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‘In the UK women are twice as likely as men to receive coaching, but only 33% of our nations coaches are women, with only 37% of these having qualifications’ To increase the 37% of female coaches with a qualification, we are launching a new campaign to recruit, develop, deploy and retain female coaches across Wiltshire & Swindon.

We are able to provide you with: * Specific training and courses * Funding to support you with training and courses * A support network for female coaches * New Coaching experiences to help you progress as a female coach

If you are interested in being part of this exciting new campaign contact or follow us on #WomenCoaches WASP


I am very privileged and honoured to currently coach the England Netball National Squad, currently 3rd in the World, and a side which is continuing to build momentum to our ultimate goals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, as part of the 'WE are England' team, and World Championships in 2015. I am also fortunate to be part of UKSport elite coaching programme, a bespoke coach development programme that challenges me to be the best I can be, in order to build a World Class team in the sport of netball. Astonishingly, stats show that 33% of our nations coaches are women and even less (9%) within the elite side of coaching funding are female. I truly believe that because this is the case, as a female national coach in sport, it is one of my duties to be a good role model to other females, to encourage, support and inspire them to coach and participate within sport. I was lucky to have experienced coaches who were great people, who cared and nurtured the person first, the athlete second and the sport third. They made it both fun and challenging, as well as embracing and celebrating difference while valuing everyone's contribution however great or small! You too, could inspire and motivate someone to participate in the sport you love, so get involved!! One of my favourite sayings that I've seen Sports coach UK use is 'Keep calm and Coach with Style'. Enjoy!

I'm currently a RFU Community Rugby Coach based in Swindon working with clubs, schools and colleges. I became involved initially by playing the sport, however when I was 16 I decided I needed to give something back therefore I completed my level 1 and helped out at my local club. I found out I loved coaching and it was something I wanted a career in, seeing people improve and have fun was beyond satisfying and highly motivating. I then progressed onto my level 2 which enabled me to take on this role, I love getting up in the morning to do my job! Everyday is different and I'm always learning something new.

Women coaches flyer  
Women coaches flyer  

Oct 2013