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Promote the ‘imaginative colours tool’ by Fedrigoni. Design an appropriate

response for the UK design industry using print. Promote and brand a proposed event / exhibition that showcases the relationship between colour ink on colour stock to generate interest for the new product. The result has to be tactile- the audience have to interact with the designs.

Competitors & Audience.

Heavy promotion and presence. Close relationship with designers and printers alike.

Product “A new chromatic guide for Fedrigoni special papers, the handy tool for innovative ideas. 4 theme-based packs for 262 astonishing colour shades. It’s the right partner for designers and art directors to choose packaging and communication project papers: IMAGINATIVE COLOURS” The concept of a ‘swatch booklet’ makes the tool simple to use and showcases the paper in an interesting, considered way.

Visual Direction. Exploration of relationship between colour inks on coloured stock. Abstract. Ink. Pigment.

Promotion & Distribution - Branding for the event - Flyers - Mail shots - Invites - Posters - Tickets All promotional elements will be print based due to the nature of the brief and the fact it is an event created for a paper company. This is a further way or showcasing the tactile quality of the paper.

Concept boards.  

Concept boards for YCN.