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Kirsty Alderson UK Greetings BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art

Concept The greetings cards are based on a personal love of animals. The majority of consumers have a favourite animal so this particular subject covers the entire target market set by the brief. The theme also gives the range scope to be further extended. The center of the greetings cards will be blank, allowing these cards to be sent for any occassion the consumer may require them for and further opening up the target market. The unique selling point for the cards is the illustration style and the hands on approach to this.

Logo I created a basic yet quirky logo for the range so that it does not over power the imagery which is the focus. The logo is very much based on the style of the imagery and has this hand rendered aspect to it which is what makes this range unique. It is also not completely uniform to add to the quirky nature of the greetings cards and give it character.

Character design The characters were all hand rendered before editing them digitally to give the overall design of the cards a unique approach to the style. The way in which the eyes have been drawn is what particularly links the set of images together and makes the characters appear happy. Each character has another piece of imagery which will be utilised within the card design.

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Kirsty Alderson UK Greetings BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art

Specifications Greetings cards: 113mm x 113mm Stock: White hammered card Centers: 105mm x 105mm Stock: White 80gsm paper

Colour The colours used within the backgrounds of the greetings cards are based on colours taken from the illustrations. By utilising this technique I have produced a bold yet sophisticated range that suits a wide target audience. I have also applied a texture within the background but only subtle so not to detract from the imagery. This gives the design as a whole more depth.

I have also included examples of the greetings cards packaged so you can see how they are starting to look in context. This further shows the impact of the colours used because they compliment each other well and are individually eye catching.

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Kirsty Alderson UK Greetings BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art

Stock choice My reasoning for choosing this particular type of textured stock was to add further quality to the design. The greetings cards have a tactile surface which works well with the imagery and really brings out the background so the quality of the greetings cards can not only be seen, but felt too.

Center To further add to the quality, the greetings cards will have a paper center with part of the illustration applied to it so it does not look as plain and links to the rest of the design. There is plenty of space allowing the consumer to write as much or as little as they please.

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