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Jan 18, 2013

Issue #00111

Bold MediasHappy Publishing ForTidbits Advertising Please (604)Wishing 454 - 1387 New Year! From The Family ToCall Yours, You The Very Best Of 2013!

3006 30th Ave. Vernon, B.C.


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a e



“health is not a luxury, it is a necessity”

by Kathy Wolfe

Ch oice •

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35 Years Experience Ph. (250) 545-8054 2813 - B, 35th St., Vernon BC

Say “Welcome” to the new year by learning a little about some January commemorations you might not be familiar with. This week, Tidbits looks a few lesser-known celebrations.

Mini-Buses For Rent

• January 11 is officially Amelia Earhart Day, but not because that was the day she disappeared. It marks the date she became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific from Honolulu to Oakland, California in 1935. It was two years later on June 1 that she and her navigator Fred Noonan departed Miami on a 29,000-mile (46,671 km) journey, attempting to fly around the world. They were just 7,000 miles (11,265 km) from completing the goal when radio transmission ceased and the two were never seen again.

*Birthday Parties *Weddings *Sports Teams *Schools Camps

• January 7 is Harlem Globetrotters’ Day, remembering the first game the famous basketball team played on that day in 1927. They traveled 48 miles west from their Chicago home to play a game in Hinckley, Illinois. The team was the brainstorm of Chicago businessman Abe Saperstein during a time when only whites were permitted to play professional basketball. The team had nothing to do with the New York City borough of Harlem. Abe chose the name to emphasize the team’s ethnic heritage. The Globetrotters didn’t even play their first game in Harlem until the late 1960s! Since their creation, they have played in front of 120 million fans in more than 115 countries. turn the page for more!

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Tidbits of Vernon

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Gabriella’s hair & tanning esthetics studio

250-549-1515 109-3334 30th Ave Free parking in back

For the month of December Tanning Specials-Inquire within.

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◆ If your straw broom isn’t working as well as it did when new, try giving it a spruce-up. Beat any dust out of the ends, then trim off any bent straws. Trim a section from a leg of stretched out pantyhose or tights and wrap it around the bristles, about 2 inches up from the bottom. This keeps the bristles nice and tight, and it will collect dirt better. ◆ When you replace old brushes -- hairbrushes or toothbrushes -- wrap a length of masking tape around the handle. That way you can use them for cleaning and they will never be mistakenly used for the wrong purpose. ◆ “When cooking rice, add a little bit of lemon juice to the water. It doesn’t really flavor it, but it will keep it nice and white, plus it seems to be a bit fluffier when I do this.” -- R.E. in Mississippi ◆ “When my child was mostly finished potty training, I put her baby potty in the car with some wet wipes and plastic baggies. Seems like she had emergencies when we were driving, and it wasn’t always convenient to find a business with a bathroom in time. But it was easy to pull into a parking lot and let her take care of business.” -- E.E. in Maine

Q: I absolutely love “The Middle” and would like to know more about the talented actress who plays the daughter on the show. -- Randy W., via e-mail A: Twenty-one-year-old Eden Sher plays the middle child, Sue Heck, on the hilarious Fox comedy. Eden told me she’s known since she was a little girl that she wanted to be an actress: “It always felt natural, and I was just always performing. And then when I was 8 or 9 is when I finally convinced my mom to

let me try it professionally. I would just see TV shows, and I was like, ‘I can do that! I can do that better! Please let me try.’ Then when I was, like, 15, I thought, ‘OK, this is not just something that I love to do, but I think I can actually make money doing this.’” And what makes it even better is that her on-set family actually feels like family. Eden told me: “I love them. Like when we’re on hiatus, we still see each other. I always hang out with Charlie (McDermott), and I have lunch with Neil (Flynn). And I see Patty (Heaton) a lot. I don’t see Atticus (Shaffer) outside the set as much, but he doesn’t live in L.A. When we’re all working together, there aren’t words to express the immense feeling of gratitude that I feel on a daily basis. You just don’t get a work environment where you truly enjoy every person you work with.”

*** Q: I just saw Dean Cain play himself in a hilarious episode of “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23,” and I wondered if he’ll be a regular on a series again. -- Janet W., Fresno, Calif. A: Dean is set to begin production this month on the original VH1 series called “Bounce,” which also stars Taylour Page, Charlotte Ross, Kimberly Elise and Logan Browning. The series follows Ahsha (played by Taylour), a girl who joins the professional basketball dance team the Los Angeles Devil Girls, unaware of the treacherous and tempting world that follows. Dean plays Pete, the team’s coach. It most likely will air this spring. *** Q: I remember you said that they were going to make a sequel to “Anchorman:

The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” Is that still happening? If so, when can I see it? --Freddie F., via e-mail A: Mark your calendar, Freddie, because “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” will hit theaters on Dec. 20, 2013. This go ‘round will star the Channel 4 news team from the original movie, and will add funny lady Kristen Wiig in a supporting role. *** Q: Did Claire Danes have her baby yet? -- Genie R., Boulder, Colo. A: Claire and hubby Hugh Dancy welcomed a health baby boy, Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, on Dec. 17. Congrats to the first-time parents on their little miracle! (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Vernon

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RickyReviews ~Squires Four Pub~ Vernons Favorite Pub

They take pleasure in providing a warm sociable atmosphere, with very reasonable prices and tastefully prepared meals.

JANUARY JUMBLE (continued): • January 10 is Save the Eagles Day, reminding us of the importance of protecting the world’s 70 species of eagles from extinction. Eagles can be found on every continent except Antarctica. America’s national emblem, the bald eagle, inhabits every state except Hawaii. This enormous bird can have a wing span of up to 8 feet (2.5 m) and weigh 15 lbs. (6.8 kg). Surprisingly, it is monogamous and mates for its entire 15- to 20-year lifespan. • The name Margaret Gorman is probably not familiar to most folks, but she is notable as the first Miss America, winner of the pageant in 1920. Originally initiated as a local Atlantic City festival in an attempt to extend the tourism season past Labor Day, the event became was not known as the Miss America Pageant until 1922. Miss America Day is now in January each year, with the next pageant scheduled for January 12, 2013. It was broadcast for the first time in 1954, with a record-breaking 27 million viewers, and remains the fourth longest-running live event in television history. The state of California has had the most winners with six, while 21 states, including Washington, Idaho, Maine, Nevada, and Montana, have never had a Miss America hail from their state. • Happy Cable Car Day on January 17! This year marks the 142nd anniversary of the first cable car railway patent bestowed upon Andrew Smith Hallidie. He was inspired to invent the cable car after witnessing an accident with a horse-drawn streetcar on San Francisco’s steep streets. The cable car made its first appearance in that city in 1873. The cars move up and down San Francisco’s inclines at a speed of about 9 miles per hour (14.5 km/hr). • Who hasn’t used that handy little tool, the Thesaurus? It’s the volume that lists synonyms for words, enabling a writer to avoid using the same word in articles, speeches, and papers. January 18th is officially Thesaurus Day, celebrating the 1779 birthday of the author of Roget’s Thesaurus, Peter Roget. He was a British physician who struggled with depression and used the compiling of lists of words to combat it. The brilliant Roget graduated with a medical degree at only 19, and served as chief surgeon of an English hospital. In addition, he invented a slide rule

Squires Four Pub is where you want to eat in Vernon, enjoy their adventurous menu featuring the best burger, wings and fries in town, amazing appies, and traditional English pub fare all in the comfort of their Old English Style Pub. “I counted over 60 menu items from their kitchen...Impressive. Kudos to their high quality and very talented chef. The high ceiling, multi level oak adorned seating space lends itself to a delightful fresh open airy atmosphere. Their summertime patio gives you a wonderful view of Swan Lake. The service was bang on and by the way... try their bangers and believe me, you’ll get your steak & prawns the way you want it done here. The owner, Mr Serry Massoud, is a delightful gentleman and is often there to greet his many guests. Impeccably clean & spacious washrooms with quaint seating. I was very impressed with everything. If you’re from the area or traveling through Vernon, Make Squires Four one of your stops for breakfast, lunch or dinner... I guarantee you will be delighted”

◆ It was humorist Jerome K. Jerome who made the following sage observation: “It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do. There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do. Wasting time is merely an occupation then, and a most exhausting one. Idleness, like kisses, to be sweet must be stolen.” ◆ Though it is unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable, there is a law on the books in Tennessee which prohibits duelists, preachers and atheists from being elected to public office. ◆ According to most history books, the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, S.C., in April of 1861, but that’s not entirely true. The first shots of the war between the North and the South actually were fired in January of that year in Pensacola, Fla., where a garrison of Union troops was stationed at Fort Barrancus. A contingent of Florida and Alabama troops marched on the fort with the intent to throw out the Yankees in their midst. However, the Southerners’ dedication to the cause was somewhat lacking; as soon as the Union soldiers fired at them, they beat a hasty retreat.

◆ Those who study such things say that the average lightning bolt has a temperature of approximately 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison, the sun’s average temperature is Squires Four is just north of Vernon on Highway only 10,000 F. 97, at the top of the Okanagan Valley. Visit their Beer & Wine Store too

6301 Stickle Road Vernon Phone: 250-549-2144 Email: Squires Four Cold Beer & Wine Store Phone: 250-549-2226 You will also find more on Squires Four and a full menu at: SocialClubCentral is our own Okanagan social club (Kinda like Facebook) Free to join. We are non profit and NEVER Charge to Promote You. For a FREE Review on your business Call Ricky 250 545 2558

Say You Saw It In...

◆ If you’ve ever been told to shut your pie-hole, you might have wondered where the expression came from. The term was first used in 1983, in the film version of Stephen King’s horror novel “Christine.” *** Thought for the Day: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” -- Jim Henson

Tidbits of Vernon

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For Advertising Call (250) 550 4272

Armstrong H otel & Saloon

y-Sell-Trade u B ’s r e z e Eben g 30 years


s Comics - Card s ie v o M s d op Books - C Games Worksh es m a G o e id RPGs - V s Collectible Toy

250-546-6642 2715 Pleasant Valley Blvd.

Under New Ownershi


est. 1892

Home of th 0 250-542-098 Licensed restaurant e Blue Café Railroad Burger & fr

ve. 3 1 1 0 - 2 9 t h A ebene

vCearnWuashe) A 3 4 y 2810 Wise Gu s from (across


22 75-60 pm


-9:30 & Sat 4 i r F 4-9pm - Thurs n u S Hours:



esh food, open oms • Jam Night’sdaWily - morning till night ednesday & Saturday

Newly Renovated Ro

Traditional Barbershop

Straight Razor Shaves!

Open Monday to Saturday


4700 29th Street Vernon

Back Road of Canadian Tire

The Little Oak Learning Centre

Behind Canadian Tire

250-306-7641 sa lly.towers@gmai

located within Pl

easant Valley Chri

stian Aca

demy at 1802 - 45th Ave. tleoaklearning www.littleoakle

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Custom snow plow ing, sanding, shov eling & snow removal. Servicing Vernon since 1990.

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cient professional Reliable, experienced, effi anliness it deserves. cle the e willing to give your hom

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Love the home you’re in! ling. products from floor to cei Treat it with earth friendly

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We Buy Gold

HBrC$60, 6 th 58r3 avaeteVse:rnon1 #H2r 5$05300p9e3r h 20o8u1rl7y R 4H ll e 0 1 C 6 2 8 5485236 N ax 25405-3 T2e5l 0#-5 1 HR 60 + TVERNO re a x s a te T ll ra e y09-3583 C H2o5u0rl-3 10 HR 50 + ax 6 HR 55 + T

Keith’s Door Serv

ice & Minor Reno’s

Specializing in Door & Window In stallations, Locks, & Weather Stripping

Promotions Sponsored by Marty Kelly


No Job too Small !

2804-4 48th Ave. Vernon

Halina Seniors C

3310 37th Ave, Ve


Call Keith Anytim e



250-542-2877 Kitchen open until light lunch and sw2:30pm each day for Coffee, eets. Daily lunch specials! Bingo -Cards -Hal ina Bus Tours -Car pet Bowling -Craft Pattern Dancers -V ers ernon Seniors Choi pool/shuffleboar r -Floor Curling d -Vernon Accord ian Club -Vernon Country Squares Star and more! Mon-F ri 8:30am-4:00pm New Members 50

ns, aries, Reunio rs e iv n n A , s Wedding tions, Etc... c n u F l ia rc e Comm 50-307-2945 2 : e t o u Q e Call For A Fre

, Sat 9:00am-4:0 0

+ always welcome!




ed Tec


For Advertising Call (250) 550 4272

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% off


January 2 - February 3

Dulux Kitchen & Bath and Dulux X-pert *Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Off the regular retail price of 3.0L-3.78L of Dulux Kitchen & Bath and Dulux X-pert only. All sheens included. At participating locations only.

→ On Jan. 23, 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell is granted a medical degree from Geneva College in New York, becoming the first female to be officially recognized as a physician in U.S. history. In 1857, she founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children.

3.62" x 6.25" GET



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500 Full Colour Business Cards 1 side $45.00 - 2 sided $65.00

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4215 A 25th Ave. Vernon, B.C. V1T 7G9


→ On Jan. 27, 1888, the National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C. Readership in its magazine did not grow, however, until it discarded the format of overly technical articles and used articles of general interest accompanied by photographs. “National Geographic” quickly became known for its stunning and pioneering photography. → On Jan. 25, 1905, at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, a 3,106-carat diamond, the “Cullinan,” is discovered. Worried that the diamond might be stolen in transit from Africa to London, a phony diamond was sent as a decoy aboard a steamer ship loaded with detectives, while the real stone slowly made its way in a plain box. → On Jan. 24, 1935, canned beer makes its debut when the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company delivered 2,000 cans of beer and ale to faithful Krueger drinkers in Richmond, Va. Ninety-one percent of the drinkers approved of the canned beer, prompting Krueger to give the green light to further production → On Jan. 26, 1945, the most decorated soldier of World War II, American Lt. Audie Murphy, is wounded in France. Murphy was wounded three times, fought in nine major campaigns across Europe, and was credited with killing 241 Germans. He won 37 medals and decorations. → On Jan. 21, 1957, Patsy Cline, one of the most important figures in country-music history, first gains national attention with her winning appearance on “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts.” Cline wowed the studio audience with her performance of the now-classic “Walkin’ After Midnight.” → On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion by handing down its decision in the case of Roe v. Wade. For most of the country’s first 100 years, abortion was not a criminal offense, nor was it considered immoral.

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Tidbits of Vernon

For Advertising Call (250) 550 4272

Happy New Year By Marty kelly

Thinking about the New Year’s tradition that we all seem to have, the one involving the resolutions, I had decided to talk to my girlfriend and perhaps toss a few suggestions her way with the goal ,I have to admit, of perhaps changing the things about her that I suppose have peeved me in the past. To be fair I suggested we each write a list for one another so we couldn’t ad-lib and try to swallow our words later on.Handing her a pad and pen and acquiring one myself, we took our positions on either side of the room and began the honest but hopefully fruitful task of bettering one another without being in any way offensive. Guys, please don’t try this at home because, but wait, now I digress. Forty five minutes later, after noticing a faint smile on her face the whole time and having built up a very nervous unintentional sweat, I queried whether she had completed her “caring and honest assignment for the betterment of our relationship” and she had. Smiling sheepishly I suggested that perhaps she in all fairness should be first as I am sure that I will truly benefit and besides I wished to prove that this was indeed a very productive move for the both of us. “You go ahead”, she said in a sweet voice ,the one with that hint of childishness she uses because she knows I will melt and give in to her tiniest requests. All right this is just what I wanted ! Co-incidentally this voice was the first item on my list! Going with the flow I now found it almost exciting to continue! “ You insist I put the toilet seat up whether I’m at your house or mine, you hang the toilet paper backwards and everyone knows you’re supposed to run it over the top, you don’t close the toothpaste cap properly and you always complain that my towels aren’t arranged just right on the rack and this is just the bathroom!” I now felt some weird feeling of accomplishment as I delved deeper into my list and I’m afraid deeper into my hole. In retrospect commenting on how she sets the bathroom scale back five pounds and her waste of that membership last year to the fitness club was going to the extreme but hey, we were being honest weren’t we? fifteen minutes from my onset I finally wrapped up. “Your turn, Honey “and I got ready for the onslaught. Here why don’t you read it, Marty?” This is what she wrote.... “Since I have met you I must admit you have brought me such happiness that as I sit here thinking I can only watch you feeling a touch of pride not only for you but also for the kind person you are. Sweetheart, I truly cannot find or even imagine anything about you that I would change because then you simply would not be the man I came to care for and enjoy the company of!” Give me time, by next year maybe, just maybe I can walk this one off, but I know my next Year’s resolution....No Resolutions!

Marty Kelly is a standup comic who has appeared on Just For Laughs and Open Mike with Mike Bullard. Email:

Publish Your Own Night-Night Book Make a family reading resolution this year, and kick it off with a brandnew book you publish with the youngest budding reader in your family. To get you started, here are some ideas for your first book, titled “Night Night Book.” Not only will your child have a oneof-a-kind book to enjoy, but also it has the added benefit of making the bedtime ritual extra fun! Each page represents something in your children’s world they’re familiar with, something they see or use each day. As you read it over and over, new stories will emerge, giving a boost to language development and a love for books and reading. Here’s What You’ll Need: --Poster board or sturdy paper --Magazine pictures and photographs of people, places and pets familiar to your child (you might wish to use color copies of photos for this book) --Small, flat items (or simple drawings of items) familiar to child --Scissors --Glue --Markers Here’s the fun: Collect photographs and magazine pictures as

well as items familiar to your child such as paper labels from food products. Cut poster board into 8-inch-by-8-inch pages. Make as many pages as you wish. On the cover, glue a photo of your child and write the words “Night Night,” and your child’s name (for example “Night Night, Adam”). Glue a picture or object to each page and print the name of it below, after the words “night night.” For example, “night night shoes,” “night night blankie.” The final page of the book could be a poem. For example, “Now it’s time to say night night, The sun has set, The moon is bright. The stars are shining far away And now you’ll sleep until it’s day!” Bind the book by punching two or three holes along the left side of the pages and attaching the sheets together with safe, plastic, toddler links or metal rings. Tip: To expand modern-language learning, write “Good night” in different languages on the pages, such as “Bonne nuit” (French) or “Buenos noches” (Spanish).

**** Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”

(c) 2012 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

Pet Bits Hyperactive Dog

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: As our adopted Australian shepherd, “Skip,” has grown, he has gotten more and more hyperactive. He tears around the house from room to room, and if I don’t catch him, he will chew up every shoe he can find. How can I stop this behavior? -- Carol in Tucson DEAR CAROL: You probably won’t be able to completely change Skip’s behavior, because Australian shepherds are so naturally energetic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t curb that tearing around the house and the chewing to a manageable level. First and foremost, Skip needs more exercise. Lots more exercise. The shepherd breeds were developed to do exactly what he’s doing: run, run some more and run even more -- all day long. As working dogs, they were invaluable in helping to herd sheep in pastures. So just taking Skip out for a walk a couple of times a day isn’t going to cut it. Find a space where he can run off leash without disturbing other people or dogs, or if your yard is fenced, let him run there. Don’t just let him run alone. He needs to be supervised, and you should take the opportunity to work with him. That’s the second part of the solution. Work with Skip on basic commands including sit, stay, (lie) down, etc. Add in playful games like fetch. Aussies are extremely intelligent, and you might be surprised at how quickly Skip learns to follow commands closely, especially once he’s worked off some of that excess energy. Chewing up your shoes may happen less if Skip gets more run-around time. While dogs chew instinctively, anxiety can exacerbate the problem. A slightly more relaxed Skip might curb the chewing, although you should still keep your more expensive shoes out of reach.

For Advertising Call (250) 550 4272

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Classifieds go in all four papers: Vernon, Shuswap, Kamloops & Kelowna To Place A Classified Ad:

Mobility Scooters year end clearance sale. New lg size 1200 w/1 year warranty. Walkers, air cushions, wheelchair rentals. All types of scooters on our website For Sale Electric Range 30” Call 250-832-7321, 250good cond $100. Large 804-0113 (Shuswap) rectangular water jet BRAND NEW memory tub c/w pump $100 250-833-3554 (Kam) foam mattress, still in box. Queen size. $299 (250)434-2337 Brand NEW Small Can Deliver. Microfiber Sectional. (Kamloops) Beige Color. Must Sell. $499 (250) 434-2337 Pair of 4lb bowling Can Deliver. (Kam) balls $30, bowling Round Bales of hay. shoes mens size 10 Large amount, up to - $30, quilt frame 1200 bales. 1st & 2nd lg. New! $100, 1960 cut. $35-$55 Alfalfa grandmothers clock 30 Straight-grass mix. day wind $75, violin Silage bales which & case New! $100. range from 600-1000 Everything in exc. lbs. 250-547-6903 (Ver) Cond. 250-804-0852 Global Hydronics (shuswap) Stove. capacity 40005000 sq feet. Great for 12 Volt Battery chargers shops, buildings, ect... 2/w amp $50, 100 amp $2000.00 or best offer. $75, 200 amp shop type Call John at 250-540- $175 Call 250-3202475 Vernon 0150 (Kamloops) Jumper cables 3 sets Rockport Dressports heavy gauge $40 each, Wing Tip Men’s Dress two way 4x4 radios Shoes. $55.00 Brand (midland, maxon, new (Black). Size 8.5. vertex) $200 ea., (Compare Rockport snowshoes metal frame online price at $180). & plastic $60 & $80, 250-300-4073 come-a-long cables $40 (KELOWNA). each, Acton outdoor rubber boots size 10 Used mobility scooter no liner $40, size 10 w/ like new! Asking $200 Call 250-832-7321 liner & corks $55, size (salmon arm) 9 corks $40, size 11 w/ liners $50, Large dog Wall Bed, maple, queen kennel $60 Call 250- size, little use $950 obo 833-0318 (S. Arm) 250-375-2366 250-300-4073 Up to 30 words. 1 week $10 4 weeks $30


Free to good home. Very friendly spayed female cat. Haunting big green eyes and a beautiful grey and black striped coat with white accents. Litter trained and good habits. Answers to her name and lets you know when she’s hungry. Well mannered cat needs excellent home by the end of the month. Please call Sandy 250-515-4215. Photos available by email. (Shuswap) Animals lost, found, or just in need of a good home are free to place in the Tidbits Classifieds

For Sale

Hot Wheels singles in package $1 each or single cases of 72 for $65 each with TH’s other die casts and old Diwky Toys sell or trade. 250-253-1375 (Shuswap) Oak dining room table w/6 chairs $350, oak china cabinet w/ hutch $350, office desk (cherry wood) $200, older 20” tv $40, childrens oak dresser w/bookcase $80, Fax/ Copy machine $40. Call 250-833-0318 (Salmon Arm)

For Sale

Rental/Real Estate

For Sale by owner. Attractive 2 bdrm condo in Victoria BC (45+ living). Asking $219,900. For more info call Ed 250-679-2129 5 bdrm, 2 storey home in W Kelowna for sale. Ross Rd. Lg fam rm. 2 full bth + 1.5 bth. Dble attached garage + sgl detached garage w/wkshp (wired 220). Deck w/canopy. New windows + furnace.

Ship Shape Shelter Indoor Boat & RV Storage

Call Gary or Michele at 250-835-4224 or

email for rates

Wanted Buying Unwanted Guns 250 832-2982

WANTED: shop or barn space in Vernon/ Armstrong area large enough to get a school bus in. Needs to have a min 10 foot high door, 250-769-7559. (W. Kelowna) and must be at least 36 feet in length. Tenancy sought in 250 550 4272 K e l o w n a / Ve r n o n / Shuswap on quiet Wanted: Purchasing old property or rural Canadian & American acreage for garden use coin collections & Old / animal care. 250-575- accumulations. 5376 (PM). (Kelowna) gold & sterling! Private, Prompt & Confidential. Mobile home in seniors Shuswap park cache creek 250-548-3670 area.14 x 66 plus 12 x 66 addition. 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 4 appliances, soft water system, osmosis system, 12 x 12 shed, garden area and NEW hot tub. $96,500 obo. Call 250-457-9631


Keith’s Door Service & Minor Reno’s: Specializing in the installation of Doors and Windows, locks, deadbolts, and weather stripping. No job is too small! (Vernon) Call Keith anytime 250.260.7878

Automotive 55 Buick Special. 4 dr hrdtop. Red & black. Rebuilt motor w/264 engine nail head. $10,000 in chroming.

5,000 miles in last 12 Classifieds years. Red/black cloth Classified ads are FREE & leather seats. Asking for items being sold for $23,000. Call Ron 250765-0112 Kelowna. $50 or less


John Deere 855 4x4 compact tractor. Front end loader, 47” snow blower, 7’ rear blade, roof canopy, 24 HP. Mint condition. Only 363 hrs. Always garaged. $17,500. 250-454-6756 (West Kelowna) Model T Ford parts, all kinds! 21/27 engines, trans, fenders etc. Call your needs to Al at 250320-0150 Kamloops 3 ton international w/ heavy duty 10’ snow blade. 10,000 lb elec winch c/w chains. $2000 obo Call 250675-2365 (shuswap) ‘89 Travel Mate 5th wheel. Clean 27.5FT unit w/twin beds, winterized. $3750 250-320-0150 Kam 1979 T-Bird super clean straight car, 460, auto, white on white w/ burgundy trim. Extra honeycomb mag rims $5000 250-320-0150 (Kam) 2002 Quad Cab Ram 4x4 1500 sport model, V8, auto, loaded! 233,000 km’s. 20” mags & new tires, air flow gate $8999 250-320-0150 Kamloops For Sale 1991 Buick 3.8L V6, auto, fully loaded, 2dr. Winterized! $1200 1997 Ford F-250 4x4 supercab 3dr, 4.6L V8, auto $3144. Kamloops 250-320-0150

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Tip Week This is a brand new column that we’re going to be offering each week. It is written by Trevor Cairns, the publisher of Tidbits Vernon & Tidbits Kelowna. Trevor is a resident of Vernon and been living & doing business in the Okananan for almost 10 years. Mostly, these practical tips are little tidbits of information (pardon the pun) that Trevor has found helpful to his own life. Some things you’ll like, some you may not. You may agree or disagree. But please take what you will, and consider it a gift from Tidbits – The Neatest little Paper Ever Read®

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or text, but actually take the time to write something on a physical card or piece of paper and send it to them the old fashion way, stamp and all. Don’t underestimate the power that this small gesture has in brightening another’s day. With the pace of life and the realities of our culture these days, a small gesture of thanks and/or appreciation is a rarity and something that contains much power to bless & enhance the life of both the giver and receiver of your thankyou notes. And this can be done all throughout the year, any time that someone does something nice for you or goes the extra mile. This can be family, friends, pastor, doctor, co-workers, your staff, or your paper delivery person. Just buy a stack of thank-you cards and place them in a prominent location around your office or house. You will see them often, and will be able to fire a quick sentence off in less than 60 seconds. It’s a classy thing to do, and has a huge pay-off for the little effort and time it takes. Let me end this week by saying “Thank-you” for reading this week’s Tip of the Week!

Helpful Tips

This week’s Tip of the Week has do to with class, and being a classy type of person. Christmas was a season of gift giving & gift receiving, and next to our birthdays – there is probably no other time of year when generosity & good cheer are shared with us so freely. I want to encourage you to engage in the lost art of sending “Thank-you” cards and notes to those who have given you gifts. Tell them that you appreciated it, that it meant something to you, or whatever the case may be. This will bless the gift giver – possibly even make their day – and it will make you a person of class to boot! Don’t email

Has this Tip of the Week been helpful to you? Trevor would love to hear from you! He can be reached by email at



Located behind Cdn Tire on 29th St


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Thunder Alley Hawg Pen

RED TOP 3303-43 AVENUE VERNON, BC V1T 3L7 PH.: 250.542.3132 FAX: 250.545.6212

JANUARY JUMBLE (continued): that enables a person to perform exponential and root calculations. His first Thesaurus was published when Roget was 73, and was entitled Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition. His work had 28 printings during his lifetime, and after his death, was carried on by his son and later by his grandson. • Sharpen your pencils! It’s time for National Handwriting Day on January 23, a day established by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association to promote the use of pens, pencils, and writing paper. This day was chosen because it is the birthday of John Hancock, whose stylish and flamboyant signature is easily recognizable on the Declaration of Independence. Even his name has become synonymous with the word “signature,” as we ask folks to “put their John Hancock” on important documents. This member of the Continental Congress and later governor of Massachusetts was the very first person to sign the Declaration. • Make yourself a peanut butter sandwich on January 24 in honor of National Peanut Butter Day. Every year North Americans eat enough of this spread to make more than 10 billion sandwiches, spending about $800 million annually. First introduced in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair, peanut butter is now eaten in 90% of American households. Today’s laws state that in order to be labeled as “peanut butter,” the product must be at least 90% peanuts. • January 25 is observed as World Leprosy Day, intended to educate people on this disease that damages the nerves that control the muscles in the hands and feet. Left untreated, it can lead to the inability to use the hands, paralysis of the feet, loss of sensation in the extremities, and even blindness. Every day, 620 people are diagnosed with leprosy – that’s one every two minutes! Also called Hansen’s Disease, leprosy is contagious, spread by droplets from the nose and mouth by coughing and sneezing. India has more leprosy than any other country. The good news in this century is that it is curable, and deformities can frequently be remedied with reconstructive surgery. • Seeing Eye Dogs, who help their sight-impaired owners to safely navigate in their surroundings, are honored on January 29. The top three breeds used as guide dogs today are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds. A dog undergoes specialized training for four to six months to make sure they have the necessary qualifications to be a seeing eye dog.

3303-43 Ave. Vernon, BC PH: 250.542.3132 •

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More Than Just Hot Dogs. Canadian Tire Vernon

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