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Mar 29-April 4, 2013 Bold Medias Publishing TC Publishing

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Re s i d e n t i a l & C o m m e rc i a l

by Patricia L. Cook

Ch oice •

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This issue of Tidbits is not just about nosey neighbors or co-workers (but they will be mentioned…shhh! Don’t tell them!), but also about noses that are superior in sensing aromas. • There have been a number of television shows and movies that have featured nosey neighbors. Whether putting a glass against the wall to listen to voices in the next room or peeping through a keyhole, there are times when curiosity gets the best of a person and they just want to know what is going on! Examples of these “snoopy” tricks can be found in videos of I Love Lucy, Friends, Bewitched. • One of the main characters of the show, Bewitched, was Gladys Kravitz. She was constantly spying on her interesting neighbor, Samantha, who happened to be a witch. When the show was on television in the 1960s and had quite a following, many would refer to their nosey neighbors as having the “Gladys Kravitz syndrome!”

• In case you are wondering, nosey can be spelled with or without the “e,” according to It is an adjective meaning: “offensively curious or inquisitive.” While people can be nosey in the inquisitive way, many animals have superior smelling abilities.

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Tidbits of Vernon


Across 1 Aleutian island 5 Upheaval 8 “Superbad” co-screenwriter Seth 13 In a bind? 15 Prison break? 16 Common closer 17 “Yea, verily” 18 Rash 19 Calms 20 Nuttiness 23 Folkie DiFranco 24 Training gear? 26 Art able to 28 Troopers’ gps. 31 Goalpost component 34 Its state fish is the chinook salmon 36 Superficial, uncaring effort 38 City known for wool 39 “Go ahead” 40 Tiny part of a hard drive 41 Pulitzer-winning poet Conrad __ 43 Aged 44 Wee hrs. 46 Name meaning “gift of Isis” 49 Verdict readers 52 Brewery equipment 55 Give holy orders to 56 Carnival game in which a suit is worn 59 Tease 60 Informal essay 61 Gifted one? 62 Spot checker? 63 Forming strands Down 1 Spiel, e.g. 2 Helps to water-ski 3 “See you next fall!” elicitor 4 WWII battlecruiser in the Pacific 5 Where unison countdowns

usually begin 6 Agnus __ 7 Lofty lines 8 With “The,” 1960s series set in the North African desert during WWII 9 Hunter killed by Artemis, in some accounts 10 TV drama narrated by a teen blogger 11 If not 12 Revivalists 14 Words indicating betrayal 15 Trivial Pursuit symbol 19 Rembrandt van __ 21 Phillips, e.g.: Abbr. 22 Wine orders 24 Tuna preserver 25 Common Zen temple feature 27 Nursing a grudge 29 Gave two tablets to, say 30 “The Mikado” weapon, briefly 31 Smackeroo 32 Hall & Oates’s first Top 10 hit 33 __ B’rith 35 “Howards End” author 37 Transportation secretary under Clinton 42 Cousin, for one 45 Gettysburg general 47 Sweet ring 48 Cork sources 49 Attracted to, with “of ” 50 Food associated with the starts of 16-, 36- and 56-Across 51 Hydrocarbon suffix 53 South Seas staple 54 Tonsorial sound 56 V x XI x XI 57 Country that incl. Sharjah 58 Map feature

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Gabriella’s hair & tanning esthetics studio

Congratulations Gabriella on being nominated for the Business Excellence Award of 2013 for Professional Service of the Year!

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For the month of December NOSEY (continued):

Tanningsuch Specials-Inquire within. • One beast with an extraordinary Seniors Specials all the time! sense of smell is the bear. A bear’s brain is only about a third of the size of a human brain but his nose is approximately five times larger; the nasal mucous membrane in a bear’s head is 100 times larger than the membrane in a human! Their nostrils have folds that house thousands of smell receptors making their sense of smell better than bloodhounds and possibly the best of any land animal. Bears use their sense of smell to find mates, identify their cubs, find food, and detect and avoid dangerous situations involving other bears or humans.

• In California, a black bear was seen traveling upwind in a straight line for three miles to find a dead deer. Some studies have shown that a bear’s sense of smell is actually seven times better than a bloodhound’s. • Speaking of bloodhounds; they are possibly the best detectives known! Their sense of smell is so good that they beat the best man-made odor detecting machines. Even after several days of a person’s trail going through streets, shops and more, a bloodhound can still follow the scent. Some dogs have been trained to detect types of cancer with greater accuracy than very expensive screening equipment.

• Detecting scents underwater is what a shark’s brain does well. Approximately two-thirds of a shark’s brain is focused on smell. They can detect a tiny drop of blood from more than a mile (1.6 km) away. They can even detect nervousness in other fish, which helps them find and destroy prey very easily.

• In many instances humans have better recall of smells than visual recall. One study found a 65% accuracy for smell after a year, while visual recall of photos was below 50% after only three months.

NOSEY (continued):

• Rats can be trained, like dogs, to use their extraordinary sense of smell to help humans in life-saving ways, one of which is to detect land mines. Rats can smell in stereo, with each of their nostrils working independently!

• The advantage to using rats instead of dogs for this type of defense work is not just because of dogs’ reputation as “man’s best friend” and the close relationships handlers form with dogs but also because they are cheaper to keep and train.

• Giant African pouched rats are used for mine detection by APOPO, an acronym from the Dutch language which means Anti=Persoonsmijnen Ontmijnende Product Ontwikkeling. In case you don’t speak Dutch, it is translated AntiPersonnel Landmines Detection Product Development. APOPO conducts research and “develops and disseminates detection rats technology for humanitarian purposes.” It is a company registered in Belgium with headquarters in Tanzania. Their rats are called HeroRATs. • Three countries that have been helped with mine detection rats are Tanzania, Mozambique and Thailand. When the land is cleared of landmines, not only does it make an area safer for those living nearby but it also makes the land accessible for use and many times opens up water sources nearby as well.

• HeroRATs are also trained for tubercolsis detection. Read about these super smellers at:

• On to a prettier animal – moths can sniff out a future mate in flight 6-7 miles (9-11 km) away. The feathery antennae allow this fine searching ability.

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Tidbits of Vernon

Premier Franchise Opportunity

of the

March 25: in 1634, Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland. In 1970, the Concorde jetliner made its first supersonic flight. March 26: in 1971, East Pakistan proclaimed its independence, taking the name Bangladesh. In 1979, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat signed the Camp David peace treaty at the White House. March 27: in 1794, President Washington and Congress authorized creation of the U.S. Navy. In 1884, the first long-distance telephone call was made, between Boston and New York. March 28: in 1939, the Spanish Civil War ended as Madrid fell to the forces of Francisco Franco. In 1979, America’s worst commercial nuclear accident occurred at the Three Mile Island power plant in Pennsylvania. March 29: in 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage for transferring nuclear secrets to the Soviets. In 1971, Army Lt. William L. Calley Jr. was convicted of leading a squad that murdered at least 22 Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai massacre. March 30: in 1867, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward reached agreement with Russia to purchase the territory of Alaska for $7.2 million, a deal then ridiculed as “Seward’s Folly.” In 1981, John W. Hinckley Jr. shot President Reagan outside a Washington hotel. Also wounded were White House press secretary James Brady and two others. March 31: in 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain issued an edict expelling Jews who refused to convert to Christianity. In 1880, Wabash, Ind., became the first town in the world to be illuminated by electrical lighting.

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SMELL THE ROSES When you stop to “smell the roses,” you are taking the time to enjoy life. This term, an idiom, is one which many of us should stop to consider in this age where information is available instantly with the push of a few computer keys or a smartphone application and we stay too busy and too connected! • Roses have been popular for their beauty and scents for thousands of years. Historical evidence has shown that cultivation of roses most likely started in China.

Weekly Sudoku

• According to “The Ultimate Rose Bush.” There are three groups of roses: wild roses, old garden roses recognized and established before 1867, and hybrid or modern roses. Hybrids are created when two roses are cultivated to create a new variety or breed. Most new hybrids are bred to create great scents or for blooms that are longer lasting. • With the popularity of rose scents, it is no wonder that an idiom for slowing down in life was spoken many years ago. Rose gardens are great places to relax and reflect.

• The White House Rose Garden is quite possibly the most photographed rose garden in the world. President John F. Kennedy started the This week’s question: In 1975, who was stripped of his tradition of holding ceremonies and media world chess title for refusing a mandatory defense? events in the garden close to the Oval Office in Washington, D.C. Roses were first planted there in 1913. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation naming the rose as the official National Floral Emblem of America. Answer to last week’s question: This week in 1953, Dr. Jonas Salk introduced a vaccine to prevent polio.

• Victoria, British Columbia, at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, on the western coast of Canada, is known as the City of Gardens. Not only does Victoria boast the presence of the beautiful Butchart Gardens, a National Historic Site, but it is also home to Hatley Park. Both have exquisite rose gardens.

Auto Bits Large, heavy vehicles remain popular in Canada (NC)—Despite fuel costs, emission concerns and conservation awareness, Canadians are increasingly showing a preference for larger and heavier vehicles. The latest Canadian Vehicle Survey delivers useful information related to on-road transportation

activities and fuel consumption across the country. The survey is made available by Natural Resources Canada online at Overall, during the period 2000 to 2009, the number of light duty vehicles registered on the roads grew at an average of 1.9 per cent per year, reaching about 19.8 million vehicles in 2009. The number of vehicles per household increased from 1.43 to 1.47 for the same period. Between 2000 and 2009, there was also a significant change in the composition of the light vehicle fleet. The share of the ‘light truck’ category (vans, sport utility vehicles [SUVs] and pickup trucks) increased

substantially relative to the share of ‘cars.’ Most notably, the number of SUVs almost doubled and its share of the ‘light vehicle fleet’ increased from 6.9 per cent to 12.8 per cent. Meanwhile, the share of cars decreased from 60.5 per cent to 55.4 per cent. Vehicle weight and engine power are important factors governing an automobile’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. We can all save money and decrease pollution by increasing our awareness of technology options and by selecting vehicles that meet our everyday needs. Additional information and resources to inform consumers can be found online at

Tidbits of Vernon

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“KILLING THEM SOFTLY”: It’s not very smart to steal from mobsters, as the protagonists of this gritty tale appear destined to learn the hard way. Brad Pitt reunites with Andrew Dominik, his writer and director on “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” to play an underworld enforcer sent after the novice criminals who robbed a mob-related card game. Two veterans of celebrated gangster sagas, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta, also star along with Richard Jenkins and Sam Shepard. DVD extras: “making-of” documentary; deleted scenes. *** (R: AS, P, V) (Also on Blu-ray and On Demand) “PARENTAL GUIDANCE”: Veteran talents Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are teamed in this mildly amusing, family-friendly comedy that’s very much about family ... several generations of one. The stars play grandparents enlisted to mind their daughter’s (Marisa Tomei) youngsters, prompting the elders to bring their traditional methods of child rearing into play while caring for the very modern kids. Bailee Madison (“Just Go With It”) and Tom Everett Scott (“That Thing You Do!”) are featured. DVD extras: audio commentary by Crystal and director Andy Fickman. Deleted scenes. ***

“SHAKESPEARE UNCOVERED”: Many of the Bard’s classics get new attention and appreciation from six talents - Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi, theater director Trevor Nunn, Joely Richardson and David Tennant - as they host individual episodes of this recently televised PBS miniseries. Others including Helen Mirren, Jude Law, Patrick Stewart and Ben Whishaw (“Skyfall”) also contribute their thoughts on such legendary and much-performed works as “Hamlet,” “Macbeth,” “The Tempest” and “Henry V.” *** “THE COLLECTION”: This sequel to the hugely unpleasant thriller “The Collector” is just as gruesome, which would have to be expected. Josh Stewart returns as the lone escapee from a sadistic serial killer, enlisted to save a wealthy man’s (Christopher McDonald) daughter (Emma Fitzpatrick), who has fallen prey to the felon. That means making his way safely through a deserted hotel that now houses a variety of highly lethal traps. DVD extras: theatrical trailer; five “making-of” documentaries; audio commentary by director and co-writer Marcus Dunstan and co-writer Patrick Melton; deleted and alternate scenes. **

Tidbits of Vernon

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of the

Tip Week Easter

I want to encourage you to reflect and mediate on the real reason for the season. Despite the commercialization of Easter – the Easter Bunny, egg hunts, and Cadbury Crème-filled Easter eggs (my FAVORITE kind of egg!!) – true Easter is about the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of the God’s son, Jesus. His rising from the dead has implications for our lives today and for after we die. The Bible’s message – often called the Good News – is that despite the fact that we’ve all done many things that displease God, we are still loved and accepted unconditionally by Him when we put our faith in Him. Obviously, God is… well, God, and therefore everything is established on His terms (not ours). His terms are simple: Believe in His Son, Jesus, as your Lord and Savior, and you will have God’s life today, and forever. God’s acceptance

of you is based on Jesus. When Jesus willingly came to earth as a man and was crucified, he bore the punishment of all wrongs for all time. God decreed that anyone who puts their hope and trust in Jesus can approach God confident of God’s acceptance, love, and forgiveness – all because of what Jesus did. We’re even invited to communicate with God (through prayer) addressing him as our Father in Heaven! It’s a radically inclusive invitation, available to anyone & everyone who accepts it. It doesn’t matter what your background is or how good (or bad) you’ve been – God accepts you because Jesus paid the price for your shortcomings & wrong-doings. That’s Good News! Some think God and religion belong in the past yet miracles still happen all the time and near-death experiences occur so frequently that it’s birthed a whole new science complete with TV shows(!!). Reconsider the real story of Easter (maybe for the first time). Apply God’s good news to your life. The

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overwhelming sense of peace and contentment you’ll feel is available nowhere else. Read the Bible - the Bible books written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John contain the story of Jesus & Easter (John’s account is my favorite). Find an easy-to-read Bible version like the New Living Translation (available through OR Bell Tower books in Kelowna (by Wendy’s near the Mall). Or, I’ll gladly mail you a Bible - email me or call 250550-4272 (your mailing address will NOT be used for anything else). Take a closer look at the real meaning of Easter and experience real life – in Jesus

Helpful Tips

Trevor Cairns publishes Tidbits in Vernon & Kelowna, has lived & done business in the Okanagan for 10 years and calls Vernon home. Tip of the Week is practical tips and tidbits (pardon the pun) that Trevor has personally found helpful. Agree or disagree but please take what you will and consider it a gift from Tidbits – The Neatest little Paper Ever Read®. Trevor wants to hear what you think of Tip of the Week! Email him at trevor@

SMELL THE ROSES (continued): • Butchart Gardens has 55 acres (22 ha) of flowers with a rose garden among them. The rose garden was first planted in 1922. 778-475-7664



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• Hatley Park, with landscaping design dating back to 1912, is home to Royal Roads University. The 565 acre (228 ha) estate has three showcase areas with a beautiful rose garden as one of the three. In the early days of the estate 100 gardeners were employed to tend the grounds. • The largest rose garden in Asia is in the “garden city” of Chandigarh, India. An annual rose festival is held at Dr. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden where more than 2,000 varieties of roses and 50,000 rose trees bloom annually. It covers 30 acres (12 ha). • Empress Josephine of France created the rose garden of her dreams in 18th century France. She was the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and her real name was actually “Rose.” Josephine purchased the Château de Malmaison in 1799. The home and grounds changed hands many times but were donated to the state in 1906. It is now one of the many historical museums in Paris. • The oldest municipal rose garden in the United States is Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, Connecticut. Only two and a half acres (1 ha), there are about 15,000 roses of approximately 800 varieties. • Portland, Oregon is the home of the “oldest official continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States.” The International Rose Test Garden was founded in 1917. Portland is also the “City of Roses” and has been hosting the Portland Rose Festival for 105 years!

Tidbits is Looking for an Experienced Salesperson Its okay, we just need you for a couple of days per week! Full or Part Time Available

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Tidbits of Vernon

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Walking Through Vernon By Marty kelly

I took the time this week to scope the new Bill’s Place across from the Alliance church on 43rd Ave. This is a recovery center for addicts who want help getting back into society. This beautiful building has nine detox beds and then nine apartment style beds for the patients to move up as they work their way back into society and employment. City furniture and the Vernon Rotary Club just worked together and furnished the building.It is named after Bill Hesketh who founded Howard House here in town. Way to go Vernon it is so nice to live in a city where you can be proud of it’s people! Til’ next week ........ Marty Kelly

Last Weeks:

Marty Kelly is a standup comic who has appeared on Just For Laughs and Open Mike with Mike Bullard. Email:

Bringing Up Father

(also know as Jiggs & Maggie, after the two main characters) is a comic about an Irishman named Jiggs, a labourer who wins a million dollars from a sweepstakes. The newly rich Jiggs still longs to revert back to his working class habits and lifestyle, while his wife and daughter desperately want to climb the social ladder and live a life of style and sophistication. Nearly every strip exhibits their frustrated efforts to try and bring Jiggs up to their level of class, hence the title Bringing Up Father. Enjoy this hilarious comic every week, as the newest edition to Tidbits the neatest little paper ever read!

Hagar the Horrible

is a shaggy, scruffy, overweight red-bearded viking. He regularly raids England and sometimes France. He is known as the world’s mildest marauder. He talks tough, but he’s really a big hairy kid at heart. Helga, his long suffering better half (wife) is stoic, resourceful, intelligent, and loving - the real brains behind the man. Their son Hamlet is a neat, studious bookworm, the opposite of what his father thinks he should be. And their daughter Honi - 16 years old - is torn between becoming a Valkyrie and finding a husband. There is never a dull moment with the Hagar family! Enjoy this hilarious comic every week, as the newest edition to Tidbits the neatest little paper ever read!

Pet Bits

Q: My son, a New England Patriots fan, has three pet crabs. We are (Denver) Broncos fans. Will the crabs get along with one another if they have different team logos painted on their shells? A: I may not be paid as much as Tom Brady or Tim Tebow, but I love my job more because of questions like yours. Painting crabs’ shells with sports team logos is a craze, but not a healthy one. “Crab shells need to breath, and the paint interferes,” says Carol Frischmann, author of “Animal Planet: Hermit Crabs” (TFH Publications, Neptune City, NJ, 2011; $8.95). “Crabs seem to require the natural characteristics of a shell, and painting it makes a difference which may be harmful to the crab inside,” adds Frischmann, of Portland, OR. Divide your aquarium into two sections - a Patriots end and a Broncos end. You could even put up mini goalposts (use chopsticks), then see which “team” scores the most crab touchdowns.

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Tidbits of Vernon


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Classifieds go in all four papers: Vernon, Shuswap, Kamloops & Kelowna Spring Auction Sunday April 14th 12pm No Buyer Fee! Visit

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Wanted Buying Unwanted Guns 250 832-2982 Purchasing old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. Old gold & sterling! Private, Prompt & Confidential. Shuswap 250-548-3670 shop or barn space in Vernon/Armstrong area large enough to get a school bus in. Needs to have a min 10 foot high door, and must be at least 36 feet in length. Call Trevor 250 550 4272 Unwanted Firearms Do you have unwanted firearms? Safe and secure removal. Have proper license to handle firearms. Will pickup at your convenience. Call 250-870-6672 (Kelowna). Looking to Purchase Vintage Costume Jewelry, Watches & Pocket Watches, War Medals & Buttons, Coins, Sterling Silver Cutlery & Tea Services, Silver & Scrap Gold! CASH DOLLARS PAID! Vernon, Call Mick 250 307-8486 Part Time Salespeople Wanted. Tidbits Shuswap and Kamloops papers call 250-8034664 or 250-434-1888. Tidbits Vernon and Kelowna papers call 250-550-4272. Looking for set of Harrows, will exchange for firewood or cash. Call 250-547-6747 (Cherryville) 15’ fruit ladder. Call 250838-9353 (enderby)

For Sale

Chrome bumper in good cond. fits Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon $50. Chevy/GM after market chrome bumper good cond. needs brackets $50. 90’ Cedar Tree cut & debranched. 3’ butte. Good for milling or firewood $100. Call 250836-2227 (Sicamous) Turn-key family daycare business opportunity for quality childcare owner/ operator. All equipment, supplies and materials to run a profitable business immediately. Contact Rita at 250679-4420 (chase) New Jim Bowie hunting knife $70. New Pellet rifle $70. New Red Rider BB rifle $70. Rifle scope for either rifle $25. 3 Way Stereo $70. Various country western LP’s and 8 Tracks. Belt buckles best offer everything must go! WANTED: Old wooden alarm or other clocks working or not. Bob (250) 549-7015 (Vernon). NEW Queen Bedroom Set. Queen bed, 9 drawer dresser, n/s, landscape mirror. Solid Wood. $679! (Kamloops) 250.434.2337 Farm Raised Beef. Grain fed, no additives, CWF by the side. $3.25 lb. Call 250 307 3430 OR 250-546-6494 (Armstrong) Collector’s Dolls (new), some in boxes ($25$150). Pictures & frames ($5-$25). Monkeypod wooden dishes ($5$25). Silver Tea Set ($50 obo). Call (250) 765-6240 (Kelowna). Garden swing, contry rose dinner plates, preserving jars, hot tub chemicals, hot tub ($100) beam scale, perrenials, raspberries. Call 250-860-8833 (kelowna)

Canadian Tid-bits

▶ About two percent of the landmass of Canada is covered by glaciers and ice fields all year long. ▶ Located approx. 60 km North of Winnipeg, the town of Komarno, Manitoba is home to a large mosquito statue. ‘Komarno’ is the Ukrainian word for mosquito, and the area is home to some of the largest mosquitoes in North America. Built of steel and plexiglass, the wingspan measures 4.6 m (15 ft). Because it revolves on its base,

For Sale

Moving out sale! 1986 350 4plex Honda 4 wheeler $1200, Honda Rototiller exc cond. $800, 22 ton wood splitter $1100, 4 wheeler loading ramps used once $300, Oak Dinette set $300, Pacific Energy wood heater like new $1100, Craftsman II snowblower 10.5/20 electric or pull start exc cond. $1000. Tons of stuff including weed eater, table saw, power saws, Husqvarna products, rocking chairs, deep freeze, air tank, couch, electric motors, drill press, numerous tools and more! 250-319-9829 or 2 5 0 - 2 5 5 - 1 7 8 0 (Pritchard) 8 piece dining rm set $225, Green Velvet love seat $50, Pull out trundle bed $50, 2 Rose colored Cocktail swivel rockers $30 each, Bistro set $50, Canon Laser Printer combination (almost new) $150, drop leaf table with 2 swivel chairs $125, (250) 260-4912 (Vernon). Cow feed. Reasonably priced round bales. Call John (250) 540-2475 (Lumby). NEW Small Faux Leather or Microfiber Sectional Sofa w/ ottoman. 5 colors available. $469 only! (250) 434-2337 (Kam) Evergo Oxygen Machine. Never used. Paid $6,500. Willing to sell for $3,000 or closest to it. Phone (250) 5422812 (Vernon). Free egg cartons to give away. For Sale: canning jars $2.50 /dozen. Call 250 542 6142 Global Hydronics Stove. Capacity 40005000 sq feet. Great for shops, buildings, etc. $2000 or best offer. Call John (250) 540-2475 (Lumby).

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5 bdrm, 2 storey home Cat found around the in W Kelowna for sale. end of Dec 2012. Large, Ross Rd. Lg fam rm. 2 black, long-haired full bth + 1.5 bth. Dble cat found around the attached garage + sgl Broadview Place area detached garage w/ in Westbank. wkshp (wired 220). Claim your pet by Deck w/canopy. New calling (250)-768-4026 windows + furnace. (Westbank). 250-769-7559. Auzzy Kelpie cross (W. Kelowna) collie stock pups - 3 left. 3 bdrm suite furnished $350 each. Call John $325 p/month. 1 bdrm or Susan 250 540 2475 suite furnished $275 p/ (Vernon) month. People on social assistance welcome. Call 250-459-2387. (Clinton area) For Rent: 940 Raymer Ave. Kelowna. 2 bdrm, 1 bath, basement suite for rent May 1st. 1100 sq ft, fridge/stove share washer/dryer. Fenced yard,/parking/seperate entrance. Storage. Laminate/tile flooring throughout. One year lease required ns/ np. Utilities shared/ on bus routes, near shopping and schools. Call Kendall Property Management for viewing. 778-753-5707

Animals lost, found, or just in need of a good home are free to place in the Tidbits Classifieds


2004 Pontiac Sunfire. 189,000 km’s. Runs well, new master clutch and recently a new fuel pump. 5 sp and great on gas! Asking $1650. Call 250-803-4603 Keith’s Door Service (shuswap) & Minor Reno’s: Specializing in the 2008 Chev truck tow installation of Doors mirrors $25, 2008 and Windows, locks, Chev Uplander Van tow deadbolts, and weather mirrors $25, 2007 GMC stripping. No job is too truck tow mirrors $25, small! (Vernon) 2007 Tonneau Cover for Call Keith anytime GMC truck $500. 250.260.7878 Call Cliff at 250-542-1449 CRYSTAL CLASSIC EXTERIORS -Replace leaking John Deere 855 4x4 gutters with 5” gutters, compact tractor. Front end loader, 47” snow downpipes -Leaf Guard- never blower, 7’ rear blade, roof canopy, 24 HP. Mint clean again condition. Only 363 hrs. -Soffit, Gable fascia Always garaged. -Exterior Renovations $17,500. 250-454-6756 Stan: (250) 317-4437 (West Kelowna) (Kelowna)


the big mosquito also acts as a weather vane. Apparently the town is now saving up for a big bug zapper. ▶ Canada is the world’s fourth largest producer of diamonds, following Botswana, Russia, and Angola. All Canadian diamonds are etched with a very tiny polar bear as identification. ▶ Many common animals are missing from Newfoundland: skunks, deer, raccoons, porcupines, groundhogs, snakes and other animals aren’t found there. During the last ice age, all animal life was wiped

Automotive 55 Buick Special. 4 dr hrdtop. Red & black. Rebuilt motor w/264 engine nail head.

$10,000 in chroming. 5,000 miles in last 12 years. Red/black cloth & leather seats. Asking $22,000. Call Ron 250-765-0112 Kelowna. 1st class club golf cart all enclosed w/6 batteries. Good used Scooter and used walker like new. Call for more details. 250-832-7321 (Shuswap) 205 Hornet 5th wheel. 27’ fully loaded, winter skirting. $12,500 obo. Electric bike $500 obo. 250-832-7321 (shuswap)


2009 Yamaha Virago Asking $3900 OBO Only 1400 km’s. Exc cond. Great starter bike. Call Brenda at 250-836-2997

out by the glaciers. When the glaciers retreated, birds and bugs repopulated the island easily. Swimming animals such as beavers also returned, and some species were able to cross on the ice during winter. But animals that hibernate in winter, or who never travel far from their home ground, never made it back to the island. ▶ At the Haskell Opera House in Quebec, the stage is in Canada, but the audience sits in Vermont, due to the border between countries bisecting the building.

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RickyReviews ~The Green~ If you’re looking for top notch live entertainment, this is where you’ll find some of the best talent coming to Vernon. 99 bottles of beer on the that’s an old one....and amazing enough this gal can rhyme off every one of them in a heartbeat... Great Food! Great Music! Great Service! Let the party begin !!! Vernon’s only live band nightclub sports pub has a sizable dance floor and plenty of room to strut your stuff as you dance the night away. The Green, located in the Village Green Hotel, has a fun, sporty atmosphere that makes a great place for a casual lunch or late-night snack.Its numerous TV’s provide a great place to have a cold one and watch a game or two. Play some pool, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Stay a while after dinner on the weekends and enjoy the North Okanagan’s premiere live music venue where artists from all genres perform to all ages on their stage. Great Times, Great Value. Great Fun! They have a wide variety of food fare for the pallet. I do recommend the prime rib with York Shire pudding. The Green: 4801 27th Street Vernon, BC 250 542 3321




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If you would like a free review we can post it on www. for the life of your business, NO Charge. SocialClubCentral never charges to promote you or your business. We cover the entire Okanagan & beyond. SocialClubCentral is our own Okanagan non profit social club... much like Facebook filled with hundreds of great Indie artists, free MP3 uploads, Indie Network Radio Shows, chats, blogs, reviews, games and more. SCC is a parent approved site monitored daily for any hate material, bullying, predators, porn etc. Call RickyReviews at 250 545 2558

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NOSEY (continued):

• Snakes use their tongues in a flicking action not just to scare humans and animals, but to smell with. Snakes do have nostrils and nasal cavities but don’t use them to smell. • Most birds have keen eyesight but their sense of smell is lacking. The albatross is an exception. This large bird hovers above the water, usually an ocean, looking for its next meal. An albatross has an extralarge nose on top of its beak. The oversized honker helps an albatross detect food even in the dark.

• People with oversized noses tend to have many critics. Some celebrities have actually become famous in part because of their noses. Many refer to their noses as a proboscis, a facetious use of the word that is defined as a trunk of an elephant or a long flexible snout, usually referring to animals.

• Jimmy Durante was a very popular entertainer known for his jokes about his nose and a silly song he called Inka Dinka Do he recorded in 1934. A great piano player, jazz musician, band leader and one of the early stars of television, his nickname was Schnozzola, a name he coined himself for his large nose.

• Bing Crosby called his friend and fellow comedian, Bob Hope, “Old Ski Nose.” Hope’s nose wasn’t especially big but was long and thin and had a bit of a curve up. Many caricatures were drawn of the comic’s nose. Hope joked about his nose saying that “my nose came on screen 10 minutes before the rest of my face.”

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