the hand written, digital type. The name Chocolot was designed to communicate the fact the chocolate brand had a range of different flavours.








The Design The colours were chosen based on the colour of the flavour ingredients, the three flavours I have focused on for my designs are mint, orange and chilli. The concept will work with a whole range of flavours and it is something I can develop further. I have selected two colours from each flavour to add depth to my designs. I have also selected typefaces that fit with the needs of the product (nutrition labels) as well as a typeface that will work in harmony with my logo. I decided on two Sans Serif typefaces. Champagne and Limousines and Arial.



Kirsty Hardingham Brief One/ Chocolot OUGD301 Level 06


The Bar

The Chocolate

The concept behind the bar was to create a window of chocolate using the flavours shape. The window is dye cut from the middle of the packaging to centralise all of the design. The designs themselves are very bright and colourful and catch the eye.

The chocolate was made specifically to fit the brief. I have added whole pieces of the flavour so that it can be seen through the dye cut window. This brings to life the concept of using the flavours and their colours to communicate what the product is.

The design has been kept simple and the content to a minimum. I wanted the colour and flavour to speak for itself.


Kirsty Hardingham Brief One/ Chocolot OUGD301 Level 06


The Jar The idea of using a glass jar for the packaging of one of my chocolate products was that they are currently in ‘fashion’. People have started to use glass jars to store many different things. They have a luxury, almost vintage feel to them, which I feel succesfully fits with my concept. The bold use of colour for the labelling keeps the design simple and communicates the product well.

The Box

The Labels

The reason for choosing this packaging for this particular product was that I felt it would best fit into this type of form. It allowed me to combine aspects of the jar and bar packaging. The round opening to the box links to the jar labels and the rectangular shape has allowed me to use the dye cutting from the bar. This has allowed a window for the chocolate to be seen and a consistent design concept throughout my range of products.

The design of the jar labelling has been kept consistent with the other packaging. The use of bold colour reflects on the chocolates flavour and the simple design helps to communicate the concept in a clear and concise way.



The reason for a circular label was the fact that it fitted well to the body of the jar. I have also incorporated the icons of the flavours to give more of a visual representation of the chocolate. The glass jar works as the window through to the chocolate, hence why the labelling has no dye cut.



Kirsty Hardingham Brief One/ Chocolot OUGD301 Level 06


The Set Each flavour has come together well to make a complete set, of which includes a chocolate bar, a box of chocolate chunks and a jar of chocolate slices. The use of colours have made the brand unique to its existing competitors in the chocolate market.

The Context The Chocolot chocolate product range would be sold in luxury food supermarkets such as Marks and Spencers and Waitrose.


Kirsty Hardingham Brief One/ Chocolot OUGD301 Level 06




Kirsty Hardingham Brief One/ Chocolot OUGD301 Level 06

The complete set of Chocolot products work successfully together to communicate a chocolate brand that focuses on a wide variety of bold flavours.


Chocolot Brief  

Here are the submission design boards for brief one: Chocolot, for the module OUGD301

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