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RATIONALE During this module, I am going to produce work for my portfolio which demonstrates who I want to be and who I am as a designer, as this will help me gain future employment and placement opportunities. This will include work which exploits my full skill set and demonstrates my ability to produce informed design solutions to identified problems. I will work predominately on branding/ editorial/ layout /digital design as this is the design direction I want to take and I want my portfolio to reflect this. I am going to improve my photography skills as this will allow me to present my work better in my portfolio and through my online presence. I will improve my type and layout skills though a focus on print, as this will allow me to apply high spec print processes to my work whilst improving my typographic and design skills. I am going to improve my ability to design digitally: website and app design, as this will make me a more eclectic designer with a multiple skill set, seen as design is moving more into the digital era I need to have digital design as one of my skills. I will work both independently and collaboratively as this will demonstrate my ability work alongside people/ other designers as well as on my own. I will work on live briefs to show I am able to work with real clients on real design problems. I will gain a deeper understanding of art history and more cultured design as this will build my design knowledge and inform my design decisions. I am going to research entrepreneurial opportunities as this will provide me with the opportunity to get myself and my design out into the real world and reach different audiences. I will discover whether there are any areas of my work which need to be improved upon as this will help me progress as a designer. BLOG.

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All work must be clearly presented and labelled with your name, module code, brief title and any other appropriate information. Please separate the work appropriately and include a printed version of each brief. All blog. posts relevant to this module should be ‘tagged’ with the module code OUGD301 and follow the naming conventions outlined on E-studio Brief 1

Inpress Design

Brief 2

Urban Tease

Brief 3

RSA:: Change Makers (live competition brief)

Brief 4

Hope Clothing Boutique Re-brand


Additional Brief 1

Module Proposal Project File Evaluation

Leeds College of Art Christmas card design 2012

Your 500word End of Module Self-evaluation should be posted to your blog. Design Practice Blog.

Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. BRIEF 1 INPRESS DESIGN A collaborative investigation of entrepreneurial opportunities with a focus on printed matter. I chose to work on this brief as it allowed me to produce printed matter for the ‘inpress shop’ which showcased me as a design and work on developing my specialist print skills, whilst simultaneously allowing me to develop my branding skills and network with other designers through inpress design events. Duration: 10 weeks BRIEF 2 URBAN TEASE A print driven investigation into branding with a focus on the retail sector. I chose to work on this brief as it allowed me to make the t-shirts I had designed for the Republic t-shirt brief become live. It also allowed me to work on my branding skills and experiment with colour and stock choices and print processes within my design work. Duration: 4 weeks BRIEF 3 RSA:: CHANGE MAKERS A research driven investigation into ethical design with a focus on alternative printing options and paper choices. I chose to work on this brief as it offered me the chance to learn about sustainable design so that I can then put these considerations into place within all the future design choices I make. Duration: 3 weeks

BRIEF 4 HOPE CLOTHING BOUTIQUE An investigation into branding for retail with a focus on print processes. I chose to work on this brief as allowed me to work on a live brief and produce a fully integrated campaign which developed my branding skills, with a specific focus on print, within the retail sector. Duration: 3 weeks Additional Brief 1

LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART CHRISTMAS CARD DESIGN I chose to work on this brief as I had already designed Christmas cards as part of my RSA brief which could be applied to Leeds College of Art. Duration: 1 day

Additional Comments Brief 4:: Boards submitted in pdf format on disc (permission by Fred due to illness).

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