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BRIEF ONE:: INPRESS DESIGN STUDIO (1/4) BRIEF: Brand ‘inpress’ collective as a design studio; a collective of four print driven graphic designers. Produce design material to sell at shop.

KIRSTY FRUIN Held shop at Creative Networks. Next event: Dock Street Market 30th November. Interview and pull-out poster for Spur magaizne. New business cards and website.

.//Products: Logo/Event //Range: Business Card/ Packaging/ Events Posters/ Promo/ Website //Distribution: Print/ Online/ Events: face to face

BRIEF TWO:: URBAN TEASE (2/4) BRIEF: Produce and promote a range of tee designs to be sold as a collection in clothing stores.

KIRSTY FRUIN //Products: Tee Designs/ Tee Design Identity //Range: Packaging/ Promo material/ swing tickets/ catalog/ app/ website //Distribution: Print/ Retail: in store/ Web: online

BRIEF THREE:: CHANGE MAKERS (3/4) BRIEF: Create and promote a design solution that persuades people to consumer less, reduce waster and be more efficient with the planet. Live Competition Brief:: Deadline 22/03/13

KIRSTY FRUIN //Products: Notebook //Range: Cards, Themed/Seasonal Notebooks and Cards,w //Distribution: Print/ Bike


Business card design

BRIEF FOUR:: HOPE RE-BRANDING (4/4) BRIEF: Re-design the brand image of the 3 chain clothing store specialising in mens and womens clothing: Hope.

Swing Ticket design

KIRSTY FRUIN //Products: Logo //Range: Business card/ Swing Tickets/ Store layout/ Receipt pad/ Website/ App //Distribution: Print/ Retail (in store)/ Web

Crit 4 boards  
Crit 4 boards  

Crit 4 boards