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by Janet Spencer For centuries, mankind’s only mirrors were pools of water or polished metal. It was a long journey to figure out how to make a good mirror. Come along with Tidbits as we go through the looking glass! MAKING MIRRORS • The original glass mirror was made by covering the back of a piece of glass with thin tin sheets which were rubbed down smooth. Then the glass (with the tin on top) would be covered with mercury. A piece of woolen cloth would then be laid on top of the mercury and compressed with iron weights for more than a week. Finally the excess mercury would be drained off and the mirror was complete. This method of mirror making was very dangerous to the craftsman because mercury vapors are poisonous.

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• Craftsmen in Venice were the first to discover this method of mirror making in the 1300s. It remained a carefully guarded secret and for centuries Venice had a monopoly on mirrors. Those who gave away the secret were subject to the death penalty. Mirrors were expensive and rare and people in France were jealous.

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• In 1665, the French chief minister to Louis XIV went to Venice and - at the risk of death - bribed 18 Venetian mirrorsmiths, using huge sums of money to convince them to move to France. (continued next page)

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

Page 2 Across 1 Pink drink, briefly 6 Arson aftermath 9 Hutt crime lord of sci-fi 14 According to 15 Grazing area 16 Light purple 17 O’Neill drama set in Harry Hope’s saloon 20 Tailor’s target 21 Many a Beethoven sonata ender 22 Popeye’s __’ Pea 23 Jabber on and on 24 __ in November 25 Likable prez 27 More than feasts (on) 28 With 30-Across, drama based on ‘70s presidential interviews 30 See 28-Across 32 Aspiring doc’s course 33 Walked alongside one’s master 35 On the Pacific 36 Fertilizable cells 38 “Just __!”: “Be right there!” 40 Drama about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine 45 “Friendly skies” co. 46 Greatly feared 47 Comstock Lode find 48 Fred of “My Cousin Vinny” 50 Oozed


52 With 54-Across, “Viva La Vida” rock group, and what 17-, 28-/30- and 40-Across each is? 54 See 52-Across 55 Pottery “pet” 58 Smooth transition 60 Pastoral poem 64 Invisible vibes 65 More than most 66 Wine tasting criterion 67 Quilting parties 68 Corrida cheer 69 Neuter, horsewise

29 Not counterfeit 31 “The Good Earth” mother 32 “Nonsense!” 34 Tractor manufacturer 35 Give __: yank 37 By way of 39 Believability on the street, slangily 41 Driver’s license fig. 42 Threat words 43 Actor Snipes 44 Thought 49 “March Madness” games,

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Down 1 Slyly spiteful 2 Irish actor Milo 3 Say what you will 4 Golda of Israel 5 “The Lord of the Rings” baddie 6 Answering the penultimate exam question, say 7 Actor Connery 8 How lovers walk 9 “Jersey Girl” actress, to fans 10 Goals 11 Emulated Mt. St. Helens? 12 With __ breath: expectantly 13 Pains’ partner 18 Answering machine button 19 Journalist Roberts 24 Name, in N”mes 26 Program file suffix

MIRROR MAKING (cont’d) • Soon after the Venetian mirrorsmiths arrived in France, the French passed a law making it illegal to import Venetian mirrors. The new French mirror company, set up in the town of Saint Gobain, is still thriving today. • No sooner had France gotten the secret of mirror making than a Frenchman named Louis Lucas beat the Venetians at their own game when he invented a way to make plate glass in 1668. In Venice, they only knew how to make blown glass. Each mirror started out as a bottle or cylinder which was slit open and flattened while still hot before being made into a mirror. The size of mirrors was therefore very limited. But Lucas discovered how to pour molten glass from the pot onto an iron table where it was flattened with an iron roller. There was no limit to the size a mirror could be. Soon France was famous for its mirrors. • Louis XIV was very pleased, purchasing some 700 mirrors and lining an entire hallway at the Palace of Versailles with them in a stunning display. Venice kindly offered to send some of their very best glassmakers to France to “help out” at the factories; France declined the offer, preferring to keep their secret. • It had long been known that silver would make a better mirror than mercury and tin, but the problem was figuring out how to get the silver to stick to the glass. In 1835, German chemist Justus von Liebig invented a method of making mirrors that is still used today. In this method, the glass is flushed with silver salts and then covered with a solution of silver nitrate. After being heated and left undisturbed for an hour, a chemical reaction causes the metallic silver to separate and adhere to the glass. It’s then coated with shellac and painted with a black backing.

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ARIES (Mar 21-Apr. 19): Two heads are better than one. Don’t be too proud to accept assistance from an unlikely source in the week ahead. Don’t be too quick to make decisions or you may have to spend extra time cleaning up the mess later. TAURUS (Apr. 20-May 20): Own up to your responsibilities. Don’t pass the buck along to others regarding matters you should be taking care of yourself. Paying careful attention to details this week could prevent mistakes down the road. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Play to win. Allow your competitive nature to take charge by engaging in sporting activities. You’ll fare far better by working hard to strengthen your muscles rather than your mind this week. Hold off on important decisions. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Pace yourself. If you try to get too much done too quickly, you’re likely to make careless mistakes. Prioritize tasks in order of importance in the week ahead. The outlook of friends and family may change. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Look before you leap in the upcoming week. Diving into the water without knowing how deep it is could leave you hurting. The same is true when undertaking new projects without knowing all the facts first. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Rise to the challenge. Cast your doubts by the wayside so that confidence helps you conquer problems in the week ahead. You’re better suited to activities that require the use of brain, not brawn. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22.): If you’re going to lead people, you’d better have someplace to go. Focus on the bigger picture this week. Ensure that activities lead to the ultimate goal rather than simply where your fancies lead you. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Put your talents on display. No matter what you decide to do, do it where someone can see you so you gain notice and respect. In the week ahead, you could start a conversation that yields valuable insights. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Little things mean a lot. A series of small successes could eventually snowball into something much bigger in the week ahead. You can test uncharted waters without fear of repercussions. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): It can’t always be party time. Social activities may beckon, but you’re still aware of nagging tasks this week. Take time to set your affairs in order, fix what needs fixing, and get organized. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The more the merrier. Make mundane chores a bit more interesting by enlisting the help of others in the week to come. Save deep thinking for later in the week and tackle routine tasks right away. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): He who hesitates is lost. Valuable opportunities may pass you by if you aren’t assertive enough to grab the wheel this week. Act quickly, or by the time you mull things over it will be too late.

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities



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FREDERICK AUSTERLITZ • Fred Astaire was born Frederick Austerlitz II in Omaha, Nebraska in 1899. He was very close in age to his older sister Adele, and he accompanied her to her ballet lessons because his parents didn’t want to pay for a babysitter. Soon he was the best dancer in the class. • He began performing with his sister at the age of 5. They toured the vaudeville circuit and made it to Broadway in 1917, eventually starring in the Gershwin musical “Funny Face.” When Adele retired from dancing in order to get married in 1932, Fred was cast adrift, and decided to try to break into film. • A studio executive wrote concerning his first screen test: “Can’t sing. Can’t act. Slightly balding. Can dance a little.” • He landed a small role in the 1933 film “Dancing Lady” starring Joan Crawford, and shortly afterwards was cast with Ginger Rogers in “Flying Down to Rio.” • Fred Astaire was nearly as good at golfing as he was at dancing. In the 1938 film “Carefree,” he danced over tables, down the hallway, out onto the terrace, and onto a golf course. There he was to dance over to a golf club and hit - in rhythm and on cue - a dozen golfballs that were lined up on the fairway. When the crew went to retrieve the golf balls, they found all twelve balls within eight feet of each other on the green.

orm, • In the film “Royal Wedding” Fred did a ts® Entertains! solo dance called “You’re All the World to Me” that made it look as if he were dancing up the walls and on the ceiling.

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This was done by creating a room that turned, while the camera remained firmly fixed to the “floor.” Those in the know can watch the number and see the moments when Fred hesitates, balancing while waiting for the ‘wall’ to become his new floor. • Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced the number “Cheek to Cheek” in the movie “Top Hat” while Rogers wore a dress that was covered with feathers. The dress had been made rather hastily, and as Astaire whirled her around the dance floor, feathers came flying off till the air looked like a pillow fight was in progress. The feather dress went back to the seamstresses, who used more glue and more feathers. During the second take, fewer feathers flew off, yet it was still quite noticeable. By the third take enough glue had been used so that only a few feathers came loose and cameramen were able to film around them. • In the movie “Shall We Dance” Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers wore roller skates while dancing to the song “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” • Ginger Rogers is often quoted as having said, “I did everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels.” • Not only was his singing dubbed in films, but his tap dancing was as well.

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities


Infants and Chiropractic What could be more important to you as a parent than your child’s health? A healthy child is a result of a properly functioning nervous system and a healthy spine. All babies need to have their spines checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic for the presence of vertebral subluxations or spinal nerve stress.

As your child begins to grow they become very active. Approximately half of all children have had a fall of some kind by the time they are two years old. A childhood fall or accident can create health problems not just immediately but also years later. In a study of 78 children who had a minor injury, one and a half years later they were found to have scored less on a visual puzzle test and were more likely to have another mild head injury. At 6.5 years, they still scored less than controls. These same children also reported over 5 times more health problems, such as headaches, asthma, backaches, limb pain, etc. It cannot be stressed enough that any child who had even a mild head injury or was in any kind of accident needs a chiropractic check-up. Uncorrected subluxation damage from an accident in childhood may create major problems later in life.

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Lifestyle Bits Thyroid Health 1

The thyroid gland is located in the lower neck area and it regularly releases two primary hormones T3 and T4 which control metabolism. It is estimated that 20% of all women could develop thyroid problems during their lifetime. The Most Common Thyroid Disease is Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) meaning that your body produces too little of a thyroid hormone which is mostly caused by an iodine-deficient diet. Some other causes are associated with menopause, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy or cancer radiation treatments. Common symptoms as follows: · Unexplained weight gain · Dry skin and bloated face · Cold hands and feet · Developing problem of constipation · Swollen or painful joints especially at the knee joint · Muscle tenderness and fatigue · Heavy menstrual periods · Slower heart rate · Hoarseness (voice is raspy or breathy) · Raised blood cholesterol level · Thinning hair and brittle or easy-to-break nails · Feelings of depression Lifestyle Suggestions: · Ask your doctor to check your thyroid health if you have most of the above symptoms · Consume sea vegetables such as seaweed to increase the iodine intake for the thyroid functions if iodine deficiency is the cause; over dosage could also cause thyroid problems · Seafood in general will provide selenium for T3 hormone regulating · Avoid Aspartame as it could cause thyroid inflammation · If you are taking hormonal treatments, be aware that calcium magnesium and Iron supplements should be taken at least 4 hours after your hormone pills. · Foods that contain thiocyanates (sulfur containing compound) can weaken the enzyme that needs to bond iodine to the thyroid hormone. This compound is mostly found in vegetables like bamboo shoots, corn, flax, sweet potato, cruciferous vegetables, kale, turnips and wasabi. If the aforementioned foods are constantly in your diet, you may need to supplement more iodine in your diet to counteract the effects of the thiocyanate. · Cook all cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, cress, broccoli, bok choy etc.) and avoid using them raw in salad.

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WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? It’s important because an unhealthy spine can interfere with the normal function of the nervous system and may cause serious health problems in infancy and later in life. HOW CAN A BABY’S SPINE BECOME SUBLUXATED? The birth process is often very traumatic to the young spine and can cause subtle spinal damage. In addition, if the baby settles in an awkward position in the womb, especially during the final weeks of pregnancy, this can result in stress on the young body. Chiropractors can check infants as young as one day old. With all you do for your newborn child, please ensure his or her spinal health with a chiropractic spinal check-up.

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• If the mirror is curved in a convex shape so that the reflecting surface faces away from the center of the mirror, light rays reflect away from each other and the reflection becomes smaller. This is handy for use in exterior rearview mirrors (“Objects are closer than they appear”) as well as the large fish-eye mirrors used in stores so clerks can keep an eye on customers.

• Today silver or aluminum is vaporized and sprayed in aerosol form into the air above glass which is travelling on a conveyor belt below. For finer mirrors such as those used in telescopes, aluminum, chromium, or gold are put into a vacuum tank and heated. When they reach the critical temperature, they “flash” into vapor which fills the entire tank with metallic gas. A • If the mirror is in a concave shape so the reflecting surface faces toward the center of film is then deposited on whatever is inside the the mirror, light rays are reflected towards tank. each other and the reflection becomes very HOW DO MIRRORS WORK? large. Make-up mirrors and telescope mirrors • Mirrors work because they reflect light. Most are built this way. Funhouse mirrors, with their objects do not give off any light of their own. convoluted collection of convex and concave They can only be seen because light from other surfaces, twist the reflection into comical sources - the sun, a candle, a flashlight - hits them contortions. and bounces off, hitting your eye. When light strikes an object, some of the light is absorbed • A one-way mirror uses dark colored glass, such as smoked glass, instead of clear glass. The by the object, some is transmitted through the reflective backing is very, very thin - so thin that object, and some of the light bounces back. if the light is equally bright on each side of the The part that bounces back is called reflection. mirror, it merely looks like a pane of glass. But Flat shiny surfaces like water, metal, and mirrors if people behind the mirror are sitting in a dark reflect light well because very little of the light room looking into a light room, it looks like a is absorbed or transmitted, and most of it is mirror. reflected. When light hits a surface that is dull instead of shiny, the light bounces off in all • It’s the same principal with the interior rearview mirror in a car. There are two mirrors there. The directions and is scattered. There is no reflection. daytime mirror reflects almost all of the light When light hits a mirror, the mirror sends the that hits it, but flip the little button and the light back in exactly the same direction that it nighttime mirror reflects only four percent came from. This makes it appear as if the image of the light so the driver is not blinded by is coming from behind the mirror. headlights. • When light hits a shiny surface that is curved instead of flat, such as a spoon, doorknob, or • Another method of making mirrors involves using liquid metal such as mercury or gallium. ripples on a lake, the light rays hit the surface The liquid is spun continuously, causing it to take at a variety of different angles and are therefore on the parabolic shape needed for telescopes. reflected back at a variety of different angles, This is a very inexpensive method of making a instead of bouncing back straight. This makes very large mirror. The Large Zenith Telescope the reflection look distorted. It’s like a bouncing located near Vancouver, BC is the largest liquid ball: drop the ball straight down, and it bounces mirror in operation, with a diameter of about 20 straight up. Throw the ball at an angle, and it bounces up at an identical angle. feet (6 m).

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$129,888 Maple Ridge

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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Canadian Tid-bits

▶ Elbow, SK (pop. 300) was named after a bend in the river, and Eyebrow, SK (pop. 135) was named after an eyebrow-shaped hill nearby. ▶ The town of Adanac, SK is ‘Canada’ spelled backwards. ▶ The Mackenzie River is the world’s 10th largest river. It gathers the water of a hundred mountain rivers. In some places, it’s four miles wide.

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Women in History

MAGARETHA ZELLE • Magaretha Geertruida Zelle was born in 1876 in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and his Javanese wife. She was tall and dark in a country full of short blond people. Following her father’s bankruptcy, her parent’s divorce, and her mother’s death, Margaretha escaped into a marriage at the age of 19. She answered a “wife wanted” ad in the paper which had been placed as a joke, but ended up marrying the man. He was 20 years her senior, and he took her to Indonesia to live. There, she fell in love with the culture and began to study the language, the history, and the dance.

▶ L’Anse aux Meadows on the northern edge of Newfoundland is an archaeological site discovered in 1960. Faint rectangular mounds, when excavated, were found to be the foundations of an old Norse settlement, complete with a large hall, various workshops, and even a smithy for mending iron tools. The Vikings who inhabited the place lived there some 500 years before Columbus “discovered” America.

▶ At 41 square miles, Manitou Lake on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron is the world’s largest lake-withina-lake. ▶ Canada’s maximum width of 7,700 km is more than four times the width of India. ▶ About 25% of the world’s fresh water supply is found in Canada.

E x o t i c W o o d - I n s t a l l a t i o n - St a i n & O i l F i n i s h

Alain Langlais


Home Bits Is your furnace winter ready? (NC) –The best time to prepare your furnace for winter weather is before it hits. After all, you don’t want to be left in the cold with a unit that doesn’t work properly. Not only will an inoperable furnace be inconvenient but it could lead to more expensive repairs that could have been avoided with an annual maintenance service.

Clean the furnace filter: Overtime, a filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust and other debris which causes the furnace to work extra-hard to heat your home. To keep your furnace running efficiently, be sure to clean or replace the filter every 3 – 4 months. Replacing your filters regularly may also create a cleaner air environment by removing allergens and bacteria from the air. Clean furnace vents: Be sure to wipe down the exterior of all furnace vents to ensure they have a free flowing passage for air. If you have floor vents, remove any furniture or other objects that may be blocking them. Clean out the furnace room: The area around your furnace should not double as a storage room. Remove any clutter and be sure to vacuum the area around your furnace to prevent dust from entering and obstructing the unit. Bring in the experts: A trained professional can inspect your unit to ensure it is in working order. Canadian Tire Home Services’ heating specialists provide year-round maintenance services that can improve your furnace’s performance, efficiency and reliability.

B:604-463-8503 C: 604-729-9560 604.941.0082

F l o o r i n g

Canadian Tire Home Services, which provides furnace maintenance services and repairs to consumers across Canada, shares the following tips you can use to prepare your furnace for the winter months.

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H a r d w o o d

▶ North America’s lowest recorded temperature was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C) at Snag, Yukon Territory, on February 3, 1947.

• Finding her husband to be abusive, she left him and fled to Paris where she pursued her love of dancing. She was very good at it. She invented a persona in order to add to her mystique, and constantly made up fictional tales about her background, claiming that she was a Javanese princess, or a temple dancer devoted to Shiva, or the daughter of a baron. Because her given name (‘Margaret Gertrude’) was not very alluring, she took a more exotic stage name, choosing ‘Mata Hari,’ which is Malayan for ‘eye of the day’ (dawn). Her seductive and exotic performances caused an instant sensation. Crowds flocked to see her. She toured the world

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Handsome boy Favio is a fairly recent addition at Katie’s Place, and unlike many of our cats he is only about 2 or 3 years old. He is a big guy with a beautiful black and white coat. He is definitely a looker and we are pretty sure he knows it. Favio will most often look at you intently to get your attention. He knows that a face like his cannot be ignored for long. Favio’s previous owner described him as a dog in a cat’s body. By this he meant that Favio is a very social cat who likes to be around his people as much as possible. Like a dog he will follow you around. Greet you at the door. Stay by your side whenever he can. Favio is definitely a very loving cat. He seems to be okay with the other cats in his room but for the most part keeps to himself. Quiet often he will sit on a high shelf and watch the other cats with interest. When he first arrived at Katie’s Place he was pretty depressed when the reality that he lost his home dawned on him but he is slowly coming around. Day by day he shows the volunteers what a big heart he really has. Favio is desperate for a forever home where he can be a family member. He will most likely do best in a home where he won’t be left alone for long periods of time. If you want a loyal and constant companion this is the guy for you.

interesting is going on. He doesn’t like to miss out on anything that may be exciting. Quite often you will turn around to see him sitting behind you watching and waiting for some action. But for the most part Peanut is simply happy to spend the afternoon snoozing on his favorite perch or pillow bed. Mind you one eye is always open just in case. He’s still very much a kitten at heart, and if you want to see him zooming around just switch on a laser pointer and watch him go. Peanut came to Katie’s Place as a stray and we have a very hard time imagining how anyone could abandon this amazingly friendly cat. Peanut is a diabetic and requires insulin twice a day. He is so easy to medicate though that this is not even an issue. Because of his condition Peanut can definitely be adopted as a permanent foster and we will cover the cost of the insulin. Peanut hangs out in our hallway, usually close to the front door. It’s like he’s waiting for his person to come and finally take him home. As much as we all love Peanut we know he needs a loving home that’s his own.

We all love our Peanut. This orange guy is a lovely, calm kitty. Peanut has perky, inquisitive eyes and follows you around if he thinks something



Legion Patriot Voice

Salute to Veterans & Military Valour Nov 1, 2013 BC/Yukon Command proudly announces the Legion Patriot Voice Rachel Layne.

MATA HARI (cont’d) and her name became a household word. She danced wearing nothing but veils, sarongs, and body suits in a day and age where proper women were still required by social norms to cover their ankles. She was particularly renowned for her famous “fan dance.” • Her heyday lasted from 1905 to 1912 before her popularity dropped off, not only because she was gaining weight and aging, but also because younger, better dancers were replacing her on the stage. When World War I began, she was forced to return home to the Netherlands. • In 1916, the Germans asked her to spy for them. At the time, she was having an affair with a German police officer and he may have been the one to talk her into it. By now she was pushing 40 and she needed money. Later the French also asked her to act as a spy for them, expecting her to use her womanly wiles to coax secrets out of German officers. • She was a naive and inexperienced spy and was caught in short order. In January of

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Rachel Layne (Pavlakovic) is the very first Legion Patriot Voice. Rachel was awarded this title by winning the new BC/Yukon Legion youth singing contest. What is the “Legion Patriot Voice” Contest? BC/Yukon Command launched a new youth contest to find a talented teen to sing with passion and honour Veterans. Video auditions came from far and wide as young people were excited at the opportunity to showcase their talent in this unique Act of Remembrance. The prize is to sing “O Canada” and “Amazing Grace” at the “Salute to Veterans & Military Valour” performance during the November 1st BC Lions Half-time Show. What is the “Salute to Veterans & Military Valour”? BC/Yukon Command produces the annual “Salute” which has become the favorite half-time show for the BC Lions. The field comes alive with an outstanding performance by marching massed Military Bands, Color Parties, Cadets and youth groups, First Responders, and Military Vehicles, all leading up to the grand entrance of Veterans being honoured. It is a spectacular performance with 36,000 adoring fans, standing, applauding and paying tribute to British Columbia’s Veterans. Meet Rachel Layne 2013 Legion Patriot Voice Rachel is a 15 year old talented musician from West Kelowna who has a strong sense of pride for her country and those who fought for our rights and freedoms. When she learned of her selection she excitedly commented, “one of the most important things we can do is respect our Veterans for what they have done for all of us and what better way than through song which conveys so much emotion and truth”. Learn more about Rachel by visiting Our Veterans’ Sacrifices Matter ~ Wear a Poppy ~ Be Present on Remembrance Day ~ Support Legion Veteran Programs ~ Donate Generously ~ Text “Poppy” to 20222 to Donate $5

Pet Bits Q: I’m thinking of adopting a 10-year-old cat from the local animal welfare society. He tested positive for FIV. I’ve read that this disease is not contagious to humans or dogs, but I still have reservations about the adoption. I’m not a cat person, but I fell in love with this guy! What do you think? A: I think you’re a hero, and Dr. Colleen Currigan, who has a Cat Friendly Practice in Chicago, enthusiastically agrees. “Go for it! Adopt this cat - he sounds great,” she cheers. While the feline immunodeficiency virus (or FIV) is often referred to as feline AIDS, dogs and people are not susceptible. You didn’t mention if you have another cat, but though FIV cats can transmit the disease to other cats, increasingly shelters are adopting FIV cats into homes with other cats. “The disease is primarily transmitted through bites,” Currigan explains. “When care is taken, cats are introduced to one another very slowly, there are lots of resources and there aren’t too many cats in too small a place, fighting rarely occurs.” Currigan, a board member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, points out that FIV cats can be more susceptible to illness, and sometimes chronic mouth, ear, or skin problems. With twice annual veterinary exams (which all cats should have anyway), preventive care often precludes problems before they occur. Many cats with FIV live a long life, succumbing to illnesses associated with old age, not FIV. “FIV cats (usually they’re male cats) tend to be the friendliest cats; they make wonderful affectionate pets,” Currigan adds.

Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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MATA HARI (cont’d) 1917, the German military attaché in Madrid transmitted radio messages to Berlin describing the helpful activities of a German spy, codenamed H-21. French intelligence agents intercepted the messages and identified H-21 as Mata Hari. The messages were in a code that some claimed that German intelligence knew had already been broken by the French, leading to speculation that the Germans were tired of her and wanted her out of their way, but wanted France to do the dirty work for them. • On February 13, 1917, Mata Hari was arrested in her room in Paris. She was put on trial in July, accused of spying for Germany and consequently causing the deaths of at least 50,000 soldiers. However, there was little clear evidence against her. She was not allowed to testify on her behalf during the trial, and her defense attorney was not allowed to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses or directly question his own witnesses. Under the circumstances, her conviction was a foregone conclusion. She was sentenced to death. • She was executed by firing squad on October 15, 1917, at the age of 41. She refused a blindfold and stood facing the guns. Her final act was to blow a kiss to the firing squad.

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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• He was self-conscious about his hands, which he felt were too large. When dancing with his arms outstretched, he would disguise the size of his hands by curling his two middle fingers towards his palms. • In 1946 Astaire retired from motion pictures to create a chain of dancing schools. Later a petition signed by over 10,000 fans lured him out of retirement. • Astaire received his only Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in the 1974 disaster film “The Towering Inferno.” • He died of pneumonia in 1987, and was buried in a smoking jacket, black slacks, and patent leather shoes.

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