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Rachel Airy I am a multi media artist incorporating various techniques through photography and video. My work investigates film and image manipulation. Taking influences from the human form, surrealism and the silent movie era I create layered images in black and white film.

Dee Akhtar My interest lies with mark-making and autonomous action; a series of marks and colours is an extension of the unconscious mind. The paintings are an exploration into the obsession with aesthetics and the painting’s ability to relate to the viewer.

Bridget Alexander I am a conceptual artist and my work centres around exploring the effects isolated space has on human ‘essence’. I focus mainly on using photography and video to highlight the qualities of stillness and motion that relate to the situations I capture.

Sameena Azaam My work focuses on architecturally, structured space and the distinguishable way in which it employs boundaries to create a controlled environment. Boundaries, borders, barriers, walls are all descriptive trajectories of the qualities of separation, division and isolation that are reinforced in such places.


Bronwen Baynes An investigation into what is paint, what is painting and what makes a painter?

Daniel Beesley I have been taking long exposure photographs in a pitch-black room. I control the light in order to create photographs that have sense of story and time.

Christiana Bell Predominantly an abstract painter and photographer my recent practice has been dominated by exploring the boundaries of both mediums as I combine the two together. My work incorporates digital and film photography, various printing techniques and the exploration of paint.

Olivia Berggren I tend to keep my practice as natural as I can, using earthy tones and natural elements. Experimenting with processes constantly, removing myself from the outcome, and being the catalyst, to allow the materials to show their possibility and potential.

Lisa Bradford My practice comments on mass production in society today: the cheaply made products of everyday life result in a great deal of waste. Considering materials and objects I create scenarios where the object fails: leading to its own destruction, inevitably discarded.

Alison Button Part time mature student. Happy to let the paint talk.


I am fuelled by a fascination of identity both personal and otherwise. Mediums range from photography to video, digital media, drawing and painting. My influences are taken from the culture of rock music and tattooing.

Cristina Ciccone

My practice is the documentation of my mother’s schizophrenia and the tragic yet beautiful experience of growing up in a working class environment. My main inspiration comes from childhood memory and the stigma towards mental health that remains within society.

Grace Erskine Crum With my art, the audience response is the most important aspect. My aim is to make my viewer feel uncomfortable and intimidated. I have experimented with materials and colour, while figuring out what is most affective to achieve my aim.

Ethan Culican Using classical styles and themes, my work illustrates a mythological story. Whilst considering the validity and believability of mythological stories, I am attempting to create work that manages to sit in an undetermined space in history.

Alice DeCourcy Wheeler Becoming much more about the properties of paint and substance, my practice deals with scale and intricate detail, influencing our senses and imagination. It has a sculptural essence/sensuality within the paint – ultimately connecting the viewer with the work.

Annie Driver My practice has derived from ideas of unborn human embryos/fetuses. This sensitive issue questions and sparks a reaction towards what happens to unborn life. Through exploration it has led me to create Christening fonts using a variety of materials.

Dan Eccles My fine art practice involves using everyday or found objects to create artwork for me. I alter the role of each object so that instead of working how it should do, it works to create minimalistic drawings.


Christopher Frietag Artist/Artisan/Craftsman/Sculptor – I believe materiality is critical to art. Material ought to support the work’s properties and lead the processes within which the work is developed. I explore the modern and historical aspects of cast metals with their close relationship.

Rosie Furnival I am interested in the idea of bringing together history and personal experience into a portrait, by mapping and visualizing a diary of the individual. Working in mixed media, I wish to show an insight into who we are and why.


Venice Gent < of.virtual.environments:iLandscapes:endless.paths. everyday.travelling.monologically.where.language. of.tele.presence>

Alice Hodgson I take inspiration from nature and natural colour palettes to inform my practice and materials. My work reminds us all of the fragile ecosystems in our environments, of the true beauty of nature and our deep connections with organic form.

Rachel Jones I combine colour, light and material to create sensory space and images. Using three elements in my work, I identify the struggle between colour and form. I experiment with ways of working that will represent both colour and form as the primary.

Adam Jenkins My work engages with ideas of showing urban movements and landscapes through drawing and sculpture. This manifests in work that is generated from specific concepts, processes or places through diverse media such as light, video, installation, sculpture and photography.

Joseph Lang My work closely explores elements of human nature, life and culture. I am looking at the presence of the object within our society and questioning the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract.

E-J Langley My art is based around the idea of beauty, using my own body to see how far beauty can be taken.

Gem Luca My work consists of a multi-media practice with works based on imagination and personal experience.

John Lucking Hi guys, my name’s John Lucking and I do my best!


Craig Shaun Malcolm My work is based around issues between the animal world and our own. I like to consider my art as a visual investigation into these issues, driven by my own curiosity and interest. The medium of printmaking is central to this.

Simon Mann My practice has developed over the three years, from using mixed media and sticking to my comforts. As the years have progressed I have found myself exploring different materials and ideas, and as a result I went on to look at using blood.

Anamaria Marzec-Smith I am fascinated by faces, and my work explores portraiture in a way to depict the personality and emotion of the face behind the brush. Through drawing and painting I aim to capture the feelings in a unique way.

Michael Mellen The work that I have produced over the last year aims to encourage the viewer to question their relationship with the buildings around them. In this series I have chosen 5 structures that particularly appeal to me.

Tristan Mills My work is the visual poetry of our deepest emotions, leaving the viewer feeling lost in their own words.

Emma Mort My practice takes into consideration the delicacy of life and I aim to project this into my work. I am inspired by emotion and the human mind and try to interpret hidden aspects of life and subjects that are considered taboo. Look at the relationship between materials.

Harriet Newcomb In Art I create Interlocking symmetry By reflecting shapes Manipulation Of Diverse materials Distortion of forms Metamorphosis of text into a pattern Into a language In Art I create The pieces of a puzzle Fitting together

Rebecca Norman craft·y adj. craft·i·er, craft·i·est 1. Skilled in or marked by underhandedness, deviousness, or deception. 2. Chiefly British Skillful; dexterous

Jenny Parkin Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m interested in the greedy and wasteful way we buy things in the UK. Lately Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been constructing realities for my camera to explore the fiction of fulfillment via consumption.

Calum Paterson By rejecting the idea of art as object and immersing oneself in an equilibrium creative process, an understanding of the true nature of things may be acquired. As repetitive actions converge, a matrix forms from which familiar things show themselves.

Jordan Peers Primarily a watercolour painter, my work focuses heavily on portraiture and the themes and motives within it. Literature also has a strong and influential role within my practice.

Sam Chtimi My work explores various notions of cartography using hand-cut paper techniques. I have a strong interest in the interpretation of maps, and the inherent relationships between places and people. Materiality is also important.

Steven Potter My practice endeavors to create a transfer of energies and their base states through the handmade endurance of paper cutting. The purpose revolves around the interaction between the paper and the light, the result comments on the fluctuating existence of corporeal and immaterial communications.

Jane Riley Claude Heath (2003, cited in Kingston 2003) states that his blind drawings help him to get rid of all the stuff that he thinks he wants and allows something else to happen. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m interested in the possibilities of drawing, the imperfections and randomness of mark making. Kingston, A. (2003) What is Drawing? Three practices Explores: Lucy Cunning, Cluade Heath, Rae Smith. London, Black dog publishing, pg. 18

Tom Rowley My practice is heavily based around the idea of memories; the fragility of them and how easily they can be lost or abstracted over time. My aim is to reflect my version of memories taken from my family photo albums.

Maxwell Rushton I reflect on my position within a community of young artists journeying to establish themselves. As I have limited experience to artistically be true to, the subject of the lack of ‘raw experience’ is currently explored in my transitional practice.

Jeff Singleton Challenging a range of subjects in the past, recent work has explored the complicated issues surrounding Parkinsons Disease. Often using dramatic light in my work, I explore issues faced by a person with Parkinsons, such as the ‘on-off phenomenon’.

Laura Smith I am a mixed media artist who recreates significant memories from my childhood, introducing material, colour and pattern to produce a deeper childlike presence. My work explores family photographs that trigger memory, and looks into the importance of the connection between the artist and their work.

Joe Taylor Distortion has always been an aspect in my work. I am interested in the way we interpret the world visually, and how each individuals experience differs. It is up to us how we interpret what we see. I explore this through image making.

Yesim Tiryaki Calvert The body is the common form that we all share but it may also be so alien with the thoughts it may provoke. Instead of fixing the identity I try to open to surface for perception and reflective thoughts.

Elizabeth Loren Trainer My practise is concerned with creating art that has confessional and communicational elements. Often relaying brief moments of physical and mental pain, often my own feelings, into figurative sculptural forms using materials associated with vulnerability and defence simultaneously.

Kira Turner My interests and fascinations, base themselves upon the dark and magical fantasy and deceptions within fairy tales and gothic culture. Currently my practice explores the unseen beauty of the city and its ability to evoke innate and atmospheric emotions.

Sheena Tyrer Use of varnish and paint to create unusual canvas structures.

Samantha Vince As an Artist I explore the boundaries of what painting can be, experimenting with unusual medias and nontraditional methods of creating work. My most recent experiments have been informed by encounters with growth, mould and organic materials.

Jenna Watt As a colourist, my current practice explores the possibilities in printmaking. Concentrating on the idea of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, I create personal landscapes inspired by constantly changing surroundings.

Lucy Marie Webb Within my art practice I use cling film to portray the feeling of claustrophobia and dealing with the emotions people go through when facing it. Interaction with the piece and the audience is very important to the effect.

Karoline White My art practice consists of fabricating visually aesthetic sculptural forms, predominantly using knitting techniques. My current work focuses upon the collaboration of two elements portraying a negative element, coinciding with positive element, in a colourful and playful woven expressive form.

Anna Wills My current work uses the female body as a landscape to create three dimensional and photographic work.

Charlotte Wilson-Smith I use a combination of colour and technique in my exploration of portraiture.

Rachel Worthington My practice pivots upon exploring the use of Super 8 film within art (a practice that unconventionally works directly into the film without the use of a camera) to result in the question - what is film? Reoccurring themes include a broken society and memories.

John Wright I am exploring hinterlands between art and science. My practice revolves around the manipulation of narratives through questioning the contemporary role of documentation. I am influenced by an emerging philosophical paradigm entitled â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Critical Realismâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. I strive to capture the passage of time.

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