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Blog. Rationale (200 words) During this module I hope to really push myself so that I can full fill my potential in the areas that I am interested in but also gain new areas of interest that I can take forward into my FMP and future practice. I am going to work on briefs that will allow me to capitalise on both my image and branding skills, and also extend my knowledge of branding as a whole. The briefs will be about subjects from personal interest to keep me motivated throughout and make them enjoyable. I’d like to develop my hand rendering skills throughout each of my briefs so that I have a unique and neat style. I feel that I need to experiment and take more risks within my work as this will make me a more confident designer and means I can really have some fun within my briefs. Finally, I would like to have a greater understanding of print processes if I my focus is going to be in being a print based designer. As part of this understanding print processes I would also like to experiment more with stock so that I am finding samples appropriate to each of my briefs depending on the outcome I am working with.

Proposed research Areas & Themes - (400 words) For the black and white brief the main area of research is print processes because this is what I would like to get out of the brief in terms of understanding and skill. I will also explore Paperchase as a company and their products so I can fully understand what I can do to make my products most desirable within the store. A main area of focus within the Paperchase research will be their product ranges as this is what I am creating so I can get inspiration for what will be within my own range. Pattern design is going to be something new and different for me so I would also like to fully explore this to see what is out there and hopefully learn and new skill that I will enjoy and can utilise in future. For the penguin design award brief I am going to explore Penguin as a company and previous design they have used throughout their book covers so that I can make sure I meet a standard that they look for and like. I will also look at book promotion and how this is utilised within bookshops so I’m aware of these elements in order to create a successful campaign and have a greater understanding of this area of the industry. Finally, I will look into children's illustration to get inspiration for my own illustrative ideas and make sure my style truly suits the target audience throughout the designs. For the illustrative type brief the main area of focus is going to be illustrative type as this is the skill I’d like to get out of it and it should also inspire me by looking into this in depth. I will research into various areas relating to each of the films I choose for the typefaces so I can get visual inspiration but also the actual quotes to be able to apply them to my products. It is important I understand the themes within the film to reflect these through my typefaces. Finally, I will look at existing film memorabilia to see what I can do to compete against what’s already out there. For the Coca-Cola brief the research should be more in depth more so than the other briefs because this is also my disseration topic. I will look into Coca-Cola as a company, their values, any important dates relating to the company that may inform my design decisions and general design features of the brand. A focus area of the research will be the limited edition bottles created in the past and also any advertising campaigns that go along with this so I know the direction to take my own ideas in and what is most successful. This will also help me steer clear of anything that has been done in the past. 1

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Manchester print fair Manchester papercut exhibition 3. Books (including chapters where necessary) The Fundamentals of Branding - Melissa Davis (Coca Cola) Superbrands 2006/07 (Coca Cola) The Production Manual - Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris (Print processes and finishes) I Love Stationery: Inspirational techniques, materials and practitioners - Charlotte Rivers (Stationery design) Patterns: New Surface Design - Drusilla Cole Print and Pattern 2 - Bowie style 4. Texts / Articles (Title, publication, author and date of publication) 5.

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OUGD301 bibliography  

bibliography of research for the module.

OUGD301 bibliography  

bibliography of research for the module.