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Band Research By Kirstin Jarvis

To begin with.. ..the band are a 5 piece metalcore band from Brighton, UK named Architects. The 5-piece contain A; Singer Lead Guitarist Rhythm Guitarist Drummer and last AND least, A bassist.

OH, Also the singer has the longest hair out of all the members, & is also (stereotypically) the most attractive/main attraction of the band.

Male dominance.. The third thing about the band is that they're all male, which would be something to take note of for my production.

Video Style ARCHITECTS music videos often have a colour filter over them, making it an 'iconic' aspect of the bands image.

and.. their music videos are either performance based, or a narrative.

Shots of.. The crowd are usually jittery / handheld which is used to get the audience 'closer' to the action, and almost make them feel a part of the gig.

'Daybreak' Their latest album, titled 'DayBreak' spreads the message of anti-government/politic semantics to their audience.

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