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Best of British…..News Study or work in the UK It can be a tough decision to make – moving from home to work or study abroad. Of course it’s exciting. But at some point, the reality of life will take over, once the holiday feeling stops!

You read the news, you hear the reports about the challenges you’ll face. But nothing can prepare you better than really getting under the skin of the country itself. Our regular publication will help you to make the transition, decide what’s great (and what to avoid!) about the U.K and how you can get the best from your experience… We save time, money and avoid stress for International students studying in the UK. Peace of mind, practical help and advice from only £45.00…

Test your knowledge… Q: Where would you find Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate? Find the answer at the end of this news bulletin…

William and Kate waxwork unveiled… The famous waxworks museum is a must for all visitors to the UK. Based in central London, the museum houses models of all the most current and historical figures from around the world. The latest figures are a ‘must see’… The Tussauds artists worked from the iconic pose of the two at the announcement of their engagement, when Kate wore the now famous blue dress to match the stunning sapphire engagement ring- once Diana’s- that she had just been given by her prince. There has been a continued relationship with the famous museum and the Royal family that goes back 180 years, when Madame Tussaud opened her first attraction in London featuring the figure of King William IV. The Queen was first represented in 1928 when she was only two years old and since that time, a staggering 23 wax works have been created, depicting Her Majesty in various stages throughout her life. The most recent waxwork of Elizabeth II was made in 2002 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee, but it has been agreed that The Queen’s model will receive a £150,000 makeover ahead of this year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Other Royals currently on display are Prince Harry, Diana Princess of Wales and Prince Charles. However, an ambassador of all things environmentally friendly, the Prince of Wales was Madame Tussauds’ first ever ‘carbon neutral’ figure, recycled from a 1989 likeness of His Royal Highness in 2007. The production process, solely by hand and in daylight, saw a new head created ‘naturally’ from clay and beeswax containing organic pigments. Additionally, all design materials were recycled and the busy sculptors were required to travel to and fro from meetings by bicycle. For more information, follow

Olympics 2012

With glittering fireworks illuminating the skies at every opportunity and a buzz of excitement charging through the air, London promises to host one of the most spectacular Olympic games ever seen when the world’s finest athletes descend on the capital city this summer. It is estimated that a staggering 4 billion people worldwide will tune in to watch the

fanfare of the opening ceremony, in anticipation of what could be London’s most important event to happen in this generation. 800,000 people are expected to use public transport to travel to the Games on the busiest day, which is more than the entire population of Leeds.

To follow the games

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Gaming habits for students worldwide… Students’ gaming habits, as found in The Student Room tech’ survey, demonstrate that Nintendo Wii is the favourite console, and that once again their purchasing habits are driven by peer review followed by performance, reliability and price.

Consoles Among student gamers, Nintendo comes out as the top brand for consoles with the Wii taking over two fifths of the votes, almost twice the responses for the Xbox 360.  

41.6% have a Nintendo Wii 22% have an Xbox 360

Interestingly, marginally more students own a gaming laptop than have the latest console from high-profile brand, Sony Playstation, closely followed by users opting for a gaming PC.   

17.1% have a gaming latop 16.8% have a Playstation 3 15.4% have a gaming PC

The majority of students that own the leading brands do not have the respective add-ons for their consoles. 

72.4% don’t have a gaming add-on like Xbox Live, Playstation Move or Xbox Kinect

Play time Gaming times varied between online and offline activity, with over 10% less spending 1-5 hours a week playing computer games online than offline.  38.9% play computer games for between 1-5 hours a week  29.8% play computer games online for between 1-5 hours a week

For more information and to see how other students behave

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'We want our students to be able to enjoy university life and their studies in a safe and pleasant environment,' states John Nesbitt CEO of Victoria Hall. 'We are thrilled they have voted us the UK’s Best Private Halls Provider in 2011, as it shows we really are achieving the high standards we set ourselves.'

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And finally… Recipe of the month from Great British Chefs, by Josh Eggleton This week’s recipe of the week is Smoked salmon terrine from The Pony and Trap Head Chef, Josh Eggleton and courtesy of

When Josh Eggleton won a Michelin star for his small country pub, The Pony and Trap, it was a surprise to all involved. Yet, in hindsight perhaps the team should have been more expectant as the kitchen regularly turns out dishes with both technical assuredness and humble brilliance. In this recipe, Josh includes both potato and leek to create a smoked salmon terrine with a difference, serving with a traditional piccalilli.

For the complete recipe…

Test your knowledge… and add it to your ‘places to visit’ A: It’s one of the smallest streets in York.

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News and Views - UK WorkStudy Pack  

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